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The failure of evolution theory „It is He Who brings out the living from the dead and brings

out the dead from the living and Who gives life to earth after it is dead… ‟ {Al-Qur‟an. 30:19} During the past few days the news that scientists had found nucleotides in the meteorites is appearing in media circles. The new finding is intended to lend credence to a theory which postulates that some of the basic components of living beings (cells) were formed outside this earth and were transported to earth via the medium of meteorites. (Earlier amino acids too have found on the meteorites.) On reaching earth these building blocks somehow came together and got assembled and gave rise to the first living cell which through various stages of evolution gave rise to all the living creatures present on the earth today. This article is the refutation of the claim, though it deals with only one aspect regarding the appearance of life and its continuation, otherwise the drawbacks of the theory would require many volumes for proper elucidation. Facts of life: In order to understand the theory of evolution an understanding of the structure of the living beings is necessary. Therefore a brief description is given here. Proteins, which are made up of amino acids, are the basic components of a living cell. There are twenty different amino acids and depending upon the sequence of these amino acids, there are different kinds of proteins. A protein

may consist of thousands of amino acids and every combination of amino acids is not a protein; it is only the linking up of amino acids in some particular sequence that is regarded as a protein. For life to continue, the information about various life processes and modes of life must pass on from generation to generation. A special molecule called DNA performs this function. DNA performs this action by directing the protein synthesis, which in turn directs various life processes. The basic unit of DNA is a nucleotide molecule (which is claimed to have been found on meteorites.) There are four different types nucleotides depending upon the base molecule attached to it. A combination of three different nucleotides stands as a code for a particular amino acid and another sequence of three nucleotides stands as a code for another amino acid and so on. The segment of DNA which contains code for a particular protein is called as a gene. In this way the information for the formation of proteins is contained in the Genes. When a cell divides, DNA also replicates and a complete set of DNA in the form of chromosomes is passed on to each daughter cell. In this way each cell of living organism receives complete information for carrying out its life processes. And the process goes on. The theory: Until the early 19th century evolutionists believed in the spontaneous generation of certain forms of life from non-living matter. It was in this background that Darwin put forth his theory of evolution, which would deceive a large portion of human beings.

However, Pasteur disproved the theory of spontaneous generation i.e. the living organisms emerge only from living beings not from non living beings. The finding of Pasteur gave a terrible bolt to the theory of evolution. In response, Russian chemist, Oparin came out with a new hypothesis that the basic organic building blocks of life could have formed from simpler molecules in the primitive atmosphere of the earth by lightning or similar kinds of energy. The complex organic molecules created in the atmosphere would then rain into the primitive ocean, forming an “organic soup.” as molecules came together in this soup, they combined together and formed the basic components of living cell i.e., amino acids which later linked together in appropriate manner and ultimately proteins were formed and subsequently a cell was formed. (How this combination of molecules got life, he says nothing.) That is how, according to him, the single celled animals came into existence. The descendents of first single organism which was formed in the first instant slowly adapted to their environment and underwent changes and with the passage of time gave rise to various forms of life i.e. different animals and plants were formed. For instance giraffe got an elongated neck because it needed to eat the leaves of plants from heights. The theory proposed that an animal gets changed as per environment and as per its needs.

Later Mendel‟s experiment and other findings established that changes cannot occur in an organism by adapting to environment as the different traits of animals were controlled by genes. Now the evolutionist came up with new hypothesis that genes too underwent changes (mutation) with the passage of time giving rise to different traits which finally leads to evolution of different kinds of animals. Problems of the theory: the theory may appear simple but it is fraught with insurmountable problems, that is why the theory itself is being continuously changed to keep it adapted to the new environment. First of all how were the amino acids (which are the building blocks of the proteins) formed by coming together of various atoms and molecules? Or was there any other force that directed the formation of amino acids. Let us agree on this point too that amino acids somehow got formed or transported to earth from outer space and on earth those different amino acids came together got linked to form meaningful proteins (because all chains of amino acids are not proteins.) which thing directed the amino acids to assemble in a particular way and sequence. If amino acids had not got linked up in a particular way and sequence, it would not have been a protein. Even if proteins were formed, how did they get other material for the formation of a cell? Did the inanimate proteins themselves sought those other materials and got mixed up with them. Now let us for arguments sake accept that all the components, which constitute a

cell, are brought together and got arranged in the same sequence as in a living cell, it would still be a heap of atoms or at the most a heap of molecules or of proteins. But the question is how did it come to life? No evolutionist touches this point. Nothing can bring this „heap‟ to life. If the evolutionists were true that life came into existence by the transfer of some materials from the outer space to this earth and then those materials got assembled and gave rise to a living cell then in our age it should not have posed any problem to create a living cell in the laboratory. Why should today‟s Man, who has invented so many things which didn‟t previously exist and about which he knew nothing, fail to make a living cell about which he knows many things and knows about the material of which it is made. If it is assumed that all these problems were overcame and first cell somehow go formed and got life, how did it survive? How did it know how to divide and how to get material for further life? How it could have transferred the information about the life processes to the next generation or to next cell and for that purpose it needed to develop the genetic system (DNA and RNA). Let us accept that the basic components of genetic material i.e. nucleotides were formed in the outer space and they were then transferred to earth, how did the cell come about those nucleotides and transform them to genetic material and how long would it take to make DNA & RNA from

nucleotides; would the cell survive that long? Was this entire intelligent feat performed by the inanimate molecules themselves? Some witty evolutionists would argue that it was the genetic material that formed first. But the problem still remains as it was. How long had the genetic material to wait before it got the other materials for the formation of the cell and how did that genetic material know for what purpose it was meant? Anyway who decided that genetic code? Who decide which combination of (three) nucleotides would act as a code for a particular amino acid. And it is not just a code for one amino acid, but for thousands of amino acids and that too in a proper sequence, otherwise it would not be a protein. How was all this arranged? Evolutionists also fail to explain why and how did the genes undergo changes (mutation) to give rise to new traits in an organism and to ultimately produce a new organism. Evolutionists say that it just happened by chance. But is it acceptable to any sane person? The new proposition that the building blocks of life were formed outside the earth and were transferred to earth through meteorites reveals the frustration of evolutionists. It is an admission on their part that they no longer believe in what they had been saying till now. When it became established fact that the building blocks of proteins could not have been formed in the way the evolutionists had envisaged, they came up with a new theory (i.e. components of living

beings (cells) were formed outside this earth and were transported to earth.) The finding of the nucleotides and the amino acids on the meteorite does not explain anything, but posits more problems and leaves more questions to be answered. Author can be e-mailed at: