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** Draw on specific quotes or instances from the novel to support your answers. Feel free to add any thoughts about your groups topic that do not answer these questions **
In addition to completing these questions for discussion, please come prepared with one more question you have about the community. Write this on a separate sheet of paper. Group 1: Explore Jonass coming of age: - Trace Jonass rebellion through the novel. What is the significance of each of his act s of rebellion? (Including but not limited to stopping his pill, his escape, transferring the memories to Gabriel; taking the apple at the recreation center) - Is Jonass rebellion throughout the novel similar or different from your own development as teenagers or to a sibling or friends? Is rebellion a natural part of growing up, or is Jonass wildness atypical? - How does Jonass maturity compare with Asher and Fionas? - What do you think of Jonas as a character? What are his personality traits, other than the ones necessary to be the Receiver? Do you like him? - How does Jonas compare with Elijah and the girls in Bat 6? Can you make any comparisons between Jonas as a character and anyone we have read about in EOL? Group 2: Discuss the theme of memory in the novel: - What is the purpose of the Community? Why do you think it sought to get rid of the memories? What memories do you think are most important for them to avoid? - How do memories of the past influence or present and future? Think of some personal and historical examples. How does the past influence the Community? (It does in some ways) How does this compare with the way our society values memory? - What is the significance of many of the characters names, like Jonas, Lily, Rosemary, and Gabriel? How do these names, a conscious choice by Lowry, indicate her motives for writing the novel? That is, why did Lowry choose these specific names for these characters? - How do music, art, and creativity shape our collective and individual memories? What role do they have in Jonas and the Givers lives? How do you think Lowry feels about music, art, and creativity? Group 3: Discuss freedom and the needs of the individual vs. the needs of society: - Based on what we have read, what do you think Lowrys feelings on freedom are? Do you think she thinks freedom is extremely important? - Do you think that Lowry values the needs of individuals or the needs of society more? How do you know? - Does the Community value freedom, individuals, or society more? What are some examples of how they value each of these? - What do you think the ultimate goal of the Community is? - Does the ending of the novel support or reject freedom? (This is subject to your interpretation of the ending)