Success and Achievement, Whatever I conceive and believe, I can and do achieve < SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I create my own

luck every day, I can do and be whatever, I imagine I can <SILEN CE MSEC="200" /> I am now making amazing progress towards all of my goals, I see and feel my goal s as already accomplished, I achieve my goals with joy and laughter <SILENCE MSE C="200" /> I visualize, hear and feel what I want to be and act as if I am already there, M y goals are achieved with ease and grace, I now create any reality that I desire <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I create goals that are definite and specific and easily move towards them,I hav e all the resources, I am achieving my goals easily and effortlessly <SILENCE MS EC="200" /> I maintain a feeling of absolute certainty that I can create any positive result that I am committed to <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am now living a life of my design for my highest good, I have steady and massi ve momentum towards the results I desire <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am guided from within and excited about how perfectly life unfolds for me, I a m absolutely clear about the specific results I want in every area of my life <S ILENCE MSEC="200" /> I celebrate the achievement of my goals all the way to manifestation, I spend my time, energy, and emotion on the goals that are most important to me <SILENCE M SEC="200" /> I carefully measure and manage my progress towards my desired results every day, I carefully monitor the results that I am getting and quickly adjust my actions to achieve the results I desire, I easily model the success patterns of people who have been outstanding in the area of my goals <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I have a hunger and commitment to achieve my goals every day, I set aggressive a nd realistic goals that I easily achieve <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am totally committed to and congruent with my goals, I am focused on the resul ts I want, and driven with passionate purpose <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> With every decision I make, I commit and resolve to achieve the end result I des ire <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I celebrate my achievements in advance, I know that I am capable of achieving an ything I desire <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> Every interaction I take contributes to the achievement of my goals <SILENCE MSE C="200" /> What I imagine I can do, I can do, I am a success, I am easily successful at wha tever I do I motivate myself to every success, I choose to be successful, I am all I want t o be <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am successful because I get things done , Success and achievement are natural outcomes for me <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> All of my thoughts, plans and ideas lead me straight to success ,Opportunities a nd advantages come with each door that I open <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> Prosperity and success is my natural state of mind, Everything I do turns into s uccess <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am filled with success, Success comes effortlessly to my direction, I am open to success <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> Success is my natural state and I am grateful for all the universe gives to me, Prosperity and success flow to me and through me every day <SILENCE MSEC="200" / > I am a success magnet and everything I do is successful, I create abundance and success in all that I do <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am drawing success to myself today and every day, I am successful, as success follows me everywhere I go <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I attract success and share it with others, Success is my birthright, I was born to be successful and I am successful <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> My success benefits all those around me, I help others succeed, and in turn, I s ucceed <SILENCE MSEC="200" />

I wake up and do the best Business in the world <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I know my calling and the work I am supposed to do in my Life. My co mpany is booming with more than enough business <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> My career affords me the luxury of all the comforts of complete abundance. I am a success magnet at work <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> My employers recognizes my hard work and rewards me for it. while I act with purpose on the Business I have now. The type of work I do is miraculously in complete demand <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I have created the perfect business for myself and my pay is overwhelming . even when it appears that I have failed. I know my life is successful for me <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> Following my purpose is worth the risk of falling down a few times on the way. I am successful and people are proud of me. get up and go at it again using the wisdom of what I just learnt. I have the knowhow to overcome any challenges that arise out of success <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> Success only adds positively to my life.All of my dreams are coming true. I release my fear of failure and move to success now <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I love myself. I add value to and feel valued by my c ompany <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I earn an abundant income in my new Business. Changing careers is easy and joyous <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> My career lets me express who I truly am. I fe el safe to change careers now <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> My intuition clearly guides me to my new career. Releasing all fear. Each morning I wake up energize d and excited for my day because I am passionate about my work <SILENCE MSEC="20 0" /> I am willing to recognize the opportunity to change careers. I choose to be successful in each area and every area of my life <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I have a keen capacity to learn new skills that support my success. My phone is ringing of f the hook with additional clients <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> My career is overflowing with so much success that I hire additional help. I laugh. Every day. I achieve that which I believe <SILENCE MSEC=" 200" /> I am willing to be successful. Even if my family sees me as a failure. I easily and quickly lea rn the lessons life presents me with <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I know that every failure is a step on my ladder to success. M y career takes off like a rocket <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am an expert in my field and I receive the perfect pay for my expertise. I step into the success of ac complishing my dreams <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am confident that success is a passionate. I easily find a new Business that I love <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> Now I am working as a Commando in Indian Army and loving it. I am respected by everyone in my work environment <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am acknowledged for all of my good efforts at work. I hold the vision of my self in the career I want. joyful experience. I am promote d up the career ladder with matching funds and matching benefits <SILENCE MSEC=" 200" /> I am the top in my field with clients lined up for miles. My new work enviro nment is fun and supportive <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> My unique and creative talents and abilities flow through me. excited for me and open to friendship <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> Success gifts me with security and peace. an . I love and enjoy my work a nd I receive the perfect pay <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> Divine guidance causes me to do an exceptional Business. My ca reer rewards me with freedom and monetary abundance <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am passionate about my career and it reflects in monetary reward. My work is enjoyable and fulfilling. Failure is actually impossible for me as it always guides me to success in the end <SILENCE MSEC="2 00" /> When I fail. Failing a few times makes success all the more sweet for me <SILENCE MSE C="200" /> I easily let go of my failures and marvel in my success.There is a huge dem and for my particular skills and abilities <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I can pick and choose what I want to do.

I make decisions based on my values. I wait.d I am appreciated <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> Wonderful new opportunities are opening up for me to use my unique creative skil ls and abilities <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am successful at whatever I choose to do. I am su ccessfully climbing the corporate ladder and I am compensated heavily for my eff orts <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I respect my abilities and always work to my full potential. I easily live my values in my work. and confidence. My work is always recognized positively <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I give myself permission to do what I love and take the necessary actions to be fulfilled. I easily maintai n the perfect balance between my work and play <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> . My ma nagement skills open the doors of opportunity <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I make powerful and enjoyable business relationships that I can treat as my frie nds. I am ca lm and steady in my faith. I se t aside regular quiet time to contemplate my vision. and at exactly the right pace. I move into the right business an d the right environment for personal growth and self-improvement <SILENCE MSEC=" 200" /> I am surrounded by opportunities to create wealth and abundance doing what I lov e to do <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am patient so when it is time to wait. I feel good about the way I do my Business <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I ascend to the top of the corporate ladder and my income tops the charts. welcome and accept talented and successful people to my team. I am now developing all of the skill s and talents I need to create infinite abundance <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am now successfully doing what I love to do. certainty. so I am fulfilled <SILENCE MSEC="200" / > My career is aligned with my purpose. opportunities are coming to me in increasing numbers. purpose. methodically. When it is time to act. I act w ith courage. I have a unique abili ty and this is what I bring to my life and work <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I cultivate my strengths and unique abilities in the perfect career to express t hem. It is safe for me to express my truth with my colleagues <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I speak my truth without blame or judgement. Work is a breeze for me as I enjoy overcoming any and all challenges <SILENCE MSEC="2 00" /> I take my full being to work and work from my authentic self. Everything is now flowing towards me at exactly the right pace and speed < SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I now strengthen my faith and renew my purpose through the continuous expression of gratitude. and gratitude for my work <SILENCE MSEC="200 " /> I advance towards my goals deliberately. The universe has designed the perfe ct Business for me <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> My career gives me the perfect opportunities to learn and grow. courage. I am very fortunate to work at what I love to do <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I attract. I easily delegate t o others <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I focus on my strengths and delegate or hire out the rest. and confidence <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I only move forward with definiteness of decision. knowing it becomes my reali ty <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> As I move forward.

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