A source document by Scott Zaboem for Beyond the SupernaturalTM, 2nd edition by Palladium Books.

I was pleased with the Court of Tarot article, but it left out a lot to make the article a more appealin si!e. All of these materials were edited out by me to sa"e space. After seein it in print, I decided that at least some of the cut pieces should be made a"ailable a ain. Two particular characters, the #emory Broker and #aster $ternal Smoke, do not appear in this errata because they are included in other article submissions to %ifter which are still pendin . This errata does include &in this order', one new occupation, new rules for fundin and bribery, four new classes includin a host which is a"ailable as a player character class &with amemaster appro"al of course', si( new psi)de"ices, two new spells, monsters, se"eral non)player characters and more information on the Saint Au ustine settin . All of the pictures in this document are from the public domain. These pictures are either illustrations and photo raphs from the *+,- era or else they are photo raphs taken by personally.




.or any readers not yet familiar with the Court, here is a "ery brief recap. The Court of Tarot is a ri"al or ani!ation to the /a!lo A ency. The Court was founded in the later *0,,s, by Ida Alice .la ler, at that time the richest woman in the world. The widow .la ler used her wealth to create a community of spiritualists, mystics, and paranormal researchers around herself in Saint Au ustine, .lorida. The Court was always elitist, but it became a more secreti"e society as the decades passed. Current members include many of the wealthiest families in the world, so the Court controls as much as ten percent of the world1s wealth at any i"en time. 2ther members include psychic mediums, mercenaries and paranormal researchers who prefer power to altruism. $ach member is assi ned a rank based upon the cards of a Tarot 3eck with two #inor Arcanas and one #a4or Arcana. #ost members are of selfish ali nment. The current matriarch of the Court is /ady Teapot, an enchanted doll with a #achia"ellian sense for politics.

New Occupation Business Person. This occupation is based upon the Capital $ntrepreneur 2.C.C. from Mystic ChinaT# which offers much more detail about the character1s wealth and businesses. I am re)writin this occupation out of memory from more than a year a o, and my copy of Mystic ChinaT# loaned out, so bare with me. Small business owners should use the Anti5uities 3ealer 2ccupation, but the Business Person occupation is more suited for hi h finance careers or old money families. The character owns and runs a ma4or business or se"eral small businesses. 6o matter how successful the business may be, the character does not usually ha"e unlimited funds at his or her disposal. The "ast ma4ority of the character1s wealth is tied in businesses or in"estments, and most of the profits are rein"ested. 2nly a small portion of the fortune is a"ailable for easy access at any i"en time. 2ccupational Skills7 $ntrepreneurship or Business 8 .inance &9-,:', %esearch &9;:', Public Speakin , <ardrobe 8 =roomin , Technical <ritin , #athematics7 Ad"anced. $lecti"e Skills7 Select ten from the standard a"ailable cate ories. Secondary Skills A"ailable7 Select ten from the standard a"ailable cate ories. Special Bonus7 Add a 9*,: bonus to a sin le Science or Technical skill which is most closely related to the character1s business. Ad"anta es7 The character is independently wealthy. The character is also relati"ely free to tra"el and pursue his or her own interests. 3isad"anta es7 %unnin a financial empire re5uires a lot of time. Any or all of this work can be dele ated away, but the trade)off is that the character must trust his or her mana ers to run the business properly. $"en a hands)off owner will be e(pected to show up at the office for meetin s and contract si nin s a few time each month. .urthermore, the character is well known, and there are many people who may reco ni!e the character from the same industry or from the same socio)economic tier. A business person has a ; 9 e(perience le"el: chance of bein reco ni!ed anywhere in the character1s home country or a flat ;: chance of bein reco ni!ed anywhere in the world. If the character is in dis uise or usin a false identity, the chance is hal"ed &round down'. Pay7 The character1s total worth may be hu e, but the a"ailable funds for spendin are a different matter. The character will pay himself or herself a li"in salary of >*,,,,,, per year.
Optional Financing Rules #oney is not only a resource to the Court, it is a way a life. #oney is used to bribe for fa"ors, build alliances, ac5uire relics, and makes new research possible. Some members of the Court are dependent on wealthier members for li"in e(penses and fundin . $"en the wealthiest of people don1t like payin any more than is needed, so ne otiations are ne"er easy. #any amemasters will want to handle such matters throu h roleplayin . .or roups who prefer a dice mechanic to resol"e such matters, here are some optional rules. Bribing Formula: #.A.9*, 9Attribute #odifier 9&;( wealth units' 9situation "s. 3*,,. In order to bribe an 6PC, use this formula. The formula takes the monthly pay from the 6PC1s occupation as a unit of measurement called a ?wealth unit.@ Thus, characters who re ularly earn more money will be more e(pensi"e to bribe. .irst, add *, to your #ental Affinity attribute. This represents the base chance of successfully bribin an 6PC with one wealth unit &which e5uals one month of income from the 6PC1s occupation'. Second, add bonuses or penalties to the base chance dependin upon the ali nment of the 6PC. If the 6PC is diabolic, miscreant, anarchist or unprincipled, add *, because these characters tend to be easier to bribe. If the 6PC is scrupulous, unprincipled, or aberrant, subtract *,. If the 6PC is Principled, the 6PC can not be bribed. &or else he wasn1t really principled, now was heA'

Third, offer e(tra wealth and add bonuses to the base chance. .or each additional unit of wealth, add ; to the base chance. .ourth, the ame master may apply a bonus or penalty of , to ;, dependin on circumstances in the ame. In some situations, bribery simply will not be possible at the time. #aybe the 6PC is bein watched or doesn1t "alue money. After all bonuses or penalties are applied, the resultin number is the modified chance. .ourth, roll percentile dice or a 3*,,. If the number on the dice is e5ual to or less than the modified chance, the bribe succeeds. If the number on the dice is reater than the modified chance, the bribe fails. Additional bribes may be attempted if the first bribe fails. If three bribery rolls all fail, the 6PC will stop ne otiatin out of frustration or fear of bein e(posed. The third attempt is the last attempt. Funding Formula: #.A. )6PC1s #.A. 93*,, 9situationBali nment C Dof wealth units. Ac5uirin money for a research pro4ect or in"esti ation re5uires the same type of ne otiations that occur in bribery. This optional formula may be used to determine the amount of fundin made a"ailable by one character to another. <e will assume that an 6PC benefactor is i"in money to a player character. The formula uses the monthly pay from the player character1s occupation as a unit of wealth. .irst, take the player character1s #ental Affinity attribute. .rom that number, subtract the 6PC1s #ental Affinity. This result represents how much more &or less' influential the player character can be compared to the 6PC. Second, roll a set of percentile dice or a 3*,,. Add the number on the dice to the number you already calculated in the first step. Third, apply situational bonuses or penalties. If the player character is desperate or has been turned down before, the 6PC will uess that the player character will settle for less money. If the player character is promisin reat results or if the 6PC is desperate, the 6PC will be likely to offer more wealth. The amemaster can determine what if any bonuses or penalties apply, usually ran in from , to -,. .ourth, if both characters ha"e the e(act same attribute, the 6PC may reco ni!e the player character as a kindred spirit. In the case of identical attributes, apply an additional attribute modifier e5ual to the player character1s #.A. .ifth, the final sum is the number of wealth units which the player character will recei"e after ne otiation. #ultiply the number of wealth units by the monthly pay of the player character to determine the total "alue in dollars, euros, yen, etc.

New Classes The #inor Psychic for BtS is a P.C.C. which I created for this article and referenced the character of %a"enbilt as ha"in , but I cut it for space. I included it a ain in a subse5uent %ifter submission which is still pendin . The Priest of Eice P.C.C. was a pain to write, to be honest about it. 2f all the data which I lost durin my computer failure last summer, this class was the one thin I can not easily re)create. I may or may not rewrite it now.

Priest of Vice P.C.C.
Writer's Note: Fe"in currently has a non)official policy about contemporary reli ions. Ge won1t touch them. The Priests of Eice are not specifically representati"e of any particular reli ion, but their uidin philosophy and ori in are tied to Christianity. As such, they don1t pass Fe"in1s new policy. I will probably ne"er submit the Priests of Eice to Palladium Books, but I think they fit 5uite well here at 6e(us 6ine. The Priests of Eice are a sect of monks who acknowled e %asputin as the founder and uidin philosopher of their order. =ri ori %asputin is known to many as the #ad #onk of %ussia. Gis abilities as a mystic to heal the ill and infirm were well knownH durin his own life. As a youn man, %asputin 4oined a sect of Christian #onks who belie"ed that acceptance to Gea"en could only happen after habitual confession and for i"eness I therefore, sin was a re5uirement for sal"ation. %asputin took this concept to an e(treme application by dedicatin himself to a daily re iment of sin and confession. Ge was particularly fond of the Se"en 3eadly Sins. Accordin to le end, %asputin e"entually died in %ussia when conspirators killed him. Ge was poisoned with enou h cyanide to kill fi"e men, stabbed, shot three times, beaten, fro!en and drowned. Gis super)human resilience is a direct result of the years he spent abusin his body and mind followed by periods of strict sobriety, prayer and meditation. A Priest of Eice will follow %asputin1s e(ample, systematically indul in in "ices and then sub4ectin himself to periods of strict abstinence and "irtue. As a Priest of Eice ad"ances in e(perience, he ains "ices. These "ices may be any addicti"e or self)destructi"e indul ences. A priest may enter a period of "ice by usin alcohol, any particular dru , se(ual acti"ity or e"en temper)tantrums. A "ice could be somethin as basic as su ary treats &a fa"orite of %asputin' or e(otic as a specific and rare as A!tec hot chocolate. It is the act of surrenderin to desire which is important I not the specific form of each "ice. <hile en a in in any "ice, the priest ains access to certain bonuses and psychic powers. 2f course, a priest can en a e in as many indul ences as he wants, but the number of "ices from which he ain benefits is limited by his e(perience le"el. The Priest of Eice ains his first "ice at /e"el *. This "ice, like all subse5uent "ices, must be specific. It could be ?ci arettes@ or ? amblin @ but not ?bad beha"ior.@ The Priest of Eice may ain one more "ice at each e(perience le"el. Some Priests of Eice are content with 4ust their ori inal "ice and ne"er choose any others. Bonuses durin Periods of Eice 9*3J temporary Git Points per "ice. 9* per "ice to e"ery sa"in throw. That means 9*: per "ice to sa"e "s comaBdeath also. Imper"ious to poisons and to(ins, but not dru s. Suffers no combat penalties and only half the normal skill penalties while under the influence of alcohol and dru s. Immune to knock)out. If the Priest of Eice makes a successful roll to sa"e "s ma ic, he suffers no bad effects from ma ic spells and curses. Psychic powers7 %esist Pain &self only, J', Summon Inner Stren th &K', Imper"ious to Cold &-' and Stop Bleedin &self only, K'. $(tra powers a"ailable when in the presence of supernatural e"il7 immune to mind control, #ind Block &K', %esist .ati ue &K', /eindenfrost $ffect &-', and automatically successful in all attempts to roll with impacts. <hen a Priest of Eice is not in a period of "ice, he is in a period of "irtue. Ge is either in one or the other state at all times. To enter a period of "irtue, all effects of dru s or alcohol must be faded so that

their unusual combination of physical and healin powers make them one of the more di"erse psychic classes. There are no known women who ha"e been trained as Priests of Eice.astin 9-. P. Sloth and <rath. Why I love being a Priest of Vice: Priests of Eice are not the stron est psychic.or hi her to sa"e "s psionic attacks. Psychic 3ia nosis &K' and Attack 3isease &*-'. Pride. (L. K'.th and *. P. from the $lecti"e Skill /ist on Pa e *NL OuPorOBuP a Priest of Eice workin for .ortitude. /an ua e 8 /iteracy7 %ussian 9*. Gistory.C. $(orcism &*. $.'. 2ne Paranormal Study Skill of choice. Special attention is i"en to the Se"en 3eadly Sins and Se"en Eirtues. =luttony. $lective %/ills: Select .P.$. and does not re5uire droppin into a trance.:. Psycholo y or Philosophy.%. /an ua e7 6ati"e Ton ue 9K:.C. 3eaden Pain &K' and Bio)%e eneration7 self &. Psychic Powers7 #editation &. . &imitations ' Penalties: Closed to the Supernatural as per the Psychic Gealer P. L #edical Skills of choice.(erience: Mses the 6e a)Psychic chart on Pa e *KJ. 9*. /iteracy7 6ati"e 9K:. (K. one for each roup of powers and bonuses.no ledge of "eligion ' the Paranormal: #ath7 Basic 9*. "e#uirements: There are no attribute bonuses. 2"er time.'. mi ht make usin such a character easier. =ains one healin power of choice upon ainin a . Gope. /an ua e7 2ne other of choice &usually /atin'. <ill not torture. =reed.C. &minimum -. and Philosophy Skill.:.'.th "ices. The se"en "irtues are Charity. /ust.C.: and one Transportation Skill of choice and . and a ain with the *.aith. but only if he is "ery an ry &<rath'.P.:.the Priest of Eice is completely sober.: *309L &(-. Gealin Touch &J'. /ore7 %eli ion 9-. %(eciali-ed . Chastity.: to all #edical Skills.C. Psycholo y Skill. The ultimate oal is to build a deeper connection with a Gi her Power. #editation 9-. /o"e and Patience. . S. I. but only to people who he respects. 6otice how the Priest can heal himself throu h Bio)%e eneration which works like Bio). 3urin these "irtuous times. Chemistry. Bonuses durin Periods of Eirtue 9. . the Priest of Eice becomes a charismatic and skilled healer. <ill not steal. but balance is prefered. Bonuses: 6eeds a *. The character is purposefully e(ploitin different sides of morality so to ain a deeper understandin of both. (. because it ser"es none of the se"en and se"en. Immune to Possession.3.'.'. <ill kill. 9* per each e(perience le"el be innin at the second le"el. but it would be possible for a woman to de"elop these abilities. $(tra powers ained in the presence of supernatural e"il7 Stop Bleedin &others. P. the character will slowly lean more towards ood or e"il.A.S. ! Vice and Virtue aligned character ill: Take dirty money &=reed' and then i"e it away &Charity'. but they are amon the tou hest to kill.:. The se"en sins are $n"y. Public Speakin . <ill keep his word.P. %tandard $#ui(ment) *ousing) Pay) ' +oney: as per the /atent Psychic.eedback but costs him no I. Feepin two character sheets. unless it is somethin he particularly enou h to make him 4ealous &$n"y'.th "ice. 9*.C. but the character is not insane.: *3K.C. to #. !lignment: Eice 8 Eirtue.urthermore. Ne !lignment: Eice 8 Eirtue &Selfish' This type of character swin s between e(tremes of ood and e"il like a schi!ophrenic lunatic.

reser"e of psychics because the entities are locked inside the doll bodies. !dult 1ollmistress P. In a #e a)Gero campai n &or #e a)Eillain campai n'. the enchanted doll would become indestructible and the owner would recei"e one me apower or two me apowers with an Achilles1 Geel weakness. Incons(icuous Paranormal Po er through $nchanted 1olls: Adult characters mi ht look unusual carryin around dolls but not particularly suspicious. A 3ollmistress for most other Palladium ames would be considered a ma e. The enchanted dolls are immune to ma ic)breakin techni5ues like a ne a)psychic aura or an anti)ma ic cloud. #ost are intricately dressed.$. The 3ollmistresses do not share their secrets techni5ues.ailureQ and most other monsters who can chan e into ener y forms are considered minor ener y bein s.. but their secrets are passed down from mother to dau hter throu h the centuries. %econdary %/ills: Select two from the Secondary Skills /ist. increases by -3J e"ery le"el after the first. Ger ISP is e5ual to #$ 9 K3J and increases by *3K with e"ery le"el after the first. $nchanted dolls only follow the commands of their owner who is determined when the doll is created. If the dolls are destroyed and the entities escape. -nd $dition. <. %(ecial P. 0he 1oll +istress P.Science Skills of Choice. or a hero with APS7 . "ro# which a# irrevoca!ly e$cluded%& #ary Shelly. Blunt. Fran'enstein &*0*0' The 3ollmistress is an arcane en ineer who focuses the "ast power of the supernatural throu h psuedo) ma ical constructs dis uised as dolls.C. The ori in of the 3ollmistress profession is unclear.P.P. The dolls themsel"es differ reatly in appearance but "ery similar functionally. The presence of an enchanted dolls will tri er the psychic response of psychics and animals as a supernatural creature. and they ne"er allow their enchanted dolls to be studied by other researchers or skeptics. All stand about twel"e inches tall and look dis ustin ly cute.S. %ifles or Gand uns.'.C. A character who has the power to chan e himself into an ener y form like a 6i htbane with the /i htnin %ider Talent. the doll will seem to be a supernatural creature with an aura identical to that of the ener y bein trapped inside.ire would count as a ma4or ener y bein for purposes of determinin if the character could be trapped inside an $nchanted 3oll. Swimmin .C. the enchanted dolls look like ordinary and harmless toys. 8 twel"e. !bilities of !dult 1ollmistress: 2.. they will tri er psychic resonance as the entity would normally do. but to psychics and wild animals. 9* at le"els four. and Gand to Gand7 $(pert.$.P. cause a swellin reaction in the I. either the 3ollmistress who constructs the doll or a youn irl in her family. base is e5ual to P. The 3ollmistresses themsel"es are part psi)mechanic and part arcanist but with narrowly focused application. To most people and e5uipment.:. <. Writer's Note: This "ersion of the 3ollmistress is intended for Beyond the SupernaturalQ.P.:. ei ht. She sa"es "s psionic attacks as a minor psychic. Ger P. a Spherian from %obotechQ. The dolls will not. Althou h their internal construction is comple(. “Everywhere see !liss. 9 &L3J (*.the Court of Tarot will ha"e this skill packa e7 /ore7 Cults 8 Secret Societies 9*. .C.s !lso /no n as Pu((et +aster) $nchanted 1oll Collector) Cabbage Patch %lavelord) etc. A bu from Systems . The di"ersity of powers a"ailable to these women comes from the di"ersity of enchanted dolls they can create. all parts are soft.$. %esearch 9*.C. This P. but the powers and effects of the dolls can be nullified. howe"er. and .C.P.

$ner i!e Spell.3. Constructin a second doll for herself would re5uire splittin her internal ener ies in too many different directions and she would lose her ability to command either. Protection Circle7 /esser. A minor ener y bein would be a #inor $lemental or a Tectonic $ntity. howe"er. will still apply only to 3ollmistress1 technolo y to summon and bind. She does howe"er. $nchant <eapon. she can control one lesser ener y bein &one doll' at a time. decreased.$. 4. 3omination. Summon $ntities. she can be in controllin particularly powerful ener y bein s like Cosmo Fni hts.irst. the ener y bein is forced to ser"e the 3ollmistress with its power and ma ic abilities. At se"enth le"el. and this is done throu h a comple( process. This is a sa"in throw penalty to her opponents when they attempt a roll to sa"e "s ma ic. She can control one more lesser entity at e"ery odd numbered e(perience le"el after the se"enth.ield. 6.$. any type of ener y bein could theoretically be used. . <hereas a 3ollmistress of olden times used ma ical summonin circles. Immure $ntity. She has access to a workshop or laboratory with *3K Techno)Shifter Summonin Platforms of differin types. need to research and understand se"eral spells. 5. a Polter eist. 6.P. powered by a lesser ener y bein . Control $nchanted 1olls: The di"ersity of powers a"ailable to a 3ollmistress comes from the di"ersity of entities for her to e(ploit. The number and stren th of $nchanted 3olls which she can control increases with e(perience. she can control three lesser bein s or one minor bein and one lesser bein )) or a she can control a sin le reater ener y bein like a #a4or $lemental.ra ment. incorporatin a Charm spell into a doll1s construction would aid in appeasin the most dan erous and "iolent ener y bein s. P. the process is represented as a ritual spell called ?$nchant 3oll@ which costs *. This is a doll which she constructed herself and will obey only her commands. 3ollmistresses in the past ha"e e(perimented with elemental bein s and had reat success. Ger initial spell knowled e includes these spells7 =lobe of 3ayli ht. %ift $ntities and perhaps e"en ods. She incorporates these spells as ma ic en ineerin theory. she summons an ener y creature from an alien world across the me a"erse. $ner y . Althou h a dollmistress will typically use an entity. <hile the bein is securely held on the summonin platform with comple( techno)wi!ardry. or most other $ntities. All new spells. . Trapped inside the enchanted doll.or e(ample. she can control two lesser bein s as two dolls. she can control two lesser bein s or one minor ener y bein . Constrain Bein . Create $nchanted 1olls: 2nly an Adult 3ollmistress can create $nchanted 3olls.P. and Summon /esser Bein . +agic $ngineering: A 3ollmistress ne"er de"elops the ability to cast spells as incantations. the modern 3ollmistress uses techno)shiftin summonin platforms. At fourth le"el. At first to third e(perience le"els. %(ell %trength: She also ains 9* to ritual ma ic stren th at le"els se"en and fourteen. Startin at fifteenth le"el. $ach type of summonin platform is useful for summonin only one specific species of . At fifth le"el. In ame terms. %(ecial $#ui(ment: The Adult 3ollmistress be ins the ame ownin one $nchanted 3oll. into the desi ns of her summonin and bindin e5uipment. the 3ollmistress then undertakes a process throu h which she transfers the ener y bein into a specially en ineered doll. $nsorcel. this has been lost by adulthood as her natural P.. An e(ample of a lesser ener y bein would be an $lemental . ControlB$nsla"e $ntities. $"en if she had spellcastin ability as a child &the Roun 3ollmistress has some'. 6ew spells may be learned in the normal process of research as an Arcanist. to cast.

limited to communication with the doll only'. Bonuses. $ach enchanted doll or summonin platform re5uires about -3K ( >*. #. ten. 9 &L3J (*.P.S. and %ead Sensory $5uipment.P. . #ind Block &K'. in feet or *BL P. This is one reason why Gauntin $ntities are often usedT so lon as they are feed re ularly. 2nly e"il characters will be ensla"e ener y bein s a ainst their will for lon periods of time.:'.' "ecovering I. Eery few 3ollmistresses are Psychic In"esti ators because the work is typically too dan erous for them unless they are supported by the rest of a team. She has enou h of these materials in her lab to make one more creation.ener y bein . *. $. she has a collection of mundane dolls worth *3J ( >*. Points: The same as the Psi)#echanic. #.S.includin the bonus.: bonus replaces &not supplements' any percentile bonus which is offered to these same skills from the occupation. She has all of the standard e5uipment of the Parapsycholo ist. and <ardrobe 8 =roomin &9-. worth of rare metals and ems. /ore7 =hosts 8 $ntities. Psychic Po ers: Total %ecall &L'. That -.. can be used twice to control the auras of both the mistress and the doll'. I. &(-.: bonus to each7 Appraise Anti5ues.P.(erience: She uses the Psi)#echanic1s e(perience le"el chart. in a summonin circle or inside an enchanted doll effecti"ely ha"e no G. a ainst the 3ollmistress. * point for each hour of sleep or K points for each hour of meditation. and Alter Aura &-. but she can do this for free.or hi her to sa"e "s psychic attacks.. Art. 8ccu(ation: Any. the Sharpshootin Skill. 9* Sa"e "s. She he has *30 ( >*.. !ttributes: Standard L3J determination. in sa"in s left o"er and *3K ( >*. These bonuses do not increase with e(perience. and the Suickdraw Skills may be added. W.. 7. &imitations and Penalties: An Adult 3ollmistress is Closed to the Supernatural like a Psi) #echanic. These stats may need to be modified for your ame. 3oll. /astly. Ger psychic telepathy is limited to communicatin with her dolls.P. Bonuses: In addition to any attribute bonuses.C. but P. *. the luttonous Gauntin $ntities will sometimes be willin participants. (. =ood ali ned characters will only work with entities which do not mind or prefer to li"e trapped inside of a doll. #a ic and #ind Control of any sort at le"els three. (L.'. She may only use ma ic throu h her lab e5uipment or use the ma ic powers of an ener y bein inside one of her dolls.C.%. Please note that this document is bein written before the release of To#e (rcanaTM. and thirteen...C.. in cash. Telepathy &. increases by -3J e"ery le"el after the first. *J. She ains the free skills of <. She also ets 9* to strike when throwin a doll &ran e is e5ual to P.P.:'.: 1oll: This special weapons proficiency skills rants a 9* bonus to strike and parry with a doll as a melee weapon.$. $lectrical $n ineer. $mpathy &K'.C. #ath7 Ad"anced. #onstrous creatures trapped on a summonin platform. $#ui(ment: In addition to her special e5uipment listed abo"e. Points: -3J and increases by * point with e"ery le"el after the first.$.P. (K. This P. #echanical $n ineer.. the mistress ains the standard 9L bonus to strike with an aimed shot.actor.%. the soft doll bodies perform no dama e as melee weapons.. she has needed to spend the ma4ority of her sa"in s on her laboratory. Sewin &9-. +inimal !ttribute "e#uirements: I. !lignment: There are no strict ali nment restrictions to this class. If the doll has the ability to shoot some ran ed attack. If she learns any of the followin skills.S. either another enchanted doll or another summonin platform. 9J to sa"e "ersus Gorror . Points: P. By themsel"es. she needs only roll a *.A.P. P. +oney in %avings: <ithout si nificant sponsorship from a paranormal research faction. se"en. P.$. she also ains a 9-.$. crafts. or scholarly research.A.. in meters' and 9L to roll with impact by usin the doll to help cushion a rou h landin . but leans towards careers in anti5ues. !ttribute Bonus: 9* to #. P.

etc.S3C dama e. cause a swellin reaction in the I. !bilities of 9oung 1ollmistress: 2. and perhaps e"en ods. howe"er. She also ains 9* to ritual ma ic stren th at le"els se"en and fourteen. In #e a)Power ames and ames with particularly dan erous settin s.P. This is a doll was i"en to her by an Adult 3ollmistress in her family. The presence of an enchanted dolls will tri er the psychic response of psychics and animals as a supernatural creature. At fourth le"el.$. She can control one more lesser entity at e"ery odd numbered e(perience le"el startin with the se"enth. At third le"el. Incons(icuous Paranormal Po er through $nchanted 1olls: Children carryin around dolls do not look suspicious.C. she has control limits.duration. The cost of castin ma ic like this is inefficient spellcastin . *B. The number and stren th of $nchanted 3olls which she can control increases with e(perience.C. but her limits are less limitin than those of her adult counterparts. She does ha"e an almost natural understandin of ma ic. By themsel"es. %(ecial $#ui(ment: The Roun 3ollmistress be ins the ame ownin one $nchanted 3oll.P. but she can use them.' and =lobe of 3ayli ht &K'. She casts all of her spells by by channelin the ma ic throu h her doll.S.'. she can control three lesser bein s or one minor bein and one lesser bein )) or a she can control a sin le reater ener y bein like a ma4or elemental. 6. 7.S. At si(th le"el. *B. In most ames.9oung 1ollmistress P. +agic and %(ell %trength: Spell castin children typically don1t know ma ic spells other than wishin on a birthday candle. If the dolls are destroyed and the entities escape. This is a sa"in throw penalty to her opponents when they attempt a roll to sa"e "s ma ic. Controllin a second doll by herself would re5uire splittin her internal ener ies in too many different directions and she would loose her ability to command either.P. she can control one lesser ener y bein like a Polter eist $ntity &one doll' at a time. %(ecial P. If the doll has the ability to . /ike the Adult 3ollmistress. limits. W. of her spells is twice the normal cost &as reflected in the two spells listed abo"e' and the effect is only half normal &*B. in meters' and 9L to roll with impact by usin the doll to help cushion a rou h landin . howe"er. reser"e of psychics because the entities are locked inside the doll bodies. she can control two lesser bein s as two dolls. the child will be in knowin the incantations $ner y . As a child. 5. in feet or *BL P.ran e. 4. A minor ener y bein would be a minor elemental or a tectonic entity. she can be in controllin particularly powerful ener y bein s like Cosmo Fni hts.C. The dolls will not. Control $nchanted 1olls: The di"ersity of powers a"ailable to a 3ollmistress comes from the di"ersity of entities for her to e(ploit. they will tri er psychic resonance as the entity would normally do.: 1oll: This special weapons proficiency skills rants a 9* bonus to strike and parry with a doll as a melee weapon. %ift $ntities. she can control two lesser bein s or one minor ener y bein .C. !ge: Characters who take the Roun 3ollmistress class are assumed to be ten years old or youn er.S.$.ield &-. She also ets 9* to strike when throwin a doll &ran e is e5ual to P. The P. and can cast any spells tau ht to her within her P. the soft doll bodies perform no dama e as melee weapons. Startin at fifteenth le"el. youn 3ollmistresses will start knowin none. 3. At first and second e(perience le"els. powered by a lesser ener y bein . she can not create enchanted dolls.P.

These bonuses do not increase with e(perience.. she is either a student or a run)away. her abilities and control o"er the enchanted dolls will become only faint memories. the mistress ains the standard 9L bonus to strike with an aimed shot. Basic #ath.$.: of former youn 3ollmistresses will remember the enchanted dolls clearly. The other 0.: will re ain their full memories of the dolls but not the ability to control them. She ad"ances usin the most enerous e(perience table in the ame in which she is used... she must start o"er a ain at $(perience /e"el *.P.$. *. Points: K3J9*-. I. the luttonous Gauntin $ntities will sometimes be willin participants. Clair"oyant .3. ten.C. !ttribute Bonus: 9* to #.C. !lignment: There are no strict ali nment restrictions to this class.:. Sword &usually practiced with wooden or plastic swords'. Streetwise7 <eird. se"en. 2nly e"il characters will be ensla"e ener y bein s a ainst their will for lon periods of time.:. She be ins with no hand)to)hand combat trainin . <hen re)e(posed to the supernatural.A. This is one reason why Gauntin $ntities are often usedT so lon as they are feed re ularly.lashBInsi ht L. If a Roun 3ollmistress does choose to up rade to an Adult 3ollmistress when she a es to adulthood. Instead of atherin skills from an occupation. or Paired <eapons7 3oll and Shield. Sense =ood 8 $"il K.to sa"e "s possesion. one option for the =# is to allow the character to start with e(actly the minimum re5uirements and restrict those particular attributes from ainin the e(tra die later. Shield. the Roun 3ollmistress ains this uni5ue skill packa e. *.or hi her to sa"e "s psychic attacks. and thirteen. P.P. children et only *3J 9* point for each e(perience le"el after the first. :.P. Sewin .actor.shoot some ran ed attack. +inimal !ttribute "e#uirements: I. P. 9K to sa"e "s Gorror . This is because these abilities are anchored to the hi her P. while startin o"er she may keep half of the personal P. #onstrous creatures inside an enchanted doll effecti"ely ha"e no G. she needs only roll a *. Choose one other weapons proficiency of choice from the followin list7 Blunt. these 0. !ttributes: -3J should be rolled to determine the attributes of child characters. =ood ali ned characters will only work with entities which do not mind or prefer to li"e trapped inside of a doll. #. Ger psychic telepathy is limited to communicatin with her dolls.. *-. points of children. Bonuses: In addition to any attribute bonuses.$. pool she de"eloped as a child and all of her old skills.. 8ccu(ation: As a child. a ainst the 3ollmistress.A. Please note that this document is bein written before the release of Tome ArcanaT#.S. These stats may need to be modified for your ame. and See the In"isible . and <. %unnin . Art.P.P.:. P. In en"ironments where the supernatural is hidden or rare &as in most Beyond the Supernatural campai ns'.P. $nchanted +emory: If the 3ollmistress hasn1t pursued the adult 3ollmistress class by the time she reaches adulthood. Tar etin BThrown 2b4ects.$. but she can do this for free. #.. Bonuses. Instead of the standard method for calculatin personal S. Psychic Po ers: Telepathy &free to use but limited to communication with the doll only'. . &imitations and Penalties: A Roun 3ollmistress is sli htly 2pen to the the Supernatural as per the rules on Pa e JN. 9* to sa"e "s. Sharpshootin with doll. Also choose any three . The other *3J is added as the child matures into youn adulthood. ma ic and mind control of any sort at le"els three.: will belie"e the e(periences to be childhood fantasy. the Sharpshootin Skill and the Suickdraw Skills may be added. only -.%.C. 3oll7 &newU'.C. includin the bonus. Gowe"er. but P.. Points: . /ore7 3emons 8 #onsters.:. /ore7 =hosts 8 Spirits. "a(id !dvancement: The Roun 3ollmistress is a 5uick study. 2nly after con"ertin to an adult 3ollmistress can she hope to construct new enchanted dolls for herself. 9. If a character1s attributes don1t meet the tou h attribute re5uirements.C. Si(th Sense J.

etc. the youn 3ollmistress has *3K ( >*. L9-3J.. !rmor "ating >!. If the child is employed as an a ent by a well funded or ani!ation. #..$. Their appearances "ary reatly from one True =host to another. but there are se"eral reasons why its ali nment may ha"e chan ed. e(planation below for Git Points. the main portion of the soul mo"es on to an unknown fate. <ithout a biolo ical brain. 3eath is permanent. the amemaster may allow the player to continue usin that character as a True =host. . per week. this character class merely creates the option of ha"in hosts in the ame who are closer to the concept of a host than the "arious entities and spirit uides in the main rule book of Beyond the SupernaturalT#. Typically I.9-3J. Their attributes are lower than a"era e.* e(perience points. a few frilly dresses or appropriate outfits. True =hosts.$. This can happen when a person dies in a sudden or "iolent manner or when the person1s willpower to resol"e unfinished work is stron . A rare phenomena is the splinterin of a mortal soul.A. They can either be solid and life)like or partly transparent and misty. True =hosts are themsel"es fra ments of a reater whole bein .9*3J. !lso /no n as Soul . she may be paid considerably more. *it Points: See P.ra ment $ntity and Actual 3ead 3ude. The player)character must restart his or her career as a True =host at first le"el and with no e(perience. their lon term memories are partially missin . &*N mphB-0 kmph'. That sub4ect is better left to the amers. the True =host usually has the same ali nment as it had durin life.3. etc.. third le"el until 0. po s. !lignment: Any. !ttributes: The True =host is a mere shadow of its former li"in self with a partially intact mind and no physical body. #. but it is not always thorou h. Instead. $#ui(ment: In addition to her first enchanted doll. tra"elin clothes and collection of mundane dolls worth *3J ( >*. If a player character dies.. a True =host may ser"e as the Spirit =uide of a Psychic #edium. but a small percenta e of those si htin s are e(actly what they seem to be.'. At the amemaster1s option. It is not the intention of this article to define the e(istence of an afterlife. worth of tradeable oods &tradin cards. of -. 2nd Edition.". and thus don1t ha"e the mental capabilities or the ori inal mortal. This is not. as ood of a deal as it may seem. +oney in %avings: Instead of re ular startin money. They can pass throu h solid ob4ects such a walls at will. As a uideline.secondary skills as areas of personal interest. 2nly characters who can see the in"isible or spirits can see True =hosts. howe"er.. Passin throu h the body of a li"in creature will i"e the creature a chill but otherwise will ha"e no effect on it. she is likely to ain one more secondary skill e"ery other le"el.* e(perience points. $"en the True =host itself does not know what if anythin happens to the rest of the soul after the splinterin . and some skills ha"e "anished alto ether.C. a Roun 3ollmistress should ha"e access to someone who can build new enchanted dolls for her.P. Should her own enchanted doll be destroyed. and Spd. <hile fra ment remains. .?: 6ot applicable as it is an intan ible ener y form. she has a fully stocked sewin kit.S. and probably an allowance of >*. True =hosts are naturally in"isible and immaterial. . their minds are slower to learn and adapt. The "ast ma4ority of host)si htin s are linked to the Gauntin $ntities. thus True =hosts ad"ance usin the 6e a)Psychic1s $(perience /e"el Chart doubled I that means the True =host doesn1t reach second le"el until K. 0rue <host $ntity = *aunter &and an optional playable character class'. Attributes are ne"er hi her after death than they were before death. 6o other attributes are applicable. no personal S. The True =host is an ener y life form which has broken off from the main portion of the soul and remains in the mortal world.

( le"el'. at hi her altitudes.le"els or possibly more. So lon as a True =host remains acti"e and feeds on P. depletes the True =host1s reser"e of Git PointsBP.C.$. %/ills: /and 6a"i ation at 0. not e"en by ho"erin o"er it or passin under it.:.th le"el. so they are ). Some le ends state that a buildin s with no two windows alike can confuse hosts and keep them from returnin T that is partly accurate. P. Natural !bilities: In"isible and intan ible. it may lin er for centuries. 3etect Concealment at -. *orror Factor: *. This internal reser"oir functions as the Git Points of the True =host. 0hreat &evel: (KT Gaunter or Prankster.P.$. Mnderstands and Speaks 6ati"e /an ua e &to anyone who can hear it' at +. it will sound like shatterin lass and will disperse as a small cloud of incense)smellin ray smoke. It mi ht e"en be immortal.P. in"ulnerable to cold and heat. immune to the Stealin of Psychic $ner y attacks of mystics and other entities. and these chosen skills ad"ance with e(perience as normal. ft tall &*. ".P. These skills do not impro"e. Additionally.:. it will fade away within a year. /iterate in 6ati"e /an ua e at N. a True =host is considered to be a bein of pure. creatures who ha"e the Commune with Spirits power.C. it will loose Git PointsBP. Prowl at +. Asymmetrical artificial structures like a house with all different windows are difficult for a True =host to mo"e throu h due to celestial eometry.C. in"ulnerable to to(ins and poisons.:. it has no ma(imum altitude but can find little or no P. positi"e chi re ardless of its ali nment. Any character who knows the li"in name of the True =host can command it unless the True =host makes a sa"e "s psychic attackBmind control. *. Any dama e which would result in a loss of Git Points. 9 &*3*. After death.P.(erience: #ost 6PC True =hosts are first le"el creaturesT older True =hosts ha"e *3K9. !verage &ife %(an: If a True =host does not remain acti"e and moti"ated.m' and wei hs nothin . and this ener y is actually most satisfyin . in"ulnerable to disease and illness. 1amage: By psionics only.per day as it breaks apart and fades into nothin ness. #athematics7 Basic at +. can communicate with other spirits. *.psionic attacks per melee round. it must feed by absorbin P. A True =host re5uires sli htly more P.th le"el.$.$. in"ulnerable to most ener y and fire attacks e(cept when the attack is ma ical or psychic. True =hosts may learn new skills but no more than one new skill per le"el of e(perience be innin at second le"el. and *. dirt.th le"el. from other creatures.. can pass throu h solid matter &but not ener y'. with no more than one attempt made per hour. does not breath. If usin Chi %ules. Any P. can fly and ho"er at about *N mph &-0 kmph'. beyond the ten needed for nourishment are held in the True =host1s internal reser"oir. If it does not feed.P.P. It can feed on en"ironmental ener y from areas like ley lines and places of ma ic. True =hosts find learnin new skills to be a "ery difficult and slow process. or clay on a floor. Cold spots in the air are a side effect of the True =hosts1 nature as an ener y feeder.:. spirit uides. doesn1t tire but can row moody if it doesn1t take 5uiet breaks from time to time.. so it can only enter or e(it such structures on a roll of a natural -. 9* attack at .: and 3owsin at .$. Bonuses >in addition to attribute bonuses?: 9* to Perception %olls in"ol"in areas it knew .P. $(orcisms and spells which control entities are particularly useful a ainst True =hosts. $#uivalent &evel of $.$.:. %i-e: a"era es around . points and can hold a ma(imum of *.. than most entities.: A True =host starts with *3*.$. at a rate of ..:.C. !ttac/s (er +elee: . usually those related to the True =host1s former occupation in life. points per day to feel full and satisfied.P. Vulnerabilities: All ma ic and psionic attacks.$. in"ulnerable to physical attacks. Any other skills the True =host knew durin life simply were not part of the fra ment when the soul fra ment split from the whole.1iscor(oration: If the True =host is killed. ". Choose any other fi"e skills. The personalities of True =hosts are as fra mented as their minds. Psychic #ediums. to sa"e "s insanity and many de"elop full schi!ophrenia. A True =host can not pass a line of salt.

Traditional Psionic Powers7 True =hosts.:. Psionics: Base I.'. 2pen /ock &J'. $ner y Conduit &*. It may con"ert ener y at a rate of K P. is -. #entalist Spirit ON*)0. $lectrokenetic Spirit OK*).when ali"e. I.ire &J'.to hi her to sa"e "s psionic attack.ire &0'.ire &. Burnt #essa e &K)0'. but a True =host can learn one spell at a time in place of the sin le skill per e(perience le"el. Additional Psionic Powers7 A True =host may de"elop one new psychic power &not a packa e of powers' from the packa es e"ery e(perience le"el be innin at Lrd le"el.:P7 Imper"ious to .S.P. A tar et who willin ly offers his or her ener y does not roll a sa"e "s psionic attack.P.:P7 Alter Air Temperature &0'. $lectrokinesis &"aries'. Total %ecall &L'.:P7 Alter Aura &-'. or *. 3essication Touch &-. imper"ious to possession. reser"e is "ery dan erous. Part .S.T re5uires formin an ectoplasmic limb to use' and the skill 3owsin at -. A True =host does not re enerate I. and the . Create . Sense 3imensional Anomaly &no cost'. from that specific tar et. 3eaden Senses &K' and the skills Art and Impersonation at *J: each. or . It needs a *. #ask I. and the skill Basic $lectronics at L. Attack 3isease &*-' and the skills Paramedic or Golistic #edicine at . Pyrokenetic Spirit O-*)L. %ope Trick &K'. The tar et temporarily loses the ener y points as if he had used psionic powers or cast ma ic himself.:P7 Thou ht)%eadin &*. 3raw . Gealin Touch &J'.:P7 Telemechanics but limited to only electronic and electrical de"ices &*. &K'. due to their fra mented nature. Telekinetic Spirit OJ*)N. Char e Battery &J'. demon. any other two #achine Psionic powers. #achine Spirit O**)-. a person. See the In"isible &no cost'.. $ctoplasm &no cost for "apor. penalty to Strike. Gydrokenetic Spirit OL*)K.:. costs7 #ind Block &*'.irefi htin skill at K.. any two Sensiti"e Psionic powers e(cept 3ispel Spirits.:P7 Telekinesis &"aries'.$.ire &J'.P. and Psionics &.. and the intended "ictim must roll to sa"e "s psionic attack.$.P. It has no bonuses to sa"e "s psionic attacks 8 ma ic. Telepathy &K'.$.P.:.$. All True =hosts ha"e the followin powers at lessened I.S. from ambient ener y of certain places or li"in creatures &see special attack below'.$.. Choose one of the followin packa es or roll percentile dice7 Gealin Spirit O*)*.S. The ma(imum le"el of the spell is the same as the True =host1s current e(perience le"el. Thou hto raphy &J'. or P.ire &0'.P. P. Chi ener y may not be stolen in this manner if usin rules from )in*as and SuperspiesT# or Mystic ChinaT#. and the skills Basic #echanics and Vury %i at .: each. 9 *3K per le"el startin at /e"el 2ne. to * I. $ach attempt is considered a psychic attack.S. Alter Air Temperature &0'. and $(tin uish . and the ener y is automatically taken.'. naturally.'. J for a solid limb.'. $ctoplasmic 3is uise &*-T re5uires formin a full ectoplasmic body first'.for an entire ectoplamsic body for K minutes per e(perience le"el' and Commune with Spirits &no cost'. Trackin Spirit O0*)+.:P7 Stop Bleedin &2thersT K'.S. Special7 Stealin /ife $ner y7 A True =host may draw on the I.P. Gypnotic Su estion &J' and #ind <ipe &"aries'.P. ha"e a wider "ariety of psionic powers a"ailable to them. 3eaden Pain &K'.to 3od e. 9. of an animal.S.:P7 Sense $"il &-'. A failed sa"e means the $ntity can steal up to -.P. This is often the case with human allies.:P7 Telemechanics &*. Throw . . $ntity)Guntin Spirit O+*)*.*)J. A True =host can not parry nor roll with an impact due to its incorporeal nature. A successful roll to sa"e means the True =host did not recei"e any ener y.: each.ire &N'.P. or another entity of a different species. so almost no True =hosts follow the spellcaster1s route. #ask P. but it may ather I.S.P. +agic: 6one at first le"el. Castin ma ic from its own Git PointsBP. strikin at a True =host in"ol"es a )*. and the skills Trackin &people' and Track 8 Trap Animals at -.'. Gydrokinesis &"aries'.'.P.:.:P7 Sense $"il &-' and either 3emon Punch &J' or #ind Bolt &"aries'.P. <ithout bein able to See the In"isible. See Aura &*'. Illusionary Spirit O. Telekinetic Push &K' and Telekinetic Punch &J'.

Ge built the second and sli htly smaller unit. they may tra"el anywhere. based loosely on his phono raph desi ns. The ecto raph in $dison1s house is a secret which the 5ueen of the Court keeps to herself.P. A user must pay 0 I. 2nly two ectophones e(ist anywhere in the world. in his own house.P. and they tend to remain in that area until they row accustomed to their undead status. The ori inal ectophone was completed in $dison Park.S. Spirits are summoned by the machine and drawn inside of the tank. .$. The machine can e"en be used to channel a particular indi"idual spirit instead but at a )-. The fluid i"es the spirit inside temporary "isibility and a medium throu h which to transfer sound. and each session lasts about one hour or less. his ecto raph. Binoculars and o les . The brilliance of Thomas $dison and e(tensi"e research performed durin the century followin his work ha"e made these new powers accessible to the Court as psi)de"ices. for the duplicate. The ori inal ectophone is in fact the basis of almost all of the Court1s ad"ances o"er the last hundred years.: penalty. it permitted them direct communication with otherworldly spirits. Afterward. howe"er. or ?psi)optics@ for short.$. not e"eryone has the ability to use a psi)de"ice e"en if access is attained. Psi@o(tics: Psionic $ner y Sensiti"e Aura Percei"in 2ptics. Eery rarely. #onocles are popular amon uards because they interfere "ery little with normal "ision.: 9. but find the ri ht spirit and ettin an answer is tricky.P. 2f course.S. 2nce built.$nemies: 2ther P. See the In"isible &K' and Thou hto raphy &J'. $cto(hones: These lar e and stran e machines are considered by some to be Thomas $dison1s reatest but most secret in"entions. predators consider a True =host to be a ri"al and will seek to dri"e it out of their territories. but typically they may lea"e at any time they wish.: per le"el be innin at first le"el. price a ain.: penalty to the %esearch skill check.P. $dison1s work by maintainin the e5uipment and the P. Msa e7 2nly the psi)mechanics at $dison Park ha"e direct access to the ori inal ectophone. for the ori inal and L P. The lar est part of the machine is a hu e holdin tank of psionically)char ed fluid similar to ectoplasm and a series of speakers. the Court has made numerous other breakthrou hs in both psi)en ineerin and paranormal research. By 5uestionin the spirits. but $dison himself decided that he wanted a second unit for his own personal research. $ach ectophone fills a lar e room and re5uires its own electrical enerator with enou h power to run a small city. and they are both under the direct control of the Court of Tarot. Psi-Devices Se"eral new psi)de"ices were cut from the final article submission for space. Psi)powers used7 Commune with Spirits &J'. and they may rant limited access for other members. took $dison and a lar e team of researchers years to de"elop. of similar ali nments and similar oals. #a4or Arcana members ha"e access to the ectophone.P. the base percenta e chance is *. Contactin a second spirit re5uires payin the I. *abitat: True =hosts first appear where they died.: penalty to the %esearch skill check.P. Some were referenced in the article but the pocket watch was not mentioned.$. These de"ices come in a "ariety of models. Cost to create7 J P. If the user doesn1t ha"e either skill. for each session. Some of these de"ices use psychic powers which are not listed in the abilities that can be duplicated in the Psi)#echanic character class. !llies: Psychics. =ettin the answer to a 5uestion re5uires a roll a ainst the user1s %esearch Skill or Interro ation Skill with a )*. The first ectophone.$. The machine can be used to channel spirits of a specific species with another )*. The effect is "ery much like a Firlian photo raph but e"en more low tech. in"estment needed to make it all work. are small psi) de"ices which allow a user to percei"e the auras around li"in creatures.indin a spirit who is willin to talk is easy. especially Psychic #ediums. The researchers at $dison Park carry on #r. a spirit will become trapped by accident inside the ectofluid tank.

I. Msa e7 The baton inflicts *3K dama e with or without the sleep effect. A fully char ed battery will produce four to ten electric bolts dependin on the model. Supernatural creatures instead take -3J dama e. Accordin to his own theory.S.S. illness.. The "ictim ains a 9.P. Psi)power used7 See Aura &J' Cost to create7 . but it is far too impractical for most missions.P. to all combat rolls for *3J minutes'. Psi)power used7 Induce Sleep &K' Cost to create7 . In the hand of a non)psychic. The ori inal psi) defibrillator is the si!e of a lar e pick)up truck and has to be towed to where it can be used. <hen acti"ated with I. This near)success brou ht the youn in"entor to the attention of /ady <hitney Bell of the Court of Tarot. bonus to sa"e unless the user strikes a blow directly a ainst the "ictim1s head &which re5uires a called shot'..P. The battery can hold that char e for up to ten minutes. but only creatures with ner"ous systems like most demons will be possibly stunned. for an ori inal and * P. <hat he actually did was stumble upon a way to channel multiple psychic powers from the healin and physical cate ories throu h a sin le psi)de"ice. These de"ices are ood for identifyin aura etchin s. In a year1s time. <hen used a ainst humans and animals. These de"ices are not comple( enou h to 4ud e the relati"e e(perience or P. The stunnin bolts are effecti"e a ainst humans. It doesn1t really matter.P. The ran e "aries with model from touch to -. Eictims must sa"e "ersus psionics or fall asleep for *3K melee rounds. dama e and stuns the tar et throu h forced muscle contractions &Sa"e "s. $"en non)corporeal creatures like entities are sub4ect to the sleep effect.P. Psi)power used7 $lectrokinesis &0' Cost to create7 . because his theory was crackpot)nonsense anyway. the baton will oo!e with a lowin blue ener y field. pound &--. and determinin aberrant states of health such as possession. #ercenaries in the employ of the Court ha"e used it. Psi)optics are suitable for findin in"isible life forms because e"en in"isible creatures pro4ect auras. She took him in as her own student and ordered her en ineers to be in re"erse)en ineerin the psi)defibrillator. feet &Jm' away.ha"e also been built with the same effect. Char in the baton with . /ike the !appers. The oal is to .P.$. will tri er the sleep effect for one minute. The psi)mechanics at $dison Park ha"e produced many different models of !appers o"er the decades.P. determinin the presence of ma ic or psychic abilities. $ach arc of electricity follows a copper thread or a laser beam from the weapon to its tar et. le"els.P.$.$. this de"ice functions like an o"erly)comple( club. Aa((ers: These non)lethal weapons similar to stun uns are issued to many uards and a ents of the Court. This "ersatility compensates for low dama e potential.P. but a sin le char e will last a lon time.$.P.$. Psi@1efibrillator: Garold 3ean created the prototype of this stran e de"ice when he was still a workin as a paramedic and had not yet reali!ed he was a psi)mechanic.3. into the !apper will fully char e the internal battery. %lee( batons: These non)lethal weapons are standard issue for uards of the Court and often used in their ceremonies. each bolt inflicts * point of S. or insanity.S.P. for each copy. for each copy.$.N k ' back)pack with shock pads which may be carried and used by a sin le medic.P.. from !appers hidden inside umbrellas to laser si ht) e5uipped modern weapons. Msa e7 Channelin K I. sleep batons are appreciated for their "ersatility a ainst different types of opponents. for an ori inal desi n and * P.P.. for each copy. producin a state of suspended animation. this weapon pro"ides an e(tra power. for an ori inal and * P.P. they mana ed to miniaturi!e the desi n to the form of a . the prototype could acti"ate latent healin ener y. and e"en non)corporeal creatures. Then that character can percei"e auras throu h the de"ice for up to one hour. Psionics or suffer )*.C. demons. Msa e7 A user char es the de"ice with L I. <hen used by a psychic who can utili!e psi)de"ices.S.$.

Msa e7 So lon as it can ather one point of I. instantly re ain -3K Gits Points or -3J personal S. . The user then touches the shock pads on the de"ice to the "ictim of an in4ury. 3ean1s prototype is an ori inal desi n.miniaturi!e it the si!e to fi"e pounds &-. If the "ictim is not wounded or poisoned..: to sa"e "ersus comaBdeath. The information pro"ided by the See Aura power will not chan e. The de"ice automatically channels + I. ain 9. for an ori inal desi n and * P.3.P. P.P.P. /e"el7 0th le"el spell This spell is a ritual used to bind an entity into a doll. the entity ets no sa"in throw a ainst this spell specifically because the entity needs to be subdued before the ritual be ins. from him while he slept and reset itself for the correct time e"ery mornin .$. Sa"in Throw7 6one. this ritual is as much methodical construction and craftsmanship as ma ic castin . 3eaden Pain &K'. from it user. Psi)power used7 Sense Time &-' Cost to create7 . like pressin a stamp into wet clay. This method is deri"ed from a lost pseudo)science called ?Techno)Shiftin @ &See %ifter D*L for full details'.to sa"e "ersus poisons and to(ins.P. . The "ictim will be released from all pain for one hour. /e"el7 Lrd le"el spell This simple spell allows the caster to mold a portion of another li"in creature1s aura as desired.bonus P.P. but new information may be added throu h this spell. desi ned to contain and e(ploit a specific species of entity. and ain 9.irst.S.7 *. This watch would pull I.$. stop bleedin for four minutes. $nchant 1oll %an e7 one doll by touch 3uration7 Permanent I or until the doll is destroyed.P. Gealin Touch &J'. a sa"in throw "s ma ic spell is allowed with a 9.P. the de"ice will ha"e no effect.. for each copy. The amount of detail is limited and colors will remain unchan ed.P. *. a special doll must be constructed. The Court of Tarot uses this techni5ue to desi nate rank amon its members and brand traitors with a mark of dishonor.C. the watch will continue to wind itself and keep perfect time. but that is far less time than the two minute len th of preparation that a healin psychic before usin 4ust the 3eaden Pain power. New Spells $tch !ura %an e7 touch 3uration7 Permanent Sa"in Throw7 If the tar et chooses to resist. 0homas $dison's s(ecial (oc/et atch: #ister $dison1s fa"orite psi)de"ice was his self)correctin pocket watch. and Summon Inner Stren th &K' Cost to create7 .$.$.S.$. from the user to produce multiple effects.$. The de"ice deli"ers psychically uided electric pulses into the body of a wounded "ictim..L k ' or less. but additional castin s may be used to add more detail later. for each copy. /ike the Create #ummy spell. The chan e is permanent.P.P. for an ori inal desi n and * P. Psi)powers used7 Stop Bleedin &2thersT K'. It e"en would reset itself automatically if $dison were to carry it from one time !one to another. A considerable amount of preparation must be done before the ritual is cast to be successful.P. Msa e7 The user must allow the machine to char e for one melee round before usin .S.

can the ma ic ritual be in. cm' lon brown fur. the ape tore a window out of the cabin and escaped into the swamp. #ost entities will simply lea"e the area after bein freed. and can steal ener y'. Then that entity must be captured throu h ma ic or psychic methods. The hunters could see it by its lowin red eyes.C. Swamp Apes are almost ne"er seen in the actual swamps and forests by hunters who are trackin them.C. Some encounters ha"e been e"en closer.Then. New Monsters % am( !(es In the deep wilderness of the . so the enchanter will be able to e(ploit these abilities. but the foota e is always blurry and unimpressi"e. and Systems . and the entity inside will ma ically understand the command re ardless of the lan ua e used. one such tra"eler saw a dark fi ure while dri"in throu h the woods. the . walks on two le s. Before they could find and load their rifles. The enchanter can "erbally command the doll. At first le"el. a stran e creature has been spotted time and a ain o"er last two hundred years. and smells infamously foul. #ore Bi . Swamp Apes are usually seen at ni ht alon the side of country roads. the entity will escape. but men in black broke into his house one ni ht and confiscated it. which speciali!es in the creation of enchanted dolls. 4ust as commonly called ?Skunk Apes. At fifteenth le"el. elemental bein s. The dri"er was able to escape by floorin his accelerator. and a hairy arm reached into the "ehicle. She was an e(periment which was made with a "ariety of ma ics includin a more ad"anced "ersion of this spell. 6o. the entity must be found or summoned to the enchanter. At thirteenth le"el. This ritual is not the same method that was used to create /ady Teapot. telepathy at no cost with the enchanter. Gostile entities will re5uire more work and ener y to prepare for the bindin process. The dri"er soon noticed a terrible odor. but a few mi ht lash out "iolently. the doll enchanter can control a Gauntin $ntity &psychic powers and can steal ener y'. Swamp Apes. she can control a Possessin $ntity &considerable psychic powers and can speak all lan ua es'. There is a limit to the power of the entity which the doll enchanter can control. she can control a Tectonic $ntity &psychic powers and can cause the doll to mo"e on its own'. 2ne . it will not ob4ect to the confinement as most entities care more about their ne(t meal than freedom. At tenth le"el. she can control le endary creatures like the 3opple an er $ntity from Bo$ed )ight#aresT# &psychic powers and can create a false reality en"ironment' and other od)like creatures.loridian Swamp Ape is actually an entirely separate species of monster. The doll will be able to use the entity1s full ran e of psychic powers. These creatures are notoriously difficult to document. It appears to be a reat ape which has two)inch &. sometimes has whitish hair around its eyes.@ ha"e been described as smellin like rottin cabba e but other witnesses describe the smell in a "ariety of terms7 dun . These options are not a"ailable to other spellcasters.lorida than any other re ion of the Mnited States e(cept for the forests of the Pacific 6orthwest. the doll enchanter can control a Polter eist $ntity instead &psychic powers includin empathic recei"er at no cost'. sulfur and moldy cheese. so he stopped his car to see if the fi ure was a lost man. 2nly after the entity has been secured. she can control a Siphon $ntity &psychic powers.loridian claims that he once had a hair sample from a Swamp Ape. If the doll is destroyed. the entity will be bonded with the doll. She can also create dolls which are empowered by other ener y creatures like Spherians..oot si htin s occur in .lorida $"er lades. In the *+. skunk oil. At si(th le"el.ailure bu s. A roup of hunters were awoken by a Swamp Ape who fell throu h the roof of their cabin. <hen the hour)lon ritual is complete. Althou h seemin ly a smaller subspecies of Sas5uatch. At third le"el. rotten e s. Side note for errata readers7 I do ha"e a 3ollmistress 2. So lon as the entity is feed re ularly.s. Swamp Apes &at least in the world of Beyond the SupernaturalQ' are supernatural sca"en ers of . I1m not placin that class here because it1s too darn lon . It has been photo raphed and "ideo)taped.

If attacked. Personal %. They are transdimensional thie"es who come to $arth to find e(otic free meals.. !lso /no n as the S'un' (pe..a sort. Instead of bein summoned to $arth. The creature1s body is powerful. e5uino(es. mostly lo traps and pits. pounds &*L.S. !ttributes: I. L3J9L. *3J.S. P. Althou h not true demons. and its eyes be in to low red. to J feet &*. so a roll to strike less than *.1.". to *. All of this chaos makes the 4ob of lootin from humans easier. *3J9*K.lorida a5uifers. P. and access to fresh water from the . P. supernaturally stron and tou h. e(cellent hidin durin the day. 1iscor(oration: <hen killed. howe"er. not particularly "iolent or sadistic but reedy and prone to causin trouble. These creatures will also steal from small ardens or dumpsters for "e etables. and raccoons. L3J. but they will steal psi)de"ices from careless in"esti ators. In addition to bein dan erous in a fi ht. k ' when fren!ied. and sabota ed electrical lines. !lignment: #iscreant. The creatures ha"e little interest in technolo y. These small ca"es offer the creatures shelter.$. The Swamp Ape has a natural . P.P. It a"oids traps with instinctual ease and psychic awareness. Trappers sometimes use lima beans or li"ers to tempt the creatures. 9*3J ( *. normally or *. eat the li"ers. %i-e: normally . These ape)built traps. coyote. These dens also allow Swamp Apes to horde whate"er they ha"e stolen. These include ma ic relics and artifacts.: -3K (*. % am( !(e = %u(ernatural PredatorB0hief. Skunk Apes ha"e purposefully set wildfires. Swamp Apes instincti"ely ather items of power. K3J. pounds &+. tear their bellies open. Analysis of the hair will re"eal it to be rottin hair follicles from a "ariety of mundane animals like deer. Swamp Apes do not hunt humans because the creatures are cowards and will a"oid e"en human children if they can. possibly immortal. It also sets its own simple traps for catchin intruders or smaller animals.C. a Skunk Ape will attempt to cause trouble that dri"e them away. *3J. In order to clear humans out of an area. but N feet &-. they make their homes in the abandoned dens of alli ators.P. *it Points: *3J ( *. #. Swamp Apes almost always arri"e on their own in the wilderness throu h ley line ne(uses durin eclipses. !rmor "ating >!. 0hreat &evel: (K Supernatural Predator.0m'. Swamp Apes li"e alone. In the wild. thus re"ealin its identity as a creature not of this world. They ha"e been known to trap lar e alli ators. Skunk Apes are schemin monsters.A. when fren!ied. and lea"e the rest. normally. Spd. and hurricanes. Swamp Apes. but the Swamp Apes will not fall for these traps.$. #any people assume that Swamp Apes are harmless and entle creatures because they do not hunt humans. P. Swamp Apes are e"il and can still be "ery dan erous. Swamp Apes can not talk or read but they do understand intentions throu h a type of instinctual empathy. Msually.. immobili!e prey and cause no more than *3K dama e due to a lack of sophistication.when fren!ied. k '.$. does no dama e. Natural !bilities: This cle"er creature has a hi h intelli ence somewhat smarter in many ways than animals. or L.. By swimmin throu h the a5uifers. Their diet on $arth consists mostly of cabba e palmetto and other swamp plants. !verage &ife %(an: Mnknown. It instantly ains hei ht and wei ht. In the past. *orror Factor: *. This is a misperception. a Swamp Ape will collapse into a lar e pile of hair. Swamp Apes can and will fi ht back. Swaawano'i and Southeastern Big Foot. *3J9L. are omni"ores who ha"e de"eloped a taste for li"er.B. and this seems to be the creature1s fa"orite food. #.. trapped or cornered. In addition to horded food. spread diseases.*m' or more when fren!ied. caused car wrecks. $"er lade hunters are fond of lea"in out pots of lima beans to stew. Weight: about -. Swamp Apes can appear without warnin almost anywhere in . the creature transforms sli htly into a powerful and a ressi"e brawler. They will raid campsites for food. -3J normally &9*0 when fren!ied'. <hen the fi ht)or)fli ht response turns from fli ht to fi ht.: *3K ( *.lorida.?: +.

.: penalty to skills.normally or K when fren!ied. tornadoes. It1s eyes low red. but they hate the humans themsel"es. Si!e. They ha"e a type of limited clair"oyance which tells them when and where traps and ambushes are located.irewalker1s power of Create . 9L to parry and dod e. feet &+. Prowl K. but it will not pick a fi ht directly. minute duration.lorida $"er lades and remain there for a few months at a time.ire. Surprisin ly.: more likely to occur if a Swamp Ape is within a twenty mile &L-.P. and <restlin . #athematics7 Basic at -. li htnin strikes.km' radius. They lo"e to steal a "ariety of tasty food and other oods from the humans.$. and Combat. 9. The effect is the same as the spell /uck Curse &no combat bonuses.* m'. This interference in the natural cycle of elements is "ery clear to 3i"iners but not to other psychics. Swamp Apes heal four times as 5uickly as humans and can reco"er completely from debilitatin wounds. )K.:. Track 8 Trap Animals -. They can ma ically li ht small fires similarly to the .:. Swamp Apes ha"e a lo"e)hate relationship with humans. *abitat: Swamp Apes "isit the wilderness of the . . Also see 3isease Touch. and for a *.ren!y7 The Swamp Ape can row lar er and stron er when it has to fi ht.1 &*. 2nly the creature1s smell is ob"ious. %/ill $#uivalents: Track by smell J. so they are also seen fre5uently in the lowlands of . !ttac/s (er +elee "ound: . 6atural disasters such as floods. Bonuses >in addition to attribute bonuses?: 9* to strike. The disaster ne"er strikes the Swamp Ape directly. The power is always acti"e.. A Swamp Ape can choose to intensify this effect by spendin *. forest fires. and sin in doesn1t affect the beast at all. and then raid the humans1 possessions.:. Similarly.to sa"e "s psionics and other forms of mind control. <ei ht. or some other disaster. and it de"elops the psionic power of ni ht"ision. P. It1s smell is due to its filth and a natural stink land much like a skunk. to Perception %olls. the Swamp Ape tends to attract bad luck. /and 6a"i ation at 0. but it will rarely hunt a free &and thus more dan erous' animal. Aura of Cloakin 7 The Swamp Ape is not easily photo raphed or "ideo)taped.armor ratin due mostly to its supernatural nature but also to its thick hair. to sa"e "s ma ic.. 9. fire. it will lash out "iolently. but it does ha"e a few special abilities which are psionic in nature.:. They are more nomadic than territorial. If possible. e"en summoners and other ma es don1t call upon these creatures because they can1t communicate and are unreliable. it will try to dri"e away the humans by creatin a distraction. sendin the beast fleein if it fails its sa"in roll. Vulnerabilities: The Swamp Ape is a cowardly creature which a"oids confrontation if possible. The Swamp Ape has e(cellent ni ht "ision but can not see in complete darkness. it will try to dri"e the intruder away throu h traps and sabota e. They are naturally empathetic.-m'.. If anyone corners or in4ures a Swamp Ape. Swim +0:. #ost humans and e"en animals only smell the creature when it is within . standard sa"in throw to i nore' on e"ery creature &includin itself' within L.0 km' away. 9. #a net for 3isaster7 The primary dan er of this creature is its deeper connection to misfortune as a cosmic force. Climb N. #elodies from musical instrument ha"e the affect of Gorror .:. $nemies: Swamp Apes trap alli ators and other lar e wild animals. but Psychic #ediums can detect the distincti"e smell a half)mile &. The law of the conser"ation of matter isn1t a concern to a fren!yin supernatural predator. 1amage: *3J by bite or wrestlin attack normally or K3J when fi htin . If another monster ets too close.:. The creature also has a paranoid fear of music. This chan e is reflected by the second set of numbers listed in Physical Stren th. the smell does not make the creature any easier to track. imper"ious to possession.actor *J a ainst the monster. The creature has no Inner Stren th Points. and mud slides are -. !llies: 6one. and the Swamp Ape can not turn it off e"en if wanted. They can see the in"isible like an animal. $"en without tryin . Ban4os work best. %ecorded music has merely a Gorror .actor *. Swamp Apes don1t et alon with any other supernatural predators. no critical strikes or death blows.

show up in any warm and swampy area around the world. 2ther bodies in e"en worse states of decay ha"e washed ashore on other beaches. <here science lea"es a ap. It was the body of a monster. Two boys playin on the beach found somethin "ery odd. There. %esidents measured the body as bein se"enteen feet lon . It still. howe"er. Ge con"inced the people to i"e him a chance to study the body <ebb undertook a 5uick but thorou h e(amination. &usca A hurricane rolled o"er Saint Au ustine durin a cold ni ht in late 6o"ember of *0+J. That caused many fishermen to scratch their beards because they had ne"er heard of a iant s5uid. #ister 3e<itt <ebb was there. The Australian newspapers ha"e named these bodies. 6o bodies ha"e been reco"ered intact enou h for clear identification. <ebb1s tissue sample still in its ori inal 4ar. a crypo!oolo ist at the Smithsonian archi"es found #r. Ge found none. Iceland. ? loboids. 2ctopus =i anteus. Alabama. could not be pro"en. an anatomical feature common to all s5uids. Some business owners wanted to put it on display or sell it in pieces. and #ississippi.irstly. they searched the beaches to see what oddities the storm had dred ed from the sea floor and left for them in the sand. <ebb a crackpot. #any Saint Au ustine residents to this day insist that the creature was a freakishly lar e 4elly fish. it would ha"e easily stretched from head to tentacle. A sin le Swamp Ape will stay in a particular den for one or two weeks at a time and then "enture into another area.. Ge searched for a cartila inous pen. The flesh was brown and rubbery in te(ture. on the beaches of Bermuda. Ge du the body out of the sand. many residents went across #atan!as Bay to Anatasia Island on the other side. They did not find any Spanish old. this was clearly not whale blubber. se"enty feet. The newspapers called it ?The Saint Au ustine #onster. 3e<itt <ebb was the founder and president of the Saint Au ustine Gistoric and Scientific Society. an ar ument of what to do with the thin . perhaps folklore can help us fill that ap. but they weren1t disappointed. Australia. Immediately. Secondly..@ Biolo ists still ar ue about the identity of the loboids to this day.=eor ia. 6ew Zealand. Ge measured it and took tissue samples. Ge calculated that if his body were in proportion to normal species of octopi and if it were still intact. Chile. The researcher studied it under a microscope and concluded two thin s. <ith tentacles spread side to side. They ar ued that the Saint Au ustine #onster had to ha"e been either a s5uid )) or more likely a piece of whale blubber which became separated from the rest of the whale in the storm. Ge named his body. This e"idence supported #r. so he concluded that his body was not e(actly a iant s5uid but a similar species of iant octopus I ne"er before seen by science. and in Au ust of -. That was a species only recently disco"ered by science.@ The Saint Au ustine #onster made headlines around the world. not yet stretched flat. . . The creature was lar ely for otten until enerations later. it could ha"e spanned one hundred) twenty feet. 2ne of these tentacles stubs stretched twenty)four feet. Ge e"en posed in front of it for photo raphs. <ebb thou ht at first he had found the body of a iant s5uid. It had stubs where tentacles had been torn off. howe"er. <ebb theory of 2ctopus =i antius. the cellular structure was more similar to octopus than s5uid. The nati"es of Andros . in China. 3ays after the storm passed. Always after a reat storm. /uckily for science. Ireland. As did the critics who called #r. They could.ishermen wanted to cut it apart and use it for bait. 6o li"e 2ctopus =i anteus has e"er been captured nor photo raphed.

for each *. They will not fi ht to the death if they can a"oid it. A surface le"el. P.C.. Weight: Earies. Natural !bilities: These monsters can breath underwater indefinitely.?: none. for each armed opponent who is fi htin the creature. .:. standardT or by amemaster1s option.C. As a side effect.@ Accordin to this le end. The other .C.: Prowl Skill in the water. %i-e: N. Track Animals -. *3*. standardT or by amemaster1s option. &usca = Natural Predator !lso /no n as 2ctopus =i anteus Eeril. Swim *.3. !lignment: Similar to #iscreantT these creatures are likely to be docile animals li"in far remo"ed from humans most of the time. !rmor "ating >!. but cepholopods like s5uids tend to ha"e "ery short lifespans in the ran e of one or two years re ardless of si!e...: Prowl in the water. howe"er. . or in themsel"es on lar e fish.. in water or K crawlin across land of the deck of a ship.C. yards or meters per melee.to Perception %olls of "ictims &or )K in a hurricane'. but they can tra"el with deep sea currents all o"er the se"en oceans. . -.1 &Lm' of len th. to cut throu h the entire tentacle. S. the body will 5uickly decay and become unreco ni!able within days unless it is kept fro!en. the /usca only lea"e their pits when hurricanes pass o"erhead. or ).: can spray streams of ink which affecti"ely creates a cloud of blindess a ainst opponents in the water. 1iscor(oration: The creature isn1t supernatural. althou h the /usca is dan erous.3. so they na"i ate and hunt by sensin "ibrations in the water. *3K.. miles per hour &*J kmph' or in short bursts of K. they will break off attacks when their own personal S. Spd.: to Git Points. S. )*.. !verage &ife %(an: Mnknown. P.:. G. !ttributes: Gi h animal intelli ence because cephalopoda ha"e surprisin ly ad"anced brains.:. *orror Factor: *J. 3etect Ambush or Trap . They ha"e -3J tentacles each. If their habitat is disturbed by a storm. is de"eloped for sur"i"al under the e(treme pressure of the ocean1s floor. they are immune to blindin effects.P. is depleted alon with half of their Git Points. to hurt it or -.. *. (*. it is not a supernatural creature and as such does not cause a resonance effect in psychics.. Mnless trapped.@ The /usca dwell in the deep pits of blue water near the island in an area that the MS 6a"y calls the ?ton ue of the ocean. their instincts will chan e to that of a fren!ied predator. so it doesn1t discorporate immediately if killed.: -3J..1 &-Lm' standard from head to the tip of it1s lon est tentacleT or by amemaster1s option. howe"er. They come to feed. dolphins and e"en sailors.: and 6a"i ation . =houls en4oy rotten /usca meat almost as much a human flesh. If encountered durin a hurricane. They nest off the coast of Andros Island. =loboid. They will tra"el to the surface of the water and rab whate"er easy meals they can find. They can swim tirelessly at *. It1s body. %. %/ills or $#uivalents: -. *it Points: *. all other physical attributes are -.3.tons. the creature can already be in4ured by the storm. ".C.B.". often around .. /usca ha"e no eyes. and can sur"i"e at the surface for up to an hour at a time.$. Vulnerabilities: These monsters are not supernatural creatures.Island in the Bahamas speak of a species of hu e octopi they call ?/usca.at most.1 &Lm'.: .1. so any hit point dama e they suffer is slow to heal.P. They can probably sur"i"e hi h pressure and free!in conditions at any ocean depth. 0hreat &evel: (.C.: of /usca can chan e their color like a chameleon which rants them a chance to sneak up on "ictims despite their incredible si!e7 -. Attackin a specific tentacle re5uires a called shot and inflictin *.

C.C. /usca ha"e both hooks and suction cups on their tentacles. "ersus the /usca1s 3-. $nemies: <hales are a natural enemy of the /usca and the only creature which feeds on them.attacks for each armed opponent. their bodies can be found washed up anywhere around the world. Mnnaturally lar e alli ators can be found for a number of reasons. a stuffed twenty foot lon crocodile. -J.m' lon . !ttac/s (er +elee: K attacksT or by amemaster1s option. but they nest in the it is most likely to be found within a power triad like the Bermuda Trian le. !ttributes: /ow animal intelli ence. poisons..S. points of dama e to that tentacle.: chance that the /usca will win.C. and no Git Points. <hen a Sperm <hale attacks a /usca. can be manipulated by ma ic such as the Animate 8 Control 3ead Spell or by certain creatures like Tectonic $ntities. !lignment: $ffecti"ely #iscreant. A /usca which died in a storm. Some rew to be forty feet &*-. no Initiati"e bonus.ollowin the flow of lar e storms. 9. . S.C. if it is found within one day and still mostly intact. -. ma ic. Those are the naturally occurrin monsters.. 9L to 3od e in the water if swimmin away. An e"il psychic or arcanist could possibly manipulate these creatures into attackin a specific tar et. *. These mutant creatures are considered supernatural predators due to their cursed auras and power e"en thou h they were once natural creatures..3.' or inflictin at least *. no Git Points and has the same powers as a !ombie. .(erience: *st. . ". Bonuses >including attribute bonuses?: 9* per tentacle to Strike. !lso /no n as Proto)Crocodile. Eictims of an entan lin strike suffer an initial L3J9.S. dama e followed by -3J dama e from crushin and *3J dama e from drownin per additional melee until they break free. bonuses ha"e already been added. it can mutate after the supernatural influence has left. If the actual Creature Zombie ritual is used on the /usca Corpse.3. A re)animated /usca corpse will ha"e -. Sometimes. 3ire /i!ard. the resultin super)!ombie will ha"e . 9P. <iant !lligator = %u(ernatural Predator &based upon $rick <u4cik1s =iant Crocodile'.. /usca are lone hunters. dru s and to(ins. 9-.actors normally or immune durin a feedin fren!y.$#uivalent &evel of $. *abitat: They can tra"el anywhere in the ocean.S.arm is the current home of =omek. The Saint Au ustine Alli ator . when an alli ator is e(posed to a supernatural force such as a Possessin $ntity or a demon. Gorror . P. there is only a . P. for all other physical attributes. <iant !lligator . The affected alli ator can re"ert back to form of one of its many massi"e ancestors. 9L to Sa"e "s. +agic and Psionics: none. 1amage: Tentacle slaps inflict only *3J..ossil records demonstrate that crocodillians ha"e chan ed little since the Permian A e. the /usca can bite with its beak for K3J dama e. !llies: 6one.. but an entan lin attack is particularly deadly. S. million years a o. ne"er parries. to Sa"e "s. <hen the "ictim stops stru lin &or when the amemaster wants to make an e(ample of some poor character'. but the e"il human would first ha"e to find a /usca within the ran e of his mystic powers. A rift or ley line storm can pull a creature out of the distant past and drop it into a swamp in the modern a e.reein a human)si!ed or smaller character from this rip re5uires an opposed rapplin roll &3-.. . will ne"er dod e if in a feedin fren!y.

9*.!rmor "ating >!.".C. It will fi ht to the death only if cornered. 9* per foot of len th. +agic and Psionics: 6one. S..C. !verage &ife %(an: . *it Points: typically N.1 9 . and no Git Points. $nemies: Swamp Apes ha"e been known to hunt alli ators for their li"ers..C. 9* per armed opponent. !ttac/s (er +elee: .T or at amemaster1s option. feet &*-.. %/ills or $#uivalents: Prowl . pre"entin escape.?: typically **T or at amemaster1s option. <hile in the 4aws of a iant alli ator. 9K to Strike. .th. up to two hundred years.. penalty to a Perception %oll. *orror Factor: *-.1. dama e..$.-m' lon . the "ictim will take another *3J from crushin 4aws and *3J from drownin dama e per melee.3. no Git Points and has the same powers as a !ombie. It can remain motionless waitin for prey for months at a time. Vulnerabilities: Soft underbelly has no armor ratin protection.1 &Lm' where it can attack. years at a"era e. Natural !bilities: Amphibious. howe"er. $#uivalent &evel of $. An ambush attack will be e5ui"alent to a Prowl Skill of . 1iscor(oration: It will not "anish. .1 per armed opponent up to K.(erience: . it will loose mass after bein killed until it shrinks to a mere ten feet &Lm' lon .. dama e. an alli ator will simply ne"er chase prey across land. but the e"il human would first ha"e to find an alli ator within the ran e of his mystic powers. no initiati"e nor defensi"e bonuses. Bonuses >including attribute bonuses?: 9* to Perception %olls. one by bite and a second by tail strike.*m' to K.P.C. An alli ator which is already dead can be manipulated by ma ic such as the Animate 8 Control 3ead Spell or by certain creatures like Tectonic $ntities.: -3J.. %i-e: -. !llies: 6one. The upper limit for a naturally occurrin alli ator in the wild will be -. alli ators are lone hunters. A re)animated alli ator corpse will ha"e *. A bite attack will also entan le a "ictim. ". If supernaturally lar e. 0hreat &evel: (K Supernatural Predator like a Gell Gound. *.attacks. An e"il psychic or arcanist could possibly manipulate these creatures into attackin a specific tar et. alli ators sometimes cross paths with sharks in brackish water. Althou h it is capable of crawlin across land at a ood rate of speed. 9* per foot of len th S. a sca"en er and ambush predator who will hide at the water1s ed e and wait for prey to come within *.: *. Weight: * to . A supernaturally enlar ed creature can be as lon as -. bite for L3*. In the natural world.1. the resultin super)!ombie will ha"e L.:.C. P. %.tons.. feet &J. *abitat: Alli ators and crocodiles are nati"e to warm swamps and ri"ers around the lobe.3.1.C.: or ). If the actual Creature Zombie ritual is used on the alli ator corpse.C. ".. 1amage >including attribute bonuses?: tail strike for *3J 9.: and Swim +.

A ley line runs east to west throu h the town while another runs north to south followin the under round ri"er called the Saint Au ustine A5uifer. .T Spanish. Confederate and American at different times.J. British.lorida.New Locations %aint !ugustine *istoric 1istrict The old town of Saint Au ustine. remains the ne(us of influence for the Court of Tarot more than a century after the roup1s foundin . These ley lines meet in a minor ne(us at the Saint Au ustine /i hthouse 4ust east of the old town on a barrier island called Anastasia Island. . The town itself has flown many different fla s since it was founded in *.

the Castillo de San #arcos can be seen.. #any of these houses alon the bay front still stand in -. this is a picture of the sea wall ad4acent to #atan!as Bay. I was the only uide who took roups to the Abbot #ansion. She had a mansion built for herself. She has been photo raphed in the second floor windows.or e(ample. courters and "isitors from out of town. This /ucy is an aberrant lady. The face in the second story window was photo raphed durin my tour. She mo"ed to Saint Au ustine shortly before the American Ci"il <ar and a"oided the most of the destruction of war.or one thin . A public bath house is the round buildin on the ri ht hand side of the photo. and she remained there until her death. If she takes offense at a particular resident.: *. In the fictional world of Beyond the SupernaturalT#.%. 2n the second floor. %eports of supernatural acti"ity in the house are common. the police would ha"e stopped her for 5uestionin . Pictured below is a photo raph of $dwardian)era Saint Au ustine. She keeps room a"ailable in her house for uests.la ler family settled in Saint Au ustine and be an in"itin their wealthy friends from 6ew Rork. Second. The second floor host can be a "iolent apparition. .Saint Au ustine itself is a ood town for paranormal research. the abundance of historical re) enactors pro"ides ood co"er for secreti"e in"esti ations and monster hunts. ". . +iss &ucy !bbot I Gaunter 6PC. . <hen the . she will try to dri"e that person out. She will not allow entities like Gauntin $ntities and Polter eists in her home as she considers them to be lower class. /ucy Abbot was a spinster from a wealthy Sa"annah family.C. There is e"en a Soul Tree in the town1s oldest ra"eyard. /ucy had plots of land ready to sell to those friends a tremendous profit. a restaurant and currently a bed and breakfast. a man dressed as a sea captain is witnessed wanderin the halls. The Abbot #ansion has been an apartment buildin . the Abbot #ansion is a atherin place for True =hosts. a residential lane 4ust north of the %ipley1s Belie"e It or 6ot #useum and 4ust barely outside of the historic district. She purchased a lar e section of land outside the old city walls and paid to ha"e the land de"eloped into streets and houses. In the distance. an old woman who is belie"ed to be /ucy wanders the halls and stairs. Anna can carry ancient)style weaponry like maces &*30' and chain mail &A. !bbot +ansion There is at least one si ht of stron supernatural acti"ity in the town which is typically i nored by tourists and host story tours.th le"el True =host. 2n the third floor. Supernatural Encounters+ <hen I was workin a host tour uide.+. In almost any other town. so she will accept entities sent as messen ers into her home temporarily. The Abbot #ansion is located on Voiner Street. She has pushed "ictims down the stairs.C. the abundance of history and presence of two known ley lines result is a much hi her rate of supernatural acti"ity than in most other parts of the American Southeast. *L' without atherin much notice. Specifically. At least two different hosts ha"e been seen inside. She has been known to mo"e "ictims1 lu a e onto the front steps outside. mostly as bed 8 breakfasts. She is on speakin terms with Saint Au ustine1s Soul Tree. and she once pushed a "ictim out of the second floor window. #iss Abbot has left behind a fractured splinter of her soul in the form of a True =host. Ger timin couldn1t ha"e been better.

. I.for an entire ectoplamsic body for K minutes per e(perience le"el' and Commune with Spirits &no cost'..C. $ctoplasm &no cost for "apor. ft tall &*.C. immune to the Stealin of Psychic $ner y attacks of mystics and other entities.: and 3owsin at . and Spd.$.S. #athematics7 Basic at +. I. in"ulnerable to most ener y and fire attacks e(cept when the attack is ma ical or psychic.S.3.S. %ope .?: 6ot applicable as it is an intan ible ener y form. it will sound like shatterin lass and will disperse as a small cloud of incense)smellin ray smoke. P. in"ulnerable to physical attacks. not e"en by ho"erin o"er it or passin under it. costs7 #ind Block &*'. Prowl at +. As a Telekinetic Spirit.P. #. in"ulnerable to to(ins and poisons.. Traditional Psionic Powers7 All True =hosts ha"e the followin powers at lessened I. can fly and ho"er at about *N mph &-0 kmph'. in"ulnerable to cold and heat. in"ulnerable to disease and illness. !ttac/s (er +elee: K psionic attacks per melee round. %/ills of Note: /and 6a"i ation at 0. of -. The personalities of True =hosts are as fra mented as their minds. *orror Factor: *. 0hreat &evel: (KT Gaunter or Prankster. but she may ather I. to * I. imper"ious to possession. naturally.m' and wei hs nothin . +agic: /ucy dabbles in ma ic. to sa"e "s insanity and many de"elop full schi!ophrenia. Mnderstands and Speaks $n lish with a stron southern accent &to anyone who can hear it' at +. a True =host is considered to be a bein of pure. !ttributes: The True =host is a mere shadow of its former li"in self with a partially intact mind and no physical body. strikin at a True =host in"ol"es a )*. doesn1t tire but can row moody if she doesn1t take 5uiet breaks from time to time. /ucy has Telekinesis &"aries'. She needs a *. A True =host can not pass a line of salt. from that specific tar et. A True =host does not re enerate I. P.:. or clay on a floor. *.P.' and #ystic Alarm &K'. with no more than one attempt made per hour.. dirt.: 0. She may con"ert ener y at a rate of K P.P.P. These skills do not impro"e. ". Asymmetrical artificial structures like a house with all different windows are difficult for a True =host to mo"e throu h due to celestial eometry. penalty to Strike. **. Psychic #ediums. can communicate with other spirits. so they are ).$. !rmor "ating >!. Chi ener y may not be stolen in this manner if usin rules from )in*as and SuperspiesT# or Mystic ChinaT#.P. does not breath. %i-e: .S. *it Points: Mses P. Sense 3imensional Anomaly &no cost'. no personal S. Natural !bilities: In"isible and intan ible. Special7 Stealin /ife $ner y7 A successful roll to sa"e means the True =host did not recei"e any ener y. from ambient ener y of certain places or li"in creatures &see special attack below'.:. .ear &. creatures who ha"e the Commune with Spirits power. it has no ma(imum altitude. *L. in place of Git Points.S.to hi her to sa"e "s psionic attack. See the In"isible &no cost'. so it can only enter or e(it such structures on a roll of a natural -. Any character who knows the li"in name of the True =host can command it unless the True =host makes a sa"e "s psychic attackBmind control.".$. J for a solid limb. or . Some le ends state that a buildin s with no two windows alike can confuse hosts and keep them from returnin T that is partly accurate. /iterate in $n lish at N.P. #. Bonuses: 9* to Perception %olls in"ol"in areas she knew when ali"e.C.:. 9.:. but can hold a ma(imum of J.:. A True =host can not parry nor roll with an impact due to its incorporeal nature. She has no bonuses to sa"e "s psionic attacks 8 ma ic.P.P. spirit uides.to 3od e. 3etect Concealment at -. If usin Chi %ules.P. can pass throu h solid matter &but not ener y'.S..$. <ithout bein able to See the In"isible.P. Vulnerabilities: All ma ic and psionic attacks. A failed sa"e means the $ntity can steal up to -.$. See Aura &*'.A. Psionics: -K I. She knows the spells Befuddle &L'. 1amage: By psionics only.:. or *. 1iscor(oration: If the True =host is killed.S. positi"e chi re ardless of its ali nment.!lignment: Aberrant. $(orcisms and spells which control entities are particularly useful a ainst True =hosts. &*N mphB-0 kmph'.

2ften.Trick &K'. She also 5uietly takes P. She prefers to remain at home and entertain. she can always tra"el to the Saint Au ustine ley line for a rechar e. Telekinetic Punch &J'.$. #ention is made here because of this photo raph. sendin *3J entities within *. many other spirits would rally to her aid. If threatened.$. from other hostly renters in order to feed her own needs for ener y.P. Wealth and $#ui(ment: /ucy still considers herself to the be owner of her mansion. 0olomato Cemetery This ra"eyard was described in more detail in the ori inal Court of Tarot article. minutes. !llies: /ucy is a prominent member of Saint Au ustine1s spirit community. The Saint Au ustine Soul Tree will also rally to her aid.P. to her. but she has learned to tolerate new residents who maintain the structure for her. allowin other spirits to brin the nourishin P. Telekinetic Push &K'. If she has no renters at any particular time. She char es P.$. *3J other True =hosts are close enou h to respond immediately.P. Telepathy &K' and #ind Bolt &"aries'. . from the human "isitors who sleep in her house.

accordin to local le end. <hile tryin to fall asleep. /illy was.rancis Inn is a Gauntin $ntity.h le"el Gauntin $ntity. Supernatural Encounters+ 3espite the tra ic nature of the story. the host in the Saint .rancis Inn. The ne(t mornin .Castillo de %an +arcos a. &illy I Gaunter. She is widely reco ni!ed as a happy and mischie"ous host. There was a youn man in the owner1s family who became infatuated with her. She is also shrewd. I spent one ni ht there on my birthday. The real /illy had left an emotional imprint on the house. I kept askin the 5uestion o"er and o"er a ain in my head. .rancis Inn./. a sla"e irl durin the American Ci"il <ar. There are many "ariations of the story of how /illy came to haunt this house.a. perhaps han in herself in her small bedroom.C.: . The youn man of the house and /illy conspired to ha"e a secret romance. I be an worryin about how much my mother had paid. This optimism was so distincti"e and stron that it drowned out the tra edy and fear that ended the life of the real /illy. /illy died shortly afterward. In the fictional world of Beyond the SupernaturalT#. Fort +arion This stone fort was described in more detail in the ori inal Court of Tarot article. The closest that I e"er came to seein a host was at the Saint . %aint Francis Inn The sin le most acti"e haunted location in Saint Au ustine is the Saint . I woke up to the sound of the radio alarm clock playin hea"y metal from a local hard rock station. The entity who wandered into the house had ne"er e(perienced happiness before. years a o. Vust before I fell asleep. The ni ht was a birthday present from my mother. <hen the family disco"ered this affair.C.rancis Street. Before oin to bed. I set the radio alarm clock to the local 6ational Public %adio station. the host of /illy is anythin but depressi"e. #ention is made here because of the illustration. I reali!ed that the "oice in my head was not my own but distinctly female. but the "ariations are similar enou h. ". at the southern ed e of the town1s historic district. As an amateur historian and a host story tour uide for se"eral years. I ha"e ne"er seen a host. ne"er fallin for a trap when some in"esti ator tries to lure her into appearin . they sent the youn man away to war so that they could a"oid scandal. The house is occupied by a particularly acti"e entity called /illy. It copied /illy1s persona and held onto the feelin with a desperate rip. let me tell you somethin . She is infamous for playin in the makeup of female uests and prankin the men by hidin their belon in s while they sleep. a mi(ture of youn lo"e and mischie"ous secrecy. This small bed and breakfast sits on Saint .

spirit uides. 2ften. from ambient ener y of certain places or li"in creatures &see special attack below'. or hi her to sa"e "s psionic attack &bonus already added'. she will simply "anish in a tiny wisp of smoke. *it Points: L. no personal S. in"ulnerable to disease and illness.P. I.C.!lignment: Anarchist currently. %/ills of Note: Mnderstands and Speaks $n lish at N. 1iscor(oration: If killed. %i-e: . Presence Sense &K'.: but is not literate. Bonuses: 9* to 3od e. and Spd. *3K Polter eists are close enou h to respond immediately. ".P.S.". Vulnerabilities: All ma ic and psionic attacks. does not breath. P. #. in"ulnerable to physical attacks. !ttributes: I. other haunters would rally to her aid. strikin at an in"isible entity in"ol"es a )*. /imited Psionic Powers7 $mpathy &K'. ma ic and 9. *. P. can fly and ho"er.C. in"ulnerable to to(ins and poisons. I. She can not parry nor roll with an impact due to her incorporeal nature.P. but /illy1s personality corresponds closely with their own sense of human. Psychic #ediums. See the In"isible &K'.$.: J.C. Psionics: L. can become "isible if she chooses for up to L3K minutes. ft J in tall &*. <ithout bein able to See the In"isible.Nm' and wei hs nothin . imper"ious to possession. 9L to sa"e "s. If threatened. can communicate with other spirits. $mpathic Transmission &"aries'. immune to the Stealin of Psychic $ner y attacks of mystics and other entities. Wealth and $#ui(ment: none. L.to sa"e "s psychic attack.kmph'.. in"ulnerable to most ener y and fire attacks e(cept when the attack is ma ical or psychic. Telekinesis &"aries' and $ctoplasm &J for "apor or *. Natural !bilities: In"isible and intan ible.P.P. in"ulnerable to cold and heat.for a solid limb'.$. !llies: Polter eists normally snub Gauntin $ntities. *orror Factor: *K. 0hreat &evel: (KT Gaunter and Prankster. She may con"ert ener y at a rate of K P.P.P. Telepathy &L'. She may ather I. 1amage: By psionics only. !rmor "ating >!.$. !ttac/s (er +elee: L psionic attacks per melee round.S. doesn1t tire. of L. or . to * I.S. &-.?: 6ot applicable as it is an intan ible ener y bein . Total %ecall &K'.S. Chi ener y may not be stolen in this manner if usin rules from )in*as and SuperspiesT# or Mystic ChinaT#.3. A failed sa"e means she can steal up to -. mphBL.$. penalty to Strike.. She needs a *. creatures who ha"e the Commune with Spirits power or by Telepathy. can pass throu h solid matter &but not ener y'.S. #ind Block &K'. . Special7 Stealin /ife $ner y7 A successful roll to sa"e means /illy did not recei"e any ener y. from that specific tar et.

After 3rake. 3rake1s raid is re)enacted e"ery summer in downtown Saint Au ustine. Gis men traced the noise to a rowboat and picked up the . A fleet of .irst. the li hthouse keeper and huntin parties for centuries. but after his death the plantation was abandoned. Since that time.Casa +onica *otel a.rench soldier to the man chose death.rancis 3rake.ort Caroline first. fa"orite pri"ateer of Sueen $li!abeth the . $"en thou h #enende! was outnumbered. 3rake was preparin his attack when he heard a flute bein played in #antan!as Bay. The bay waters turned red with the blood of hundreds of .renchmen the option of con"ertin and 4oinin his army or e(ecution.renchman offered detailed information about the defenses in e(chan e for a ride home.J. %t. Cordova *otel This hotel was already described in more detail in the ori inal Court of Tarot article. Gis men were prepared to kill what they thou ht was a sentry. but 3rake reco ni!ed the tune as bein a .a.!ugustine Beach A series of barrier islands shield Saint Au ustine from the full fury of the Atlantic 2cean. Somewhere on Anastasia Island. spared by #enende! decades earlier. 3rake1s attack was de"astatin . The . The children fla ed down a .@ The settlement of Anastasia Island was typically limited shipwrecked pirates.rench melody.rench soldiers into surrenderin by pretendin that he add the numerical ad"anta e. Admiral Pedro #enende! de A"iles arri"ed came to the 6ew <orld with orders to destroy the . burnin most of the town and destroyin a crop of oran e trees. The .rench settlement of . They were shipwrecked on Anastasia Island when #enende! found them. 2ne such pirate was Sir . #enende! a"e the .ort Caroline. a mass e(ecution occurred in *.renchmen. but they ran directly into a hurricane. se"eral other British pirates and e"en in"adin armies from the thirteen colonies used the island as a platform for attackin the city. he tricked the . A land de"eloper named Vesse .rench ships won the race. pirates and in"aders used the island as a sta in round for attacks a ainst Saint Au ustine. but the parents were both killed in a freak li htnin strike. the Bay of 3olphins has been better known as the Spanish term for slau hter. #enende! spared one musician because he none of his own. The arden on the ri ht)hand side of the photo is the lawn in front of the Alca!ar Gotel.ish Plantation./. but none were as successful a 3rake. It is mentioned here because of this photo rah.rench ships races #enende!1 fleet across the ocean in hopes of reachin .ish built a successful oran e plantation on the island. This picture was taken from one of the windows of the ri"al Ponce de /eon Gotel. $"ery .rench bard. At se"eral points.. A family of s5uatters mo"ed into what was left of the . ?#atan!as.

The . Vackson"ille was named after Andrew Vackson.fishin boat se"eral days later and were rescued. $ither way. Flagler College This location was described in more detail in the ori inal Court of Tarot article. territory of .lorida. Anna Anderson and her team cleaned them out. Supernatural Encounters+ The /usca was a predator which came too close to the city and was killed by the Gurricane /ady statue. #ention is made here because of these illustrations. includin a . a fire destroyed downtown Vackson"ille.ish family crypt until Bu!!ard Gastin s. the first o"ernor of the M. another storm blew the body back out to sea.. as se"eral escaped and carried on a secret war of attrition a ainst the Spanish for years afterward. and it was ne"er seen a ain. The heat was so intense that it created its own weather. The trolley carried tourists to the Saint Au ustine Alli ator . Genry .la lers. Today. this is an army ready to attack the town and a"en e itself.*.a. and they ha"e been since at least the nineteen fifties. This dark brown room is the Court1s ball room. This was the be innin of lastin de"elopment.rench reinforcements on the beach./.2 si htin s o"er the island are common to this day. #enende! turned his attention to foundin the settlement of San Au utin. The fort was destroyed by #enende! and his soldiers after they e(ecuted the . 3urin the day. 2nly after eliminatin the . *KN city blocks includin more than -.rench presence. As it was the lar est port city alon the southern Atlantic Coast &at least until Genry . about ten miles south of the li hthouse. it is the lunch room of the colle e students. They are waitin to be acti"ated either as imprints for Gauntin $ntities or as raw material for animated dead.la ler built #iami'. In Vanuary. a Thanks i"in 3ay hurricane blew the body of a /usca onto the beach. Cac/sonville Somewhere underneath the City of Vackson"ille. li hthouse and sandy beaches. It rew 5uickly and was considered a resort destination before Saint Au ustine was reno"ated by the . Ponce de &eon *otel a. . howe"er. This white room is the hotel1s tea room.arm. In *0+J.lorida.. The town of Saint Au ustine Beach was officially incorporated in *+J+.rench died immediately. M. A pack of =houls had settled into the . the cada"er pro"ed too lar e to mo"e.la ler built a trolley brid e across the bay. buildin s were entirely destroyed. Althou h e(ca"ated.rench soldiers are still somewhere under the sand dunes. 6ot all of the . In *+. lies the ruins of . Vackson"ille en4oyed many years as a prominent port of call. it has a reater population than the actual city of Saint Au ustine.ort Caroline.S.

he was contacted by the spirit who would come to be his uide. the self) described ?Psychic Capital of the <orld. Children who li"ed on Anastasia Island knew the place on the shore where they could o and hear the "oices of the =erman crew. the Cassada a Spritualist Camp Association remains a small and close)knit community. Supernatural Encounters+ See ?$lemental In"asion@ in the ori inal Court of Tarot article for my su estion of how to use the =reat Vackson"ille . a two story tower in which $dward li"es and a car"ed staircase which leads down into an under round bathin pool I all of it car"ed from nati"e coral. $dward /eedskalnin built the structure himself o"er the period of a twenty)ei ht years. The destination was a secret dock inside a warehouse where the boats could be ser"iced and resupplied. 2nce per year. Msin machines no more powerful or ad"anced than ropes and pulleys. carried o"er the water. k ' man with no formal education. . The uniforms of two =erman S. =erman submarines would park off the coast at ni ht and send spies to search for this dock. Ser"ices offered by the community include educational classes. This rip appears in the center of Cassada a e"ery year with dependability of 2ld . the two roups ha"e rown socially distant in subse5uent enerations. is a remarkable structure.waterspout which capsi!ed sailboats in the nearby ri"er. 5uarried and assembled by a *. *. and he named it ?Cassada a@ after another Spiritualist camp in 6ew Rork.S. All of these slabs were all cut. a 6ati"e American called Seneca. 3urin <orld <ar II. The rest of the year.lorida.ire of *+.@ In *0N. the community comes to ether for the Cassada a #as5uerade Ball. The paper was still burnin as it floated to the round.aithful. #aybe they were a ents of the Thule Society who were sent to in"esti ate the Court of Tarot.. Colby founded his own community for psychics in this location in *0+. If player characters ha"e made enemies in the Court.. Cassada a is a place where they can o for clair"oyant counselin or psychic sur ery at reasonable prices.irst $dition'. Two spies died in an alli ator1s pond. Althou h some of the foundin members of the community had membership in the ori inal Court of Tarot also. =eor e P. Colby did locate the spot. but it is the location of a re ularly occurrin %ip of #a ic &as fully described on Pa e *L.S. psychic healin and di"ination. Coral Castle also contains stone furniture. pound &K. and Seneca told him to tra"el south to find this place. The effects durin this period of a few hours are identical to the effects of standin in a ley line. 2ne of these slabs wei hs about thirty tons. Supernatural Encounters+ This community is not located on a ley line. Inside the pockets were ticket stubs from a mo"ie that they had seen in Vackson"ille. . The residents celebrate this release of ener y with their annual mas5uerade ball. These blocks are hu e slabs of coral and oolitic limestone. as the sailors talked and smoked on the deck of their submarine. Cassada a is a "ital resource of psychic aid.S. The =erman spies were perhaps not searchin for the submarine dock after all. There is no formal affiliation between the two. ri ht alon the side of Gi hway M.*. The community is built around two si nificant buildin s. Colby saw a place in the wilderness durin his trance.. a tunnel was constructed for submarines of the M. the Cassada a Gotel and the Colby #emorial Temple. 3urin a sWance in Iowa. Colby was a tra"elin Psychic #edium. Coral Castle is a partially)built palace made of coral stone. Pa es from a book depository fell like lea"es in the woods twenty miles away. but how many others were sentA Cassadaga About one hour1s dri"e south of Saint Au ustine is the tiny community of Cassada a. Today. officers were found years later in the nest of an alli ator. 6a"y to tra"el miles beneath the streets of Vackson"ille. This was durin the hei ht of the American Spiritualism #o"ement of the nineteenth century. of Beyond the SupernaturalT#. a"era in a wei ht of fifteen tons each. The architect used to cook hot do s for "isitin school . Coral Castle In Gomestead.

howe"er. howe"er. The under round can be accessed throu h the under round ri"er. They meet directly below Coral Castle with a third line that runs out alon the ocean floor. A second ley line flows from a ne(us at .S. patents includin such inno"ations as the li ht bulb. That line follows the same under round ri"er which flows throu h the porous coral rock and feeds the bathin pool beneath the castle. $dward1s suface castle. It mi ht ha"e been aliens stonecutters from the asteroid belt abo"e. $"en $dison himself did not understand until he 4oined the Court the role that his latent psychic abilities played in a role in his creation process. Rou are welcome to read itT I did.lorida and $dward /eedskalnin1s ori inal work site. Ge and his research team de"eloped one thousand M. By followin the flow of the water. the motion picture and his ectophone. As weather and pollution decompose the structure. It could be a nest of Brain Burrowers &a little trouble'. thousands of years older. and no one e"er saw him workin . years before the pressure cooker was supposedly in"ented. It could ha"e been ancient Atlantian Stonemasters before the structure was buried by their disaster. The location of the ley line ne(us on the surface. an e(plorer can find the other secret of this site. <orkin from his new research facility. is incomplete.lorida City. these two lines both run under the round. Mnlike most ley lines which flow o"er the round. The final line terminates in a ne(us of ley lines at Gomestead. $dison Park in Saint . but he did claim on se"eral occasions that he had fi ured out the secrets of $ yptian pyramid builders. It mi ht ha"e been a colony of As uardian 3war"es who were buildin a transdimensional back door into Ealhalla. There are no headaches for psychics. <ho car"ed the under round castleA It may ha"e been #asons to hide the treasures of Fin Solomon. the de"elopment of the world1s first industrial research facility. Gis reatest achie"ement was ne"er patented.lorida City is the southernmost tip of .lorida1s Atlantic Coast. Because the surface is shielded by a hard layer of earth. monsters attracted to the ener y rifts openin to dan erous realms. $"en Ponce de /eon1s fountain of youth could be down there. $dward ne"er re"ealed e(actly how he built the structure. The castle allows psychics and anarchists to access the power of the ne(us from a safe distance. 6o li"in person has the knowled e to fi( it. but that is mostly his rules for proper eti5uette and the story of his doomed romance as a youn man in $stonia. <hy e(actly has the Court of Tarot ne"er in"esti ated this siteA Could it be that the 5ueen already knows what is thereA NPCs 0homas $dison Prince of Cu(s Ar uably the reatest in"entor of all time. . 2r it could be a royal couple of =o5ua and their do!ens of =ar oyle minions &a lot of trouble'. the entire system wa"ers on the ed e of collapse. It connects to an under round castle of car"ed coral. The under round castle could be the current home of any number of supernatural critters and relics.roups in his own pressure cooker. Supernatural Encounters+ /ey lines flow south from Saint Au ustine alon . is well known. <hat information he did share is in his self)published book. $dison dominated the early field of electrical en ineerin . the ne(us doesn1t cause the usual problems. audio recordin . and I can1t make sense of any of it. chemical battery. disappearin and reappearin like one reat dotted line.

I. 3urin his professional ri"alry with 6ikoli Tesla. **. *K. This photo raph is of the clock which $dison made for the Ponce de /eon Gotel. These ethical blinders.P. (*.$. en ineers and assistants. Gis facilities at #enlo Park and $dison Park are full of state)of)the)art e5uipment for *+.. 9. In matters of business and science. +. a block west of his $dison Park facility. howe"er.la ler.%. ?In"ention is one percent inspiration.P. 9L to sa"e "s. This house still stands in the same location in -. !lignment: Scrupulous. 9* to sa"e "s.A. illusions. %/ills of Note: #echanical $n ineer +0:.: *+ &(-. 1is(osition: $dison was already one of the most prolific in"entors in history before bein recruited by Ida Alice . +agic .@ 1escri(tion: $dison is tall and broad man with thin white hair. 9* to sa"e "s.P.1. $dison demonstrated his shrewd business sense and his capacity for ruthless business practices. and telepathic or empathic probes. he carries a !apper he desi ned inside a walkin stick. ultimately blemished his otherwise stellar status as a li"in icon of inno"ation work ethic.C. "as(utin Prince of % ords "eal Name: =ri ori Refimo"ich %asputin. !ge: Mnknown.to sa"e "s. Vury)%i 0*:. %ifles &only 9* to Strike' and no other combat skills. . .-. Wea(ons and $#ui(ment: $dison carries his special psi)de"ice pocket watch where"er he tra"els. demonstrated most clearly durin the Currency <ars a ainst 6icoli Tesla. cost for the same powers. $lectrical $n ineer +0:.+. $dison has built a second $ctophone in a hidden room at =rant Street for his own research and kept it secret from the other members of the Court of Tarot. he can be 4aded and willin to o"erlook unethical practices in order to achie"e certain oals.B. /an ua es7 $n lish ++: 8 #orse Code +. 9* to dod e. ninety)nine percent perspiration.actor.: *J.:. !lignment: Eice 8 Eirtue with leanin s toward Anarchist. %e5uires a *. P.. a former pupil. possession. Chemistry +0:.P. !ttributes: I. <. P.$. ma ic does not interest him. all mind control. L non)combat actions per melee round.or protection.. 8ccu(ation: Communications $n ineer.'. -. /ore7 Superstitions 0*:.th /e"el Psi)#echanic. Bonuses: L attacks per melee round.S. $dison is usually a enerous and charitable person. patriotic e"en.(erience &evel: *. bio)manipulation. *it Points: JL. ma ic and curses. Gis motto was. 9.: L. (J. $. P.S. (K. 9. Build Psi)3e"ices and use them at half the normal I. $lectricity =eneration 0J: &KJ: when dealin with psi)mechanical de"ices'. %.$. all #achine Psionics e(cept Telekinetic Bullets. #. Psychic Po ers: Closed to the Supernatural.P. 0. P.to sa"e "s. /ocksmith +*:. but he also de"eloped his own talents into full psychic powers. Botany 0*:. psychic attacks.to Perception %olls or 9K in"ol"in perception of machines and traps.no ledge: 6one. *-. he de"eloped not only the Court1s reatest sin le break throu h in the form of the ectophones. P. Ge has also purchased a house in Saint Au ustine at -N =rant Street.S.Au ustine.or hi her to sa"e "s. #. ** and Spd *. Gorror .

Gealin Touch &J'. and does not re5uire droppin into a trance.:. SP3.or hi her to sa"e "s psionic attacks.: -N. K'. 9L per "ice to e"ery sa"in throw. Psychic Powers7 #editation &.S. Immune to Possession. As a Priest of Eice. %(ecial !bilities: 9. poisons. (L.. /ore7 Cults 8 Secret Societies N. Bonuses durin Periods of Eirtue #. 9*.C. N. Vices: Alcohol &especially "odka'. Suffers no combat penalties and only half the normal skill penalties while under the influence of alcohol and dru s.th le"el Priest of Eice. *-. 9* to Perception rolls. +. %esist Pain &self only. P. J'. 6otice how the Priest can heal himself throu h Bio)%e eneration which works like Bio). Immune to knock)out. (.(erience &evels: *.:.'. Psychic 3ia nosis &K'.A. P. Brewin 7 #edicinal N.%. That means 9L: to sa"e "s comaBdeath also. Imper"ious to Cold &-' and Stop Bleedin &self only.luent and literate in /an ua es of %ussian. #. P. /ore7 %eli ion +0:. Philosophy 0.C.ati ue &K'. P. To(icolo y 0. se(ual affairs and su ary deserts. *J.'. /atin 8 $n lish. #. /eindenfrost $ffect &-'. #a ic. L non)combat actions per melee round and 9* to dod e. Bonuses: L attacks per melee round.!ttributes: I. to(ins.: bonus to trustBintimidate'.P. #ind Block &K'.:. Poison. Bonuses durin Periods of Eice 9L3J temporary Git Points.C.C. If %asputin makes a successful roll to sa"e "s.:BN. #editation +.A. Summon Inner Stren th &K'. <hene"er drunk or en a in in other "arious forms of sinful decadence. Imper"ious to poisons and to(ins. he ains se"eral immunities while in a state of or y.:BJ.P.to sa"e "s. . &imitations ' Penalties: Closed to the Supernatural as per the Psychic Gealer P. **. Parapsycholo y 0.:. he becomes completely immune to other dru s. Golistic #edicine N.'.'. +.C. *. (K. but not dru s.actorsT and he ains e(tra S3C. Psychic Po ers: 6eeds a *.eedback but costs him no I. %/ills of Note: . pain. Attack 3isease &*-'. and Gorror .P. P. *it Points: LJ.: to all #edical Skills and Philosophy Skill. 3eaden Pain &K' and Bio)%e eneration7 self &.1. %esist .: and no combat skills.$.: *J &(-. $(orcism &*.B.:. K'. he suffers no bad effects from ma ic spells and curses. E$tra powers gained in the presence o" supernatural evil+ Stop Bleedin &others.$. Psychic Purification &0' and Psychic Sur ery &N9'.S. . and To(ins &or more'. !((earance: =hastly man with ill kept hair and beard. +. 8ccu(ation: Professional Psychic.S. E$tra powers availa!le when in the presence o" supernatural evil+ immune to mind control. %.:.astin 0N:. becomes *N &K. %esearch +. I. and automatically successful in all attempts to roll with impacts. $. PP$: K. ma ic. Public Speakin .:.

the %asputic #onks. he is %ussian. Ge claims that it belon ed to the leader of the Cult of Assassins. It is a mysti5ue that he puts to ood use. she "alues his insi ht. Ge has become infamous for hostin or y parties and abuse of dru s and alcohol. came to his rescue. he has free access to the horse)drawn carria es on the Ponce de /eon %esort and the trains of the .. The other members of a court. *+. . <hen he attempted to escape. Althou h %asputin was ne"er a true monk.lorida in the year *+. Ge reedily accepted. Finances: 6othin . <ithin a week. he has special access to all psi)de"ices created by researchers on the $dison Park campus. Ge has taken to trainin youn men as his apprentices. Ge cycles his narcotics continually to a"oid addiction while at the same time buildin his own resistance to them. As influenced by %ussian 2rthodo( beliefs that only throu h sin can one attain humility. Ge studied briefly with holy men both in and outside of the %ussian 2rthodo( Church. This included study with the secreti"e order of monks called the Starets. he was tied and dropped in the into #atan!as Bay.la ler to all mystics and para)scientists. Any psychic probin of the item will re"eal a confusin assortment of contradictory ima es. Sueen . he was beaten and stabbed. and D-. Ge impressed the 5ueen with both his knowled e of the occult and his mental powers. %asputin has taken this concept to new le"els of debauchery. he rew up in the late nineteenth century near Tun uska.. She chose him as her fa"orite ad"iser and offered him unlimited access to her facilities. Ge has also borrowed the 5ueen1s pri"ate yatch on more than one occasion. the C!arist re ime knows about the court and %asputin. The 5ueen has sent C!ar 6icolas II ifts which astound e"en a man of his considerable wealth. It is considered a ma ic weapon capable of inflictin harm a ainst entities. they treated him to copious amounts of wine and cakes containin enou h arsenic to kill four men. pushed into action by a prophetic "ision of %asputin1s murder.la ler $ast Coast %ailway. Ge 4ourneyed the orient and the holy land before answerin the eneral in"itation of Sueen .la ler and other wealthy members of the court. %asputin shru ed off the effects of the poison as if it were no more harmful than su ar. Ge 5uickly ained the 5ueen1s fa"or with his radical theories of the supernatural.Vehicles: As a member of the court. Gis only weapon is a cur"ed da er which he retrie"ed from the Goly /and durin a pil rima e. Ge was pulled out of the cold water still ali"e. Still not dead but da!ed. in a show of arro ance..@ and he has ne"er corrected them. . Ge has also taken se"eral ladies of the aristocracy into his cult of sin. a roup of assassins belie"ed to be %ussian spies attempted to kill %asputin. %(ecial $#ui(ment: As a court member. A one)time friend and fellow holy man in Saint Petersbur has reported that %asputin is in lea ue with otherworldly influences called ?the =reens. Gis reputation of madness is part of his mysti5ue.la ler and %asputin. so he tends to rely upon his psychic powers instead and uses the da er only for a coup de race. The 5ueen is fascinated with all thin s %ussian. others ha"e called him ?the #ad #onk. he had made a full reco"ery. The "illa was a ift to him by the 5ueen. Bac/ground: Althou h it is unclear e(actly where or when %asputin was born. Then they shot him twice in the chest. Ge attentions toward him ha"e arnered her the scorn of the c!arina and the fear of the c!ar. Ge li"es in Eilla Zorayda across the street from the Ponce de /eon. he owns nothin of his own and li"es e(tra"a antly off the sponsorship of Sueen .la ler e(cuses his profane lifestyle because D*. %ussian spies are said to be all o"er Saint Au ustine followin the mo"ements of Sueen . %asputin arri"ed in .irst.@ 3urin the 6ew Rears party on 3ecember L*. Indeed. Gis skill with the blade is limited..

-m. J. 9. 9. N.-.Gis assassins ha"e not yet been found to be brou ht to 4ustice. Vack chose to tra"el instead of returnin home. #. as a warnin '. Spirit Strike &*.. These old coins he found durin his treasure)huntin are worth at least >+.S. but he soon decided that he needed to deal with the situation best as he could.B. 9. /and 6a"i ation J-:.:. to parry and dod e. Gorsemanship7 =eneral . k. Personal %..orced #arch.:.S.:. It was durin the war that his psychic powers manifested and he met his Spirit =uide.to strike'. Vack was born in 6ew Rork City where he was raised in an orphana e. +oney: Vackson has a mere >-.%.. 2b4ect %ead the 3ead &. he si ned up with the %ou h %iders and went off to find fortune and lory.(erience: . (J. -3J9. !ttributes: I. **. 9L to sa"e "s ma ic and to(ins. tanned man with brown hair and blue eyes. *L. $#ui(ment: *0++ Smith 8 <esson . in trade. Ge also worked as a mercenary from time to time and earned a reputation as a trustworthy if somewhat rim soldier for hire. 0itles and "an/s: &evel of $. This means he is independently wealthy for *+. Gand uns &9. on a natural -. Gear 3eath %attles at .J:BLJ:.P. (0' Psionics: See and Communicate with his own Spirit =uide.Jm ran e. Prowl . +. Arkansas Toothpick huntin knife &-3J'.: 6. Auditory %eadin &K'. (K. Gea"y #ilitary &this means cannons and mortars for Vack. <hile o"ercome with rief and uilt.P. lost cities. P.P.C. *N. I. *+.to strike and parry'. ftB*. <.irst Aid J.A. <hen the Spanish) American <ar broke out. *-. 8ccu(ation: Sur"i"alistB#ilitia. in *+.o.S.P... *it Points: -+.. . *L. P. 8ther Bonuses: 6eeds to roll a + or hi her to sa"e "s psychic attacks &that includes the #ental $ndurance bonus'. P. L3J dama e'.to strike and disarm. the bi pri!es he wanted always alluded him. . Fnife &9. mad or sane.: *J &(-. .:. J bullets.-. P. /ore7 #ytholo y . and and <ilderness Sur"i"al N.$. Cac/ 1avis Vack is a ruff "eteran of wars a ainst both humans and war with the supernatural. Spd.. 6e"er Completely Closed to the Supernatural. I.L0 %e"ol"er &uses <. <.. #..P. Vack is se"erely dysle(ic. but he also has a small trunk of anti5ue Spanish coins. Ge thou ht he had one mad.: L.0:. Spirit Channelin &.P. !lignment: Scrupulous. in M. %ifles &9L to strike'. 1is(osition: rumpy and serious. !((earance: Vack is a short. <..P. broad. 90: to sa"e "s comaBdeath.S. currency. 3etect Ambush J.'. 2lfactory Symbols and 2mens &L to purposefully use or . See and Communicate with 2ther Spirits. After the war. 9* to initiati"e. and a collection of small statues and trinkets which he has athered from "arious tombs. <hat he found in Cuba was death and battlefield horrors. J attacks per melee. ftBLJ. 9* to sa"e "s insanity. 9L to pull punch and roll with impact. Gand to Gand7 $(pert.th /e"el Psychic #edium. Intelli ence . /an ua es7 $n lish +J: and Spansih J. Ge e(perienced se"eral ad"entures while treasure huntin throu h /atin America. %/ills of Note: Bo(in .:. Gand un.actor of spirits. See 2ther Spirit =uides.to strike'. and other places.P. 9K to sa"e "s Gorror . N.1.actor or 90 "s the Gorror . +. so he ne"er stood much of a chance of benefitin from education e"en if he could et it. !ge: L. 9* to sa"e "s mind control. Althou h he did unco"er a fair amount of treasure. and imper"ious to possession. dama e to Git Points'. Trackin &people.$. <. P. She was a youn Cuban irl who he accidentally killed durin battle.:'. 9L to sa"e "s illusions.P. she came to him as a spirit who only he could see and hear.$.: but not literate in either.:'.

and Isabella is not happy about it. has not a ed since that time. P. #. or hi her to sa"e "s psionics. #issy embraced the "oodoo stereotype and used it for her own profit. *. She mo"ed to . J.. She en4oys bein mysterious and difficult to second) uess.la ler was so impressed with this detecti"e. *it Points: LK. Personal %. !ttributes: I. *-.C. P.to sa"e "s possession. but she was not so stron in ma ic that she could compete with the other ma icians sellin their ser"ices in 6ew 2rleans. but she appears to be around fifty years old in *+L. $. *-. Ger family tau ht her their beliefs and mystic practices. !lignment: Anarchist. 1is(osition: Positi"e and curious but also bossy.: none. *it Points: *K. Pa e *-.P. *L.: none. she be5ueathed to #issy her rank as $mpress of the Court. she became popular with the wealthy citi!ens. Bonuses: 6eeds to roll a *. Blunt &9L to strike 8 parry'. Streetwise JK:.C. 9.P.:.%. #issy learned these lessons well.(erience: -nd /e"el Spirit =uide. braided hair.@ Actually knowin some spells and ha"in de"eloped enou h power to use them.to dama e. *-. I..to Perception. /ore7 $ntities 8 =hosts J. &evel of $. Interro ation J. critical strike on a natural *+ or -. She marketed herself as ?#issy 3ean.rench at 0. #. %/ills of Note: Speaks and reads fluent Spanish and $n lish.1. Vack tries to keep her as happy as possible. /an ua es7 Creole +0: which allows her to speak and write in both $n lish 8 . 9. 0.P. Isabella and Vack had recently made a deal in which she would help him durin one last treasure hunt. !ttributes: I. Spd. !((earance: K ft &*. P.:.B. P. 1escri(tion: .. 9K to sa"e "s Gorror . Afterward. 1is(osition: #issy is shrewd.Isabella) %(irit <uide Isabella is the youn irl whom Vack accidentally killed durin the war.S.$.spell stren th &a penalty to the sa"in throws of tar ets'. 9. when she died.A. P.A.: N.to parry and dod e. 9.rench accent... She is most helpful when readin for him.to pull punch. . and others are not applicable.to sa"e "s ma ic.:.B.S. <. !ge: *. 9. and an intense stare. Vack was to take her tra"elin so she could see the world. 9. She was often hired as a ma ic in"esti ator)for)hire by the Court. . *. 9* to initiati"e. so she fre5uently acts in eccentric ways and sends members of the Court out on fools errands 4ust to keep them confused. but she is also perple(in .inance N. !lignment: Mnprincipled.:. P.@ Settlin in Saint Au ustine. %.actor.' at the time when she accepts the throne.S.(erience: 0th /e"el Arcane 3etecti"e &from Between the ShadowsT#. Spanish irl with dark brown eyes and lon wa"y black hair. Gand to Gand7 Basic. Sueen Ida Alice .P. /ore7 3emons 8 #onsters N. ft &*.:. #. She speaks with a deliberately emphasi!ed Ca4un). 9. 9.to roll with impact. Eoodoo Sueen of 6ew 2rleans.:. The reappearance of an old enemy has delayed this trip.1.-m' tall. 9* to strike 8 disarm. She often wears e(pensi"e and elaborate robes co"ered with cheap bone 4ewelry.$..$. %/ills of Note: Business 8 . *. +. attacks per melee round.: *+. %esearch 0. Ger a e is unclear. +issy 1ean +issy 1ean the Voodoo Dueen) Dueen Flagler the %econd) $m(ress of the +aEor !rcana #issy was born in 6ew 2rleans to a family of former sla"es. *K.lorida durin a time in which Gollywood was makin EodX spiritualism infamous throu h a series of inaccurate and scary mo"ies about ?"oodoo ma ic.m' tall woman with "ery dark skin.

Astral Pro4ection &*. #etamorphosis7 Animal &-. but she can be outri ht cruel to spirits.T %e. and a sailin yacht. 1escri(tion: Eery short and frail)lookin woman. +agic: #issy primarily knows spells which focus primarily on seein or sensin and secondarily on summonin or controllin .'. Summon 8 Control %odents &N.. when she takes the throne in *+N. many millions of dollars worth.: *0.. P. /ocate &L. a fleet of horse)drawn carria es. Charlette claimed that her reat randmother was an immi rant from another world called Tolkeen and that her family carried a le acy summonin and e(ploitin spirits. This includes her secret apartment in . /ore7 $ntities 8 =hosts K*:.S. See the In"isible &K'. #anipulate 2b4ects &-9'.*:. howe"er. Sense $"il &-'. See Aura &J'. 2bser"e 3ream &K. came from an academic back round. Charlette controlled the Court with ade5uate political skill but not as much as the other 5ueens. !ge: J. and <. #issy owns all which belon s to the Court.B.P. !ttributes: I.P.Psionics: none. Turn 3ead &J'. 3oll &9* to strike 8 parry. concerned with little else than the welfare of the Court as an or ani!ation and her own e(periments.P.S. $yes of Thoth &0'. 3etect Concealment &J'. Ger comple(ion is pale from spendin entire too much time in libraries and laboratories. Second Si ht &-. a pri"ate rail road car.1. She is kind and personable to humans. Summon 8 Control Canine &.'.: . The It is well established in Court records that the Gandler family was craftin and enchantin dolls since at least *+. Ger "oice. the $dison Park research facility.'..'.$. /ady Teapot. P. *it Points: *.'. #. and Summon 8 Control Astral Bein 7 #inor &0..$. . and held the position for twenty years. $#ui(ment: As 5ueen. P. $(orcism &L.inance KJ:. is li ht and soft with a certain disarmin southern charm..$. her funds are effecti"ely unlimited. Business 8 . Control $nchanted 3olls &one at a time for her current e(perience le"el'.. Constrain Bein &-. -. from Between the ShadowsT#'. *. <itch Bottle &-0'. +oney: #issy inherited the bulk of personal fortune of the pre"ious 5ueen.la ler Colle e. In fact. Control 8 $nsla"e $ntity &0..m'. #issy also has full access to the Court1s arcane library which she may use to unco"er more enchantments and rituals. %. and Spd . Charlette herself was able to ad"ance their techni5ues considerably. 2ne of these pro4ects was the creation of a superior enchanted doll. she has a stron pre4udice a ainst all incorporeal creatures. As the 5ueen of the Court. the arcane library across the street. /o"e Charm &K.'. Mnder her direction. +. her family had been researchers in"ol"ed in the American Spiritualism mo"ement for three enerations prior to Charlette1s birth. 9L to strike with any type of ran ed attack usin the doll1s powers'. Po ers: Create $nchanted 3olls. 3ream Senses &0. #ystic Alarm &. Professor Charlette *andler Pu((et +istress) Dueen Flagler the 0hird) $m(ress of the +aEor !rcana Charlette Gandler.'.: +. Commune with Spirits &-. Althou h her family was only able to maintain a fraction of their reported alien and spirit) based technolo y.'.'. . *eight: K ft &*. 1is(osition: Charlette is a "ery serious woman. 3urin this time.emale.'. .or her own time.-. #. Charlette accepted the throne followin the death of Sueen #issy 3ean. %esearch . the Court undertook do!ens of new research pro4ects. 0.C. P. +. unlike the pre"ious two 5ueens. In fact.'. from Between the ShadowsT#'.'. *J.'. from Between the ShadowsT#'. she may learn new spells throu h research and study but she does not cast spells as in"ocations. 6e ate #a ic &L. P.A. %/ills of Note: 6o Gand to Gand Combat Trainin .. <here she e(celled was in emphasi!in research within the Court. !lignment: Aberrant. She carries a wooden snake)shaped cane throu h which she channels most of her non)ritual spells.

$mpathic Transmission. !lignment: Anarchist &basically no ali nment'. She does howe"er.actor. #a ic. Weight: L pounds &*.P. Po ers: Imper"ious to Possession.C. Ger alien mind doesn1t understand biolo ical life forms well. a ainst the 3ollmistress.$. +agic . lookin much like a fashion doll in period dress.D. -. Total %ecall &K'. +..P.: Gauntin $ntity. no physical attacks. and Alter Aura &-. $#uivalent $.C.$. 1is(osition: =lutton for P. 9J to sa"e "ersus Gorror . 0hreat &evel: 6one.Sa"e "s. the arcane library across the street. #onstrous creatures trapped on a summonin platform.no ledge: A 3ollmistress ne"er de"elops the ability to cast spells.C. All of the Gauntin $ntities abilities are a"ailable to Charlette by "erbal or telepathic command.. 9L to Sa"e "s.. ISP or . Telepathy &free with 3ollmaster or L with others'. 8.C. !((earance: BYthory is an ele antly dressed fi ure. (K.K k '. +. P. &ady 0ea(ot Dueen Flagler the Fourth) $m(ress of the +aEor !rcana . Wea(ons and $#ui(ment: Charlette carries an enchanted fashion doll built to look like /ady BYthory. PP$ per attack.P. Presence Sense &K'.(erience &evel: . She has se"eral owns. Gorror .P.actor.: *-K.1 ran e'. P. Ger primary spell is $nchant 3oll &newU'. This includes her secret apartment in . /ady Bathory can not mo"e on her own.: 0. See the In"isible &K'. L and all physical attributes includin Speed are . (. 9. and a sailin yacht.: K &(-. $mpathy &K'.'. Ger lon dark brown hair is always worn up. Telepathy &. *eight: ** inches &-0 cm'. as a doll body. can be used twice to control the auras of both the mistress and the doll'. Telekinesis &"aries' and $ctoplasm &J or *-'. the $dison Park research facility. in a summonin circle or inside an enchanted doll effecti"ely ha"e no G.%. As 5ueen. #ind Block &K'. Bonuses: * Attack per #elee %ound. $mpathic Transmission.$. #ind Block &K'. !ttributes: I. Bonuses: L psychic attacks per melee round. These powers include understandin all lan ua es at N. Telekinesis &"aries'. and Stealin Psychic $ner yT all e5ual to a Nth le"el psychic. %. a fleet of horse) drawn carria es. Total %ecall &L'. need to research and understand se"eral spells. a pri"ate rail road car. limited to communication with the doll only'.C. into the desi ns of her summonin and bindin processes. "e#uirements: 6eeds to feed on at least K PP$ per day to remain content. She then incorporates these spells as ma ic en ineerin theory. $mpathy &K'. to Sa"e "s. Psi Attack and 9*.:. $mpathy &K'. (L. and stron emotions.: . J. /ady BYthory contains a trapped Gauntin Spirit which is in constant telepathic contact with Sueen Charlette.!. Presence Sense&K'. &ady BFthory ". See the In"isible &K'. L.: $nchanted 3oll. *it Points: -+. #ind Block &K'. Steal Psychic $ner y Attack &up to -. $ctoplasm &J9'. Total %ecall &K'.1. Psionics: I.la ler Colle e.$. Charlette owns all which belon s to the Court.$.(erience &evel: -nd le"el 3oll #istress &speciali!ation of Techno)Shifter from Ri"ter D*L' at the time when she accepts the throne.th.

P. Gorsemanship7 =eneral JJ:BKJ:.. Bu!!ard belie"es he is abo"e the law. **L. P. N. As Bu!!ard has rown older. . Bu!!ard is pleased with his psychic powers. he cra"es the challen e. Spd. 9* to sa"e "s all forms of mind control. *. but he doesn1t consider them to be a bi deal. Gand to Gand7 Basic. She is pictured here in a arden with one of her uardian Scurry Taluses.C. attacks per melee. or hi her to sa"e "s psychic attacks. often noticin thin s which Bu!!ard does not. Cults and Secret Societies K. .. Spirit Strike &*. Bu--ard *astings &ord *astings) the Five of % ords Bu!!ard is an a in and &mostly' respected sword of the Court of Tarot.-m. Bu!!ard1s Spirit =uide is Saturiba. 9. dama e to Git Points'. Guntin monsters or spirits is a thrill to him. 2lfactory Symbols and 2mens &L to purposefully use or . like most members of the Court.P. ftB*..: -.to pull punch and roll with impact. . 9. !ge: .:.:. Personal %.th /e"el Psychic #edium. 1is(osition: $asy) oin but also cautious.. See and Communicate with 2ther Spirits.to sa"e "s Gorror .. .+. Ge can be kind and mentorin to youths when he sees potential in them.P. I. he can be anta oni!in to his peers. P. 4ust south) west of Saint Au ustine. 9* to initiati"e. !ttributes: I. 2b4ect %ead the 3ead &.1. It was Saturiba who tau ht Bu!!ard his wilderness skills. 9. She is mentioned here for the inclusion of this photo raph. 9* to strike and disarm.$.:. *K. #. consult Ri"terT# DKJ.:BK. *it Points: -J.to parry and dod e. he has started thinkin about passin alon these skills to another eneration.:. #.. 9..:'..+. Second. but at the same time. Bu!!ard has two moti"ations for in"esti atin the paranormal. Auditory %eadin &K'.S.actor of spirits. P. They are 4ust tools to be used. . She is described in full detail in the ori inal Court of Tarot article. Saturiba has been Bu!!ard1s instructor and confidant for decades.$.. I. he feels that underhanded tactics or "iolence are fair.(erience: . %/ills of Note: 3ance J. Gis ancestors were the founders of the small but profitable farmin community of Gastin s. Ge has distin uished himself as both a bra"e a ent and one of the best trackers the Court has e"er had.. 3emons and #onsters .:..P. as a warnin '. See 2ther Spirit =uides.: L. /an ua e7 Timucuan NK:. (K. . !((earance: Tall and scruffy e"ery)man. Gear 3eath %attles at .$.A.. *.: -K &(-. P. *.lorida. (0' Psionics: See and Communicate with his own Spirit =uide.irst. **. 8ther Bonuses: 6eeds to roll a *.P. no more or less important than his un.'. Spirit Channelin &.S. but she keeps him on a pro"erbial short leash. (J. Golistic #edicine . /and 6a"i ation N-:../ady Teapot is the current matriarch of the Court of Tarot in -. $"en within the internal politics of the Court.B. in -. &evel of $. Cattle and Animals K.:.%. .irst Aid J. /ores7 American Indians K. *.or details on the Talus creature. Ge ser"es as an e(tra pair of eyes. "eal Name: Cac/son *astings. !lignment: Anarchist. The 5ueen tolerates his antics at Court functions to an e(tent.actor or 90 "s the Gorror . +.or that reason..:.S. he feels a responsibility to protect mankind from predatory monsters.to perception. Bu!!ard inherited considerable wealth but also his rank within the Court. and imper"ious to possession. -3J9. 9L to sa"e "s illusions. 6e"er Completely Closed to the Supernatural. 8ccu(ation: Sur"i"alist.

she switched to aerobics because she prefers less competiti"e acti"ities. Anna has always been moderately athletic. In early -.. %ifles &9L to strike'. She built her own team of in"esti ators from other students she knew and lead them to the hideout of the killers. P. she e(celled in soft ball.P. /ore7 American Indians J.$ntities and =hosts . If her were to meet a member of the Society by chance. 3etect Ambush 0. P. but his body is co"ered in tattoos. he would 4ud e that indi"idual on his or her own merits.la lers to Saint Au ustine.%. I. Then a ain. Saturiba was the chief of a small Timucuan)speakin "illa e called Seloy where Saint Au ustine sits now on the Atlantic Coast of . $#ui(ment: Bu!!ard owns a small ranch on the outskirts of the town of Gastin s. Anna1s school was placed on hi h alert by a series of killin s in the town. because he needs to focus on the li"in whom he can help. Ge keeps his fin ernails sharpened to points. Spear. To purposefully a"oid the stereotype of a bookworm..:.P. !ttributes: I. !nna !nderson Andrew Anderson was the local oran e farmer who introduced the . Track and Trap Animals N. *it Points: *L.:'.:... <hen in"esti atin or 4ust huntin . Intelli ence NK:.:.1. <. The case interested Anna.(erience: +th /e"el Spirit =uide. and all other <ilderness Skills. 2ne such person is Bu!!ard Gastin s who Saturiba found as a youn man and nurtured into a bra"e warrior. <ilderness Sur"i"al . <. #.B. Anna didn1t know about the Court or her family1s le acy.:.P. **. a few potato farms.$.: none. It was durin this ad"enture that she met /ord Bu!!ard Gastin s. &evel of $. Guntin .:. It was Saturiba who reeted the con5uistador Pedro #enede! de A"iles when he arri"ed from Spain. Fnife. by appearances.S. A century later. and one of his many rifles &usually N3J'. Archery. Ge stands nearly N ft tall &-.P. and he carries a lon bow e"en thou h he ne"er uses it. Ge is easily confused and frustrated by modern technolo y. !ttitude to ards the &a-lo %ociety: Bu!!ard has a"oided the Society due to the anta onistic relationship which the Court has with /a!lo faction. Personal %. . <.: none.A. Chief %aturiba) %(irit <uide At one time.:B0. Anna was born into a . %/ills of Note: Camoufla e N. Archery &9L to strike'.:. and se"eral commercial buildin s in the area.: *. 1is(osition: Patient but demandin . a hatchet &-3J'. Anna was .lorida family which has been ser"in the Court of Tarot e"er since Sueen .. Ge makes his own ammunition. In hi h school. Trackin &people. 2utdoorsmanship.lorida.+.N:.la ler the first. Prowl . <.P. but he does not a e anymore. !((earance: $"en other spirits find Saturiba disturbin . and <ilderness Sur"i"al +. In the centuries since then. *. !ge: . /and 6a"i ation J0:. Ge doesn1t dwell on the dead. !lignment: Principled. Ge is stron despite his wrinkled features and rayin hair. N. #unitions J. Ge rarely wears clothin e(cept for a few pieces of simple 4ewelry. <ithin hours of meetin him.:.P.P. It was Saturiba who a"e these Spanish a lon wooden buildin to ser"e as their first fort while they established the town of San Au ustin. <. Anna was focused on her studies anyway. Saturiba has watched his tribe fade away into e(tinction. and others are not applicable. he has "ery hi h e(pectations for his pupil. he carries a huntin knife &*3J dama e'. At his ranch.. Ge will not tolerate a /a!lo A ent tellin him what to do. he has a stable full of ridin horses and a collection of huntin rifles. <hen she started colle e..:.C.*Lm' and seems e"en taller with his hair tied into a knot on the top of his head. so she in"esti ated and determined a supernatural an le to murders.

%eco ni!e psychic abilities JL:.C. Bicyclin JN:. !ttributes: I. 9* to Perception. Shot un &9* to strike'.:. 9* to disarm. "an/: Se"en of Swords.P. %eco ni!e mind control 8 possession .K:. +. no hand to hand combat trainin . Blunt &9* to strike 8 parry'. #oti"ated by dreams of another life.:. P. dri"en. Ger only personal "ehicle is a bicycle.to sa"e "s ma ic. Anna is an amateur parapsycholo ist. -. She has a bri ht smile and pro4ectin "oice which she has perfected on tour roups. She belie"es that she has been reincarnated from a woman who li"ed hundreds or thousands of years a o in a for otten ci"ili!ation.non)combat actions per melee round. +agic: %eco ni!e ma ic and cast spells from books or scrolls at LJ: proficiency.full melee rounds. 3urin these times. but as a ranked member of the Court. %ead ma ic LJ:. 9* to sa"e "s poisons 8 to(ins. she li"es off her scholarship. 0. 9K to parry and dod e.:.A. Ger weapons are limited to a baseball bat &*30 dama e'. J.S. P. fit woman with blond hair and blue eyes. These memories return to her randomly as dreams. <. Psionics: Anna can unconsciously draw upon the memories of her past life in Bimini &the le endary ma ic island. 9. and sin at N. Psycholo y K0:. *L.: *. Golistic #edicine KNBLN:. **. #. Anna de"eloped an insatiable interest in history and the paranormal.C.(erience: *st /e"el Parapsycholo ist. read or write Bimi at N. P.$. Parapsycholo y KL:. and she finds other members of the Court hard to belie"e when they tell e(a erated tales of how /a!lo a ents caused them trouble.recruited as the newest and youn est member of the Court. can not bio)re enerate for . Chemistry JN:.$.: -K. 3ietin &from Ri"ter DN'. $#ui(ment: 3orm room. 5uick to i"e instructions and take decisi"e action.3J for buckshot'. studious. She is friendly. Sense of balance LN:..S. Spd. probably not the same place as the modern island of the same name'.C.. She is currently studyin archeolo y at . she is not a traditional psychic with inner stren th points and a selection of psionic powers. P. * attack and . She makes minimal spendin money from her part time 4ob as a colle e tour uide. *K.1. 1is(osition: Anna is a definite A)type personality. . %eco ni!e and interpret ma ic .. she decided to become an archaeolo ist and study the e"idence herself.K:. <. !lignment: Mnprincipled.actor 8 hypnosis.to sa"e "s possession. . she may use the Court1s horses and carria es. 8 sa"e "s pain or lose ne(t attack'. As a transcendent. %/ills of Note: Aerobics Athletics. or hi her to sa"e "s psionics. <hen she ran out of books to read. flashli ht.$. <hen she desperately needs them. 9. Anna may ha"e additional past li"es which become si nificant and pro"ide their own spells or special abilities. #.P. 9* to pull punch.P. and her own special formula of shot un ammo which uses "arious herbs and chemicals that cause debilitatin pain to supernatural monsters &)* to all combat rolls. +oney: >*.: Transcendent.. hand)held computer with custom mappin software. Bu!!ard Gastin s has also offered to finance her in"esti ations.au e shot un &. and "ery detail oriented I perhaps to a fault. Bonuses: 6eeds to roll a *.la ler Colle e. these memories can also return to her in the form of skills that she once knew in her pre"ious life. under her mattress. !ttitude 0o ards the &a-lo %ociety: Anna has not had any first hand e(perience with the /a!lo faction. %. P.B. P. she can speak Bimi at +. but she is also a Transcendent &from Ri"terT# D*'. 9L to sa"e "s Gorror . *it Points: *.or most of her e(penses.P. *J. At the ame master1s option. !((earance: short. *. $.

*K. The e(tent of her efforts to communicate are pointin and shakin or noddin her head. or hi her to sa"e "s psychic attacks. Spd. !lignment: Aberrant.:.S. 8ccu(ation: #aid Ser"ant.. 9* to sa"e "s Gorror . and <ardrobe 8 =roomin J. or telepathic ea"esdroppin .: Scrupulous. and ha"e not de"eloped an Inner Stren th Point reser"e. 6o one seems to know where she was born or the fate of her parents. .-'. After her memories were restored to her. and reen eyes. All staffs answer directly to the Prince or Princess of Staffs.$.$.P.:. I made the player roleplay throu h her trainin sessions with the irl. I. !lignment: L. 0y(ical Court <uard 0itles and "an/: 2nly thirteen of the uards are i"en ranks within the Court of Tarot.:. Psionics: /ike most children.P.. Clair"oyant . Sense =ood 8 $"il K.S. *it Points: *. the hi hest rankin card of their suit. not completely reliable.B.C.non)attack actions per melee round. She may ha"e other skills and knowled e which the Court simply has not disco"ered yet.S. * attack and . she had been a tenth le"el specialist ma e in a different world. $"en probin her memories re"eals no new information.:. &evel of $. P. but she nonetheless became the mentor of a player character. &from Ri"ter . *L. Play Piano L. P. These uards take on the identities of the Staff suit of cards in the minor arcana. 0. . 0itles and "an/s: none. Note for the <amemasters: The irl1s past is purposeful left blank for you to fill out and use as you need. she was e"entually re"ealed to be a Transcendent P. These powers are not refined well enou h to be used on command. <hen this character appeared in my ame. pale comple(ion. *J. 8ccu(ation: Body =uard.. all others are *.. The irl seems to understand and read $n lish perfectly. /ady Teapot decided to put her to work as lady)in)waitin . 2ther uards "ary from first to third le"el.%. 9* to Perception.. %/ills of Note: Gousekeepin K. Personal %.+. #ost uards had military careers before bein hired by the Court.A. but her music is as e(pressionless as demeanor. !ge: She appears to be about 0 years old in -.: Aberrant. Sewin L. In a pre"ious life. 2nly /ady Teapot seems immune to her creepy stare. #. K. lon curly blond hair.actor. She has been instructed in piano playin . but she will not communicate e"en by writin . 9L to sa"e "s ma ic and possession. and See the In"isible . she simply does e"erythin that /ady Teapot tells her to do without 5uestion. 0. An elite unit of uards called the Fni hts $rrant are Lrd le"el or hi her and pro"ided the best e5uipment. she mutated into an el"en irl.P.(erience: This character is represented as bein a Lrd /e"el 2rdinary Person.: .: other.:.:. L.. !((earance: K ft &*...: -L. P. $. 8ther Bonuses: 6eeds to roll a *.<irl The irl is a orphaned and mute child. #. The doctors employed by the Court can find nothin wron with her medically and hypothesi!e that she has stopped speakin as the result of trauma. !ttributes: I. J. P. P. K. She may be a spy &sneaky'.1. drawin pictures.C.lash L.(erience: *st /e"el 2rdinary Person.:. and she has a habit of starin at people which is "ery unner"in .:. !ttributes: P.$. *. She ne"er displays any clear emotion. Spd. She still did not speak. a dimensional refu ee &sneakier'. or e(actly the traumati!ed orphan whom she seems to be &"ery sneaky'.: *.-m' tall. A ents of the Court disco"ered her when she was rescued from the lair of a supernatural predator. she is latently psychic in that she is sensiti"e to dan er and the presence of supernatural creatures. K.C. Si(th Sense J.

sin le shot or automatic fire. -.:. most uards consider the /a!lo Society to a be 4oke.: are 6atural Athletes.. $ner y =uns &listed in *st edition.1.to strike 8 disarm.. ni ht)"ision o les. Automobile 0-:. +oney: >*. the second rand hotel built by the ..: are minor psyhics. another L. *JK ftB. 9. P. and Submachine =uns &9. and psi)optics. sleep batons.au e ammo. so they are issued stunners..: are =host Gunters..L0 %u er %e"ol"er &J bullets. Gand uns &9. rou hly L. %.&*. K3J dama e per shell of *. The buildin itself currently the home of a collection of anti5ues named the /i htnin #useum. *.$.: ha"e no psychic powers and are closed to the supernatural. particularly the Fni hts $rrant.:. psionics.*it Points: -0. %adio7 Basic 0... and a combat shot un like the Prancor Vackhammer #ark LA..:.P. 9* to sa"e "s ma ic. 3etect Concealment . are capable of usin psi)de"ices. attacks per melee round.to strike 8 parry'.P. or hi her to sa"e "s.3. shell ma a!ine.to strike'. Bonuses: 6eeds to roll a *.. . 9L to roll with impact. <.la lers in Saint Au ustine. I.. Se"eral uards.actor. ftB KJm ran e'. 9. Gand to Gand7 $(pert..:. in a bank and another >*. 9L to pull punch..to strike'.to strike'. Mnderco"er A ent JJ:.m ran e'. and *.: are other psychic characters. Interro ation .:. body armor &a selection'. %/ills of Note: Athletics. annual salary. Blunt &9.: :. . Paramedics J. $#ui(ment: Tailored suits.C. .. The few uards who ha"e had direct e(perience with /a!lo a ents understand them to be cle"er and potentially dan erous enemies who are best a"oided. This is an illustration of the Alca!ar Gotel.to Perception.: *K. -3J dama e. Psionics: At any i"en time..to sa"e "s Gorror . *. !ttitude 0o ards the &a-lo %ociety: Earies. Shot uns &9. portable radios with scrambler features. karate punch for -3K dama e or karate kick for *30 dama e. 9K to parry and dod e. Bo(in . a normal wooden or fiber lass baton &*3K dama e'.. Court uards keep constant "i il o"er the arcane library which is located underneath this rand structure. Prowl . 9L to strike'. 9.

. This room is the ladies1 sittin room of the Ponce de /eon.la er Colle e and inspiration for the character of Anna Anderson. tour uide for . This photo raph is a picture of Sara. The clock in the back round was built by Thomas $dison.0han/ you: I would like to offer this special thanks to Sara Brown.

-. and make us some tea.+. ./ady Teapot says. Stop what you are doing.@ This file was last updated on Vuly 0.. ? It is tea time.