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Amos D. Smith

111 Kellogg Blvd East, #1102 Saint Paul, MN 55101


Professional Profile

Focused and dedicated professional with strong communication, interpersonal and analytical skills. Primary interests include Computers and the utilization of Software, Hardware and Networking applications. Professional training and experience includes:

§ Loss Prevention and Security

§ Adobe Photoshop CS / AutoCAD

§ Comprehensive knowledge of Cisco products and network technologies and protocols

§ Microsoft Windows 2K, XP, Vista / Novell / Unix

§ Comprehensive knowledge of network security standard such as CompTIA Security+

§ LANDesk, DOCS Open, Introspect, WorkSite

§ Office 2003 /2007

§ Certified WorkSite 8.X System Engineer

§ SQL Server 2005

§ Windows Server 2003 / Active Directory / SharePoint 2003-2007

§ Some HTML and Java script programming language



May 2005

§ Associates in Applied Science –Computer Information Systems/Network Specialist

Major Accomplishments

At Faegre I was the lead technical resource for deploying Interwoven FileSite firm-wide to replace the existing document management system (Hummingbird PCDoc). The project was completed on schedule and within a one year timeframe for 1,200 users. Deployment consisted of five remote offices, two of them international. I was responsible for researching and recommending hardware specifications for the server; helped build and deploy client side software, and developed any customizations as needed. Prior to deployment, I traveled to all USA locations for testing performance / latency related issues. Deployment to the international offices involved traveling to the UK and Germany and coordinating with local personnel.

With little supervision I am able to meet deadlines to make projects a huge success. With my knowledge I am able to save money due to my ability to use internal resources and the knowledge I provide.

Six months after deploying the document management system, I played a critical role in deploying an ethical wall using RBRO software. This was delivered on time, in two months. The solution directly connects to Interwoven to take advantage of its security features already in place. This proved to be a very cost effective solution for the firm. I also maintain this system, handling all upgrades and database changes.

I have attended the 2007 and 2006 GearUp conferences and obtained my WorkSite System Engineer certification. I am directly involved with many developers at Interwoven and provide feedback and suggestions on new releases. I am a member of ILTA and subscribe to many tech magazines to keep my knowledge of emerging technologies fresh. All of our Interwoven servers are SAN booted.

Employment History (cont’d)

Amos D. Smith

Employment History

Faegre & Benson LLP Interwoven Application Administrator

Develop proposals, research concepts, and execute plans for improving the delivery of document management services to Firm personnel. Examples of duties include:

2006 –Present

§ Maintain the Interwoven WorkSite Web service structure including an Ethical Wall

§ Maintain database and library integrity

§ Respond to errors in the DMS indexer and logs

§ Configure, develop and deploy the Interwoven desktop and web modules

§ Improve application reliability and ease of management

§ Design, create, test, and implement document archive and deletion processes

§ Analyze and maintain SQL logs and databases

§ Troubleshoot and resolve complex DMS application issues, while ensuring users are getting prompt attention to calls

Temporary Computer Support Specialist

2005 –2006

§ Provide technical assistance to computer users

§ Answer questions or resolve computer problems for co-workers in person, via telephone, or from remote location using LANDesk (both nationally and internationally)

§ Provide assistance concerning the use of computer hardware and software, including printing, installation, word processing, electronic mail, and operating systems

Best Buy Geek Squad Member

2004 –2005

§ Hardware upgrades

§ Virus/Spyware removal

§ Reformatting/upgrading software

§ Cleaning digital video equipment

§ Printer cleaning and maintenance repairs

§ Data recovery using software techniques

Cub Foods Loss Prevention Coordinator

2003 –2004

§ Shoplifter prevention

§ Employee theft prevention programs

§ Daily cash audits

§ Shrink/safety audits

§ Observe departments for shrink

§ Install/maintain A/V surveillance systems

Computer Technologies Personal Computer Builder and Maintainer

2000 –Present

§ Servers/Websites –Apache

§ RAID installation

§ Reformatting/recovering hard drives

§ Building desktop computers and Servers

§ Installing and configuring Linux routers/firewalls/Traffic Shaping –MPLS

§ Firmware upgrades/flashes

§ WinVNC / Remote IP based cameras

References available upon Request