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2/21/2014 Fall 2013

"ousetrap #ar $ %nergy& 'cceleration& and (orce

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Information Literacy Lesson Plan

By !acqueline Browning
Fall 2013 2/21/2014

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"ousetrap #ar $ %nergy& 'cceleration& and (orce

Mousetrap Car 8 Grade Physical Science

Content Standards/Objectives: S8P2: Students will be a!iliar with the or!s and transitions o ener"y# b0 %xplain the relationship between potential and kinetic energy0 SPS$: Students will relate trans or!ations and low o ener"y within a syste!# a0 Identify energy transformations within a system0 1e0g0 lighting a match2 1mechanical to electrical2 1#hemical to mechanical to electrical20 b0 Investigate molecular motion as it relates to thermal energy changes in terms of conduction& convection and radiation0 SP%: Students will evaluate the or!s and trans or!ations o ener"y# a0 'nalyze& evaluate and apply the principle of conservation of energy and measure the components of work3energy theorem by 40 5escribing the total energy in a closed system0 60 Identifying different types of potential energy0 7 #alculating kinetic energy given mass and velocity0 80 9elating transformations between potential and kinetic energy0 S8P%: Students will investi"ate relationship between orce& !ass and the !otion o objects# SPS8: Students will deter!ine the relationships a!on" orce& !ass and !otion0 SP': Students will analy(e the relationships between orce& !ass& "ravity& and the !otion o objects#

STANDARDS FOR THE 21ST-CENTURY LEARNER :-'L; 8th Grade Standards: 2'C#S#)*8#' Standard ': +n or!ation and Co!!unication S,ills 64#0-0<3 ;tudent& when presented with a problem& identifies the information needed& uses text& =040L;04 people& online databases and search engines to filter relevant information efficiently& analyzes information for biases& synthesizes information gathered and creates an effective and efficient response to the problem0 2'C#S#)*8#2 Standard 2: -hin,in" and .easonin" S,ills 64#0-0<3 ;tudent draws conclusions from a variety of data sources to analyze and interpret =060L;06 systems0

"ousetrap #ar $ %nergy& 'cceleration& and (orce

S,ills +ndicators: '#'#/ (ind& evaluate& and select appropriate sources to answer questions0 '#'#0 9ead& view& and listen for information presented in any format 1e0g0& textual& visual& media& digital2 in order to make inferences and gather meaning0 2#'#' #ontinue an inquiry3 based research process by applying critical3 thinking skills 1analysis& synthesis& evaluation& organization2 to information and knowledge in order to construct new understandings& draw conclusions& and create new knowledge0 %#'#' #onclude an inquiry3 based research process by sharing new understandings and reflecting on the learning0 %#'#0 >se information and technology ethically and responsibly0 /#'#8 >se creative and artistic formats to express personal learning0 1isposition +ndicators: '#2#' 5isplay initiative and engagement by posing questions and investigating the answers beyond the collection of superficial facts0 2#2#/ 5emonstrate personal productivity by completing products to express learning0 %#2#2 ;how social responsibility by participating actively with others in learning situations and by contributing questions and ideas during group discussions0 .esponsibility +ndicators: '#%#' 9espect copyright? intellectual property rights of creators and producers0 '#%#% (ollow ethical and legal guidelines in gathering and using information0 '#%#) >se information technology responsibly0 2#%#' #onnect understanding to the real world0 %#%#% >se knowledge and information skills and dispositions to engage in public conversation and debate around issues of common concern0 /#%#' Participate in the social exchange of ideas& both electronically and in person0 Sel 2ssess!ent Strate"ies: '#/#/ ;eek appropriate help when it is needed0 2#/#' 5etermine how to act on information 1accept& reject& modify20 /#/#% 9ecognize how to focus efforts in personal learning0 Prior 3nowled"e: ;tudents will have completed the ;imple "achines >nit prior to starting this assignment0 .eadin" Co!prehension Strate"y: 5rawing Inferences $ ;tudents will research various scientific formulas that apply to their mousetrap cars0 >sing their research they will be able to apply the formulas to their own mousetrap car0

"ousetrap #ar $ %nergy& 'cceleration& and (orce

4esson Plan +ntroduction $ :o over the assignment and what the steps are that they will be completing for the assignment0 *he objective of this car is to travel the farthest with only the energy from one @snapA of the mousetrap0 If there is a tie& the car who travels the distance in the least amount of time wins0 '# 40 60 70 80 <0 5iscussion on I*; Learning 1-pen 5iscussion with required answer?response2 9esearch "ousetrap #ar 'ssembly "ousetrap #ar 9aces Project 9ubric


Car 2sse!bly Pre*Plannin" * +ou are tasked with creating a vehicle from a mousetrap0 +ou may use any plans you would like& and any materials0 *he only stipulation is that all of the energy for the car must come from a single& regular& unaltered mousetrap0 .esearch In order to complete the assignment you must include a written explanation of how energy is transferred throughout the use of the vehicle0 +ou will research how to calculate the speed& average velocity of your vehicle and acceleration of your vehicle over the course0 +our research and written response will also help you determine the force that involved with your mousetrap car and how exactly the car actually works0 Mousetrap Car 2sse!bly *he objective of this car is to travel the farthest with only the energy from one @snapA of the mousetrap0 If there is a tie& the car who travels the distance in the least amount of time wins0 Mousetrap Car .aces ;tudents will present their "ousetrap #ars to the class and explain their assembly0 *hey will then race the cars two at a time to record the distance and time0 Project .ubric/2ssess!ent >se the rubric to grade students projects0





4ibrary 4esson: ;tudents will meet with the media specialist for a class period0 *he students will go over the rules of Plagiarism&

"ousetrap #ar $ %nergy& 'cceleration& and (orce

as well as be introduced to "L' ;tyle #iting and how to create a Borks #ited 5ocument0 *hey will also be given a reminder of the resources that are available to them through the media centers website0 4ibrarian .ole: *each and guide students through the research process0 .esources students will use: -nline subscription database1s2 Beb sites Books .onprint

LIB9'9+ #-.*%C* C (lexible C ;tand3alone lesson

#-LL'B-9'*I-. #-.*I.>>" C "oderate

"ousetrap #ar $ %nergy& 'cceleration& and (orce


'merican Library 'ssociation0 16DDE20 Standards for the 21st Century Learner0 9etrieved from 'merican 'ssociation of ;chool Librarians http ??www0ala0org?aasl?sites?ala0org0aasl?files?content?guidelinesandstandards?learningsta ndards?'';LFLearning;tandards0pdf Busy *eacher #afe0 1n0d020 Com rehens!on Strate"!es0 9etrieved from *he Busy *eacher #afe http ??www0busyteacherscafe0com?literacy?comprehensionFstrategies0htmlGconnections :eorgia 5epartment of %ducation0 16D4720 E!"hth #rade Standards CC#$S ELA% 9etrieved from :eorgia;tandards0org https ??extranet0georgiastandards0org?#ommon3 #ore?#ommonH6D#oreH6D(rameworks?##:P;F%L'F:rade=F;tandards0pdf "oreillon& !0 16D4720 ' "atrix for ;chool Librarians 'ligning ;tandards& Inquiry& 9eading& and Instruction0 S&hoo' L!(rary )onth'y& 2*182& 6I3760