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Swadhisthan Chakra

Gross Physical Aspect

Deity: Shri Brahmadeva (Shri Saraswati) One of the most important functions of this centre is that it
Physical counterpart: Aortic Plexus breaks down fat particles in the abdomen to replace the grey
Looks after: Liver, kidney, spleen and pancreas and white cells of the brain, and so generates the energy
Qualities: Creativity, aesthetics/art, pure knowledge. which fuels our thinking. Excessive thinking and planning
No of Petals: Six (6) overworks this process and exhausts the centre. The
Day: Wednesday Colour: Yellow Element: Fire Swadhisthan also looks after the liver (along with the Nabhi
Gem: Amethyst Symbol: Star of David Centre). If the Chakra is having to cope with excessive
thinking, then the other organs it is supposed to look after
The Swadhisthan Chakra is suspended like a satellite on a are neglected..
chord from the Nabhi Chakra, and moves around the Void
area giving sustenance to the ten petals of the Void (which The liver has a particular importance in that it is the seat of
represent the Ten Commandments). When the Kundalini our Attention (chitta).A balanced liver sustains and
rises, it passes into the Nabhi Chakra first and then along nourishes our Attention and filters it by scanning out any
the chord to enlighten the Swadhisthan and then returns to external clutter. From this purified Attention comes the
the Nabhi Chakra to continue the journey to the crown of peace and stillness that we obtain in our meditation. A liver
the head. which has been overheated by the consumption of excessive
amounts of alcohol, caffeine or other stimulants can spoil
Quality our Attention which will have the knock on effect of
The fundamental quality of this Chakra is that of creativity weakening our meditation and so on..
It is here that the energy for our individual creativity is
generated. After our Realisation we discover that the true Causes of problems with the Swadhisthan Chakra
key to creativity lies in achieving a state of thoughtless Left side: Black magic, false knowledge, drug abuse
awareness (Nirvichara Samadhi) through our meditations Right side: Excessive thinking/planning, bad eating habits,
and from this we discover that all the beauty of the creation ego oriented life, domination of others.
is reflected within us like a still and silent lake. Once we
locate this pool of beauty we can become the channel for it Looking after the Swadhisthan Chakra
and the creative instrument of the collective unconscious, A weak Swadhisthan may show up as - irritability,
without ego to distort the purity of the art. We become, as difficulty meditating, inability to sit still.
Wordsworth says ‘A heart that watches and receives’!
To help clear any problems of the Right Chakra we can:
Art which is produced in this balanced state without ego, A. Use the elements
can be said to be spiritually enhanced, i.e. it comes from the Soak the feet in a bowl of COLD (or even iced) salted water
heart. If the person producing it is a Realised Soul, as with at meditation.
the classic works from artists of the past such as Mozart and Place an ice pack on right Swadhisthan Chakra position
Michelangelo (who were born as evolved Realised Souls)
then it can become inspired. Works of this quality are B. Affirmations:
immortal, and provide joy and beauty which define a whole Mother please take away my thoughts
epoch. Mother, you do everything, I do nothing.
Mother, you are my Guru
The Spirit which resides in our heart is the real reservoir of
creativity, and people who think excessively or are General Advice:
egotistically obsessed with fame or success will usually Place the left hand on the Chakra and right towards the
suffer a weak Swadhisthan Chakra and tend to be off photo.
balance personalities. Their ambition to be superior to Raise the left channel and bring down the right channel 108
others or to be acclaimed by them for their talents comes times, with the right hand.
from their ego, which is connected to the right side of the Use the liver diet (a diet which encourages us to eat food
Swadhisthan Chakra through the right channel. Their which is helpful to the functioning of this organ – ask for
spontaneity is lost in this ambitious and competitive effort details at your local meeting).
to create. This explains why many modern artistic creations
in different genres lack vitality, spirit and ‘heart’. For the Left Chakra we can use WARM water instead of
cold, use the affirmation ‘Mother, please give me the pure
Mythology knowledge’ and use the 3 candle treatment on the left
The presiding Deity (or role model) for the Swadhisthan Swadhisthan area.
Chakra is Shri Brahmadeva. He represents the ultimate
Creator, and has as his power Shri Saraswati, who is the
Goddess of music and arts.