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Jennifer Wyderko Academic M.S.

Biological Sciences, Virginia Tech, April 2013

B.S. Biological Sciences, Virginia Tech, magna cum laude May 2011


May 2013-May 2014 Laboratory specialist in the lab of Dr. Kendra Se all !esponsible for day to day "aintenance of lab and organi#ation of $ndergrad$ates %ri"ary laboratory d$ties incl$de r$nning beha&ioral assays, histological preparation of brain tiss$e, and '$antification of brain regions May 2012-December 2012 (rad$ate research assistant in the lab of Dr. Lisa Belden St$died the role host beha&ior plays in "ediating host infection in a strea" tre"atode syste" Jan 2009-May 2011 )ndergrad$ate research assistant in the lab of Dr. Lisa Belden

*+a"ined sala"anders for presence of Metagonimoides oregonensis cysts and then

perfor"ed clearing and staining proced$re ,ssisted in strea" s$r&eys of Pleurocera proxima snails

,ssisted in "esocos" e+peri"ents to look at infection dyna"ics of c!inostoma

tri"ol"is %erfor"ed necroscopies on "$skrats and geese to s$r&ey parasite presence in the (tract May 2010-August 2010 )ndergrad$ate research assistant in the lab of Dr. Jeryl Jones

Designed a eb.based atlas for the anato"y of the sacroiliac /oint in canines
0http122 .caf. &$.ed$2a&s2/ones2""l3


January 2013-May 2013 (rad$ate teaching assistant for %rinciples of Biology 0B-4L 55563 labs August 2011-May 2012 (rad$ate teaching assistant for (eneral Biology 0B-4L 5578,55763 labs June 2010 ,ssisted ith o$treach progra"s thro$gh Belden research lab at (ilbert Linko$s *le"entary and 9hristiansb$rg *le"entary

:opkins, S. !., Wyderko, J., Sheehy, !., Belden, L.K., Wo/dak, J.M. 0;75<3. %arasite predators e+hibit a rapid n$"erical response to increased parasite ab$ndance and red$ce trans"ission to hosts. *cology and *&ol$tion <1 ==;>.==<?. Wyderko, J., Benfield, @.*., Maer#, J., 9ecala, K., Belden, L.K. Variable infection of stream salamanders in the southern Appalachians by the trematode Metagonimoides oregonensis (family: Heterophyidae) In prep for Parasitology Research: manuscript available upon request

@ebr$ary ;75;1 Virginia Tech !esearch Day ,pril ;75;1 Mid.,tlantic *S, J$ly ;75;1 ,"erican Society of %arasitologists

Virginia Tech 4rganis"al Biology and *cology -nterdisciplinary (rant, A??7 Virginia Tech (rad$ate St$dent ,sse"bly (!D%, A<77

!ecipient of the %ratt Merit Scholarship 200#-200$ Virginia Tech 9ollege of Science 4$tstanding MasterBs St$dent 2013