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Before / After

Mr P. C., 45 years old - Bruxelles, Belgium


I received a S.A.F.E.R./NeoGraft automated hair transplant

6 months ago. I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of stress
associated with the procedure. I was satisfied with the results and
have already scheduled a second appointment to further increase
my hair density as the practitioner confirmed that I have enough
hair on the back of my head for at least one other transplant.

The least invasive hair transplant technique

A secure intervention through all stages
of the process
Optimum aesthetic results for life

Mrs Y. T., 44 years old - Geneva, Switzerland

When I was younger, I waxed my eyebrows too r epetitively and they

ended up not growing back at all. I discovered the micro eyebrow
transplant with the S.A.F.E.R./NeoGraft technique, which is very
affordable, fast and shows perfect and long lasting aesthetic results.
I recommend this technique to all people with this kind of problem.

Mr C. L., 51 years old - Paris, France

Dr H. D., Dermatologist - Paris, France

I have been using the SAFER/NeoGraft device for a few years now.
I offer both small hair transplant interventions like 500 grafts and larger
sessions like 1.200 grafts. People with substantial baldness have now
access to the F.U.E. technique thanks to the automation that
MEDICAMAT has developed, which improves the grafts quality
and the accuracy of the hair extraction and implantation.

2 times faster
than the traditional
F.U.E. technique
Painless (local
No scarring
Optimum aesthetic

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Or ask your practicioner for advice

Dr R. A., Aesthetic doctor - Saint-Dizier, France

I was one of the first doctors to offer the S.A.F.E.R./NeoGraft

procedure in my clinic. The technological features of the device allow
a more simple intervention, and thus allow the surgeon to focus
his effort on the quality of the surgery and its final
aesthetic aspect and naturalness.

Dr F. M., Maxillofacial surgeon - Cannes, France

The S.A.F.E.R./NeoGraft technique allows the practicioner to

focus on the artistic quality of the surgery, while saving al lot of time
and energy. The results are optimum and patients are able to reach
their goal in a reduced time, with a simpler procedure. This technology
is definitely a big step forward in the field of hair transplant surgeries.

No social eviction

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Minimally invasive
Photos Dr. M. DIVARIS

I had a head injury when I was young and my hair has never grown
back over the visible scars on my temple. The S.A.F.E.R./NeoGraft
technique allowed me to hide the ugly scars caused by my accident.
It is actually a very simple and painless procedure and now I feel like
I can really move on from what happened.

59, avenue Augustin Dumont

92240 Malakoff - France
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experience with more
than 100,000
successful procedures,
representing 200
million transplanted

What is this procedure?



Performed with the medical device SAFER/NeoGraft this

automated hair transplant technique benefits from very innovative
technological features. They result from over 20 years
of experience, which have improved the quality
and accuracy of both the grafts(1) extraction by
F.U.E.(2) and grafts implantation techniques.

This technique ensures a hair re-growth rate close to 100%.

Benefits of the technique

A simple, minimally invasive and stressless intervention compared
to both the STRIP technique and manual F.U.E. method.
Released from a certain number of technical constraints, the
operator is able to focus all his efforts on the artistic quality and
naturalness of the surgery.
Minimal transection rate and optimal hair re-growth.
Time of surgery is dramatically reduced, and patients are able to
reach their goal while spending less time in the procedure room
or fewer F.U.E. procedures.
Less pain, faster recovery, minimal post-operative e ffects.
A graft or follicular unit is an anatomic group of 1 to 4 hairs, rarely more.
In average 1 graft = 2.4 hairs (1,000 grafts = 2,400 hairs).


Follicular Unit Extraction.


Partial or complete deterioration of the graft, compromising his survival.

Todays least invasive technique

Why choose this procedure?

What are the results?
For who?
For men and women, from the very first stages of diffuse hair loss.
Individuals who want to wear their hair short without visible
Individuals wishing to reduce the scarring from different origins on
their scalp.
Individuals wishing to restore/thicken their e yebrows.
For men wishing to thicken homogeneously their beard
or moustache.

Graft extraction:
under local anaesthesia, the superficial penetration
of a rotary micro tool called punch into the
patients skin combined with a suction system
allows a very fast, smooth and secured extraction
of the grafts, without any trauma and with a m
level of transection(3) risk (close to 0%).
Graft implantation:
the grafts are rapidly implanted one by one with precision and
without any traumatic gesture into every pre-made superficial
micro incisions performed under local anaesthesia in areas with
thin or no hair (the recipient area).


Regardless of the hair transplant technique, the grafts are extracted from the donor
area at the rear of the head (crown), where hair is genetically programmed
to never fall unlike other areas in predisposed individuals.
The grafts are then implanted in the recipient site without loosing
their genetic identity restoring therefore the hair lost.

MEDICAMAT is the world leader in automated hair transplant since

1995. With more than 20 years of experience and 1,000 devices
sold worldwide, our expertise ensures you the best aesthetic results.
Today, the most internationaly renowed hair transplant surgeons
are using our technique daily.

All practioners of the S.A.F.E.R./NeoGraft technique have received a

complete training and have been certified by MEDICAMAT.
Your doctor is a hair transplant specialist, do not hesitate to consult him,
he can help you estimate the number of grafts that are needed to bring
back the appearance of a full head of hair.

A very soft and safe procedure:

Local anaesthetic surgery.
No surgical removal of a strip of the scalp, no stiches.
Minimal bleeding and minimal post-operative effects.
Possibility to undertake several consecutive interventions.
Least invasive procedure for hair transplant: no visible scarring, hair
can be worn short.
Your own hair transplanted for life.
Between 98-100% of hair regrowth.
No interruption to your social
or professional life.
most efficient
technique in almost
all cases of alopecia
for men and women,
regardless of

Medical device