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EXAM 1. Read the text and complete the sentences.

Youth crime Until two years ago, Clearing, Illinois was a tranquil suburb of Chicago. But residents grew alarmed when they noticed armed teenagers on the streets, giving gang signals and shouting at passing cars. Then came a series of burglaries and graffiti messages on storefronts. By the time local authorities realized they had a gang problem, it was too late. ast !ecember, two "#$year$ old girls were shot outside their school as they sat in a car with two members of a local gang, the %idgeway ords.

&early all '( states have recently passed laws that allow youths aged ")$"* to be tried in court as adults. In about +' states they have passed laws to punish parents for their children,s behaviour. -nd in "). of the nation,s largest cities, they have imposed curfews to reduce /uvenile violence. 0hen you loo1 at the spectacular rise of violent crime among young people recently, it,s easy to understand the concern. 2ver the past decade, there has been a decline in adult murders in the U3, while murder rates have surged for youths between ")$"*. 4or young offenders who aren,t sent to prison, the punishments vary5 some are ordered to perform community service, others are placed in /ob training programs, still others sent to youth prisons. But the %epublicans in Congress want to reverse a basic principle of /uvenile /ustice5 the separation of young criminals from hardened adult criminals in prison. The reasons are partly financial $ to reduce the cost of having separate prisons for young people $ and partly psychological $ to end what %epublicans consider as society,s overly protective attitude towards young criminals. ". +. #. ). '. .. *. Clearing is located in ... %esidents were unhappy because 6 In !ecember, a policeman 6 The 7%idgeway ords8 are 6 - 9curfew9 is 6 There is an increase in the number of 6 The %epublicans would li1e to 6

2. Complete the sentences with the proper conditional. Match the two parts of the sentences. ". If I ..............:be; a millionaire, :+ nd conditional; +. 3he 666666. :not<have; and accident :# rd conditional; #. I 6666.. :watch; the film :"st conditional; ). If I .................. :have; a lot of money, :+nd conditional; '. If Tom 6666 :wa1e up; earlier, :#rd conditional; .. I 66666. :call; you :"st conditional; a. If I finish early. b. I would buy a beautiful car. c. if she had driven carefully. d. if I get to the cinema in time. e. I would travel around the world. f. 3he wouldn=t have missed the train. 3. Reescribe Rewrite the sentences from passi!e to acti!e. ". - novel is being read by >ary +. - stone was being thrown by the 1id #. - car has been bought by him ). The door had been 1noc1ed at by someone '. ?am is eaten by people in my country .. The /ac1pot will be won by her *. The mother tongue would be taught to him by her. @. The fish is eaten by the cat A. - boo1 was offered to them by her "(. - letter was written to him by her ". Chan#e the sentences from acti!e to passi!e !oice. $mit the a#ent if possible. "$The British eat over thirty million hamburgers each year. +$The bad weather has spoiled my holiday plans. #$!o they always pay their wor1ers on timeB )$The children pic1ed the strawberries. '$3he saw them go out.

.$?ou should wash those walls before you paint them. *$Cenguin have translated all her boo1s into Dnglish. %. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the passi!e !oice. ". The film DT .......................:direct; by 3teven 3pielberg in the early "A@(s. +. Eis songs .........................:not record; yet. #. 0e arrived at the zoo while the animals ........................ :feed; ). !o you thin1 the /ob ..................... :finish; by neFt wee1endB '. !an,s car is at the garage. It................... :paint; at the moment &. Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. 'se (ha!e somethin# done( ". The hairdresser cuts my hair every two months. I 6.. +. The painter painted our house last year. ast year we 6. #. Dvery year, a professional photographer ta1es their photo. Dvery year, they 6. ). 3omebody stole 3ue=s phone at the concert last night. 3ue 6. '. The mechanic is repairing my dad=s car at the garage at the moment. >y dad 6 .. The /eweler will <is going to repair my watch tomorrow. I 6. *. - dentist is chec1ing %oss=s teeth tomorrow. %oss6 ). Escribe sobre *