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Psychic Spying at the Stanford Research Institute Or CIA Mind Control?

by Alex Constantine Concrete evidence that electronic mind control as the true ob!ect of study at Stanford Research Institute "SRI# as exposed by the $ashington Post in %&''( $hen the )avy a arded a contract to the Institute* +the scientific assistant to the Secretary of the )avy* ,r( Sam -oslov* received a routine briefing on various research pro!ects* including SRI.s( As the briefer flashed his chart onto the screen and began to spea/* -oslov stormily interrupted* .$hat the hell is that about?. Among the glo ing ords on the pro!ected chart* the section describing SRI.s or/ as labeled* .012 and Mind Control(. +.012. stands for .extremely long fre3uency. electromagnetic aves* from the very slo brain fre3uencies up to about %44 cycles per second(((( 5ut the .Mind Control. label really upset -oslov( 6e ordered the SRI investigations for the )avy stopped* and canceled another 789*444 in )avy funds slated for more remote vie ing or/(+ Contrary to -oslov.s attempt to /ill the research* the )avy 3uietly continued to for/ out 7%44*444 for a t o:year pro!ect directed by a bionics specialist( ;he +remote vie ing+ team at SRI as really engaged in pro!ecting ords and images directly to the cranium( It as not a humanitarian pastime< the pro!ect as military and test sub!ects are sub!ected to a lifetime of 0M torture plied ith the same thorough disregard for human rights as the radiation tests conducted at the height of the Cold $ar( ;o be sure* the treatment sub!ects have received at the hands of their o n government ould be considered atrocities if practiced in artime( Mind control as also used in domestic covert operations designed to further the CIA.s heady ambitions* and during the =ietnam $ar period SRI as a hive of covert political subterfuge( ;he Symbionese 1iberation Army* li/e the People.s ;emple* as a creation of the CIA( ;he S1A had at its core a cli3ue of blac/ ex:convicts from =acaville Prison( ,onald ,e2ree>e* other ise /no n as +Cin3ue*+ led the S1A( 6e as formerly an informant for the 1AP,.s Criminal Conspiracy Section and the director of =acaville.s 5lac/ Cultural Association "5CA#* a covert mind control unit ith funding from the CIA channeled through SRI( ;he Menlo Par/ behavior modification specialists experimented ith psychoactive drugs administered to members of the 5CA( 5lac/ prisoners ere programmed to murder selected blac/ leaders once on the outside( ;he CIA?SRI >ombie /iller hit list included Oa/land school superintendent ,r( Marcus 2oster* and Panthers 6uey )e ton and 5obby Seale* among others( ,e2ree>e stated that at =acaville in %&'%:'@* he as the sub!ect of a CIA mind control experiment( 6e described his incarceration on the prison.s third floor* here he as corralled by CIA agents ho drugged him and said he ould become the leader of a radical movement and /idnap a ealthy person( After his escape from =acaville "an exit door as left unloc/ed for him#* that.s exactly hat he did( 0M mind control machines ere championed at SRI by ,r( -arl Pribram* director of the )europhychology Research 1aboratory< +I certainly could educate a child by putting an electrode in the lateral hypothalmus and then selecting the situations at hich I stimulate it( In this as I can grossly change his behavior(+ Psychology ;oday touted Pribram as +;he Magellan of 5rain Science(+ 6e obtained his 5(S( and M(,( degrees at the Aniversity of Chicago* and at SRI studied ho the brain processes and stores sensory imagery( 6e is credited ith discovering that mental imaging bears a close resemblance to hologram pro!ection "the basis for transmitting images to the brains of test sub!ects under the misnomer +remote vie ing+?#( ;he SRI?SAIC psi experiments ere supervised at 1angley by Bohn McMahon* second in command under $illiam Casey* succeeding 5obby Ray Inman* the SAIC director( McMahon has* according to Philip Agee* the CIA histle:blo ing exile* an affinity for

+technological exotics for CIA covert actions(+ 6e as recruited by the Agency after his graduation from 6oly Cross College( 6e is a former director of the ;echnical Services ,ivision* deputy director for Operations* and in %&C@ McMahon as appointed deputy director of Central Intelligence( 6e left the Agency six years later to ta/e the position of president of the 1oc/heed Missiles and Space Systems Droup( In %&&E he moved on the ,raper 1aboratories( 6e is a director of the ,efense 0nterprise 2und and an adviser to congressional committees( Many of the SRI +empaths+ ere mustered from 1( Ron 6ubbard.s Church of Scientology* 6arold Puthoff* the Institute.s senior researcher* is a leading Scientologist( ; o +remote vie ers+ from SRI have also held ran/ in the Church< Ingo S ann* a Class =II Operating ;hetan* a founder of the Scientology Center in 1os Angeles* and the late Pat Price( Puthoff and ;arg.s lab assistant as a Scientologist married to a minister of the church( $hen S ann !oined SRI* he stated openly that fourteen +Clears+ participated in the experiments* +more than I ould suspect(+ At the time he denied CIA involvement* but no ac/no ledges* +it as rather common /no ledge all along ho the sponsor as* although in documents the identity of the Agency as concealed behind the sobri3uet of .an east:coast scientist(. ;he Agency.s interest as 3uite extensive( A number of agents of the CIA came themselves ultimately to SRI to act as sub!ects in +remote vie ing+ experiments* as did some members of Congress(+

: Alex Constantine 2rom +=irtual Dovernment+ Copyright %&&F* Alex Constantine