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Too dangerous to be freed: parole board

The corrections system has given up on Gregory Wooley.

By The Gazette (Montreal) March 7, 200

The corrections system has given up on Gregory Wooley. The !"#year#ol$, repute$ to %e a &iller 'or the (ells )ngels, *as $enie$ statutory release this *ee& a'ter the +ational ,arole Boar$ rule$ he *as too high a ris& to -&ill or cause serious harm to another person- %e'ore his sentence en$s on .ec. 2", 200/. (e is serving time a'ter plea$ing guilty in 2000 to conspiracy to commit mur$er, $rug tra''ic&ing an$ committing an o''ence 'or a criminal organization. Wooley ha$ %een trie$ three times 'or t*o $i''erent mur$ers committe$ $uring 1ue%ec2s %i&er gang *ar %ut *as never convicte$. That, an$ the 'act he *as once (ells )ngels lea$er Maurice (Mom) Boucher2s personal %o$yguar$, have pro%a%ly contri%ute$ to Wooley2s notoriety among his 'ello* inmates at a penitentiary in 3ntario. The parole %oar$2s *ritten $ecision $enying Wooley his release, *hich ha$ %een slate$ 'or 4une, says he *iel$s consi$era%le in'luence %ehin$ %ars. (e is also consi$ere$ an impulsively violent man. ) psychological assessment in 4anuary $etermine$ he is a high ris& to reo''en$. The summary o' a hearing hel$ Tues$ay in 5ingston, 3nt., notes6 -)ccor$ing to your case management team, no matter *here you 'in$ yoursel' in custo$y, the po*er con'erre$ upon you %y your o''icial status among %i&ers, an$ implicitly at the hea$ o' street gangs, is o' such a scale that no (reha%ilitation) program can su''iciently protect the pu%lic 'rom the ris& you represent.7n 200", Wooley %eat a 'ello* inmate *ho ha$ criticize$ him 'or using his in'luence to %rea& up a %ra*l %et*een t*o gangs insi$e a penitentiary. ) vi$eo camera capture$ images o' Wooley punching the man8 minutes later, t*o other inmates *ere recor$e$ sta%%ing the same man. The victim survive$. During the latter half of the 1990s, Wooley was a member of the Rockers, a ells !ngels puppet gang founded by "oucher# "ecause of his aitian origins, Wooley was unable to $oin the world%s biggest outlaw motorcycle gang officially, because of its policy of e&cluding blacks# '(mphasis mine ells !ngels apparently share )harles *anson+s racist ,iews# Who knew-. 3ne night in )pril 2000, he *as caught at Mira%el airport, *aiting to %oar$ a plane *ith a loa$e$ .99#cali%re pistol in his %aggage. (e *as sentence$ to 2:;2 years. That same night, t*o $rug $ealers *ho *or&e$ 'or Wooley *ere shot $ea$ outsi$e a Montreal strip clu%. Wooley *as never charge$ *ith the &illings %ut police sources sai$ Wooley is %elieve$ to have or$ere$ the $eaths.

7n 2000, he *as sentence$ to :! years in prison, %ut %ecause he ha$ serve$ consi$era%le time %ehin$ %ars *hile he success'ully 'ought a mur$er charge, he ha$ only 'our years le't to serve. The parole %oar$ is re<uire$ to revie* its $ecision *ithin a year. pcherry=thegazette.can* > (c) ?anWest Me$iaWor&s ,u%lications 7nc.

@ource6 http6;;***.cana$;montrealgazette;ne*s;story.htmlAi$Be$09c"c'#c'"a#92/!# a9:%#2ca'$!":e77$