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1. Server Error (command failed) - make sure run as admin - windows 7 and vista OS.

Soln: Exit SukaHatiVPN > Right click SukaHatiVPN desktop icon > Run as admini strator orRight click SukaHatiVPN desktop Icon >> Properties >> Compatibility >> Check - Always Run as Administrator then double click SukaHatiVPN 2. Auth incorrect - invalid/ non existent account/wrong username password combin ation/ expired account, bandwidth limit exceeded - PH server/ stacked accounts connect to UK1 server .Soln: Make sure you type the correct username and passwo rd (case sensitive). Contact your reseller to check your account, renew your acc ount or register a new account. 3. Restarting (@ 1st connection attempt) - the connection is dropped. it will gi ve restarting error once connected. Soln: Reconnect your dashboard and connect to SukaHatiVPN again. Optional: Close any apps that requires internet connection at startup like torrent and IM softwares. 3.a Always Restarting (inactivity timeout) - your isp/network is unreacheable o r unstable.Soln: Check your network connectivity. Most of this problem is ISP re lated. Some issues are due to blocked network connections - Please change your p rotocol or ports whatever is open or allowed based on your ISP. 4. Connection Process Halted (up to UDPV4 link remote only) - down ang server or the firewall is blocking the connection.Soln: Add to Exclusion or disable Windo ws Firewall. Meron ding Antivirus wares na may built in firewall you need to dis able them if may issue sa VPN. Major Incompatibility found in ESET Smart Securit y. Eset Users: go to Advance Setup (press F5) Disable Web Access Protection and HTTP/s Scanning.optional: Disabling the Sytem Integration of Firewall will resul t to better perfomarnce. 5. Certificate not yet valid - time at date of the device is not set correctly.S oln: Set the correct value of the sytem date. 6. Address Already in Use - tap adapter or listening port is not availableSoln: disable/enable your tap adapter under devices in network and sharing. If your us ing ICS please disable ICS prior to connecting. If the problem persist change th e Listening Port value 7. Connected but can't browse - Routing problem or your ISP is blocking your con nectionSoln: If your using tcp, reconnect the vpn once connected. Other solution is to run it as admin and disable antivirus firewall and Windows firewall. Make sure you use the right protocol and ports stated in Set Up Page. 8. Can't connect to Garena and other Online GamesSoln: Roll back your TAP Driver to version . Make sure you have the September 23 update. Go to SukaHati VPN>> Settings >> Tap Driver >> Remove >> Add 9. Program Failed to StartSoln: Make sure you have MS .NET Framework 2.0 install ed. Windows Vista and 7 has built in .net 3.5 so it will run without any problem .note: Microsoft .NET framework 4 is a Standalone. it doesnt include version 3.5 and below 10. The GUI has no Server List and Protocol This is a known bug whenever you mak

e the GUI autostart during startup without making its compatibility to Always Ru n as Administrator 11. Server Error - Route command failed / route.exe not found! Route.exe is not found in your system mainly because you're using a mininal version of Operating System. Please download Official Openvpn Software to fix this - DOWNLOAD 12. TAP Driver not found - the TAP driver included in SukaHatiVPN is removed by your antivirus. To fix this Disable your Antivirus and Re-Install SukaHatiVPN 13. Unknown OP Code - the traffic coming from the VPN server is blocked by your firewall or ISP. To resolve allow SukaHatiVPN's main_gui.exe and openvpn.exe thr ough the firewall or just disable your firewall. If modifying firewall doesn't h elp, change the vpn ports.