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February/March 2014

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North Wales First Individually Decorated Carpet and Rug Showroom

Linney Cooper is proud to offer you the chance to view Beautiful themed rooms set over 3 floors. Displaying Carpets, Rugs, Furniture and accessories. CRAIG-Y-DON SHOWROOM
Linney Cooper Limited Mostyn Avenue, Craig-y-Don, Llandudno, LL30 1YS t: 01492 877000 f: 01492 877065 e:

Linney Cooper Limited At Stokes Fine Furniture Sealand Road, Chester CH1 4LT t: 01244 377067 f: 01244 374763 e:

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Hope House/Ty Gobaith Children's Hospices shops need your help! The monies raised at our shops enable us to continue providing the care and ongoing support we are currently able to provide to children with life limiting illnesses and support for their families, throughout Cheshire, Shropshire, North & Mid-Wales

Please Support your hospices

both at our hospices in Oswestry and Conwy and in their homes by our Community Nurses. This year we need to raise over 4 million, this is only possible with the help and support of people in the community like you; Our shops are in desperate need of clothing, bric a brac and household items and also Volunteers, for further information on becoming a Volunteer, or to donate stock, please call the Trading office on 01978 262901.
Shop directory Bangor 306 High Street Bridgnorth 42 High Street Chester 56 Frodsham Street Church Stretton, 4 Sandford Ave Crewe, 71 Market Street Llandudno, 15 Lloyd Street Ludlow 16-18 King Street

Mold, 29 Daniel Owen Precinct Nantwich 14 High Street Oswestry 19-21 English Walls Shrewsbury 23 Shoplatch Wellington 3 Crown Street Welshpool 27 Broad street Wrexham 6a Charles Street

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Sat here at my computer desk, thinking about how quickly the last month has gone by, not even really thinking about I should write my Feb March letter When I suddenly started to think about the fantastic people I meet and talk to on a day to day basis.. How they all contribute to the fabric of what goes on without even realising it, there decisions they make can impact on others which ripples out and affects people and they might not even realise it. It is the time of the year when a lot of us reflect on what has gone on in the previous year, what they have done and what they have achieved. So as we now have Christmas out of the way and 2014 is firmly in our sites, I put into your minds to set some worthwhile goals which will better affect you, look for positive outcomes to help others, set yourselves some short term easy goals and some longer term, stretch goals, and if you feel like sharing them please feel free to email me and let me know Because before we realise it Christmas will be upon us and another year will be gone. Lets all look forward to achieving something good this year.. Talking about goal setting and achievement, that brings me nicely on to the interior design article we have on page 20.. Jane Kemp a local business woman set up Jakara Interior design and has gone from strength to strength, some of the properties she has worked on have gone on to be highlighted within the prestigious market place, Janes flair for what looks great and dedication to her clients and natural ability to communicate and interpret what her clients are looking for is just breathtaking.. be sure to have a look at and read the article on page 20.., If earning some extra money, to help pay off those unwanted bills is something that would be of interest, or you just want to get fitter, feel better about yourself or are looking for a healthy alternative to taking pills. Aloe Vera and the Forever experience could be something you would be very interested in. Aloe goes back to Biblical times and the Forever experience not quite so far back, but the company is now one of the fastest growing companies of its kind and has been enjoying massive success for the last 35 years a truly amazing company with amazing opportunities. pages 10 and 11. Now before I go, and I know I am all about setting goals this year, (I think the people around me sometimes think I have swallowed too many happy or positive pills). If you would like any help in setting, and achieving those goals why dont you contact Mike Garner, Mike is accredited with the Army and works with them on a regular basis, he also works with departments of the NHS, sports people and puts on regular goal setting meetings and seminars If you are serious about achieving those goals, I highly recommend you contact Mike. page 26 I hope you enjoy this edition of Yesmag. Please feel free to email any ideas you have for the next edition, I might even share them, you never know.. Many thanks for all of your support and dont forget to shop and use our local trades whenever possible.. "Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence." - Helen Keller Best wishes

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Professional Beauty Secrets: Revealed

By Helen Taylor

Apply the lighter foundation to the centre of your forehead, then bring it down onto the middle of your nose, in a straight line - this will make your nose appear straighter and slimmer. Then, apply under your eyes and to the tops of your cheekbones, then lastly to the centre of your chin. Sweep the darker shade under your cheekbones, along the outer sides of your nose - either side of the lighter colour - and on your temples and jaw line. Blend down onto your neck so that you dont end up with a visible foundation line. Use a light-reflecting - not a glittery or overly shimmery - highlighter to make certain areas of your face really stand out. Apply the product under the arch of your eyebrows, then along the tops of your cheekbones, down the centre of your nose and onto your cupids bow, just above your top lip. To finish, and to bring the entire look together, dust translucent powder over your entire face and add a touch of colour to the apples of your cheeks using a pink blusher. Dont forget to check your make-up in natural light this will help you make sure that everything is well blended and you dont have any

Ever wondered how models and actresses manage to look so gorgeous all of the time? Well, we have the answers. Keep reading for the low-down on those all important tips and tricks that are used by professionals all over the world. Why not take notes and try out an A-list makeover yourself? Clever Contouring
Firstly youll need to prime your skin. Choose the primer thats right for you - green toned versions neutralise redness in the skin and mattifying primers eradicate shine. Firstly, smooth the product over your entire face, after applying a light moisturiser. Next, select two foundations in two different shades; the first should be one shade lighter than your natural skin tone and the other should be one shade darker.

Kim Kardashian is known for her flawless make-up look which perfectly accentuates her features and draws attention to her razor-sharp cheekbones. Skilled in the art of contouring, her make-up artist cleverly uses cosmetics to emphasis particular parts of her face, which creates her striking trademark look. Heres how you can get cheekbones which rival Kims:

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unsightly patches.

Perfect Pout

apply the colour within the line using a lip brush. Finally add a touch of your favourite shimmery clear lipgloss to the centre of your lips to add instant fullness.

Were used to seeing perfectly shaped, kissable lips on every celebrity we can think of. Here are our secrets on how to achieve that gorgeous red carpet look. Grab a neutral-coloured lip liner and begin lining just outside the coloured part of your lips to create a full effect. Define your cupids bow by drawing a V in the centre curve of your top lip - bring the line round and down using soft feathery strokes. Line the curve of the bottom lip with the same light movements, and soften by lightly blending with your finger. Choose a striking shade of red lipstick and carefully

of a thick lash line, so always apply to your upper lashes before your mascara. Choose a quality mascara to lengthen and colour your lashes. Wipe the applicator before use - to remove excess product which can cause clumps and work the brush through your lashes using a quick side to side motion, ensuring that every area is covered. So, now you have the professionals top tips at your fingertips, theres no reason why you cant look as glamorous as your famous celebrity.

Lovely Lashes

Long, luscious eyelashes are a must for anyone in the spotlight. Most celebrities will be sporting high quality lash extensions, but you can still achieve an impressive look with just a few basic tools. Eyelash curlers are a must for every woman - no matter what your age. Favoured by professional make-up artists everywhere, curlers serve to immediately open-up eyes and add shape to lashes. Liquid liner is essential too not only does it add definition, but it helps to create the look

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Chartered Physiotherapist
Associate to Mr Tony Jones


General & Sports Physiotherapy (Home visits available)

01492 877888 / 878605 Mob: 07857 675422

Oxford House Clinic Oxford Road Llandudno LL30 1DH Email:

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Aloe Vera
The Medicine Plant
"You ask me what were the secret forces which sustained me during my long fasts. Well, it was my unshakable faith in God, my simple and frugal life style, and the aloe, whose benefits I discovered upon my arrival in South Africa at the end of the 19th century." Mahatma Gandhi (in a letter to his biographer Romain Rolland) 'Known for thousands of years as the Medicine Plant & Potted Physicians. Used in several different cultures, as a therapy for a variety of different conditions and it's remarkable healing and cosmetic properties. There is a wonderful book by Dr Peter Atherton which is essential reading for anyone with an interest in this extraordinary plant. To quote a few of his findings he writes: Assists in healthy digestion A healthy digestive tract ensures that nutrients from the food we eat are absorbed into the bloodstream Balances the Immune System Among the substances identified in Aloe vera is a long chain sugar (polysaccharide) that is known to have an effect on the cytokine system - the chemical messengers of the immune system. Effect on the skin By providing essential nutrition to feed the basal cells so that the skin remains healthy and is able to perform its vital functions more efficiently - as well as looking much better Increases the activity of fibroblasts which are specialised cells found in the skin. Their job is to produce fibre such as collagen and elastin. These fibres give the skin its structure and of course make it look plump and elastic. The more you have, the younger your skin looks. Effects on the Musculoskeletal system Certain substances in the aloe, such as the salicylic acid and the plant sterols are able to soothe muscles and maintain healthy joints, mobility and flexibility. Effects on the gut Aloe Vera has a wonderfully beneficial action on bowel function which results in sooth and efficient transit of contents resulting in a softer, bulkier stool, making it easier to pass. A Useful Source of Vitamins and Minerals

We will leave it to Christopher Colombus the 15th century explorer, to sum up. He said: "Four vegetables are indispensable for the well-being of man: wheat, the grape, the olive and the aloe. The first nourishes him, the second raises his spirit, the third brings him harmony, and the fourth cures him." Always Discuss any plans you hav e to use Aloe Vea with your GP, as some herbal therapies can interact with and alter the effectiveness and safety of other drugs
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Would you like to be part of one of the fastest growing companies in the UK right NOW Lifestyle changing opportunity for self motivated individuals or couples Work from Home Part-time / Full-time

To Learn More - contact Richard 07598 234 066

Independent Distributor of Forever Living Products Aloe Vera drinking gels, supplements, skincare and personal care products

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Home & Lifestyle

Pet Proong Your Garden

by Pippa Greenwood
heres always a lot to say about small pests such as greenfly, caterpillars, vineweevil and so forth, but early in the year its some of the bigger residents which can really drive you around the bend. Im talking about cats and dogs. We may indeed be a nation of animal lovers, but there is no doubt about it: even a hardened admirer of cats like me occasionally finds it difficult to combine a love of gardening with our own or indeed other peoples favourite furry friends. Cats and dogs may be the nations top pets, but they also cause a lot of heartache in the garden. So what can you do to ensure that you continue to garden happily, successfully and safely, despite the fact the garden is visited by cats and dogs and without harming these lovely creatures either? You may need to consider actively fencing off one part of the garden to be used for your dog, and trying to keep another area completely dog free. If you have problems with dogs coming in from

next door, then its essential that you make repairs to fences promptly. Now is a good time because there is relatively little plant foliage to hide holes, gaps or loose panels in fencing. Remember that the dog is also likely to be able to squeeze underneath or around many types of fence, so you may need to use chicken netting or a similar material too. Dont forget that gates as well as fences need to be dog-proofed, and never left open for the dog to wander through. If you really have a serious problem that this wont resolve then you can try a fox deterrent such as Fox-Watch. Dogs and foxes are closely related so this should have some effect against other peoples dogs. Sometimes a few strategically planted dense and quite prickly shrubs such as pyracantha may help to deter digging paws before they manage to get through to your garden. Obviously you dont want to cause the animal actual harm, but something sharp, prickly or simply very dense can act as

a good deterrent. Next doors cat or others in the neighbourhood are trickier to deal with as unfortunately they do tend to try and do their toileting along the edges of their own territory, making your garden a prime target area. If your cat or a neighbours cat is a problem, bear in mind that the more bare soil there is, the more likely that a cat will start to use it as its loo. Ground cover planting is essential and you could always use temporary annual flowers to fill in gaps between longer term planting. If you find that these too are scuffed up shortly after you have planted them, then the best thing to do is cover newly planted areas of bedding with an arch of chicken mesh or with sticks with taut string tied between them. Obviously this will look a mess but can be removed promptly once the plants have rooted well and started to establish. I have found that the electronic cat deterrent Cat-Watch works very well and over a large


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area too, especially if they are mains-powered. Mulching materials can sometimes cause problems and despite what the label says, many gardeners have told me that they found that the cocoa shell mulches seem to attract cats. Generally speaking soggy mulches like this or anything with a strong smell do tend to deter cats, as they hate digging in moist material. Take extreme care if dogs use the garden as cocoshell mulches can prove fatal to them. Mulches made of large pebbles or stones also tend to keep them at bay, but smaller diameter gravel or shingle seems to be quite attractive to some cats. Some people suggest

growing a patch of cat mint to entice the cat away from your beloved plants, but I find that it simply seems to attract them in and set them off on some kind of a cat high. Areas of freshly sown seed look very attractive to a cat or dog and again are best protected either by chicken mesh or sticks and string. Remember to keep the string taut at all times, as theres a slight risk that birds could become entangled in it. A few years ago I asked readers of my newspaper column their recommendations to keep cats at bay. The vast majority said Olbas Oil, yes the decongestant. A few drops on used teabags, scatter

them in amongst the plants and top the oil up frequently. Definitely worth a try.
Visit Pippas website www. for a great range of gardeningrelated items including Grow Your Own with Pippa Greenwood veg growing system, electronic cat and fox deterrents, lots of slug controls, Pippas favourite

tool, and many other useful garden items.

Small Groundworks
GLENN DODWELL Mob - 07779 150982 Evening - 01492 592607 WAYNE FOSTER Mob - 07732 356818 Evening - 01492 573981 Block Paving - Drives, Paths & Patios Hard Landscaping Inc Slabbing & Walling Footings & Drainage Fencing & Turfing All work considered Free estimates email: email:
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Now installing artificial lawns in association with

merit golf


Conwy Decorating Services

All Painting & Decorating Domestic & Commercial Interior & Exterior The Complete Professional Service Est 20 Years Fully Insured Free Estimates & Advice


Curved Rails Velux Blinds Awnings Canopies

01492 544104
Verticals Rollers Venetians Shutters

Peintwr arddurwyr


DISCOUNT on all ranges 10% DISCOUNT with this ad 15% Discount for senior citizens Select at Home. No obligation Unit 5 Phoenix, Mochdre LL28 5EF

01492 540832 07748 122977

Visit Me On:


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BALMORAL rrp 817 our price 450 *toilet & basin


our price 350

rrp 659


Station Road, Llanfairfechan, Gwynedd LL33 0AL

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01248 680850


! D E T N A W
people s u o r u t n Adve he UK t t u o h g throu this... e k i l g n i eth to do som


Skydiving Day Saturday, 10th MAY 2014

Help us raise funds by making an exhilarating 10,000 feet freefall parachute jump. No experience is required and if you raise the minimum amount of sponsorship you will get to jump for FREE!

For a free information pack, please call:

St Davids Hospice
01492 873665
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For 10% Discount please quote YM1

Discount for OAPs

1b Penrhyn Road, Colwyn Bay


Motivation ? We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit. Aristotle

01492 533023

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Short Story
The Secret Admirer
Someone has a secret admirer. The delivery man winked as he handed Adeline Coles a huge bouquet of flowers. Happy Valentines Day, Love. Her nosey neighbours, the Peggs, had also opened their front door, and she distinctly heard Mr Pegg whisper to his wife, find Brian stood at the counter. She was fond of Brian, but she would have rather discussed the matter with his wife, woman to woman. Good morning Miss Coles, lovely to see you, Brian smiled as she entered. To what do I owe the pleasure? Its a delicate matter. Adeline placed the little card on the counter. Id like to know who sent me these?

Bet shes sent them to herself.

Embarrassed, Adeline hurried inside. The flowers were beautiful, lots of lilies which werent her cup of tea, but expertly arranged. They were probably from her niece, but you never know, thought Adeline, they might be from Mr Wellbrook. He occasionally offered her a lift in his Jaguar when he saw her struggling with groceries. She could always dream. Adeline sighed, put on her reading glasses, and read the little card which accompanied the flowers. It said, From a Secret Admirer.

Ahh. Brian looked uncomfortable. Im afraid we have a policy of client confidentiality. Adeline blushed. I dont want to get you into trouble. Perhaps if I suggested a few names you could nod or shake your head?

Brian leaned in closer, How would you feel if I said your secret admirer is in this shop right now? Adeline looked around her.

But theres nobody here. And then she realised, Mr Blossom! She declared, How would your wife feel?

The shop was empty, yet Brian performed a theatrical glance to check the coast was clear. Go ahead, he said. Heeding the words of Mr Pegg, Adeline asked, Did I send them to myself in a senior moment? Brian laughed, I can reassure you that you didnt. Remember to nod or shake, Brian, Adeline smiled. Was it my niece? Brian slowly and deliberately shook his head. Adeline felt a glow of relief. She adored her niece, but would much rather have a proper secret admirer. She decided to go for broke. Was it Mr Wellbrook?

Brian looked shocked, I dont have a wife. Have you told that to Daisy? Adeline arched her eyebrow.

Daisys not my wife, shes my sister, Brian said crossly. Why does everyone think that? Oh dear, thought Adeline, Ive only just got a secret admirer and were already having our first row.

Adeline gasped. The delivery man was right, she did have a secret admirer. But who could it be?

There was only one florist in town, Blossoms, run rather fittingly by Brian and Daisy Blossom. Shed ordered flowers from them for her nieces wedding. She would walk into town, and ask them whod sent the flowers. The mystery would be solved.

In that case, she said, I apologise, and thank you for the flowers. Flattered and embarrassed, Adeline decided now was a good time to leave. As she opened the door, Brian called,

Would you be amenable to receiving Valentine flowers from me again? She paused, then threw a look over her shoulder which she hoped was smouldering, Possibly. Though less of the lilies, Im a roses kind of girl.

On her way she kept her eyes peeled for the Jag, but her potential secret admirer was keeping a low profile. Once at Blossoms she was perturbed to 18

That chap who flashes about in his Jag? Brian frowned. Certainly not. Adeline was stumped, and a little disappointed. Could you give me a clue?

By Jackie Brewster

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Excellent Value on: Furniture - Electrical TV's White Goods, Luggage, Pictures, Mirrors ++++ Much Much More 1st for Service - Quality - Price We also undertake Confidential Removals & House Clearances EXCELLENT VALUE EXCELLENT VALUE ELECTRICAL & FURNITURE, HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS, etc etc Turneround Reuse is committed to keeping as much out of on sale at our warehouse on sale at our shop landfill as possible and so far has stopped over 400 ton of household products from going to landfill 8 Bay View Road, 20 Seaview Rd, Colwyn Bay Colwyn Bay We are a family business and not associated with any charities,

01492 531070

but we do support and help many charities in the area providing much needed furniture and home contents

I am looking for 10 working partners, to work part time from home without compromising current work or family commitments. If you are positive, enthusiastic and determined, with a will to succeed to change your life FOREVER

Please call Richard NOW on 07598 234066 Join my team and see how quickly your lifestyle improves!
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to enhance your space, to designing complete home concepts. We truly want you to enjoy your place of peace, rest and contemplation. We make your dreams a reality. Whether you want to transform just one room or an entire home. Whether you have a lovely traditional family home, modern contemporary dwelling, trendy city apartment or a pretty chocolate box cottage, we align our skills to wherever you live and whatever you want to achieve. Urban chic lounges to country cottage kitchens, contemporary cool bathrooms to boutique chic bedrooms; allow us to indulge your senses with classic elegance, cosy cottage style or glamorous opulence. The choice is yours...

hen I look back to where this all started for me, my designer eye was there from an early age. I was about 11 years old when I started buying ornaments for my familys lounge which quickly developed into redesigning my own bedroom at 12. Since then my work life has veered in a couple of different directions, where I gained valuable skills along the way and now I can happily say Im back to where I started. Last year I was appointed to design a show house for a local developer Ravenscroft

Homes in Colwyn Bay. They were delighted with the result I gave them. Im very proud to say that the kitchen and bathroom were featured in the Jan 14 edition of Utopia Kitchen and Bathroom magazine. 'My proudest career moment to date!'

Jakara Interior Design;

synonymous with creating luxurious, elegant homes of timeless class and beauty... Description From a bespoke hand painted feature wall or complementary artwork


To Advertise in YES MAG please call Richard 01492 541627 or 07598 234066

We have a genuine passion for Interior Design and will pour our heart and soul into every little detail when styling an absolutely gorgeous space for you to enjoy. Each and every canvas and wall art design that I style and produce for you will be unique, an original composition, created and designed with you in mind. This is then hand painted by me with the utmost intricacy to capture its essence. We will work tirelessly for you and will source

everything down to the final fabulous finishing touch. We guarantee that your project will fit snuggly in with your lifestyle, completed on time and will be the very best reflection of your individuality. You can be assured, we will do our utmost to make the finished effect more beautiful than you could have ever imagined... Throughout the process we will provide continuous support and advice. Our customer care is second to

none, so we know that you will totally enjoy the whole experience as much as we do. See our contact details to begin your very own stunning transformation with a friendly free no obligation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you very soon and wish you all the best.
Phone Email Website 07712 540190

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Training Courses for Businesses, Organisations and Public Sector

North Wales Deaf Association offers a variety of training courses that raises awareness of deafness and also teaches staff how to communicate effectively with customers and clients with a hearing loss. In North Wales, the number of people with a hearing loss is significantly higher than the rest of the UK with almost 28% of people having some degree of hearing loss. These people are your customers and clients, being able to communicate with them effectively will encourage them to use your business and services. In July 2013 NHS Wales published the All Wales Standards for Accessible Communication and Information for People with Sensory Loss. The Standards suggest all staff should be trained in how to communicate effectively with someone with a sensory loss and the training should reflect a person centred approach. This standard would be an appropriate standard for all organisations to follow. North Wales Deaf Association is able to deliver training to your staff in an efficient and practical way with minimum disruption to your staff and services. How can we help you in this important area? We can offer you a professional training course, for up to 15 staff. Our courses can be adapted to meet both your organisation and client requirements Learning with us is an active and enjoyable experience, which makes use of simulated activity exercises and a range of different resources. Training can be delivered at the place of work from one hour taster sessions to fullday sessions. Training can cost from as little as 7 per person All organisations who complete training will be recognised in our quarterly newsletter All our courses aim to teach your staff to: Treat with Dignity and earn Respect; Care with Empathy and Understanding; and Support with Knowledge and Ability. Courses available are: One hour Deaf Awareness and Communication taster session Three hour Deaf Awareness and Communication Training Six hour in depth Deaf Awareness and Communication Training Three hour BSL Taster Session Three hour BSL Extension Session

North Wales Deaf Association

Deaf Awareness Training

British Sign Language (BSL)

For full brochure including prices please contact our offices with your requirements. North Wales Deaf Association: Unit 7/9 Conwy Business, Junction Way, Llandudno Junction, Conwy, LL31 9XX Tel: 01492 563470 Minicom: 01492 563475 Fax: 01492 593781 sms: 07719 410355 e-mail: website: Company Limited by Guarantee Number: 2959589 Registered Charity Number: 1048017
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Curtain Magic
Bespoke Curtains and Soft Furnishings
50 Conway Road Colwyn Bay, LL29 7LD Tel: 01492 533138 Fax: 01492 535609

10% off with this Advert

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The Centre of Excellence for Beds & Bedroom Furniture

Removal of Old Bed & FREE Local Delivery same Day / Next Day at a time to suit you

Huge Range of Beds & Bedroom Furniture, Lounge & Dining Furniture, in our shop at 46-48 Abergele Road, Colwyn Bay

Di uctio rt d e Pro is Adv th

% on 5 unt n of sco

Independent, Fully Qualified Bed Specialists. Family Run Business with over 20 yrs experience. We will Beat ANY Like for Like Quote.

77Abergele Road, Colwyn Bay, LL29 7RU

FREEPHONE 0800 783 7119

curtain shop


Large stock of nets and voiles In Stock Nets & Ready-made curtains Custom-made curtains in 7 days Made to measure curtains in 7-10 days Curtain and net alterations Curtain track, poles etc Bedding (includes custom made) Excellent service Friendly and knowledgeable staff

79a Abergele Road, Colwyn Bay, LL29 7RU Tel: 01492 535599


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Rhos-On-Sea Carpets & Beds

Quality carpets at sensible prices
Our aim is to offer great value and quality service, from help and advice in choosing appropriate flooring through to installation by our professional fitters. We offer free estimates and also provide a free sample service.

01492 549 492

Carpets Vinyls Laminates Solid Oak Karndean Commercial Flooring Beds Rugs


1 Church Road Rhos-On-Sea LL28 4DJ

10% Discount
to all Yesmag customers at Rhos on Sea Carpets

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Mr Mike Garner
27 Wynnstay Road Old Colwyn, Conwy LL29 9DS Tel: 01492 512232 email: website:


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Agor Drysau - Gwella Bywydau

Housing Association

Cymdeithas Tai


Opening Doors - Enhancing Lives

Housing Association

Cymdeithas Tai

Cewch fyw bywyd annibynnol gyda Gofal Cartref a chefnogaeth 24 awr ar y sae. Mae Cymdeithas Tai Clwyd Alyn ar y cyd a Chyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Conwy, yn datblygu 46 Fat Gofal Ychwanegol, 1 a 2 ystafell wely o safon uchel gyda chyeusterau cymunedol i unigolion dros 60 oed sydd ag angen wedi ei asesu.

Live an independent lifestyle backed up by 24 hour on-site Domiciliary Care and Support. Clwyd Alyn Housing Association in conjunction with Conwy County Borough Council, is developing 46 Extra Care, 1 and 2 bedroom high quality apartments with communal facilities for individuals aged 60 years and over with an assessed need.

Nodweddion Allweddol
Fatiau 1 a 2 ystafell wely ar rent neu iw prynu, yn ddibynnol ar feini prawf Preifatrwydd ac annibyniaeth Gofal Cartref 24 awr ar y sae i denantiaid sydd ag angen wedi ei asesu Parcio Preifat Gerddi wedi eu tirlunio Ystafell haul Bwyty Ystafell olchi dillad Salon Trin Gwallt ac Ystafell Therapi Llyfrgell ac Ystafell TG Ystafell Amlddefnydd / Sinema Lolfa ir Preswylwyr Ystafelloedd i Wahoddedigion Storfa Bygis

Key features
1 & 2 Bedroom apartments for rent and for purchase, subject to eligibility criteria Privacy and independence 24-hour on site Domiciliary Care for individuals with an assessed need Private Car Parking Landscaped Gardens Conservatory Restaurant Laundry Room Hair Salon & Therapy Room Library and IT room Activity / Cinema Room Resident Lounge Guest Suite

Buggy Store

T LA FF Y S D O ebu EL G arch N I WDA ni itiad n CH RD ch y an! A ltw pw w EW ysyl a r D C

Os teimlwch y byddech yn cael budd o Gynllun Gofal Ychwanegol Tan y Fron, gallwch gysylltu ni yn y ffyrdd canlynol:

If you feel you would benet from the Tan y Fron Extra Care Scheme, you can contact us in the following ways:


0800 183 5757 Telephone

Mae Cymdeithas Tai Clwyd Alyn yn Gymdeithas Ddiwydiannol a Darbodus Elusennol Clwyd Alyn Housing Association is a Charitable Industrial and Provident Society


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VI S A IT co PA TH an nta R E ap ct u TM SH p s no oin to EN O w tm bo T W ! e o

nt k

Agor Drysau - Gwella Bywydau

Housing Association

Cymdeithas Tai


Opening Doors - Enhancing Lives

Housing Association

Cymdeithas Tai

Cartref Preswyl a Nyrsio a adeiladwyd ir diben gyda gofal a chefnogaeth o safon uchel 24 awr y dydd Gofal preswyl a nyrsio o safon uchel, gan gynnwys gofal lliniarol Staff nyrsio, gofal a chefnogi wedi eu hyfforddin drwyadl, rhai yn siarad Cymraeg Foedd cystadleuol - wedi eu cynllunio i fod of fewn cyrraedd i bawb Mewn ardal gadwraeth dawel, ddiogel

A purpose built Residential and Nursing Home with 24-hour high quality care and support. High quality residential and nursing care, including palliative care Highly-trained nursing, care and support staff, some Welsh speakers Competitive fees - designed to be accessible to all Set in a quiet, safe, conservation area

01492 523375 Telephone

Dyfyniad MP001 Mae Cymdeithas Tai Clwyd Alyn yn Gymdeithas Ddiwydiannol a Darbodus Elusennol Clwyd Alyn Housing Association is a Charitable Industrial and Provident Society Quote MP001

Full Locksmith Service
Keys Cut, Locks, Digital locks & door entry system supplied and fitted.

Anthonys Handyman Services, Conwy 01492 330525 07925 855 498


All types of SAFE - Old or New Bought and Sold OPENING SERVICE vehicles, cashboxes, safes, buildings WE ALSO SELL door furniture, vehicle security locks & most other types of locks

Contact us 24/7

65 Abergele Rd, Colwyn Bay, LL29 7RU

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Around Britain
5 British Islands
1. Piel - Piel is the smallest of the four inhabited Islands of Furness that lie off the coast of Cumbria. Whilst the largest of these islands, Walney, is Englands eighth biggest and has a population of over 10,000, Piel is just 8 hectares in size and has a permanent population comprising the landlord known as the King of Piel of the islands Grade II listed Ship Inn. 2. Gairsay - Gairsay has a population of just 3, making it one of the least populated of all of Scotlands offshore islands. Nevertheless, it is officially permitted by the Royal Mail to produce its own stamps. 3. Lundy - A little over one square mile in size, Lundy lies 12 miles off the north coast of Devon in the centre of the Bristol Channel. Despite its relative isolation and small size, Lundy has its own pub, shops and church, produces its own stamps, and has a resident population of 28. 4. The Calf of Man - Aside from the Isle of Man itself, the only other inhabited island in the Man group is the Calf of Man, a square-mile islet lying just off its southernmost tip. A census in 2006 recorded a population here of just 2 namely the wardens of an RSPB bird observatory opened in 1962. 5. Brownsea - Brownsea is the largest of the dozen or so islands found in Poole Harbour in Dorset. It is also arguably the most well known, having been the location of Robert BadenPowells inaugural Boy Scout camp in August 1907. Taken from The British Isles: A Trivia Gazetteer by Paul Anthony Jones, out now.

18-20 Penrhyn Road, Colwyn Bay, LL29 8LG

Makers of Bespoke furniture and Re-Upholstery Specialists, Three piece Suite, Loose covers, Foam Sales:

01492 532712


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Mobile Phone Repairs

Authorised Warranty Service Agent
Monday to Friday 9 am to 5.30pm Saturday 9am to 1pm

Authorised Nokia & Samsung mobile phone repair agent. Free repairs for qualifying Nokia & Samsung phones within the manufacturers 2-year warranty period. Chargeable, non warranty repairs available on most other makes of phones, including Blackberry & iPhones. eg. iPhone screen replacements. Other product repairs on some laptops, digital cameras, iPods, etc.

Photos on your phone?

We can show you how to print them, or transfer to another phone or computer.

Just imagine .... What if your phone went wrong ? We may be able to repair it, but you could lose important data like phone numbers, texts, photos, etc. We can show you how to back-up your data before your phone goes wrong. Free advice and demonstration for owners of Nokia and Samsung phones.

Did you know .... ? Nokia & Samsung mobile phones usually come with a 2-year manufacturers guarantee. As an official Nokia & Samsung service location we can usually repair your phone free of charge within those 2-years. (warranty faults) Why not call in with your phone and we can check the warranty status for you, this will take no more than just a few minutes.

01492 535888
12 Greenfield Road, Colwyn Bay LL29 8EL
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1. 5. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 14. 17. 19. 22. 23. 24. 25. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 12.

Quick Crossword
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

European country (7) Scour (5) Inflamed (7) Precise (5) Strict (5) Operating room (7) Painter (6) Lethal (6) Non professional (7) Likeness (5) Edgy, anxious (5) Revised (7) Father (5) Harnessed to ride (7) Types of transport (5) Not tight (5) E.g. Crete, Rhodes (7) Tiny (6) Stage set (5) Oven cooked (7) Torch power cell (7) Made suitable (7)




13 16













13. Coached (7) 15. Once lived (7) 16. Destroys (6)

18. Including all (5) 20. Fourth month (5) 21. Finished (5)

Each letter in this puzzle is represented by a different number between 1 and 26. The codes for three letters are shown. Once you have filled these throughout the grid you can start guessing words and reveal other letters. As you find the letters enter them in the box below. 1 5 9 13 17 21 25 2 6 10 14 18 22 26 3 7 11 15 19 23 4 8 12 16 20 24 6 26 14 25 8 26 11 25 22 1 21 18 25 8 1 8 8 26 20 2 26 24 1 18 18 1 21 23 16 24 10 20 18 16 1 22 25 20 17 7 16 2 22 25 5 25 18 20 24 1 1 19 3 25 3 21 22 20 12 26 6 20 20 5 26 6 16 6 21 25 20 24 2 8 26 11 14 26 25 8 3 9 5 25 5 24 1 16 3 20 3 20 20 16 3 20 24 2 4 17 16 21 21 25 13 15 24 14 3 23 16 1 1 12 1

22 8 1



20 25


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Easy Lamb Rogan Dhansak

Serves 4-6 Ready in 4 hours This recipe does use fresh ingredients but cheats a little by using a jar of sauce rather than creating it from scratch which saves time, but still produces a delicious and authentic dish. Unlike many curry type dishes, the lentils make this very thick so theres no need for rice. It reheats perfectly and so can be cooked the day before ready to eat at short notice the next day.

800g diced leg of lamb or
lamb steaks

Preheat the oven to 150C/300F/Gas Mark 2. Add a splash of olive oil to a frying pan and cook the onions, carrot and celery until they take on a bit of colour, then put these into a large casserole pot. In the same pan put about half the diced lamb and fry until sealed, then put into casserole pot, repeat with the rest of the lamb. Fry the peppers for a couple of minutes, then put them into casserole pot with a pinch of salt and a good grind of pepper. Add the chillies to taste 4 chillies will give a medium heat but use fewer chillies and remove the seeds if you dont like it too hot. Pour in the two jars of Rogan Josh, then add a bit of water to the jars, put the lid back on and shake. Chop half the coriander and add to the pot with the liquid from the jars and stir thoroughly. You need the casserole pot filled to near the top, so add water if necessary. Dont worry if it looks a bit watery, the lentils at the end will thicken it all up. Put into the oven, giving it a stir after about 2 hours.

3 whole peppers, red, green,

yellow, sliced.

1 chopped and diced onion 2 carrots peeled and finely


2 sticks of celery chopped

and finely diced

2 jars of Rogan Josh sauce Half a teacup of dried red

lentils sliced

(recommend Loyd Grosman)

2 4 whole red chillies Bunch of fresh coriander Olive oil Salt and pepper For serving, naan bread and
sour cream

6 After 3.5 hours sprinkle over lentils and stir in. 7 Just before serving sprinkle
the rest of the fresh coriander on top and then serve with naan bread, and sour cream.

Put back into the oven for another 40 minutes.


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Bengal Dynasty
New Exciting Tasty Dishes
Celebrating 25 years in business Thank you to all our customers who have supported us over the past 25 years

The Service
The Bengal Dynastys reputation for first-class presentation and efficient, personal service is unrivalled. Parties Celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion? Make a party booking at the Bengal Dynasty. Well take care of every detail. Your guests will celebrate with a first-class meal, excellent service and a welcoming atmosphere.

Opening Hours
12.00 noon - 2.30pm & 5.30pm - 11.30pm Friday: 5.30pm - 11.30pm Sunday: 12.00 noon - 11.30pm

Adults 8.95 Children 4.95 Between 12 - 8pm

1 North Parade Llandudno, LL30 2LP

01492 875928/878445 35

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Change one letter at a time (but not the position of any letter) to make a new word - and move from the word at the top of the ladder to the word at the bottom, using the exact number of rungs provided.

Word Ladder


Mermaids Seafoods
Retail & Wholesale
The Plaice to go for the Finest Fish & Seafood We Specialise in local Fish & Shellfish when available Units 12/13 Builder Street Llandudno LL30 1DR 01492 878014 / 874474



Penrhyn Old Hall Penrhyn Old Road Penrhyn Bay Llandudno LL30 3EE

01492 549888
Superb food, a choice of quality Real ales, Lagers and a selection of wines Our cosy restaurant serves delicious home style cooking, a traditional Sunday roast and a wide range of desserts
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Mr B's
Bistro & Cafe
'Valentines Day' will be here very soon, why not call and ask for our special menu for that Romantic Dinner 60 per couple for a 4 course meal including a Bottle of Champagne
(per couple)


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r Bs Bistro and licensed Caf at 147 Mostyn Street in Llandudno may be a new addition to Llandudnos eating venues but the owners are far from new to the catering industry, having owned award winning venues ranging from Gastro pubs, French style Bistros, and 50s themed American diners, and the one thing that they all had in common was the detail to the food being served, be it a toastie, or a full breakfast, or a special occasion dinner and that is being

made to feel welcome, having a varied and interesting menu with of course veggie options, or if you have any dietary requests, just tell one of the staff, or ask to see the head chef, who will be pleased to help. Our menu covers all meal types, from a coffee and cake, a traditional all day breakfast(and we mean all-day) snacks, casual meals for Ladies who lunch, to a full international menu that includes fish, game and some of the menu choices

that have proved popular in the past. After a complete renovation Mr Bs is now open to welcome customers old and new plus we have some very special dining offers that Im sure will tempt you,. At Mr Bs we enjoy making tables that little extra special for those celebration occasions, birthday, anniversary or just a family get together, we promise to make your evening, or afternoon as memorable as possible.

20% off food orders until end of February

(not available with any other offer, or valentines day meal)

So, owners' David/Lee, the chefs, along with front of house staff Adam and David, Look forward to seeing you soon

01492 877487
147 Mostyn Street Llandudno
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Mountain View
Pub & Restaurant


01492 544724 Mountain View, Old Conwy Road, Mochdre LL28 5AT
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been faulty and it remained billowing and semi-inflated, like a giant amoeba. Have you got anything sharp? he whispered to Kate. Ill have to pop it. Nope, security even removed my tiny tweezers. Apologising for the second time to the passenger seated on his right, he stuffed it in the overhead locker and avoided contact with some six hundred pairs of eyes. Made in China huh? Kate said, a big smile on her face. ********************

Long Haul Jan Ruth

Once on the aircraft, Al removed the deluxe head-support from its extensive Chinese packaging and recoiled slightly at the bright pink colour, which was not indicated on the box. Even before it was fully inflated it seemed to take up a lot of room. Kate shot him a mischievous look when he began to blow into it. You could have just bought me an eye mask. This will be much better for you, he said, feeling positively heroic. He inhaled deeply, as if he were about to dive into deep water and blew into the tiny valve. After a good five minutes of this he began to feel dizzy, and it had ballooned into something which was clearly not a neck support. What is it? he said, trying to open it out in the small space provided between his lap and the row of seats in front. One of the cabin-crew gave him the evil eye as she sailed up and down the aisle, checking for loose bags and the like. Kiddies paddling pool? Kate said, pointing to the decorative line of fish. The hostess homed in on him as he was trying to deflate it but the valve must have


This ancient, romantic landscape is a perfect setting for Jans fiction, or just day-dreaming in the heather. Jan writes contemporary stories about people, with a good smattering of humour and drama, dogs and horses. Books by JAN RUTH are now available in paperback from HINTON'S Bookshop, Conwy. Available for kindle and most other ereaders, plus print versions from Amazon and other on-line retailers. For all details, vist:

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16 February 1923
Howard Carter enters the tomb of King Tutankhamun
Lord Carnarvon (whose house you will know as Downton Abbey) he took those virtues with him. Unlike Heinrich Schliemann, who vandalised centuries of history when uncovering what he thought was Troy in the 1870s (he even used dynamite), Carter took his time. He found the steps leading to the tomb on 22 November 1922, and four days later bored a little hole through the door dividing the antechamber from the tomb and peered through. What can you see? enquired Lord Carnarvon. Wonderful things! Carter famously replied. But he still spent nearly three months patiently excavating the antechamber and recording its contents before finally breaking into the tomb itself. And that, of course, was when it all kicked off. As he entered the tomb, Carnarvon was bitten on the neck by a mosquito. A few days later, he cut the swelling while shaving. It turned septic, and he died on 5 April of a disease, common at the time, called letting a wound go septic before anyone had invented antibiotics. But the mummys curse had already become a familiar theme in gothic and fantasy literature. The first mummys-curse novel came out in 1827 five years after the second, and popular, edition of Mary Shelleys Frankenstein was published. Written by Jane Loudon, The Mummy! was the forerunner of a minor literary sub-genre that ran throughout the 19th century and created an atmosphere of grisly expectation around the excavations. The official opening of the tomb had been attended by 58 VIP guests and diggers who would be next to feel the disturbed Pharoahs wrath? Well, it was an American railway magnate, actually: George Jay Gould I, who died of pneumonia possibly contracted in Egypt on the French Riviera in May. He was the second of 11 of the 58 to meet untimely deaths: three were murdered, one by his wife, one by a blackmailer, one (Sir Lee Stack, Governor of the Sudan) in a political assassination; one died in September that year following minor surgery; the radiographer who x-rayed the mummies in the tomb died in January 1924, probably the result of being a 1920s radiographer; one of the archaeologists died of arsenic poisoning in 1928 and another of malaria in 1929; Carters secretary, Richard Bethell, was found dead in bed of unknown causes, also in 1929; Bethells distraught father killed himself in February 1930. And thats your lot. Carter himself died in 1939 of cancer at the age of 64. So if there was a curse, it wasnt a very potent one. But was there a curse? Ancient Egyptian health warnings were fairly common in private tombs of a much earlier period; but among all the tombs hieroglyphs so faithfully copied by Carters team, there was nary a trace of one. Oh well...

What a gem of an anniversary this is - curses from beyond the grave, ancient magic, strange deaths, Boris Karloff staggering around wrapped in bandages... it has the lot. The true story of the discovery of the tomb of King Tutankhamun, Pharoah of Egypt in the 1330s BC, does actually have some vaguely mysterious deaths, but theres no curse, no magic, no Boris Karloff and sadly not even a pyramid. By the time King Tut came along, the Egyptians hadnt built a pyramid for nigh on 1,000 years, which is why his tomb built underground, covered with silt by floods, and with a village on top was so hard to find and so wellpreserved. Howard Carter, the man who found it, was an artist by trade whose speciality was carefully and methodically recording and copying tomb art and inscriptions. When he swapped paintbrush for spade in 1907 and went to work for the fabulously wealthy Egyptophile

By Ted Bruning

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Good Outcome from Bad Service
By Jasmine Birtles,

hen you purchase something, whether its a holiday or a hat, you are entering into a contract of exchange. This means that the seller has agreed to meet your statutory rights. If these are not met or youre not happy with the service, you can make a complaint. What a lot of people dont realise is that theres nothing to stop you asking for compensation, either in the form of money or goods.

The way to complain about bad goods or services is: Step 1: Make a complaint in person or over the phone as soon as possible. Inform them that you know your statutory rights as a consumer. Step 2: If you dont receive a satisfactory response, complain in writing to the head office. Ask for compensation for your time and effort (suggest an amount of money) as well as having your item mended or replaced. Send letters by recorded delivery to keep proof of your complaint. Step 3: If you still arent satisfied, write again and be persistent. Those who write a third time usually receive at least some of what theyve asked for.

Fun fact
About 34m PPI policies have been sold since 2001, with almost 14bn so far set aside by the banks and building societies in compensation. Complain about train tickets

Complain about goods and services

Complain about insurance companies and financial services

Not all train operators have the same policy but the National Rail Conditions of Carriage are the underlying rules for train travel in Britain and have minimum compensation regulations. How to do it: Step 1: Write to the train operator. Forms are available from the ticket office, their website or from Step 2: Take your complaint further. If youre unhappy with the response from National Rail, you can seek independent passenger representation from www. for journeys outside of London or www.londontravelwatch. for journeys in and around London. Claims will need to be made within 28 days and the original ticket must be sent with your complaint. Compensation is usually paid in rail vouchers.

Under the Sale of Goods Act 1979, shops must provide goods which are of satisfactory quality, as described, fit for purpose and last a reasonable length of time. They must provide services which are carried out with reasonable care and skill within a reasonable time and at a decent cost.

You can be compensated between half and your entire ticket price if a train is delayed for more than half an hour (depending on the cause of the delay).

If youre unhappy about the service you have received from a financial company, its easier to complain than it used to be. Step 1: Complain directly to the company in writing, explaining why youre not happy and what you want the business to do in return. Send copies of paperwork and keep a record of your


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correspondence. Make sure you complain as soon as things go wrong. They will look at your complaint and see if its appropriate to compensate you. However in most cases they will try and avoid this so be persistent. Be patient though as a business is allowed to take up to eight weeks to resolve the complaint itself. Step 2: If you disagree, you can ask the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) to look at your case for free. FOS are an independent industry watchdog which resolves individual complaints that consumers and financial organisations arent able to resolve

Claim back PPI

themselves. They have upheld 49% of car insurance complaints and 61% of warranty complaints in favour of the consumer in the last year alone, so you have a chance.

Millions of people across the country have been missold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) and have claimed back thousands of pounds in compensation. The average payout for PPI is now 2,750 per person and the highest payout to date has reached nearly 65,000. PPI is a form of insurance designed to compensate you if you lose your income due to sickness, an accident or redundancy. Banks and lenders sold the insurance

to people who didnt need it or were not eligible to claim. If you think youve been mis-sold PPI you can claim back the money yourself free of charge rather than go through a claims company who will take 30% or more of your compensation win. Step 1: Gather your paperwork and details and make a formal complaint to your bank or lender. You can download the forms from the Citizens Advice Bureau, www.adviceguide. Step 2: If the bank or lender does not resolve your complaint, you can refer it for free to the FOS via their website or by calling 0800 0234 567 (or 0300 123 9123 from a mobile).

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First Drive:
Inniti Q50 S Hybrid
By James Batchelor, editor of

What is it?

Remember the Infiniti G37? No, we didnt think so. When it quietly appeared on the scene in 2009, it was one of the first Infinitis Brits could buy. But with, how should we say this, interesting styling, a thirsty 320bhp 3.7-litre V6 petrol under the bonnet and acres of switchgear poached from low-rent Nissans, it wasnt terribly successful. But that was then and Infiniti now has a far more appealing proposition for the nations fleet managers used to buying 3 Series BMWs and Mercedes C-Classes. Weve already driven this car abroad but now were one of the first to slip behind the wheel of a British car and Infiniti UK is understandably proud of its latest product. Its a halo car for us, a

spokesperson told us on our test drive. A real performance car with the added benefit of low running costs.

Whats the spec like?

Whats under the bonnet?

We have the all-wheeldrive Q50S Hybrid on test you could opt for a version fitted with Infinitis new 2.2-litre diesel and it sports a 364bhp 3.5-litre V6 petrol mated to a 50kW electric motor. It tops out at 155mph and reaches 60mph in 5.1 seconds. To put that into perspective, a BMW M5 will reach 60mph in 4.1 seconds but the Q50S will return a combined MPG of 41.5 and emit 159g/km of CO2. Its quick and punchy, but it wont be the best-seller in the UK thatll be the diesel.

It seems to have everything you could want from this type of saloon. The Q50S Hybrid retails at 41,635 and comes absolutely loaded with tech and electric wizardry. The headlines are: full leather upholstery, NASA-developed fatigue free front seats, climate control, parking sensors, Bluetooth with streaming and Infinitis clever new infotainment system. The latter not only looks neat but works well too although we werent behind the wheel for long so we cant say how easy it would be to live with. The Q50S has another crafty little piece of tech too. Called Active Lane Control, the system reads the white lines on the road and keeps the car tracking safely between them.


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Any rivals?

Well, its the three big guns that make up the biggest competition namely, BMWs 3 Series, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and the Audi A4. Theres no doubt the Infiniti matches the Bavarian threesome in many areas and it does have individuality up its sleeve too. For other leftfield choices, theres also the Volvo S60.

that can feel artificial. But on our admittedly short test drive, we had little complaint. While it doesnt match the sheer precision of the 3 Series, the Q50S can be set up for the drivers tastes whether sporting or comfort and is perfectly adequate. A hybrid saloon will spend most of its time navigating city streets and motorways and for this the Q50 would seem to excel.

smooth driving dynamics and European styling, the Q50S is a fine car. Whether itll make a dent in the executive saloon car market is yet to be seen, but Infiniti deserves to do well with this car.

The Knowledge
Model: Infiniti Q50S Hybrid AWD Price: 41,635 Engine: 3.5-litre V6, hybrid Power: 364bhp, 544Nm Max speed: 155mph (limited) 0-60mph: 5.1 seconds MPG: 41.5 mpg (combined) Emissions: 159g/km CO2

Whats it like to drive?

Theres no doubt its smooth and relaxing to drive. Complaints have been aimed at the Q50Ss steering-by-wires system

The Verdict

This is a car with some of the tightest shut-lines in the business and seriously impressive build quality. Add in

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City of Stanislas
By Solange Hando

ust over an hour east of Paris by high speed rail, Nancy, the ancient capital of Lorraine, is one of the finest cities in France, all thanks to a deposed Polish King. In 1737, sixty year old Stanislas sought refuge at the French Court where his son in law, Louis XV, placed the newlyacquired Duchy of Lorraine in his care. Overwhelmed by gratitude, Stanislas devoted his personal fortune and the rest of his life to his new subjects, feeding the poor, encouraging the arts and planning an architectural showcase, a royal town, on former wasteland. He died aged 89 after falling in his fireplace. On that day, 23rd February 1766, the Duchy of Lorraine was returned to the French king.

Louis XV. Yet this is just one of three world heritage sites in the heart of the town. Walk through the Arch and you are greeted by the lovely Place Carrire with its fountains and statues, antique gods and leafy avenue leading to the colonnaded crescent of the former Governors Palace. Alliance, the third UNESCO square, is a quiet little place tucked in the back streets around a gurgling Italian-style fountain and trees twittering with birds. But just steps away from the 18th century city, the old medieval district leads you through a jumble of winding lanes, old-fashioned shops, flower stalls and private mansions festooned in sculpted balustrades and stone staircases. The old ducal palace now houses the Lorraine Museum while the Rue Gourmande beckons with the aroma of quiche Lorraine or traditional Mirabelle plum tart. King Stanislas would be pleased for he loved his food and is widely acclaimed for introducing the popular volau-vent and rum baba. Beyond its historical centre, Nancy is a modern city

of broad avenues and pedestrian lanes, colourful markets, pavement cafs, bright department stores and exclusive boutiques gleaming with designer fashion, jewellery and highly prized local crystal. In the early 1900s, this vibrant town gave birth to a new art movement, covering every discipline from painting and sculpture to craft and architecture. It began as Art Nouveau with soft flowing lines symbolising a return to nature and later evolved into the more sober Art Deco but whatever ones preference, Nancy is a treasure trove of architectural wonders. Wide-eyed visitors gaze at the ornate villas sprinkled in the suburbs, or the opulent Brasserie Excelsior at the heart of town, before strolling down to the river Meurthe or enjoying a cruise on the canal. But when the sun sets over the hills, its time to return to the square where golden lights twinkle all around and the dark silhouette of Stanilas the Benefactor keeps watch over his flock. This is just as it should be, a unique and enchanting sight, for no other city in France owes so much to a Polish king.

Today, Nancy owes to Stanislas one of Europes most dazzling squares, aptly named after him, lined with classical buildings, fountains and wrought iron gates covered in gold leaf. Relax on a caf-terrace under the kindly gaze of the Benefactor and the view takes your breath away, the elegant City Hall, the TheatreOpera House, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Triumphal Arch bearing a medallion of

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Motoring Review
Bentley ... so proud of their new
Flying Spur.

The Mulsanne four-door saloon with a 506 b.h.p. 6.75 litre V8 engine costs from 224,700. The Bentley technical experts were anxious to show us their new four door Flying Spur saloon, and on closer examination, it certainly IS a beautiful car, powered by the 6.0 litre W-12 engine which develops 616 b.h.p. allowing the car to accelerate to 60 m.p.h. in only 4.5 seconds and on to a top speed of 200 m.p.h. The smoothness and power of this engine, particularly when mated to a 12 speed automatic transmission, gives such a tremendous performance so silently and effortlessly, while you are cosseted in the delectable interior. It costs 149,900 in standard form, and 151,340 in Mulliner spec. The 4.0 litre V8-engined Continental GT 2-door coupe is certainly no sluggard either, with a performance very similar to the Flying Spur, costing 123,850. Put your foot down in this model and the car leaps forward, but this time with the rasp of the sporting Audi-sourced V8 engine on song. All such a brilliant range of cars, but when my wife asked about the exclusive new Diana Barnato leather handbag, you had to put your name down on a waiting list for that- and arrange a small mortgage for the cost no-doubt! She was surprised to learn that the top technical men we spoke to didnt seem to know too much about handbags. Funny that! Terry Davies. President, Welsh Motoring Writers

ne of the most pleasurable visits on my motoring calendar is a Press driving event at the Bentley factory at Crewe, and even though I have been there many times before, I still get a shiver of excitement as I turn right into Pyms Lane where the factory is situated. I did this just a few weeks ago, and was surprised to see some major construction on the right hand side which will apparently be Bentleys huge new showroom( something on the lines of Mercedes-Benz World at Brooklands), where customers can visit to see the companys full range of cars in suitably plush surroundings. Mind you, the array of Bentley Continental models arranged as usual in front of the familiar Bentley office block has always been so very impressive, but there is a problem if the weather is inclement, which the new building will solve. What a spectacle these Continental models made in such a wonderful and unique range of colours. The Continental production line moves at a far slower speed than in normal car factories, but the flagship Bentley Mulsanne line moves even slower, as it takes some 400 hours to build this superb car- 200 hours of which are spent in the interior trim and equipment, and the result is not just a car, but a work of art. Mind you, this is only for the standard model, because many purchasers want their own special choice of equipment ,trim and body colours etc, and that takes much more time and much more money.

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To Advertise in YES MAG please call Richard 01492 541627 or 07598 234066

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West Shore Car & Leisure Sales Ltd

Service - Repair Caravan & Motorhome Specialist Body Repairs
Damp Repairs Insurance & private work undertaken Caravans Bought for Cash

Dedicated Caravan Service Centre

For all your caravan and motorhome needs

Tel: 01492 873093 Mob: 07724 416770

Herkomer Road, West Shore, Llandudno LL30 2YZ email:

To Advertise in YES MAG please call Richard 01492 541627 or 07598 234066

Est:- 1st June 1988 Celebrating 25 yrs in Business "Nice People to do Business with"

Glan Y Mor Road, Llandudno Junction, LL31 9RU 01492 581805


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The Highest Standards of Training & Service

Welcome to DR43 Motorcycle Training, North Wales. Based in the small town of Mochdre on the North Wales coast. DR43 Motorcycle Training caters for everyone, from the uninitiated first-time moped, scooter or motorcycle user through to the committed bike enthusiast with years of riding experience. If you're based in the North West or North Wales and are thinking about learning to ride a scooter or a motorcycle, or if you'd like to improve your general riding skills, then you've come to the right place.

Gift Vouchers for Lessons



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Steve Streetly
Auto Body Repairs
Over 30 years experience Call in for a Quote Today
The Best Choice at the Lowest Prices For your entire caravan, camping and outdoor accessory needs. We have a fantastic range of Caravan & Motorhome awnings and Breathable Groundsheets. Mobile Caravan Servicing & Repairs Caravan & Camping Gaz Showroom now open to the public.

07879 821197
Unit 1 - Rhos Industrial Estate Church Road, Rhos on Sea, LL28 4YX

01492 870892
Unit 3, Council Street West, Llandudno, LL30 1ED

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Building Contractor
All building work project managed from Start to Finish
Supply & fit or fit only

Electrics Plumbing
Competitive Prices



Bathrooms & Tiling

Shop Open on Request, for viewing easy access bathrooms

Hydraulic Baths

Conservatories & Extensions

Small jobs around your house can be done on an hourly basis

Experienced mobility bathroom fitters Free planning & designing service for

Mobility Bathroom Specialists

all bathrooms and shower rooms Ring for no obligation quote


Driveway can be viewed at Penrhyn Bay

tel: 01492 549768 mob: 07834 352436

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North Wales Joinery

Incorporating NWJ Glass and North Wales Stairs

Telephone: 01492 870418/876482 Fax: 01492 878751 Suppliers of purpose made Joinery Cut glass and double glazed units To the trade and public sectors Supplying UPVC windows and doors Compare our prices! Fitting Service available
Builder Street, Llandudno, Conwy, LL30 1DR E-mail:

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Domestic Plumber & Bathroom Fitter

Local Qualified Tradesman Bathroom Installation Specialist Tiling No Job too Small Absolutely NO Call Out Fee Reliable & Friendly Free Quotes 24 Hr Callout

29 Overlea Avenue, Deganwy, Conwy. Please Call Mike on

01492 582652 or 07748 344918

You do the business. Well do the books

Accounts, tax returns, inland revenue queries - leave it all to us. For a free no obligation initial meeting, call Peter Sewell at your local TaxAssist office on:

01492 868628

TaxAssist is a national network of small business accountants

The Small Business Champions


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RiChArD WiLlIaMs

(DeGaNwY) LtD

bUiLdErS, tImBeR & pLuMbErS mErChAnT oPeN tO tHe pUbLiC dElIvErIeS aCrOsS nOrTh wAlEs wWw.rIcHaRdWiLlIaMs.cO.uK

bRoN hEuLoG, cOnWy rOaD, lLaNdUdNo jUnCtIoN, cOnWy, lL31 9dX

t: 01492 583423 // e: jCtSaLeS@rWdL.cOm

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Hendley's Heating Engineers 01492 876509

GPO Garage, Garage Street, Llandudno, Conwy, LL30 1DW Tel: 01492 876509 - Email:

Fully Inclusive Heatcare Packages Boiler / Central Heating Installations Servicing Gas Safety Certifications Commercial Catering Installation, Servicing, Repair


To Advertise in YES MAG please call Richard 01492 541627 or 07598 234066

Hendley's Heat Care

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WHAT'S ON ... in Conwy?

7th Feb Ruby Turner Soul and Blues Diva 27th Feb to 8 March - National Theatre's War Horse 8th March Thanks for the Memory. An illustrated History of Variety Stars of the 1930s and 40s presented by Duggie Chapman 23rd Only Fools and Boycie with John Challis,one of the nation's greatest comedy actors best known as Boycie in BBC1s Only Fools and Horses. 21st Cinderella - Vienna Festival Ballet 22nd Andrew Newton - The World's leading Hypnotist returns to Theatre Colwyn. If you think it's all about getting people to run round like chickens, think again! Newton offers fascinating insights into the mind, punctuated by spells of side-splitting laughter. Box Office: 01492 577888

Venue Cymru

Box Office: 01492 872000

3rd 5th 6th 7th 7th 8th 8th 8th 14th 14th 16th 19-22nd 21st 22nd 26th 26/27th Daniel O"Donnell Verdi Nabucco with the Famous plight of the Hebrew Slaves Verdi Aida - The Grandest of all Operas Buddy Holly & the Cricketers Twenty-First Birthday Party Tour Donna Robinson - An evening of Mediumship & Clairvoyance The Grimethorpe Colliery Band Fairport Convention Y NEUADD | HALL The Banff Mountain Film Festival Valentine Dance, a special evening of music National Dance Company Wales BBC National Orchestra of Wales The Signalman by Charles Dickens LDN Wrestling featuring Alan Lee Travis and 36 stone Barbarian Karl Krammer "I Didn't Get Where I Am Today" with David Nobbs, creator of 'The Fall & Rise of Reginald Perrin" Ultimate Rhythm & Blues 50th Anniversary Tour The Moscow State Circus - presents - Park Gorkogo

1st Sing Gotta Dance. Six Dance Schools have again joined forces to give you a spectacular evening of entertainment. 6th The Fureys & Davey Arthur renowned for their hit songs, When you were Sweet 16, I Will Love You and 'Red Rose Cafe' 11th Blazin Fiddles. - the hottest contemporary fiddle players from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland 13 & 14th Ysgol John Bright presents Bugsey Malone 18th Psychic Sally: on the road. Britains best loved phsychic 22nd 24/29th Peter Howarth Unplugged PRISCILLA Queen of the Desert - starring Jason Donovan - Hugely entertaining

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St David's Hospice
FEB 15th Feb 21st March 1 March 1

Bodnant Gardens

St David's Hospice events - details can be found on

60's & 70's Motown Night at Langtry's Bar, Grand Hotel, Llandudno - with DJ David Hanson, 8pm till late, Tickets 5 available from Hospice Reception of call 01492 873665 Charity Fashion Show and Casino Night & Cabaret at the Risboro Hotel, Clement Avenue, Llandudno. (Ladies & Gents Fashion Show) Tickets: 5 from 8-12 pm. Tickets available at the Risboro or call: 07890 512911. Bag Packing at ASDA, Llandudno - Volunteers urgently needed 10am - 4pm Bag Packing in Morrisons, Bangor - Volunteers urgently needed 10am - 4pm

Le Roc North Wales Modern Jive Class Nights

Monday - Llay Royal British Legion Tuesday - Denbigh Town Hall Thursday - Llandudno Junction Labour Club For More Info: 07880 721281

Regular Events
Weekly - Llanddulas Male Voice Choir with piano and harp accompaniment. Contact Mr Ted Francis, Gloddaeth United Church, Chapel St, Llandudno - Tel 01745 823791 WI - Colwyn Bay Womens Institute, Second Tuesday of every month , 7.30pm - Contact Ms Sue Hayton, 01492 544920

Colwyn Bay Street Market - Every Tuesday & Saturday 8am - 6pm. For fantastic
bargains and quality goods, at Station Road, Colwyn Bay

Colwyn Bay Farmers Market - Every Thursday 9am-1pm. Provides a wide range of
locally produced fresh food and quality crafts

Towyn Market - Tir prince mega market - Every Saturday - Gates Open from 6am.

Together with over 400 stalls, and car parking for over 1000 vehicles, the outstanding Tir Prince open air Mega Market, and Massive Car Boot facility is probably the biggest and best retail experience in North Wales. Our Premium Mega Market is bustling with energy, charm and atmosphere - It's real fun shopping at its very best. From fresh meat to fancy furniture we have a mind boggling mix of great products for sale all at prices to please! Coach parties are always welcome, and we have full on site disabled facilities. produce

Rhyl Street Market - Thursdays and Saturdays throughout the year from 9.00am until 5.00pm with a wide variety of goods and
are experts in what they sell. What more could you want? Get a taste for market shopping! Conwy Farmers Market - Farm and locally produced quality produce. Lamb, beef, pork, fish, vegetables, fruit cakes, jams, preserves, honey, cheese, dairy, eggs, bread, beer, pastries, confectionery, samosas, plants, ice cream, smoked produce, soft drinks, flowers, herbs, garden furniture (subject to availability). Last Wednesday of every month 01492 584091 RSPB Conwy Conwy Nature Reserve, LLANDUDNO JUNCTION, Conwy LL32 8LD Rhos on Sea Country Market - Home baked bread, cakes, preserves, fresh eggs, plants, many handcrafted cards and gifts. Refreshments available, everyone welcome - Contact Details: Ms Elizabeth Owen, The Methodist Church Hall, St George's Road, Rhos-on-Sea, LL28 4HF - Tel: 01492 533627 - Email: - Every Friday 10.00am to 12.00 noon Please mention YES MAG when responding to adverts

Prestatyn Market - Every Tuesday & Friday 8.00am - 4.00pm. A huge range of products, a bustling atmosphere and traders who



Jive Lessons Alan & Diane 07880 721281 LeRoc North Wales GRP Flat Roofing
P.V.C.U. Facias - soffits
Call Roger on

photographer Mark Griffith MSG Images

Family Portraits, Animal Portraits, Weddings our Speciality Tel: 07725 766332

DOMESTIC PLUMBER & Bathroom fitter

Call Mike on

01492 680572 / 07990 960830

07748 344918

Block Paving, Drives, Paths & Patios, Hard Landscaping, Footings & Drainage, Fencing & Turfing email:

Conwy Decorating Services All aspect of Decorating

07779 150982

01492 540832 07748 122977

General & Sports physiotherapy Home visits available 07857 675422

01492 544583 / 07879 663236 with Padma O'Gara


At your home or business 07789 842727 / 01492 453015


Contact Mark on

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