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Halal Food and Halal Certificate in Turkey

In Turkiye, these movements came into surface around 1970s. There were quests to halal food before as well but not with fully conscious as needed. These movements started especially with the consumption of margarine and later carried on with the meat purchased from butcher shops. Relinquishing of habits like eating at every restaurant (trusting everybody regardless) and questioning the type of hair used to make tooth brushes started to become part of Muslim life.

In 1986, the era that capitalism was moving very fast with mass production hence enslaving other non- industrialized nations, our quest to find a scientific explanation of Is our food / beverage halal? Haram? resulted with a book named Food Report. Food Report book helped greatly to open eyes and accelerated the awareness in the communities. Almost all communities, groups, communities started searching for a resolution. Food Report book made five editions and became a handbook for many Muslims who had consciousness on the subject.

In 2003, Food Report book stepped into internet world via Inspection and Certification Research Of Food and Supplies ) organized two International conferences on Halal Food topic on 02/24/2008 and 04/25-26/2009 dates which led to significant developments in and out of the country. These two conferences have been covered extensively in the media, broadcasted live by one national television in Turkiye and have received tremendous impression by society.

GIMDES, founded in 2005, became a member of the World Halal Council in 2009, which has members in nearly 60 countries, and was accredited by this institution.

GIMDES has started issuing Halal Certificate to exporting companies after the conference in April, 2009. At present, applications from more than 25 firms have been received and 10 firms certificates have been issued after thorough investigations.

GIMDES has launched the hands on training program in order to train Halal Certificated Inspectors and Halal Certificated Butchers to be evaluated in the dealing with the suggestions prepared in the understanding of the subject.

Under the leadership of GIMDES, a halal food platform was established. This platform has been informing communities in different parts and cities. It organized numerous conferences and seminars and lots of interviews on TVs, radios, newspapers and journals.

GIMDES is an institution which was welcomed by Turkish Muslims because of its sincerity and religious sensibility. The reason for this regard and recognition towards GIMDES is that GIMDES has been supported by sincere Muslims whose only loyalty is to Allahs orders and halal food and who constantly observe their lives to abide by these regulations.

This 25 year-old sincere and patient movement, besides many positive developments carried by its own body, causes many institutions and establishments gain awareness and to take these matters very seriously and share the results with the society. GIMDES has created the splash and wave effect similar to what stone would make when dropped into pool of water.

Each of these institutions, manufacturers, consumer organizations, foundations and associations which are interested in subject have established food commissions separately in their bodies and continued their works.

Health and Food Safety Movement is carrying on its efficient works in this subject. They are enlightening the society with their web sites and press releases.

Furthermore, all academicians and experts in Islamic Law in Theology Faculties handled the Halal Food matter for the first time in the 6. advisory meeting in 3-4 of June in 2009 and discussed the matter during the whole meeting. This is an important and joyful development in terms of providing support to these meetings.

When the matter is Halal Certificate, it bears a great importance. It necessitates the present system to be reviewed and to be reordered according to laws and rules of Islamic Jurisdiction. It is certain that when these rules and laws are observed, rather serious establishments will occur and they will respond to the needs of all Muslims, even all people.