Basic Set-Up

This is the X-&as tree ) well head on the seabed* #+T the !-&as tree on the plat or&.Make sure your !-&as tree data entry is accordance to Fi"ure-'( '.( .STEPS: 1 – ENTER GENERAL DATA ‘Data Preparation’  Choose ‘General Data’ ‘Data Preparation’  Choose ‘Well and Flow Type’ and check those suits your well 2 – ENTER X-MAS TREE PROPERTIES Double click on ‘X-Mas Tree’ and ill in the necessary bo! accordin"ly #ote$ %.

‘Data Preparation’  ‘De-iation Data’  ‘Well Data’ ii .‘Data Preparation’  ‘De-iation Data’  ‘.3 – ENTER WELL DE IATION DATA i .ur ace Data’ .

/nclude all possible points which has both T0D and MD '.Ma!i&u& de-iation 1last row2 is set to "i#-pe$%!$ati!& o 3455 t T0D not to the Total)Ta" Depth 1TD2 o 3445 t T0D.N!te: %. .

et the .0 to the 39th in or the ‘:ou"hness’ colu&n ..' – ENTER E(UIPMENT DATA ‘Data Preparation’  ‘67uip&ent Data’  ‘Well Data’ .elect ‘Type’ irst be ore starts enterin" the data #ote$ % 8 #ode Depth is at the botto& o each co&ponent ' 8 ..

ON T+E SEABED TO PROD.dd :iser* Connect between the X-&as Tree and +utlet #ode #ote$ % 8 Make sure to speci y the insulation to ‘5’( 0 – ADDITIONAL OPTIONS 0iew Co&ponents’ Details$ ‘0iew’  ‘Display as /con’ ) ‘Display as te!t’ ‘Con i"ure’  Pre erences* check bo!es in ‘/nclude in te!t display’ .) – *ONNE*T T+E . PLAT/ORM ‘6dit’  .X-MAS TREE.

1 – ENTER P T DATA ‘Data Preparation’  ‘:eser-oir Control’  ‘Fluid Para&eters’ ‘Check’  6nter :eser-oir Pressure and Te&perature 1to check the para&eters2 ‘Match’  6nter '5<5 psi 1bubble pt pressure2 besides %45oC Te&perature  ‘Calculate’ to "et the -alue o '%%3 psi 1Pb2  ‘=est Fit’ to "et '5<5 psi as entered( .

#ote$ % 8 Check that the calculated -alues should be &ore or less e7ual to the actual -alues .

kin .kin’ .nalysis’  Check on ‘?se Calculated .2 – ENTER 3 EDIT IN/LOW PER/ORMAN*E RELATIONS+IP 4IPR5 ‘6dit >ayer’  6nter all necessary data ‘.

ensiti-ity %’ and ‘."ain check on the .( .kin .D D.kin ro& the well test( 6 – TO TUNE MODEL ‘. 0.nalysis’  ‘+peratin" Point’  ?ncheck both ‘.olution #ode2 8 @66P TA/.tability Check’  Check ‘/terate to e!act operatin" Point’ ‘Calculate’ 1To "et the +peratin" :ate and Pressure at .ensiti-ity '’  ?ncheck ‘.+AGGIS-3 #ote$ /n the .T.nalysis* chan"e the ‘Da&a"e Per&eability’ ro& 45 to %55 &d( .>?6 T+ =6 (d-p #+T6P.ctual P/ and .

D these ile( ‘File’  ‘>oad Measured Data’  ‘Flow :ate -s( Pressure’  ‘+pen’ ‘File’  ‘>oad Measured Data’  ‘Depth 1T0D2 -s( Pressure’  ‘+pen’ .$8p AND .#8p /ILE USING NOTEPAD Write ‘3BCC ''<4’ in notepad and sa-e it as (r-p ile( Write the depth-pressure data in the 7uestion in notepad and sa-e it as (d-p ile( >+.17 – *REATE AND LOAD .

nalysis’  ‘+peratin" Point’  Choose ‘+utlet #ode’ as Top #ode* ‘Casin"’ as .tability Check’ bo! ' 8 Make sure to check ‘/terate to e!act operatin" point’ < 8 Check or both .eawater and 34o as T .olution #ode( /n Te&perature Model$ Check ‘Calculated’ circle  6nter 45o as T .NODAL ANAL9SIS 11 – TO ENTER T+E OPERATING POINT ‘.ensiti-ities 12 – TO DETERMINE T+E BEST *ORRELATION ‘Calculate’  Check or nu&ber o success ul  ‘+@’ To Display Plot$ ‘:esults’  ‘Plot’  Check on the desired Type o Plots and what to ‘/nclude in Display’  ‘Plot’ #ote$ Check on the ‘Measured Data’* &ake sure there is a blue dot on the "raph( The best correlation should be the closest to the &easured data( .t&osphere #otes$ % 8 Make sure to uncheck ‘.

T=)d( 4T:e L-/act!$ s:!.6215 1 – SENSITI IT9 STUD9 BASED ON T+E E*ONOMI*AL WATER *UT Proceed with the sensiti-ity studies or these -alues$ o .SE*TION B: • • +nce the correlation has been deter&ined( Go to .ensiti-ity '$ >ayer Pressure 1'G55 psi2 Check with the "i-en -alue in Table =-%( The -alue o oil production rate should be &ore or less e7ual to 9CC5 .9BF 1e!act 9GF2 since at 4'F WC there is no operatin" points( .62 – 7.ensiti-ity '$ >ayer :eser-oir 1'G55* 'C55* '355 and '4552 #ote$ % 8 Don’t or"et to check both sensiti-ities be ore clickin" on ‘Calculate’ and ‘:esults’ ' 8 Plot 1Pressure -s( Depth Plot2 should be based on each WC -alue to all our layer pressure( < 8 #ote that the opti&u& WC will be around 9CF .ensiti-ity %$ Water Cut 1<5F2 o .nalysis D +peratin" point D CorrelationsE and select the deter&ined correlation and >-Factor( To "et the ‘correct >-Factor’( Proceed with ' sensiti-ities$ o .ensiti-ity %$ Water Cut 1Fro& <5F 8 45F2 o .<# =e =et>ee& 7.

kin .kin -alue$ 5(CGB Conduct a si&ilar sensiti-ity as is .nalysis .SE*TION *: *1: A*IDISING % 8 /nitially Da&a"e Per&eability is set at %55 &d 8 /n the .ection =* howe-er* set the WC in between 9GF 4'F( Get two plots or these sections$ WC o <5F and water cut o 45F .ection( #ow chan"e the Da&a"e Per&eability to '55 &d 8 &eans the acidisin" has restored and i&pro-ed the per&eability by '55 &d( The per&eability can not be &ore than '55 &d since the reser-oir has '55 &d per&eability only( #ote on the .

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