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Troy Gramling

Troy is pastor of Flamingo Road Church in South Florida

Follow him on twitter @TGramling

And his blog at

They have a site in Peru too!

What NOT to do

2 Chronicles 26;4-5:16

“As long as he sought THE LORD, he was a success”

Pride led to his downfall – and Pride is sneaky

Four Warning Signs of Pride – Going from the Palace to the Pool House

1. Forgetting the gift is bigger than the person.

2. When you grow impatient with people.

3. When we are unwilling to hear the truth (vv 18-19)

The area where I struggle most is where I am afraid to hear the


Three things determine who I will listen to:

Listen to those that love me.

The notes for THE NINES 1
Listen to those that know me.

Listen to those who believe in me.

4. Symbols of Power became important

A visit to Flamingo Road is featured in the new book “Multi Site Church
Road Trip” by Greg Ligon, Warren Bird and Geoff Surratt. New in the
Leadership Network/ Zondervan Church Innovation Series.

Mark Beeson

Mark is Senior Pastor at Granger Church in Indiana

Their Innovate Conference is coming up later this month – see more at

And Tim Stevens, Executive Pastor at Granger is also helping host us

over at his blog:

Why people join your team.

1. You – Who you are matters. How you handle everything matters.

Sometimes you are the reason they leave. You gotta own that.

2. Your mission, vision and values – will determine whether they

join or leave.

3. Team mates – they look at the other people around you and
make a decision. The people you put on your team will affect
who will join your team.

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Bryan Carter

Bryan is Senior Pastor of Concord Church in Dallas, TX

Success for Succession Pastor

(Bryan is a part of the Next Generation Pastors Group at Leadership
Network. If you have interest in one of those programs please email
The notes for THE NINES 2
Everyone won’t plant a church
Three principles for successors
Pastor I followed had a large reputation for 28 years. Well known,
fantastic ministry.
(Dr E.K. Bailey was a great friend of Leadership Network during his
ministry – as is Bryan)
1. Learn to live with a shadow – walk in that grace, humility, and honor
for the legacy that you have been given.
Honor what God did in that era.
2. Learn to be yourself – I was trying to emulate others instead of being
myself. Be yourself.
3. Learn to be patient – I get frustrated
My timing wasn’t God’s timing
People need time
Never expect fast transition
Bryan has been a great leader at Concord

Coming up next Anne Jackson, Dave Ferguson and Scott Hodge

Anne Jackson

Author of Mad Church Disease

Host of Catalyst Backstage
Does working in this church interfere with your communion with Christ?
I didn’t’ know how to take care of myself in ministry.
What is interfering with your relationship with Christ?
Apart from me you can do nothing.

Free download from Leadership Network: Developing

Leaders in a Post Modern
World: Current Principles and Practices in Selecting and Equipping

The notes for THE NINES 3
Dave Ferguson

Dave is at Community Christian in Naperville IL and about 9 other


Twitter @daveferguson

Book is THE BIG IDEA – A Leadership Network/Zondervan Church

Innovation Series Book

See the book here:


(is it me or does it look like Dave just got out of bed?)

What do I do with my apprentice leader?

How do I deploy someone? Dave Do what I did with you.

5 Step Apprenticeship Process

1. I do you watch – I did it and you were passive and then we


2. I do you help – I gave you small assignments. You began to do

more and more.

3. You do, I help. (About Halfway through) You began to do the

most. I helped.

4. You do, I watch. You were leading the whole time and then we
talked and debriefed.

5. You do and someone else watches.

These 5 steps to apprenticeships. Something simple but profound

can revolutionize your ministry.

You will never lack for leaders.

2 Tim 2:2 – four generations of leadership

We started with 5 small groups but everyone had an apprentice

leader. We had a reproduction mindset.

The notes for THE NINES 4
Troy McMahon was once an apprentice leader in our small groups.
Now he has planted Restore Church in Kansas City.

(Of course his secret weapon is Janet McMahon)

Dave is also a part of the upcoming FIND conference - Sept 28-29, 2009 at Seacoast

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Scott Hodge

The Orchard in Aurora IL

Blog is and his twitter is @scotthodge

1996 on Valentines Day by dad goes into heart surgery. I pass out.

Dad grabs me – “stay close to Jesus son.”

Dad made it but he died 8 years later.

What would his last words have been to me.

Pray that I hear God’s voice every day and that I have faith and
courage to obey Him.

My mantra as a leader and my number 1 prayer for our church


Watch your role – always make decisions – take them to places they
haven’t gone before.

What that means:

Priority of the day, week, month has to have time to hear God’s voice.
If I am not hearing from God then I am missing it.

My best times are to be given to listening to God.

I have had to learn new practices.

The moment I stop hearing God’s voice is when I should stop leading.
The notes for THE NINES 5
Another thing to obey. Obeying God means I have to obey in small
things as well as big things.Gives courage.

Am I hearing from God?

Am I willing to do whatever it takes to obey God with courage and


Leading off the next hour – Perry Noble, Skye Jethani

Free download from Leadership Network: Creating a Culture of

Generosity During a Time of Economic Downturn: What Truly Generous
Churches Are Learning

Perry Noble

Twitter @perrynoble

Perry is speaking at Catalyst! Get your tickets now at : ( we need to

ask Brad)

Eating is my spiritual gift

One thing God is drilling into me. A movement of God cannot be

planned but must be prepared for.

We try to plan a move of God in our church. I am not against planning

and strategy but we can’t dictate to Holy Spirit what he can or cannot

And we can’t duplicate what God is doing in another church.

Acts 1: 6-8 – I am going to let you be my witnesses.

Listen to the voice of Jesus. I am not here to do what you want me to

do. You are hear to obey me (Jesus)

God – it’s your church – what do you want me to do here?

My biggest mistakes when I refuse to listen.

Replaced Judas – dealt with leadership challenge in Acts 1

After that foundation – Acts 2 happened

The notes for THE NINES 6
Do you have right people, right places doing right things.

God moved when we did not expect. It’s His Church

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Skye Jethani

Skye is with Leadership Journal, a Christianity Today publication

He also leads

His book is called Divine Commodity.

Two things I keep hearing – Lack of strategy or motivation? I don’t

think so.

I don’t think that gets at core issues.

Deeper level 1 – a soul and indentity issue.

Daisy cutter doctrine – largest intimidation weapon in arsenal.

The doctrine states that the larger the impact of our ministry, the more
legitimate we are in ministry.

Large = legitimate. That inhibits us.

Puts a huge burden on pastors.

We don’t see that in Jesus. People were leaving rather than coming.

Numbers 20 – in wilderness and Moses disobeys God’s command. But a

miracle occurs anyway.

Maybe outcomes are not accurate portrayal of my legitimacy in


Off tangible outcomes and rooted in something deeper – to do the will

of his Father.

Jesus Identity rooted – that he was beloved Son of his Father.

The notes for THE NINES 7
Called to abandon outcomes to the LORD. God causes the growth, it
doesn’t belong to us.

Your legitimacy comes from you as a child of God.

If outcomes are in God’s hand don’t down yourself or others in those


If we are truly rooted in Christ – power and strength for ministry.

New Research from Leadership Network: Teacher First: Leadership

Network's 2009 Survey of Large-Church Senior Pastors

Steve Robinson

Steve is one of the alumni of our Next Generation Leadership

Community. Find out more by emailing

Find Steve at

Leading in Times of Pressure

Two defining times

On August 23 before Katrina – God had us bustin out and then we went
from 3300 to 1300 in one month.

The Lord did touch our church again – in 2008. We were in a building
campaign, we started to do our site work – and then the bottom fell out
of the economy.

A time of pressure and stress. That is where you make it our break it.

Bible is filled with men and women in intense situations and God met

In Exodus 14:13 – Fear Not! Fears seeks to paralyze and sabotage.

The antidote: A spirit of faith – stand still and see salvation of THE

I had to realize that God was in control, not you or your willpower.

One Direction, step out in faith.

The notes for THE NINES 8
Coming up after the break – Stacy Spencer is in the house!

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Stacy Spencer

Stacy is Senior Pastor at New Directions Christian in Memphis area

He is a part of our Next Generation Leadership Community – contact for more information

On twitter @stacy_spencer – a must follow

Not giving Up on Folks when they fall - Jeremiah 38:10

A lot of people get stuck in pit and it’s easy to walk away.

In pits for moral failings or unpopular preaching.

If Coach Dungy can reach out to Michael Vick can’t we do the same for
each other.

We need to stick up for one another. Reach out a hand to one who is
down in ministry.

My grandma said you shouldn’t look down on anyone unless you are
trying to help them up.

1. Help those who can’t help themselves. Make some pit stops.

2. Do for folks what you would want them to do for you if you were
in that situation.

3. Use your church resources for those who are stuck in

unfavorable resources. Helping people to get out of pits.

When you help others, you help yourself.

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The notes for THE NINES 9
Scott Wilson and on twitter @scottwilson7

Scott is currently in the Next Generation Pastors Leadership

Community for more info email

Raising the Leadership Bar in Your Church

Senior Pastor has to shift paradigm to equipper

You can either grow in your leadership or start looking for another
church. Move from workers, equippers to leading in three years. I want
you to be leaders of leaders.

Year 1 model for our church the leadership. Grow your leadership
capacity. I will give you a $500 bonus for reading 35 books this year. If
you don’t grow you gotta go.

Year 2 we need to mentor it. You will read 20 books and mentor your
key volunteers with 12 books.

Year 3 let’s multiply – help those people begin mentoring.

The Oaks is also a part of the Rapid Growth Leadership Community at

Leadership Network. If your church is rapidly growing contact for more information.

Amy Hanson

Wake up the church to those in the middle and later years of life.

Every 7 seconds an American turns 60, Oldest baby boomer is now 63.

Enlarge your focus of what older adult ministry is

The larger group are the active baby boomers and they resist anything
that is associated with being old.

We need to create innovative ministries to mobilize this generation

The notes for THE NINES 10
Represent a huge pool of kingdom laborers ready to invest in
something significant.

They want to make a difference – they don’t want to slow down.

Expand the possibilities.

Concept paper by Amy Hanson:

Creating New Opportunities for Older Adults to Serve: 50+ Age Adults Reaching Outside the
Walls of the Church

Just because someone is older doesn’t mean that they are people of
faith. Great harvest potential.

What if we put the same resources towards 50+ adults as we do to

kids and youth? What might happen?

Help folks realize the legacy they can leave.

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Coming up after the break Dino Rizzo, Keld Dahlman, Jorge Acevedo
and Nancy Beach!

Dino Rizzo

Dino Rizzo

Dino is lead pastor at Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge area

His blog is and his twitter is @dinorizzo

Author of the Leadership Network Church Innovation Series book –

Servolution with our fantastic Zondervan partners

Find the book here: Servolution


Phillipians 3:10 – I want to know Christ, the power of his

resurrection, and the fellowship of his suffering.

1. The world needs to know Christ. To make Him known.

The notes for THE NINES 11
2. Know the people that you serve. We love the people that we
serve. What they are feeling and facing. Reading those prayer
requests – what their hurts them hurts me.

3. Know your partnerships. We partner with great organizations

doing great things. Find the ones in your community.

4. Know the poor in your community. The hungry, those without

healthcare, transportation, the widow that is alone.

We want to see a Servolution across the country, Small acts of

kindness go a long way in someone’s life.

Healing Place has been a part of multiple leadership communities at

Leadership Netowork. Want to find out more – send an email to

Keld Dahlman

Pastor in Copenhagen, Denmark

(Keld and his church are a part of Leadership Network’s European

Church Planting Network program.)

Three principles in history of Finland – war between Russia and Finland.

Finns succeeded in not giving in to Stalin.

It seemed impossible. They were overmatched in almost every way.

Principle 1: Determination. If they lost, the consequences were huge.

Know your “must win” battles. What are the 2-3 must win battles you

Principle 2: Know your context. The Finns knew the ground. High
advantage. Satan knows more about our culture than many church
leaders. Embrace the local context.

Principle 3: Models the Finns used. Russia had more resource

demanding artillery. Fins had more skilled troopers. The Finns had a
very lightweight model.

The notes for THE NINES 12
Look for the light weight, simple models of ministry that are
sustainable. It’s easier to multiply.

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Jorge Acevedo

Look for Jorge to speak at


My prayer was “Lord send us the people no one else wants.” People in
our church are hardworking, blue collar people. But we didn’t have safe
places, safe spaces, sage people and safe processes to help people

We now have 800-1000 people a week being helped through recovery.

I think spiritual malpractice offering Jesus as the healer but not offering
the safe places, safe spaces, safe people and safe processes for people
to heal.

We use Celebrate Recovery

A new metric – added – are we lowering the crime rate in our city.

And we have – thieves have quit stealing, addicts getting clean,

helping women out of prostitution.

About 7-8 years in doing this recovery ministry, helping the church
clean the interior we decided to work on the exterior.

On our 10 year here we bought a grocery store and now Grace

Community center offers GED, thrift store, medical services among
other things to help heal the outside to match the inside.

Question I want you to ask: Is my church guilty of spiritual malpractice?

If you want some behind the scenes reports throughout the day follow
@davetravis and @toddrhoades on twitter

Nancy Beach

The notes for THE NINES 13
Nancy is a long time leader at Willow Creek –

As the get closer to key pastors they sometimes see less of Jesus.

As people get closer to me do they discover more of Christ – likeness

or less?

Isolation leads to denial. Truth rarely gets spoken to us.

Proverbs 4:23 – I need to be intentional about guarding my heart.

Three areas

1. Spiritual practices – What practices do I need to intentionally

engage in this ministry season? What are the ones most likely to
build into me where I have needs.

2. Safe relationships – confession and counseling are good things.

3. Stretching experiences – expose yourself to an experience that

will stretch you. Somewhere I can have my heart touched by the
least of these

I have lots of hope – lots of Senior leaders ARE very Christ like

Guard your heart above all else.

After the break – Stephen Furtick, Reggie McNeal and Noel Hekkinen

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Stephen Furtick and

Elevation Church in Charlotte

I hope that I give you inspiration and information that leads to

transformation not stagnation that can breed frustration.

Hey I got five “ations” in one sentence!

The notes for THE NINES 14
We have a three and a half year old church – I am 29

Dreams vs. Reality – My message is audacious life

Elijah the Prophet – we know the great stories

1 Kings 17 confronts Ahab

(Really – don’t write him an email)

God sent Elijah to a brook and he was cared for

17:7 – God dried up the brook – why?

Maybe punishment? Maybe questioning God?

Bible says “no rain in the land”

Why? A fulfillment of Elijah’s prophecy

You did exactly what God told you to do – but his brook dried up.

God sent him to a widow’s house – then to Carmel

Never to Carmel unless the brook had dried up

Build on what remains

Walk in Audacious Faith

Reggie McNeal

Reggie works for Leadership Network and leads the Missional

Renaissance Leadership Community.

For more information email him directly at

And he has a twitter account @reggiemcneal but he is a lousy


The Missional Renaissance – to give some language to the


People of God partnering with God on God’s redemptive mission in

the world.

The notes for THE NINES 15
Four parts:

1. People of God – a “who”instead of a what.

If you start as a who you can get to the what. Allows incarnational

We have a job to bless the world

1. Partnering with God – Church doesn’t have a mission. The

mission has a church.

The mission is God’s mission. We have a possibility and privilege to

bless the world.

Every thing that sin affected is what we should be seeking to


2. In the world. We are not the point! In incarnational modality

everything changes.

God always builds his kingdom beyond us.

The Missional Renaissance

The Present Future

If you like THE NINES you will enjoy “The Show” – Every Tuesday at 4
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Next week “The Show” with the authors of Multi Site Church Road Trip.

Noel Heikinnen

One of the Pastors of The Riv in Michigan

Blog is

Twitter @noeljesse

Well intentioned but ill informed efforts often eliminate the crucial
steps toward maturity.

The notes for THE NINES 16
What breaks my heart – well intentioned and ill informed actions are
taking health away – God must squeeze our ego.

What is that tiny hole? A team of qualified elders leading the church

Pastoring is one thing that elders do, not the whole thing.

Only place where there was a single leader was with Israel’s kings and
that was because of their hardness of heart.

Not referring to board or check and balances.

“It’s not practical” that is the struggle of the tiny hole. Needed and
crucial – it would deprive our church of health.

The burden should be spread among the team.

The model is clear, difficult, painful, but the way God set it up.

Noel is a part of our Next Generation Pastors Leadership Community. If

you are a young pastor leading a larger growing ministry contact for more information

For schedule hints follow @davetravis or @toddrhoades on twitter

After the top of the hour break – Craig Groeschel, Len Sweet and more!

Craig Groeschel on the web and

Check out the National Leaders Forum TOMORROW

Great lineup of speakers Hosted by Ken Blanchard

(Ken’s wife Marge is on the board at Leadership Network)

1. Had to create deeper climate and culture of innovation.

No ministry from memory – but new and fresh ways

Our culture must evolve but be value driven

The notes for THE NINES 17
Help people see themselves as spiritual innovators.

2. Weakness in utilizing giftedness of volunteers in our church.

When you delegate authority – to create something great – you

create leaders.

We want to release and empower leaders.

3. Doing ministry out of overflow of Spirit of God.

A real spiritual momentum

A decision to seek God until I am so full of God that it will flow out of

I am back to journaling.

Len Sweet

Len teaches at a variety of places but primarily Drew Seminary in New


Find Len at and on twitter@lensweet

Len’s latest book is : So Beautiful: Divine Design for Life and the

Church (Paperback)

On September 8 1504 greatest sculpture by Michaelangelo – David

17 foot high figure – David before battle with Goliath. Gave David a big

How do you deal with “Big Head” syndrome?

How David dealt with it.

Psalm 51:10 – create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit in


My spirit was troubled after mom’s death.

As I reread the entire psalm. We can do all this – but only acceptable
sacrifice is a broken and contrite heart.
The notes for THE NINES 18
How can you spot a Jesus spirit?

Confidence and humility – humble confidence, confident humility.

Oh my God. But God. Put them together.

Bringing them together. Emptying and filling in Paul.

Accepting them as gifts – but they are not ours.

(Len is one of the most scripture intensive people you will ever meet)

2 things in my “lair” – I have to stoop to enter my study and at the

same time step up.

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Theresa McBean

Teresa will be a speaker at

She is pastor of Northstar Community –

You can watch her speak there every week

Ten years ago we realized that we weren’t reaching some families

struggling with real issues. We have a very diverse group.

1. Please challenge your assumptions. Not all spiritual people go to

church and not all church people are spiritual.

2. Must be a people that tell ourselves the truth all the time. Trust
God with every dimension of life and be brutally honest.

3. Are we allowing God’s grace to save and transform.

4. We are not running the marathon well – how are we doing in

living the transformed life?

How can I ask crack addicts, heroin addicts and pedopholes to trust
God and let God transform them and not live it myself?

(Remember if you want a copy of all the color commentary –

complete the survey you will be sent about THE NINES)
The notes for THE NINES 19
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Greg Surratt

Find him on the web at and twitter @gregsurratt

Greg and Seacoast Church have been in about everything Leadership

Network has ever done. But don’t blame us.

Innovation grows out of desperation

Big Ideas grow out of big failures.

Instead we became part of multi site concept.

1. You hit the wall. Something is not working.

2. You get discouraged. You see it as a failure. “It’s ok to sit on the

pity potty as long as you don’t get ring around the hiney.”

(did he really just say that?)

3. Trust God. Never been a day when God said: “I didn’t see that
one coming.”

4. You start by asking the barrier breaking questions. If nothing

were impossible what could we accomplish here.

5. You collect innovative ideas. We get people in the room. We

pray. We brainstorm. If you start filtering first you never get

Our matrix is easy/hard and big win/small win. We pick two or three
and then we filter.

6. You do it until it quits working. Make good repeatable.

Greg has also served as a mentor in our Life Stage Leadership

Communities. Find out more by emailing

Seacoast is host to the FIND Conference for potential church

planters later this month – find the conference at FIND Conference - –

The notes for THE NINES 20
Coming up after the break Rick Rusaw, David Swanson, Bil Cornelius
and Jon Tyson

If you like THE NINES you will enjoy “The Show” – Every Tuesday at 4
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and 15 minutes of conversation.

Rick Rusaw

Rick coauthored to landscape changing books with Leadership

Network’s Eric Swanson: The Externally Focused Church and Life on

And check out The Life Serve Conference where Rick will be speaking

Changes in Landscape of Church in America

Shift in the question – from how can we be the best church IN our
community? This leads to consumer Christianity.

To how can we be the best church FOR our community?

Starts with our community – how can we connect into it?

We started all these parallels streams that disengaged us form the


I am overstating the case but we lose influence in that way.

The challenge is to get engaged in the stream that goes by our door.

For more resources on Externally Focused Churches go to and if your church is looking to jumpstart into this
ministry – find out about our new Innovation Lab process by

David Swanson

David is Senior Pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Orlando, FL

The notes for THE NINES 21
And he blogs here at

John 10:10 Life Abundantly

So few leaders living the Abundant life Jesus talks about.

So many dropping out for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes our greatest strength is our greatest weakness.

We love the Lord – false sense of immunity.

We are deeply afraid people may find out who we are.

We are often our own worst enemies. We wound the Bride of Christ.

Ephesians 5:27 – as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it…to
lift up holy and without wrinkle, stain or blemish.

What is your time with the Lord like?

What means of accountability for your life? Permission to ask the hard

How are you protecting your marriage?

To insure that your children are a priority in your life?

What is in secret that needs to be brought to light?

Your public persona match your private life.

Bil Cornelius

Author of Go Big!

Bil is pastor of Bay Area Fellowship in Corpus Christi Texas

On the web at and on twitter @bilcornelius

Power of mentoring

Exodus 33 – Tent of Meeting

Joshua would remain in tent of meeting

The notes for THE NINES 22
He was mentored by Moses

Joshua understood the value

Gain, Keep, utilize mentors

1. read books who have done what you want. I suggest

practitioners. From the stream of experience.

2. Go to right conferences. I go to hear pastors that lead.

3. Coaching. Well worth it. Direct and personal.

Line up meetings with those you can. Find some people a few steps
ahead of you.

4. Take leaders to lunch. Go where they are. Do what they tell you
to do before you go see them again.

5. Pray for your mentors. Look for ways to bless them.

Mentors have need to know they are leaving a legacy.

To catch up with other Leadership Network team members follow

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Jon Tyson

Pastor at Trinity Grace Church in New York City

Big idea - Reminder – We are spiritual leaders not just leaders.

Requires spiritual stamina, spiritual understanding, spiritual
perspective and spiritual strength.

Not just techniques by power for ministry.

Athens/Mars Hill was Paul’s least effective place of ministry as to

results. But in Corinth he changed approach.

In Corinth no worldly wisdom or ties to culture but straight appeal to


It is possible to empty the cross of its power – Apostle Paul.

The notes for THE NINES 23
Number 1 lesson for me is seeking God – resonance with God through

That spiritual resonance builds trust and power in ministry.

An echo rarely carries power and resonance with followers.

Coming up after the break – Margaret Feinberg with probably the most
encouraging message of the day.

Margaret Feinberg

She blogs at and twitters @mafeinberg

Margaret is a speaker at Catalyst this year!

Her latest book is Scouting the Divine: My Search for God in Wine,
Wool, and Wild Honey releasing at Catalyst
I first want to say to all pastors THANK YOU

For your sacrifices that happen in many ways.

Know that you are not alone

Keep going – I am rooting for you.

I focused on the images of shepherd, farmer, beekeeper and vitner.

How do you read these passages in light of what you do every day?

I spent time with a grape grower in Fresno – grew grapes for raisins,
juice and consumer brand wine.

These were machined grapes – girdled for maximum production of the


I also spent time with a Napa grower that only worked with boutique
vitners. This person was more interested in the character and flavor of
each grape. This person hand-dressed the vines. The desire was for
rich, flavorful grapes.

Both should be celebrated

The notes for THE NINES 24
Caring for God’s people can happen either way.

What type of vineyard are you in?

Your acreage may be limited

What works in Fresno may not work in Napa and vice versa.

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Pete Wilson

Crosspoint Church Nashville TN area –

Pete blogs at and on twitter@pwilson

The greatest crisis is lack of transformation.

We haven’t cast the vision for what transformation looks like.

When wee trust Christ – we don’t ask questions – we do it because we

trust Him.

I told my son to pee in the pool….”But dad you told me too.”

We need vision, intention,method.

Vision – help people understand what God has for them. But we are
pulled in two different directions.

Intention – Help them own their own spiritual life.

Method – there is a rythym to Jesus’ life. Patterns of prayer, pulling

away and community.

I think Pete has the hair do of the day.

The notes for THE NINES 25
Walter August

Senior Pastor of The Church at Bethel’s Family in Houston TX

Started 15 years ago in an apartment complex and God has blessed.

Time to “come down” – I am their servant

5 basic things we do in this church and in the community.

1. Commit to God’s word above everything else

2. Continue to pray – let’s pray in the plural not just about us.

Our prayer garden and chapel is central on our campus.

3.Committed to one another – a bond between each others. A


1. Worshipping and praise giving God the Glory

2. Tell the world how good God is.

First up after the bottom of the hour – Larry Osborne, the most sought
after mentor of younger pastors in the country.

Larry Osborne

Senior Pastor of North Coast Church in Vista, CA

Larry twitters @larryosborne and blogs at

Check out for information about all their

training network events including Sticky Church 2.0 in October!

I am pumped about the future.

Many of the problems of the church have been around since Acts.

We idolize the Acts 2 church but not until Acts 8 and the
persecution did they start moving out.

The notes for THE NINES 26
The Apostle Paul’s plants were really messed up.

We cannot be “sky is falling people” – because we know how it


Check out Sticky Church book at


And don’t miss his great book – Spirituality for the Rest of Us

Matt Carter

Lead pastor of Austin Stone –


Mentions Book: Letting Go of God (but he didn’t write it)

A guy that covered religion and walks away from the faith

Discrepancy of holiness, morality and integrity between scripture

and believers behavior.

Only difference – people far from God more honest about failures

Interesting when compared to Apostle Paul

Paul describes struggle with his own sin

Paul is talking about his present life in Romans 7

Christians struggle with sin

What is missing in Amercan culture? Keeping us from seeing victory

over sin.

Yes, we are missing confession

Speak it out and agree with it in our hearts

The scripture in James 5:17 – to one another and pray for one
another – we can be healed.

A supernatural work of repentance and healing

We all struggle with sin – what is the unseen sin in your life?

The notes for THE NINES 27
Bring it to the light.

Matt and Austin Stone have been a part of several Leadership

Communities – for more information on those email

Scott Williams

Scott is a campus pastor with Life Church

He blogs at and twitters @scottwilliams

Church Diversity Sucks – don’t be offended

The need to embrace diversity and the mindset of diversity

3 peeps – 1. God.

2. Your staff paid and unpaid

We are going to talk about this

Is the sign on your door saying “everyone welcome” or “some of you

are welcome.”

Jim Burgen

Lead pastor at Flat Irons Church in Colorado

People came and gave it a try. They gave it a shot.

People are looking for truth that makes sense and meets them where
they are.

Paul cried out at least three times for healing. But my grace is
The notes for THE NINES 28
Around here, we say “Me too!” a lot. Here what Jesus says is true, I just
don’t do it very well. Me too.

Allowing people to belong before they believe.

Not my job to save, fix or change anyone. I am not your Holy Spirit.

All Jesus told me to do is lift up Jesus. This is what He said, how he

treated people.

Say stuff from a “Me too” perspective.

After the break Neil Cole, Reggie Joiner and Bill Easum

Neil Cole

Author of Organic Church and soon to be released Church 3.0

Organic Church


One passage I must say to Christian leaders is Phillipians 2

God is looking for servants who will lead. Make a name for others.

Thinking more highly than other leaders and churches than their own.

Paul uses flesh and blood examples – “If I am being poured out.”

Timothy – more interested in success of others.

Spirit of Christ in you so as people notice.

Who do you take after? And then I spent the entire night telling my
mother about Jesus.

My father-in-law was a great man and mentor – an LAPD cop

A good man and taught me to be a good man.

The disease touched his mind but not his spirit.

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The notes for THE NINES 29
Reggie Joiner

Reggie will be speaking at Catalyst this year

Find reggie at and twitter @reggiejoiner

The story of Nehemiah

Leave his comfort zone because ware of what would be lost if a

generation was lost.

Halfway through the building of wall – threat of attack. Nehemiah

reminded them what was at stake.

Posted people by families. Fight for your sons and daughters. He

pushed those emotional buttons

Fight for your family, sons, daughter, spouse

Recognized that his work was not enough but it needed families.

The walls have broken down in church and family.


1. Those on the outside changed their opinion of those on the


2. Those on the inside changed their opinion of who God is.

3. Celebration of God’s work from those seeing who God is.

Too much is at stake not to rebuild the walls.

Reggie’s latest book Think Orange: Imagine the Impact When

Church and Family Collide... (Hardcover)

Keep up by following @leadnet on twitter

Bill Easum

The notes for THE NINES 30
(Bill is coauthor of Beyond the Box: Innovative Churches that work.
Who is the other author?)

Bill blogs at and his twitter @billeasum

Two thoughts

Your legacy is not what you leave behind but who.

The more you hand off to others the better it is

Not about how many followers or what you can accomplish but what
you can cause to happen through others.

Two metaphors I like: Spiritual midwife and Scout

What do I need to stop doing?

Develop your “to be” list – a list of people who could be leaders of
the future.

Your legacy is who you leave behind.

Coming up at the bottom of the hour – J.D. Greear, Geoff Surratt, Jennie

Who will be the closing speaker? We still have a long way to go!

Over the next few hours we will heal from Dan Kimball, Jud Wilhite, Ed
Stetzer, John Ortberg, Rick Warren, Mark Driscoll and more…..don’t
miss out!

JD Greear

Summit Church Raleigh –


Our vision is to plant 1000 churches in 40 years.

The notes for THE NINES 31
What the center of ministry ought to be is the proclamation of the

“Be my witnesses” to me. The gospel is announcement of what Jesus

has done.

Declaring the battle has already been one. What Christ has done on
our behalf.

All of those things are after affects of understanding the gospel.

Not about we are to go and do for God but for what God has done for

Don’t confuse effects of the gospel with the actual gospel.

Signs point to Jesus but they are temporary.

If Summit Church dies – would others weep? We want to give signs of

this message of Jesus.

That the gospel be central to our message. We signify that by radical

demonstrations of Christ’s presence.

Love is the most powerful apologetic for the gospel.

J.D. is another member of our Next Generation Leadership Community

for younger Senior Pastors. Interested? Contact

Geoff Surratt

twitter@geoffsurratt and blogs at

See Geoff’s books – published with Leadership Network and Zondervan

The Multi-site Church Revolution

A Multi-site Church Roadtrip


How to be on staff and keep your Faith

The notes for THE NINES 32
(don’t miss the comments on the items behind Geoff’s head)

How do you go from being on staff to being a disconnected follower of

Christ? Steps to take to prevent this

Step 1 Take care of your family: Declare a “ministry free zone”

Step 2: Go to church: Don’t work in church without stopping to worship

in church.

Step 3: Be in a small group: we need a group of believers around us.

Step 4: Prioritize personal worship: Connect to God one on one

Step 5: Grow your Faith: Where is God stretching you?

Step 6: Give Generously: Generous giving defeats selfishness

Step 7: Serve on a mission: do something that helps another ministry –

we need to volunteer

Step 9: Forgive: someone is going to let you down

Step 10: Believe the best about your fellow staff team members.

Geoff’s sleeps with a member of the Leadership Network staff. His wife
Sherry Surratt who leads our various women’s initiatives.

Are you a female leader in a large church? Contact Sherry at

Jenni Catron

Jenni is the Executive Director at Crosspoint Church in Nashville and twitter@jennicatron

See Jenni’s blog at

We have shrunk Jesus to the size where He can save our soul, but not
where He can change the world.

The issue I saw in Africa with healthy, poverty, water, I eventually just
shut down from it.

The notes for THE NINES 33
The fall of 2008 we had to do something.

We decided to grow our gifts to missions from a base of 10% and add
1% per year until it is 20% to missions.

Over the course of several months God connected me to several

churches and organizations really making a difference.

Don’t fail to do something just because you can’t do everything – Bob


1% of 5.2 trillion will pull a billion people out of poverty.

Jenni is a part of the Womens Executive Pastor Leadership Community

at Leadership Network. Have interest? Contact

Coming up after the top of the hour – Mark Batterson, Sam Chand, Rich
Nathan and more.

Mark Batterson

Lead pastor at National Community Church in Washington, DC –

Blog at and twitter@markbatterson

(NCC was a part of our Leadership Network multi site Leadership

Community. If you are looking to start or improve your multi site
ministry contact

(Or see free resources on multi site at

I would rather have one God idea than 1000 good ideas.

Everything that exists was once an idea in someone’s mind

A plan of DC was in architect’s mind.

That plan went from mind to paper – then dollars and decades to
become a reality.

The notes for THE NINES 34
Ideas are incredibly important. God ideas can change the world.

2 Cor. 10:5 – Take every though captive

Words, thoughts, impression that the Holy Spirit gives us and make
us obedient to Christ

We retreat in December to set strategy

Best ones are revealed by God

Our Christmas catalog for missions

How do you get a God idea?

Habakkuk – every leader needs a watchtower

Rich Nathan

Rich pastors what I think is the largest Vineyard Church in the

country. He is a former law professor at Ohio State.

The both/and church

Crisis point – if you emphasize one thing people will accuse you of
denying the other

We had to address poverty in our community – work with 300

women at risk for abortion.

America is on the verge of a revival by brining together personal

evangelism and social structure salvation together.

Their church is a part of our Missional Renaissance Leadership

Community, for churches with significant partnerships seeking to
transform their community. Interested? For more information email

Sam Chand

Find Sam at and twitter @samchand

The notes for THE NINES 35
Sam’s latest book is ReChurch written with Eddie Long

What’s the difference between leaders of small ministries and large

ministries? Pain threshold.

Pain is that area that allows you to grow.

(New book coming out soon Toxiculture – I have seen early chapters
and it will be great)

Growth = Pain

View pain as a teacher. Don’t drug it. Don’t have leadership leprosy.

How to do that:

3. Reflect on your pain.

4. Hang with people who have a high pain threshold. Assume High
impact leaders have high pain.

5. Don’t assume you are always at 100%. If you are at 70% or less
don’t make a key decision that day.

You are hurting, that’s not all bad.

Dan Kimball

Pastor of vintage church in Santa Cruz, CA

twitter@dankimball and blogs at

I still use a PC. I am not ashamed to say that.

PC users are the new punk rock.

In the church – tradition should never get in the way of mission – then
it is sin.

Tradition can come from any time, even the recent past.

People are more important than tradition.

We should be desperately on mission.

2 Thessalonians 1 – people shut out from God’s kingdom.

The notes for THE NINES 36
Abundant Life! Yes, but also an eternity after.

I am placed in a specific time, place in order to reach people for

eternity. We need a sense of urgency. Think like a missionary for the
sake of people

We are the lead missionaries.

Building is a missionary training center.

Coming up after the break – Mark DeYmaz, Jim Tomberlin and the sole
speaker from Mississippi, Chip Henderson

Mark DeYmaz

Find Mark on twitter @markdeymaz and

My passion is to see Multi Ethnic Churches in America

In increasingly diverse and cynical society people won’t see as credible

God’s message when preached to segregated pews.

I am not pursuing this vision because of changing demographics. It’s

biblical and it’s right. It is for the sake of the gospel. Reconciling people
to God.

Our vision is to promote 20/20/20 vision. 20% of churches being at

least 20% diverse by 2020.

The good news is that churches are becoming increasingly diverse.

Find Mark’s book - Building a Healthy Multi-ethnic Church

Options include hosting, merging with first generation churches.

God is not interesting in churches healing the race problem in America

but in using the race problem to heal the church.

Mark is also one of the leaders in our Next Generation Leaders

Leadership Community. If you are a Pastor interested in our Leadership
Communities email

The notes for THE NINES 37
Jim Tomberlin

On twitter@multisiteguy

Jim is a featured resource for Leadership Network’s Innovation Lab –

find out more – email

My favorite subject for now in Multi Site churches. It changes how we

think and do church.

Every movement has misunderstandings and myths. Let’s address


Myth 1 – Just a fad. Nope. The new normal – 2000+ churches and
growing. Estimate 10% of protestants attend a multi site church.

Myth 2 – Vehicle for celebrity pastors. Nope. Perhaps a third are mega
churches and the rest are not.

Myth 3 – Video driven model. Nope. Only a third of churches are video

Myth 4 – Space solution. Yes and No. Started that way but now an
effective strategy for space and more.

Myth 5 – Not incarnational or communal. Nope. Brings more local and

personal leading to greater incarnational and communal.

Myth 6 – Church Growth engine. Nope. A vehicle for growing churches.

Accelerates a growing church.

Myth 7 – Not a church plant. Nope. For many communities it is a plant.

A form of church planting.

Myth 8 – Video teaching won’t work. Nope. Embraced much more than
you think. Not about medium but message.

Myth 9 – Inhibits developing gifted teachers. Nope. Can enhance and

teaching team.

Keep up by following @leadnet on twitter

The notes for THE NINES 38
Chip Henderson

Pinelake Church – Brandon, MS

Chip has been part of the Next Generation Leadership Community.

They are also a part of the Generous Church Leadership Community.

Interested in Generosity? Contact

Take Care of Yourself

Your well being is your responsibility - you are the only one that can.

The best thing you bring to the table is you. You will reproduce you.

Take care of yourself spiritually – make sure you and God are tight.
Every day a worn path between your heart and God.

Take care of yourself relationally – we are relational creatures – we

need healthy relationships.

And you kids and friends. Find some friends that can build into your

Take care physically – it will release the stuff in your brain that
replenishes you.

Coming up at the top of the hour – Jud Wilhite and Brian McClaren

Stay tuned after the break

Free download from Leadership Network: Creating a Culture of

Generosity During a Time of Economic Downturn: What Truly Generous
Churches Are Learning

Jud Wilhite

Central Christian Church in Las Vegas

Find Jud at and @judwilhite on twitter

Managing the small details in life. The Deadly Viper community.

The notes for THE NINES 39
Most people think an iceberg sank the Titanic – but it was faulty rivets
– substandard details.

Parallels for us – On the surface things go well but we have to manage

the details.

The larger you get – the more criticism you get.

It’s easy to get lazy about those things. The Assassin of character
creep. Character failures are subtle and slow.

Guaarding agains the character Assassin.

3. Plan for the assassin – be ready. Travel, money, counseling with

opposite sex. “Stay out of the hot tub.” Sometimes there is
success by default – last person standing.

God give us long obedience in same direction.

4. Operate by media mode of operation. Don’t do something today

that you wouldn’t want on front of the paper tomorrow.

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Brian McClaren

Find Brian at

What is the gospel – a lot of people assume they have the gospel all
figured out.

If Jesus defines the gospel then it is the Sermon on the mount.

(Brian’s latest book is Finding Our Way Again: The Return of the
Ancient Practices )

My favorite part of the service is the benediction

Be an agent for the kingdom of God wherever you are, teacher,

engineer, entrepreneur.

Not an evacuation plan but a transformation plan.

The notes for THE NINES 40
Brian’s book A New Kind of Christian
is a real best seller!

Bob Roberts

(Linda Stanley is one of the Leadership Network staff)

Find Bob at and

How people perceive us and how we perceive them. They don’t

understand who we are and what we believe.

We look at people as a mission field and not as a community.

We have a failure to understand the world as a Christian movement.

Impacts how we think about the world and our movement. All
religions are all places.

We are living with a global generation. Their context is the world.

1. From “Faith as Interfaith” to “Faith as Multi-Faith”. Not lowest

common denominator. Respecting you in your faith.

2. From critiquing others to critiquing our own faith.

3. Explain our faith so that the whole world gets it not just our own

4. Theology must be simple to understand.

5. We live out our faith at its very best.

6. From competition of faiths to collaboration of faiths.

7. Integrate your faith in the world so anyone in the world can see
it. Don’t make focus the preacher and the church but the disciple
and society.

We are starting a new Leadership Community focused on global issues

– for more information email

After the break – Brad Bell, John Ortberg, Rick McKinley and more.
The notes for THE NINES 41
Still to come today – Mark Driscoll, Rick Warren, Ed Stetzer and more

Brad Bell

Blog at

“ we oopsed our way into multi site”

I will grossly over generalize and simplify here

Brad is also an alumni of our Next Generation Leadership Community

How many pastors have forgotten what it means to be a disciple?

Inner life of leader. It has to happen in us.

We do Wayne Cordeiro’s read the Bible in a year plan

(see for more info on that)

No one feels they are competent in prayer

Take care of ourselves. To be Mach 1 to the detriment of my soul

Recharge your body.

No one else cares about your schedule like you.

Go getta way.

Make a difference for the long haul.

Take care of your marriage

You don’t oops yourself to a great marriage

The greatest church you pastor is the one you call home.

The Well is also in our rapid growth church Leadership Community. For
more information contact

And if you are oopsing your way into multi site, drop Greg Ligon a line
as well.

The notes for THE NINES 42
John Ortberg

John is Pastor at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in California –

John’s latest book is When the Game is over, it all goes back in the

Greatest Promise found in John 7:38

Thirsty? Come to me

More than anything else – “I want to be fully alive”

This is what Jesus offers.

Live in the flow of the spirit

The gap between me 1.0 and me 2.0

I live in surrendered submission to the Spirit

I was cutting myself off from the flow of the Spirit

Not a one size fits all method

Disciples are handcrafted not mass produced

Find the ways God most wants to grow you up.

He said “monvee”. I think

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Judy West

Crossings Church in Chesterfield MO

Judy is a part of the Womens Executive Pastors Leadership Community.

For more information contact

How do you teach people to do relationships well. Our answer is Body

The notes for THE NINES 43
A six week experience – basic skills of healthy community.

We ask those that want to do it to embrace Pete Scazzero’s

Emotionally Healthy Church concepts. IF they will embrace it I will
share all our curriculum with you.

In five years only one church has done it.

Rick McKinley

Rick is the lead pastor at imago dei in Portland, Oregon

On twitter @ scituatedrev
What people are longing for is access to our own hearts, stories and

Are you really being honest with us?

Courage of vulnerability and humility. I need the gospel as much as

you need the gospel.

Do I have a faith journey worth sharing about?

When hope is missing - I run to food.

I had to be hard, honest and painful with my people

(not 2000 – 10000 viewers Rick!)

Jesus is my hope. This God that now reigns as King still has power to
transform me.

I need Christ as much or more than they do. There is power in that.

My sin is not one I can hide

My hope is not that I get life figured out but that Christ is in me.

The courage to be honest with our own fear has a power that we don’t
often see in the west.

After the break – Ed Stetzer, John Bishop and Darrin Patrick

The notes for THE NINES 44
If you like THE NINES – you will probably enjoy “the show” from
Leadership Network.

Every week, Tuesday at 4 Eastern –

Ed Stetzer

President of Lifeway Research –

Twitter @edstetzer

Ed is speaking at Catalyst again this year

The mission is opposite of self

You have to consistently work to make it about God’s glory

It’s natural to make it about us.

We get to thinking about prestige, professionalism, expectations

A rethink about Pastoral Ministry

How do we lay down before God?

Three ways

1. Those on mission focus on God’s glory and His agenda.

Focus not on the work of the Lord but the Lord of the Work

Ministry out of overflow

Isaiah 6:8 – confession filled, gospel centered lives

Here I am send me

An encounter with God leads us to be on mission with God.

2. Those on mission reflect being with God

2 Corinthians 3:16-18

We reflect the glory of the Lord

They need to say – they have been with Jesus

The notes for THE NINES 45
3. Those on mission no longer live for their own lives

2 Corinthians 5:14-15 – Mission is the opposite of self

Ed is still dropping weight. I think he will be the size of a 5th grader

by Catalyst.

Keep up by following @leadnet on twitter

John Bishop

Lead Pastor at Living Hope Church

Find him at and twitter @john_bishop

(Living Hope was a part of our Rapid Growth Leadership Community –

Is your church rapidly growing and want to connect with others in the
same situation? Contact

One conversation to have would be to be about one mission.

To the extent that we have kept on mission, we have stayed in what I

call the blessability zone.

A look at Jesus words in Acts 1:8

Jesus’ last words should be our first words. Meaning we are doing what
Jesus said.

Real devotion, supernatural empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

Am afraid you will let fear and things that don’t matter and good things
keep us from God things.

When I model being a witness, we all need an evangelistic thread in

our ministry.

How many love fishing for people?

I have to go in, deep and first about the message of Jesus Christ.

Toby Slough

Toby is the lead pastor at Crosstimbers in the Dallas area.

The notes for THE NINES 46
There is a little glitch in this video. Can you spot it?

Toby’s twitter is @tmslough

Find the church at

Creating a culture of Generosity – we have an opportunity like never


To create a culture, atmosphere where we should help our brother and

sister in need.

We decided to take what God has given to us and pour it into the

Awareness of needs raised and church’s responsibility to meet them.

1. If you want a generous culture in your church, you must be

generous as a church. People need to see how we are meeting
needs in our community. We needed to do that publically. As we
went public-the church began to be more generous.

2. People looking for ways to give of themselves not just money.

“Fix my ride” fixing 90 cars - look for ways to involve them and
love their community.

3. For us, it was time for us to do what we were calling the church
to do. We used our reserves to bless people in our community.

Toby is an alumni of our Next Generation Leadership Community – find

out more email

And Crosstimbers is in multiple other Leadership Communities – for

help with multi site, rapid growth or becoming a generous church email

They are also in our recovery ministry Leadership Community – for

recovery ministry don’t miss

After the break – Shawn Wood, Alan Hirsch, David Foster and also
coming up Mark Driscoll, Rick Warren, and more

Keep up by following @leadnet on twitter

The notes for THE NINES 47
Shawn Wood

Shawn is on staff at Seacoast Church

He twitters @shawnwood

In the Church we get to work with a tribe of people that are

underutilized – the creatives.

Principles to create things that are of value to people.

Create as a team of individuals that know how to work together.

G – Guardrails – time – budget – as leader we must set the guardrails.

Scarcity on both of those.

E – Expectations – at the end of journey – what is expected. Making

those clear. Leader problem in not making themselves clear as to end

A – Accountability. What is the deadline and who does what by when?

R – Review – not to fix the past but to help us be more creative in the

Alan Hirsch

I never can remember if Alan is Australian or Kiwi

He blogs over with the Shapevine guys -

The Forgotten Ways

1. Recovering Jesus – rediscovery of place and function of Jesus.

Christology is central to revival of the church.

2. Becoming like Jesus – a disciple is one who is becoming more and

more like the Lord.

3. Encountering world in incarnational and missional manner. The

Father is a sending God.

4. Apostolic environment – Eph 4 gifting.

5. Organic Systems – how the church should organize itself.

The notes for THE NINES 48
6. Putting Adventure back into the venture – comradeship.

David Foster

Never been more excited about the American Church Movement.

Idea of preparation – mainly in telling people the gospel story over


We have a unique privilege to have people multiple times a year over

many years.

Remember communication is really only part of leading

I would make sure preparation is a priority.

Speaking and teaching out of the overflow.

Ministry to people takes time.

We need to speak out of healthy overflow

Commit time to prepare and make it a priority.

Coming up after the break – The one and only – Mark Driscoll, then
Matt Fry and Toby Slough with a great encouragement to generosity.

Don’t miss “The Show” next Tuesday at 4 p.m. Eastern – Live with call
in with the authors of Multi Site Church Road Trip.

Mark Driscoll

Mark is at Mars Hill Church in Seattle and helps give leadership to Acts

The church is

He twitters @pastormark and blogs at

The notes for THE NINES 49
Idolatry – Romans 1 – exchanged the truth of God for a lie – created

Living for the glory of creation

Most of the time we worship things that are good things and make
them God things and then they become bad things.

If you obey the first 2 commandments, you won’t violate the others –
paraphrase of Martin Luther.

Some like by presenting themselves as functional savior – deifying a

good thing.

Sometimes an idol lies by telling you it can mediate between you and
God. Sometimes we call that the pastor.

Sometimes an idol gives you identity and defines who you are.

Matt Fry

Matt is lead pastor at C3 church

Find him on twitter @mattfry and his blog is

Stay Focused

Don’t give up. Don’t throw in the towel.

Real hope for real people in a real world.

After we built the building I wanted to quit.

God save me and he has called me.

My identity is in relationship with Jesus not as a leader. But I am called

to make a difference.

Don’t play the comparison game. Celebrate with other churches and

Critical spirit. God does not want us to tear down but to build up.

Competitive. Don’t be that.

The notes for THE NINES 50
Galatians 6:9 – let us not be weary in doing good.

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twice-monthly e-newsletter

Darrin Patrick

Luke 24

How do you read Bible that it comes alive and people change?

Significant event in history is the gospel – incarnation, death,


Jesus says the OT pointed to it, focus of the work in the person of

1 Cor 2:2 to know Jesus and him crucified.

Romans 1:15 – the gospel to those in Rome. Gospel is for church as


See your sin. Own your sin. Repent of your sin.

To trust in God’s work and not our own.

Rejoicing in your acceptance

Not just for beginners but also for finishers.

Paul raised money for the poor by appealing to Grace.

God’s grace to explode in your life.

Money, Love, Power – all three find truest expression in Christ.

Helps us to get our who’s and dos in the right order.

Christianity is not spelled “D-O” but D-O-N-E what Christ has done.

Darrin is another guy a part of our Next Generations Leaders Group.

For more information email

The notes for THE NINES 51
Next up after the break – The Church Bartender, Brad Powell, Matt
Williams and more.

And in our final hour, a host of new voices balanced with Rick Warren.

Hey Todd, who is on “The Show” next Tuesday at 4 p.m. Eastern at ?



Authors of Multi Site Church Road Trip next week.

Michael Trent

The Church Bartender

Twitter @churchbartender and blog at

“If a church was like a coffee bar I would go to that mother.” Dude that
is the nicest thing anyone has said to me.

Bartender and Barista are the same word. What it’s like to lead behind
the bar.

Attention to the details of what people are saying.

Availability is also key to developing relationships.

Consider the environments that we are creating. Must have diverse,

mixed use, flexible buildings for the future.

God has given the church some amazing real estate.

Jesus is coming back for churches that are dirty and used not clean and

Brad Powell

Brad is lead pastor at Northridge Church in Plymouth, Michigan

Find him at

Twitter @bradpowell

The notes for THE NINES 52
Reflecting and representing Christ in whatever we do.

I was raised in church but it was boring and harsh until I connected
with a real God.

Most believers are missing the point. It’s about people. What the
bottom line issue is: Be about Revolution.

We are to be revolutionaries in contribution, service, generousity.

The point of Seven Churches in Revelation: We have shut Jesus out

of the church.

We need to let Jesus back in so Revolution can begin.

Commit to present mission instead of past mission. Play offence not


Lead folks to Romans 12:2 to the renewing of our minds.

Ken Fong

Been with Evergreen Baptist Church since 1978

Axiom – familiarity breeds contempt

Some are quite familiar with the Bible

Enough so to have contempt. Challenge to overcome that contempt.

Great contempt of hearts and minds of rpeachers

Open the text and not to hear the tapes in your head.

Easy to go through the motions

Admit and confess our contempt

To let the word surprise and startle us. How?

For me to read unfamiliar translations.

Buechner and Willard think differently than I do.

Buechner’s Peculiar Treasures and Wishful Thinking – words that

catch you by surprise.
The notes for THE NINES 53
Listening to other preachers.

My regular rythyms – biking –surprised how things come to me.

We lapse into predictable patterns, tough to say things in a new


Vary your approach to key phrases and images.

Have to have one essential point. Zero in for point for this audience.

One other Resource – Made to Stick

(Authors are Dan and Chip Heath – They were at Catalyst last year!)

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Bambi Encarnacion and John Coulumbe

Both are with First Evangelical Free Church in Fullerton, California

Two full time people working with Encore Generation – older Adults

Great resource – not a liability

Don’t assume there is no room to grow.

1. We need a fresh sense of opportunity and purpose with this age


2. A sense of mission and service

3. A sense of passion for the lost

4. A sense of honor

5. A sense of humor

6. A sense of completion.

Darrin Whitehead

Darrin is a teaching pastor at Willow Creek in Chicago

The notes for THE NINES 54
My daughter’s imagination has bee taken captive by the world.

Matthew 6:34 – Ask, seek, knock

Maybe the Christian life is defined by receiving, finding and opening.

Our desires are hauntingly similar to those that don’t know Jesus

Do you believe that God accepts me?

The front rows are full of strippers

It all went back to Rachel – asking God to break out in her life.

What rotten apples are you hanging onto?

Matt Williams

Grace Church

Greenville, SC

My message is on Gender – the greatest challenge we have had for

elders/staff/ small group leaders – issues of marriage – sex – dating –

What is the heart of the issue? Going back to the beginning.

How we interact with others. Male and Female are both an expression
of who God is.

God as motherly images are very powerful and masculine images as


Equal is not the same. We can be equal but not the same.

This oneness principle is foundational to understanding the rest of the


Milton Guitierez

From the Austin, TX area

Within 20-40 years Hispanics will be a majority in many states.

The notes for THE NINES 55
Will we reach out to the emerging Hispanic majority?

Diverse church expressions to reach diverse people.

The Anglo churches are willing to take risks – are we?

What can I do to get ready right now?

Jefferey Johnson

Pastor at Eastern Star Church in Indianapolis, Indiana

Was multi site before multi site was cool

You may remember Pastor Johnson from Promisekeeper rallies

Importance of the Word of God – do not forget it.

We have so many things that are extremely important to development

of ministry but we have to have integrity with the Word of God.

We need to continue to grow

I preach it, teach it and stay with it.

We can’t expect character without content

God will not disappoint.

When I opened the book that is when I started getting the power.

Scott Nickell

Youth pastor at

It is only and always about Jesus. But what Jesus?

We conform Him to our image instead of the other way around.

We get in systems and methodology and forget about Jesus.

The notes for THE NINES 56
Grace and Truth not Grace or Truth

If we believe sin destroys people- we must point the way with grace
and truth.

Jim Sheppard

My passion is generosity for the Kingdom

FAT thinking

Fall 2007 – times were good – the high point of wealth accumulation

Slide began in earnest last fall

Both investment and home values slid – when both are threatened, we

We start to have scarcity mentality

In most cases there is plenty of money

In leaner environments we have to be more careful

Scarcity breeds clarity

When you operate without a safety net we have to be more careful

Our identity, priorities have to be clarified

The time will come again when money is plentiful

We need to have good thinking, plans and priorities when it does

A satisfying scarcity – stripping out the nice but not necessary

Let’s use this challenge as an opportunity.

3 point litmus test. Urgent. Compelling. Aligned.

1. Needs to have urgency. If we don’t do this, there is a price to be


2. Compelling – The WOW factor – “I want to be a part of that.”

The notes for THE NINES 57
3. Aligned – they know when it doesn’t fit.

Luke 14:28 – planning and strategy go hand in hand with the voice of

Free download from Leadership Network: Creating a Culture of

Generosity During a Time of Economic Downturn: What Truly Generous
Churches Are Learning

Brian Bloye

Brian’s twitter @brianbloye and blogs at

Brian is the lead pastor at Westridge Church near Dallas, Georgia

(Turner Field is Atlanta’s baseball stadium)

Who has done steroids?

Character matters even to 10 year olds

Character brings down sports figures, politicians and ministries

We spend a log of time training Church Planters at Westridge

Everything rises and falls on character

Who are you when no one is looking?

Who are before God and no one else – Proverbs 10:7

Character is revealed in pressure situations

Proverbs 4 – Guard your heart

Demonstrates your spiritual conditions – out of overfloe of heart.

If you lack it, it can ruin your life – but if you have it, it can guide you

It can bring blessing in your life.

My character brings blessing on my children and their children

We want our life to county

Character=God’s holiness+Our humilty+honesty

The notes for THE NINES 58
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Eric Bryant

Advocate for rights of those that do not yet have faith.

A Chance to belong before they believe.

Matthew 4:19 – come and I will make you fishers of men.

Example of belong before they believe – our kids.

“My daughter started her own religion where Jesus followed her.”

Treat world around us as friends and let them experience the presence
of God.

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Naeem Fazal

On the web at

Twitter at @naeemfazal

After 9/11 my mom got deported to Pakistan.

In Pakistan they kill people like me who convert to Christianity.

“I am a motivational speaker” – at least that’s what I told her. “Here’s

my story.”

She wanted to know God. The next step is to understand who Jesus is.

I misjudged the situation. God was there. God began to speak to me.

The notes for THE NINES 59
Do you think pastors because of our creativity that we believe that God
only exists and works in the world visible to us?

God is working where we don’t know and in people’s lives beyond our
spiritual environments.

Do we recognize God out of context? Would I recognize God outside of

my environments?

Teach people to recognize and grow with God outside the normal

Am I driven by goals and success or by God’s spirit?

Teach People to be led by God and not driven by our search for

Nancy Ortberg

Nancy’s organization is

Her book “ Unleashing the Power of Rubber Bands”

“Nine minutes is all you need” (Of course Nancy ends up going a little

Two Tensions

Leadership is about managing tensions. Things that keep coming up

over and over impact the culture of your leadership.

Think of people who have poured themselves into you. What would
they do?

You can’t be that person.

Story of David and Saul.

David can’t use Saul’s armour.

Work with passionate people. They get things done they make things

Can hide narcissism. Hiding things in insecurity.

So passion is tempered by humility.

The notes for THE NINES 60
Humility gives you confidence, peace and freedom from outcome.

Another thing about humility and leadership – when it is done right it

leads us to be excited about those whose gifts are beyond ours.

One size does not fit all.

Difference between inside and outside. Make sure the inside is clean.
The outside will take care of itself.

Restored with wonder upon wonder.

Rick Warren

Rick twitters @rickwarren

See the web site for more great

resources for pastors.

Rick looks good. Especially his hair!

I am concerned that our churches grow larger through evangelism,

warmer through fellowship, broader through ministry, wider through
our missions program, deeper through discipleship.

I care about poverty, disease, illiteracy, injustice, reformation,

having the church be the church.

None will happen unless we deal with the perpetual immaturity of

the church.

People are growing old but not up.

You can still be carnal, cranky and self centered.

The notes for THE NINES 61
It takes more than sermons to mature a person.

We won’t have the things we want unless we grow people up in


We started the PEACE plan. Most churches don’t have maturity to

do that.

Most churches don’t have systematic, sequential and intentional

plan for moving people from come and see to come and die.

This is a pre modern idea. A catechism.

We need to put the “tech” in Catechism.

Starting point – Come and See.

But you don’t leave people there.

Jesus moved them to deeper and deeper disciple a little at a time.

Each time he is turning up the heat.

Right before he dies – take up my cross and follow me.

He is saying come and die.

Not going to get there unless you have a plan. You had better have
a plan.

Go make disciples not just converts.

Know well the condition of your flock.

Do you know these things? Is money more important than people in

your system.

Through all the gates – people learn through all of these. Multiple

This has produced deep people in Saddleback.

We send people out.

Many will end at one extreme.

Its not all about the weekend. Nor is it not having converts.

The notes for THE NINES 62
Build them up to send them out.

Rick does answer his twitters!

Thanks Rick for your encouragement.

And look for the new series “Life’s Healing Choices” at

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