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SAP FI/CO - CONTENT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 Define Company Define Company Code Assign Company Code to Company Define Business Area

Define Chart of Account Assing Company Code to Chart of Accounts Define Account Group Define Retained Earnings Account Maintain Fiscal Year Varient Assign Company Code to Fiscal Year Define Posting Period Variant Assign Posting Variant to Company Code Open and Close Posting Period Open and Close Posting Period(End-User) Define Document Type Dfine Field Status Group Assign Company Code to FSV Sales Tax Procedure Define Tolerance Group for G/L a/cs Define Tolerance Group for Employees Enter Global Parameters Creating GL masters ,Postings,Display,Change View Ledger Creation of GL Master General Ledger Posting Document Display Document Change View Ledger Sample Document Creation of GL Master Dfine No.Range for X2 Creation of Sample Document Posting of Document using Sample Document Parking of a Document Creation fo Parked Document Message to Manager Menu bar-->System-->Short Message Display Parked Document and Release Display(Manage to Parked Document) Hold Document Run Programme[RFTMPBLU] Creation of Hold Document Menu-->Document-->Hold Post/Delete Hold Document Menu-->Document-->Get Hold Document Recurring Document Define No. Range for X1 Creation of Recurring Document Display Recurring Document Posting of Transaction by using Recurring Dc

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5 View Document Posted Month End Provisions 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 Option1: Creation of Reversal Reson for Accural/defferred document SPRO-->FA-->GL A/c-->B Trans-->Adjustment Postings/Reversa-->Define Reversal Creation of Accural/Deffered Document Reversal of Accural/Deffered Document Option2: Open Item Management Creating Rent Provision View Open Item Management Account Transaction Posting of Outgoing Payment With Clearing View Open Item Management Account Transaction Scenario2:Partial Payment Outgoing Payement Using Partial Clearing Method Go and See Open Item Management A/C Transaction Make Balance Payment& Clear Provision Go and See Open Item Management A/C Transaction Scenario3: Residual Item Method Posting of Rent Payment posting Open Item Clearing Go and See Open Item Management A/C Transaction Foreign Currency Transactions Check Exchange Rate Types Define Translation Ratio`s for Currency Transla Enter Exchange Rates Enter exchange Rates (End User Ares) Enter default Exchange rate type 'B' for Document type SA Posting of Salaries(in US dollars) Foreign Currency Revaluation Creation of GL master 100301--SBI FC Teram Loan:400301--Exchange Loss 300100--Exchange Gain Define Accounting Principle SPRO-->FA(New)-->F.A.G.Settings(New)-->Leadgers-->Parallel Accounting-->Define Accounting Principle Assign Accounting Principle to Company Code Define Valuation Method Define Valuation Areas SPRO-->F.A(New)-->F.A.G.Settings(New)-->Peredic Processing--> Valuate-->Define Valuation Area Assign Valuation Areas to Company Code Prepare Automatic Postings for Foreign Currency Valuation Assign Exchange Rate Difference key in gl master 100301 FC Term Lone Receipt Enter Exchange rates at the end of the Year(31st March) Foreign Currency Revaluation Delete Non Leading Ledger(Optional Only) SPRO-->F.A(New)-->F.A.G.Settings(New)-->Leadgers--> Define Leadger Group View Posted Document

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Interest Calculation Define Interest Calculation Types Prepare Account Balance Interest Calculation Define Reference Interes Rates Define Time Dependent Terms Enter Interest Rates Creation of GL master 100300--SBI Rupee Term Lone 400400--Interest Paid Assignment of Accounts for Automatic Postings Open Posting Period SBI Rupee Teram Lone reciving SBI Rupee Teram Lone Part Payment Interest Calculation If Interest Rates Are Change Post Batch Input Session View Posted Document GO and See GL master(for last Interest Calculated data) Accounts Payable Creation of Vendor Account Group Creation of Number Ranges for Vendor Account Groups Assign Number Ranges for Vendor Account Grops Define Tolerance Group for Vendors Creation of 2 GL Masters: 200110 Inventrory RM 100501 - Sundry Creditors for RM cration of Vendor Master Document Types and Number Ranges KR- Vendor Invoice (No Rang -19) KZ - Vendor Payment ( NO Range 15) KA- Vendor document ( No. Range17) House Bank customization Creation of GL master200105--SBI Current A/C Define House Bank Creation of Check Lots Purchaase Invoice Posting View Vendor Account Balance View GL Account Balances Outgoing Payement With Clearing View Vendor Outstanding Expenses Creation of Manual Check Display Check Registor Check Encashmentdate updation GO and See Check Registor Unissued Check Cancilation Creation of Void Region Codes Deleation of Check Encashment date Issued Chack Cancilation GO and See the Vendor Balance GO and See Check Registor Advance Payment to Vendors(Down Payments) Creation of GL master 200150-Advance to Vendor

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Link between Sundery Creditors and Adv to Vendor Posting of Advance to Vendor View Vendor Balance Purchaase Invoice Posting View Vendor Balance Trancefer of Advance frm Spl GL to Normal GL View Vandors Balance Clearing the Normal Balance View Vendors Balance Payment Terms Configuring Payment Terms GL master Creation of Cash Discount Receivsd Assignment of GL A/C for Automatic Posting Purchaase Invoice Posting View Vendors Balance Outgoing Payment With Clearing Automatic Payment Programme Setup Payment Method for Cuntry for Payment Transaction Setup Payment Method for Company Code for Payment Transaction Setup All Company Codes For Payment Transaction Setup Paying Company Code for Payment Transaction Creation of Sequntial Chock Lot Assign Payment Method in Vendor Master Purchaase Invoice Posting Setup Bank Determination Automatic Payment Programm Run Credit Memo Posting Document Type-DZ(No.range17) Entering Credit Memo Accounts Receivable Creation of Customer Account Groups Creation of Number Ranges for Customer Accounts Assign Number Ranges for Customer Account Groups Creation of GL master2000111-Sundry Debitors 300000-Sales Account Creation of customer Master Documet Type &No.range:DR-Customer Invoice(Range18) DZ-Customer Payment(Range14) DA-Customer Document(Range16) Sales Invoice Posting View Customer A/c Transaction Incomeing Payment Down Payment Recevied from Customers Creation of GL master100502--Adv from Customre Link between Sundery Debitores and Adv from Customer Advance Recepit Posting Sales Invoice Posting Trancefer of Advance frm Spl GL to Normal GL Clearing the Normal Balance Dunning

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Define Dunning Area Define Dunning Procedure Assign Dunning Procedure for Customeer Sales Invoice Posting Dunning View Open Items for Customers Sales Tax Define Tax Procedure Assign Cuntry for Calculation Procedure Define Tax Codes for Sales and Purchases Assign Tax Codes for Nontaxble Transaction Creation of GL master200155-- Vat Recevble,100505-Vat Payable Assignment of GL A/C for Automatic Posting Asset Accounting Copy Reference Chart of Depreation to Company Code Assign Chart of Deprecation to Company Code Specify Account Determination SPRO-->FA-->AA-->Organisational Structure-->Asset Class--> Create Screen Layout Rules Define Number Ranges Define Asset Class Determine Depreation in the Asset Class Creation of GL masters 200000;Land,200005-Buildings:200010-P&Machionary 200015-F&f:200020-Vehicales:200025-CWPogress 100200-Acc.Dep(Blds):100205Acc.Dep(P&M):100210Acc.Dep(F&F) 100215-Acc.Dep(vehical):300102-Asset sales:300103-Profit On A.sal 400302-Losson sale of asset:400303-Loss scrape;400500-dep Assignment of GL A/C for Automatic Posting Specify Document Typ for Posting of Deprecation (AF-4) Specify Interval andPosting rules Specify Rounding off Net Book Valu and or Depr Define Screen Layout for Asset Master Data SPRO-->FA-->AA-->Master Data-->Screen Layout--> Define Screen layout for Asset Master Data Define Base Method SPRO-->FA-->AA-->Deprecation-->Valuation Method-->Depe Key--> Calculation Method-->Define Base Methods Define Decline Balance Method Define Multilevel Method Define Period Controle Methods Maintain Deprecation Key Creation of Main Asset Master Creation of Sub-Asset Master Purchaase of Maine Asset Master Purchase of Sup-Asset Master Report view Sub Asset wise,Yeare wise Valus Report View for All Assets for Particular Period Deperecation Run Asset sales

9 Asset Transefer 10 Asset Scrapping 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 1 2 3 Closing Procedure Carry Forward Vendor&Customer Balance to Next Year To Carry Asset Balance To Check Which Year Is Closed for Asset Accounting To Close Current Fiscal Year To Open New Fiscal year TO Carry Farward GL balance To Copy No.range Interval for Next Year To Open New Fiscal year Reports Create a Folder MenuBar-->Favourites-->Insert Transaction Attach a reporta a Folder Attach a report On the Desktop View Chart of Account List Traile Balance View Ledger Display Vendor List Vendor wise Purchases Outstanding List of Vendors Age wise analyse of Vendors Vendor wise Adv Report Vendor Ledgore(Open+Closeing Items) Fixed Assets as per Shedule6 of Companies Act Cash Journal Creation of GL master 200101--Petty Cash Account Define No. Ranges Setup Cash Journal Create,Change,Delete Business Transactions Setup Print Parameters for Cash Journal Posting of Cash Journales Financial Statement Version (FSV) Display Balance Sheet and P&L a/c Uploading of Master in SAP Controlling Maintain Controlling Area Maintain Number Ranges Maintain Vertions Cost Center Accounting Creation of Primary Cost Element(at FI area) Creation of Primary Cost Element(at Co area) Creation of Primary Cost Elements(Automatic Creation) (1) Make Default Settings (2) Create Batch Input Session (3)Execute Batch Input Seeeion To View Created Cost Elements Creation of FSG by Making Cost Center as Required Field Assign New FSG to Expenditure Account

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Creation of Cost centers Creation of Cost centers Groups Creation of Cost Element Groups Enter Exchange Rate for INR to EUR for M type Posting of Transaction in FI View Cost Center Report View CO Document Repost Co Line Items Repost Cost Planning Cost Center wise View Various Reports Cost Center wise Period Lock Set Controlling Area Online Reconciliation Ledger FI customization Copy company Code Customization including accounts Assign Company Code to Company Document SA Shoul Allow Inter Company Posting Prepare Cross-Company Code Transaction CO Customization Maintain Controlling Area Activate/Deactivate Reconcliation Leadger Define Adjustments for Reconciliation Postings FI customization(New) Define Varents for Real Time Integration SPRO-->FA(New)-->FAGS(new)-->Ledgers-->Realtime Integration of Controlling With FA-->Define Varents for Real Time Integration Assign Variants for Realtime Integration to Company Code SPRO-->FA(New)-->FAGS(new)-->Ledgers-->Realtime Integration of Controlling With FA-->Assign Varents for Real Time Integration to Company Code Make text Field as Optional for G004 Creation of Cost Center for Copied Company Code Repost of Cost View the FI Document Cross Company Code Transactions Outstanding Expenses of One Company Paid by another Company Code Accural Orders (Imputed Cost Calculation) Creation of Gl master 400101--Bonus Paid a/c(Cost Element 3) Creation of Dummy Cost Center Maintain Overhead Structure Define CO.No.ranges Interval for the Business Transaction KAZI Salaries Posting Accural Calculation View Cost Center report of Dept A Prepare Cross-Company Code Transaction View Cost Center report of Dept Dummy Statistical Key Figures (SKF) Define No.Range for Business Transaction RKS

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2 Create Statistical Key Figures 3 Enter Statistical Key Figures Period -End Losing A) Allocaton B) Distribution C)Periodc Reposting D)Indirect Activit Allocation(Machion Hour Rate) 1 Define CO.No.ranges Interval for the Business Transaction RKIU 2 Creation of Secondery Cost Element 3 Creation of Assessment Cycle 4 Assessment Run B) Distrubiton 1 Define Co.No Ranges for Business Transaction RKIV 2 Creation of Distrubtion Cycle 3 Distrubtion Run C)Periodic Posting 1 Define Co.No.Ranges for Business Transaction RKIB 2 Creation of Distrubtion Cycle 3 Periodic Posting D)Indirect Activity Allocation It will br Implement in Product Costing Internal Order Statistical Order 1 Define Order Type 2 Create FSG by Making Internol Ordre Field as Required 3 Creation of GL master 400306-Telephone Exp 4 Creation of Internal Orders 5 Creation of Order Groups 6 Posting of Transactions in FI 7 View Order Wise Report 8 Planning Order Wise 9 View Varies reports Order Wise Real Orders 1 Create FSG by Making Internol Ordre Field as Required 2 Creation of GL master 400310--Petrole Exp 3 Creation of Secondery Cost Element 4 Maintain Allocation Structures 5 Maintain Settlement Profile 6 Maintain No.Ranges for Settlement Documents 7 Define Order Type 8 Define No.Range for Business Transaction KOAO 9 Creation of Vehicale Order 10 Posting of Petrole Exp 11 Actual Settlement Budgeting and Availability Control 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Maintan No.Ranges for Budgeting Define Tolerance Group for Limite for Availability Control Specify Exempt Cost Element for Availability Control Maintain Budget Manager Budgeting Order Wise Posting of Petrole Exp View the Inbox of the Budget Manager

Profit Center Accounting 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 1 2 Set controlling Mainntain Controlling Area Settings Define Dummy Profit Center Set Control Parameters for Actual data Maintain Plan Vartion Define No.Range for Local Documents Creations of Profit Centers Creation of Account Groups Assignment of Profit Center in Cost Center Creation of Sales Account as Revenu Elements Maintan Automatic Account Assignment of Revenu Elements Chose Additional Balance Sheet &Profit &Loss a/c Planning Profit Center wise for Profit &Loss Items Planning Profit Center wise for Balance Sheet Items Sales Invoice Posting Posting of Expenditure View Varience Report Profit Center wise for P&L items View Varience Report Profit Center wise for Balance Sheet items if You don`t get the actual and planned costs then do the following DELETE " Chose Additional Balance sheet and P&L items Calculate Balance Sheet Adjustments for Vendors &Customers Transefer Pable &Recivables Transefer from One Profit Center to other profit Center Display the Transeferred amounts in Profit Center

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 MM-Integration Define Plant Define Division Maintain Storage Location Maintain Purchaseing Organisation Assign Plant to Company Code Assign Business Area to Plant/Valuation Area and Division Assign Purchaseing Organisation to Company Code Assign Purchaseing Organisation to Plant Creation of Purchaseing Groups Define Material Groups Maintain Company Code for Material Management Define Attributes of Material Types Set Tolerance Limits for Price Varence for Purchase Order SPRO-->Material Management-->Purchaseing-->Purchase Order--> Set tolerance Limits for Price Varence Maintain Plant Parameters Set Tolerance Limits for Goods Receipt Maintain Default Valus for Tax Codes Set Tolerance Limits for Invoice Verification Define Automatic Status Change Group together Valuation Areas Define Valuation Classes

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FI-Consultant Job 1 Creation of G/L Master 200121--Inventery Rm local 200122--Inventery FG local 100520--GR/IR Clg RM local 400000--RM Consumption Local:300200--Inc/Dec in stocks 2 Assignment of Accounts for Automatic Postings 3 Document Type and No.Ranges :WE--Goods Receipt(No.Range50) WA--Goods Issue(No.Range:49):RE--Goods Inv Rect(No.Range51) MM End-User job 1 Creation of MM Vendor 2 Creation of Raw Material Master 3 Open the Period for Material Master 4 Creation of Purchase Order 5 Goods Receipt 6 Invoice Verification 7 Raw Material Consumption 8 View Material Ledger SD-Integration 1 Insert Regions 2 Define Sales Organisation 3 Define Distribution Channels 4 Define Shipoing Point(i.e.Delery Posting) 5 Assign Sales Organisation to Company Code 6 Assign Distribution Channel to Sales Organisation 7 Assign Devision to Sales Organisation 8 Setup Sales Area 9 Assign Sales Organisation --Distribution--Plant 10 Define Rules by Sales Area 11 Assign Shipping Point to Plant 12 Define Common Distribution Channel 13 Define Commen Division 14 Maintain Priceing Proceduring SPRO-->Sales&Distribution-->Basic Functions-->Pricing-->Pricing--> Control-->Define and Assign Priceing Procedures 15 Define Priceing Procedure Determination 16 Define Tax Determination Rules 17 Setup Partner Determination SPRO-->Sales&Distribution-->Basic Functions-->Partener Determination-->Setup Partenar Determination 18 Assign Shipping Point FI-Consultant Job 1 Creation of GL Master-300001--Sales Local Own Goods 2 Assignment of Accounts for Automatic Postings SD-End User Job 1 Creation of Customer Master 2 Creation of Finished Goods Material Master 3 Create Conditon Types CO-Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) 1 Define Operating Concern 2 Assign Controlling Area to Operating Concern 3 Define Profitability Segment Characteristics

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Define No.Range for Actual Posting Maintain Assignment of SD Condition to CO-PA valu fields Direct Posting from FI/MM Ativate Profitability Analysis SD-End User Job Creation of Sales Order Production Receipt without Production Order Delivary Sales Billing Report Painter Define Forms for Profitability Reports Create Prfitability Reports New General Ledger (Multiple Leadger) Define Ledgers for General Ledger Accounting SPRO-->FA(New)-->FAGS(new)-->Ledgers-->Ledger-->Define Ledgers Define and Activate Non Ledger Accounting Define Ledger Group Define Document type for Entery View in Ledger SPRO-->FA(New)-->FAGS(New)-->Document-->Document type--> Define Dpcument type for Entery View in Ledger Define Document type for General Ledger View Define Document No.Range for Entery View Define Document No.Range for General Ledger View SPRO-->FA(New)-->FAGS(New)-->Document-->Document Number Ranges-->Document in General Ledger -->Define Document No.Range for General Ledger View Posting of Transaction To View the Ledger Segment Creation SPRO-->Enter Prise Stricture-->Defination-->FA--Define Segment Assignment in Profit Center Document Splitting Creation of 3 GL Master300010--Sales Steel a/c Cost Elet 11 3000111--Sales Cement a/c Cost Elet11-100550--Zero Balance Clearing Classify GL Accounts for Document Splitting SPRO-->FA(New)-->GLA(New)-->Business Transaction--> Document Splitting-->Classify GL a/c for Document Splitting Define Zero Balance Clearing Account Activate Document Splitting Sales Invoice Posting Capital Work In Process-Line Item Settlement Define Settlement Profile Creation of Capital Work in Process Asset Master Machinery Purchaseing Posting Fright Charges Payment Creation of Asset Master Settlement of CWIP to Asset Master SD Customization Define Condition Type Define Account Keys

3 Check and Change Settings for Tax Processing 4 Define Tax Accounts 5 Define Tax Accounts SPRO-->SD-->Basic Functions-->Pricing-->Pricing Controle-->Define and Assign Priceing Procedures 6 Define Priceing Procedure Determination 7 Define Tax Determination Rules SPRO-->SD-->Basic Functions-->Taxes-->Define Tax Deter Rules 8 Define Tax Relivancy of Master Records 9 Assign Delivering Plant for Tax Determination 10 Assignment of Accounts for Automatic Postings 11 Enter Tax Clasification in Material Master 12 Enter Tax Clasification in Customer Master 13 Creation of Condition Records 14 Print Excise Registares &View Sales Tax Ledger 15 Creation of Sales Order 16 Delivary 17 Sales Billing 18 Excise Invoce Creation 19 View Sales Billing 20 Excise Duty Payements 21 View Documented Posted