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Tata Group

The Tata Group is a multinational conglomerate based in Mumbai, India. In terms of market capitalization and revenues, Tata Group is the largest private corporate group in India and has been recognized as one of the most respected companies in the world. It has interests in steel, automobiles, information technology, communication, power, tea a nd hospitality. The Tata Group has operations in more than 8 countries across si! continents and its companies e!port products and services to 8" nations. The Tata Group comprises ##$ companies and subsidiaries in seven business sectors, %& of which are publicly listed. ' .8( of the ownership of Tata Group is held in charitable trusts. )ompanies which form a ma*or part of the group include Tata

+teel, )orus +teel, Tata Motors, Tata )onsultancy +ervices, Tata Technologies, Tata Tea, Titan Industries, Tata ,ower, Tata )ommunications, Tata Teleservices, Tata -uto)omp +ystems .imited and the Ta* /otels. The group takes the name of its founder, 0amset*i Tata, a member of whose family has almost invariably been the chairman of the group. The current chairman of the Tata group is 1atan Tata, who took over from 0. 1. 2. Tata in #33# and is currently one of the ma*or international business figures in the age of globality. The company is currently in its fifth generation of family stewardship. The %""3 annual survey by the 1eputation Institute ranked Tata Group as the ##th most reputable company in the world. The survey included '"" global companies.

HISTORY Tata, family of pioneer Indian industrialists and philanthropists. The founder of the Tata business empire was 0amset*i 4usserwan*i Tata 5#8637#3"$8. 9orn in 4avsari, into a ,arsi family, 0amset*i studied at :lphinstone )ollege in Mumbai before entering his father;s business as a general merchant trading with the :ast. /e soon proved highly successful, setting up a branch in

+hanghai and steering the family through the speculation and collapse of cotton prices that arose due to the -merican )ivil <ar. 0amset*i traveled widely and introduced sound business principles which he believed to be the cornerstone of his success. /is key concerns were to utilize modern technology, and to ensure good working conditions and welfare for his employees. These principles could clearly be seen in his first ma*or venture, the establishment of the :mpress Mills in #8&& at 4=gpur. In #88' he founded the +vadeshi Mills )ompany>the name of which indicated his sympathies with a nationalist movement of the day> competing directly with 9ritish firms in the manufacture of fine cotton. /is iron and steel works at +akchi, around which he built houses, schools, and a hospital for the workers, e!panded from a village into the current industrial town of 0amshedpur. ?ther pro*ects included the founding of the famous Ta* Mahal /otel in

Mumbai, and the beginning of work on a ma*or hydroelectric pro*ect in the <estern Ghats mountain range. 0amset*i was also concerned with the development of Mumbai, and India as a whole, and hoped, through improving educational and research facilities, to provide the skilled workforce needed for an emerging modern, industrialized nation. /e founded a number of educational institutions, but his efforts to form an Indian university as a center of e!cellence for science did not reach fruition until after his death when, in #3"3, the Indian Institute of +cience was established in 9angalore. It remains an outstanding research center. 0amset*i;s achievements were built upon by his sons +ir 2orab*i 0amset*i Tata 5#8 37#36%8 and +ir 1atan Tata 5#8&#7 #3#88, who completed the hydroelectric pro*ect. They also brought the original companies under the name of Tata +ons and )ompany, and set up branches of

their business in .ondon, ,aris, 4ew @ork, +hanghai, and Aobe. The Tata Trust has provided funds for hospitals and research establishments, including the Tata Institute for Bundamental 1esearch. Tata -irlines was founded in #36%, being renamed -ir India in #3$', and was taken over by the government as India;s national airline in #3 6. The Tata empire remains one of India;s largest business groups. Brom #368 to #336, it was chaired by 0ehangir 1atan*i 2adabhoy Tata 5#3"$7#3368, under whom the business continued to e!pand and diversify. ?n the death of 0.1.2. Tata, the chairmanship passed to 1atan 4aval Tata.

Type ,rivate )onglo merate 59+:8 Found #8'8


by 0amset*i Tata

Headq Mumbai and 4 uarter avi Mumbai, s Maharastra, In dia Key 1atan Tata people 4- +oonawala, 00 Irani, 1A Arishna Aumar, 1 Gopalakrishna n, Ishaat /ussain, Aishor )haukar, -runkumar Gandhi and -lan 1osling Indust :ngineering ry Materials Information

Technology )ommunicatio n -utomotive )hemicals :nergy Produc +teel ts -utomobiles Telecommunic ations +oftware /otels )onsumer goods Reven C+D &%. ue billion 5Beb %""38

Emplo 6 ",""" yees 5%""88

:ngineering T-. Manufacturing +olutions e!ports titanium7composite floor beams that are installed in the 9oeing &8& aircraft.E#6F Tata -uto)omp +ystems .imited 5T-)?8 and its subsidiaries, auto7component manufacturing Tata Motors 5formerly Tata :ngineering and .ocomotives )ompany .td 5T:.)?88, manufacturer of commercial vehicles 5largest in India8 and passenger cars 0aguar and .and 1over Tata ,ro*ects T): )onsulting :ngineers Telco )onstruction :Guipment )ompany T1B 9ulk Material /andling :Guipment H +ystems and ,ort H @ard :Guipments. Ioltas, consumer electronics company


Tata ,ower is one of the largest private sector power companies. It supplies power to Mumbai, the commercial capital of India and parts of 4ew 2elhi.


1allis India Tata ,igments Tata )hemicals, headGuartered in Mumbai, India, Tata )hemicals has the largest single soda ash production capacity plant in India. +ince %""' Tata )hemicals has owned9runner Mond, a Cnited Aingdom7based chemical company with operations in Aenya and the 4etherlands. -dvinus Therapeutics, headGuartered in 9angalore, India, a )ontract research organization focused on drug

discovery and development for ,harmaceutical, -gro and 9iotech industries.

+ervices The Indian /otels )ompany Tata /ousing 2evelopment )ompany .td. 5T/2)8 Tata7-IG General Insurance, a *oint venture with -IG Tata7-IG .ife Insurance, a *oint venture with -IG Tata -dvanced +ystems .imited Tata -sset Management Tata Binancial +ervices Tata )apital Tata Investment )orporation Tata Juality Management +ervices Tata +hare 1egistry

Tata +trategic Management Group 5T+MG8 is one of the largest consulting firms in +outh -sia. Tata +ervices )onsumer ,roducts

,,Tata +alt, I +hakti +alt, Tata +alt .ite Tata )eramics Infiniti 1etail Tata Tea .imited is the worldKs second largest manufacturer of packaged tea and tea products. It also owns the Tetley brand of tea sold primarily in :urope. Titan Industries manufacturers of Titan watches Trent 5<estside8 Tata +ky Tata International .td 7 .eather ,roducts 2ivision TanishG *ewelery

+tar 9azaar

Information systems and communications )M) .td )omputational 1esearch .aboratories I4)-T 4elco 4elito +ystems Tata 9usiness +upport +ervices 5formerly +erwizsol8 Tata )onsultancy +ervices .td. 5T)+8 is -siaKs largest software company with %""87"3 revenues being over C+D ' bn. Tata :l!si is another +oftware and Industrial design company of the Tata stable. 9ased in 9angalore and Trivandrum. ?ne of the leading companies in the animation industry of India. Tata Interactive +ystems

Tata Technologies .imited Tata Teleservices Tatanet Tata )ommunications, formerly I+4., the Indian telecom giant, was acGuired in %""%. Tata7owned I+4. acGuired Teleglobe in %"" .

The Tata logo The Tata logo was designed by the <olff ?lins consultancy. The logo is meant to signify fluidityL it may also be seen as a fountain of knowledgeL maybe a tree of trust under which people can take refuge.

,hilanthropy and nation building The Tata Group has helped establish and finance numerous Guality research,

educational and cultural institutes in India. It is the one of the leading and enormously respected philanthropic corporate entity in IndiaE#$FE# F. The Tata Group was awarded the )arnegie Medal of ,hilanthropy in %""& in recognition of the groupKs long history of philanthropic activitiesE#'F. +ome of the institutes established by the Tata Group areM Tata Institute of Bundamental 1esearch Tata Institute of +ocial +ciences Indian Institute of +cience 4ational )entre for ,erforming -rts Tata Management Training )entre Tata Memorial /ospital Tata Trusts, a group of philanthropic organizations run by the head of the business conglomerate Tata +onsE#&F The 012 Tata :cotechnology )entre - comprehensive list is available on the company website.

Tata acGuisitions and targets Bebruary %""" 7 Tetley Tea )ompany, D$"& million March %""$ 7 2aewoo )ommercial Iehicle )ompany, D#"% million -ugust %""$ 7 4at+teelKs +teel business, D%3% million 4ovember %""$ 7 Tyco Global 4etwork, D#6" million 0uly %"" 7 Teleglobe International /oldings, D%63 million ?ctober %"" 7 Good :arth )orporation 2ecember %"" 7 Millennium +teel, Thailand, D#'& million 2ecember %"" 7 9runner Mond )hemicals .imited, D#%" million

0une %""' 7 :ight ?K)lock )offee, D%%" million 4ovember %""' 7 1itz )arlton 9oston, D#&" million 0an %""& 7 )orus Group, D#% billion March %""& 7 9umi 1esources, D#.# billion -pril %""& 7 )ampton ,lace /otel, +an Brancisco, D'" million Bebruary %""8 7 General )hemical Industrial ,roducts, D# billion March %""8 7 0aguar )ars and .and 1over, D%.6 billion March %""8 7 +erviplem +-, +pain -pril %""8 7 )omoplesa .ebrero +-, +pain May %""8 7 ,iaggio -ero Industries +.p.-., Italy 0une %""8 7 )hina :nterprise )ommunications, )hina 0une %""8 7 4eotel, +outh -frica.

?ctober %""87 Mil*o Grenland N Innovas*on, 4orway Imacid chemical company, Morocco


Targets )lose 9rothers Group, D%.3 billion ?rient :!press /otels, D%. billion 0anuary %""8 7 T7+ystems International 5IT division of 2eutsche Telekom8 EeditF1evenue Tata gets more than half of its revenue from outside India. E#8F EeditF:nvironmental 1ecord Tata, along with a Tanzanian company, *oined forces to build a soda ash e!traction plant in Tanzania.E#3F The

Tanzanian government is all for the pro*ect.E#3F ?n the other hand, environmental activists are opposing the plant because it would be near .ake 4atron, and it could possibly affect the lakeKs ecosystem and its neighboring dwellers.E%"F Tata was planning to change the site of the plant so it would be built 6% km from the lake, but the opposition still thinks it would negatively disturb the environment.E%"F It could also *eopardize the .esser Blamingo birds there, which are already endangered. .ake 4atron is where two thirds of .esser Blamingos reproduce.E%#F ,roducing soda ash involves drawing out salt water from the lake, and then disposing the water back to the lake. This process could interrupt the chemical make up of the lake.E#3F Twenty7two -frican nations are against the creation of the pro*ect and have signed a petition to stop its construction.E#3F Tata, together with .HT, is building one of India;s largest ports at 2hamra, ?rissa. This is less than # km from the turtle

mass nesting beaches at Gahirmatha, and five kilometers from the 9hitarkanika 4ational ,ark, India;s second largest mangrove forest and home to the saltwater crocodile. The plan immediately met with considerable protest from conservation circles. Greenpeace India has launched a campaign to garner public support in order to stop the port construction.E%%F -dded to this were the social dimensions. )oncerned about the impacts from this pro*ect on the local environment and therefore their livelihoods, the ?rissa Traditional Bishworker;s Cnion, who represent the concerns and interests of over #"",""" fishermen, vocally and publicly opposed the construction of the port. In %""&, construction at the port site commenced. )oincidentally, the %""&7%""8 turtle season saw no mass nesting at Gahirmatha. The pro*ect has also invited criticism from over %"" national and international scientists, including over 6"

e!perts of the IC)4;s marine turtle specialist group.

Tata Motors

Tata Motors !m!ted 54+:M T-T-M?T?1+, 9+:M "" & ", 4@+:M TTM8, is a multinational corporation headGuartered inMumbai, India. ,art of the Tata Group, it was formerly known as TE "O 5T-T:ngineering and .ocomotive )ompany8. It is IndiaKs largest company in the automobile and commercial vehicle sector, and a midsized player on the world market with ".8#( market share in %""& according to ?I)- data. The ?I)- ranked it as the #3th largest automaker,E#F based on figures for %""&. E%F and the second largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in the world. The company is the world;s fourth largest truck manufacturer, and the world;s second largest bus manufacturer. In India, Tata ranks as the leader in every commercial vehicle segment, and is in the top 6 makers of passenger cars. Tata

Motors is also the designer and manufacturer of the iconic Tata 4ano, which at I41#"",""" or appro!imately C+2 %6"", is the cheapest car in the world. :stablished in #3$ , when the company began manufacturing locomotives, the company manufactured its first commercial vehicle in #3 $ in a collaboration with 2aimler79enz -G, which ended in #3'3.E6F Tata Motors is a dual7listed company traded on both the4ational +tock :!change5where it is a component of the +ense! inde!8, as well as on the 4ew @ork +tock :!change. Tata Motors in %"" it was ranked among the top #" corporations in India with an annual revenue e!ceeding I41 6%" billion. In %""$, Tata Motors bought 2aewooKs truck manufacturing unit, now known as Tata 2aewoo )ommercial Iehicle, in +outh Aorea. It also, acGuired a %#( stake in /ispano )arrocera +-, giving it controlling rights

in the company. In March %""8, it finalised a deal withBord Motor )ompany to acGuire their 9ritish 0aguar .and 1over 50.18 business, which also includes the 1over, 2aimler and.anchester brand names.E$FE FE'F and the purchase was completed on % 0une %""8 E&F Tata Motors has auto manufacturing and assembly plants in 0amshedpur, ,antnagar, .ucknow, -hm edabad and ,une in India, as well as in -rgentina, +outh -frica and Thailand OPER#TIO$S

Tata !n Ind!a Tata Motors .imited is India;s largest automobile company, with revenues of 1s. 6 ' #.$8 crores 5C+2 8.8 billion8 in %""&7"8.E% F It is the leader in commercial

vehicles in each segment, and among the top three in passenger vehicles with winning products in the compact, midsize car and utility vehicle segments.E% F Tata Motors; presence indeed cuts across the length and breadth of India. ?ver $ million Tata vehicles ply on Indian roads, since the first rolled out in #3 $.E%'F The company;s manufacturing base in India is spread across 0amshedpur 50harkhand8, ,une 5Maharashtra8, .ucknow 5Cttar ,radesh8, ,antnagar 5Cttarakhand8 and 2harwad 5Aarnataka8. Bollowing a strategic alliance with Biat in %"" , it has set up an industrial *oint venture with Biat Group -utomobiles at 1an*angaon 5Maharashtra8 to produce both Biat and Tata cars and Biat powertrains. The company is establishing a new plant at +anand 5Gu*arat8. The company;s dealership, sales, services and spare parts network comprises over 6 "" touch pointsL Tata Motors also distributes and markets Biat branded cars in India

Tata%s glo&al operat!ons Tata Motors has been aggressively acGuiring foreign brands to increase its global presence. Tata Motors has operations in the CA, +outh Aorea, Thailand and +pain. -mong them is 0aguar .and 1over, a business comprising the two iconic 9ritish brands that was acGuired in %""8. Tata Motors has also acGuired from Bord the rights to three other brand namesM 2aimler, .anchester and 1over. In %""$, it acGuired the 2aewoo )ommercial Iehicles )ompany, +outh Aorea;s second largest truck maker. The rechristened Tata 2aewoo )ommercial Iehicles )ompany has launched several new products in the Aorean market, while also e!porting these products to several international markets. Today two7thirds of heavy commercial vehicle e!ports out of +outh Aorea are from Tata 2aewoo.In %"" , Tata Motors acGuired a %#( stake

in /ispano )arrocera, a reputed +panish bus and coach manufacturer,E3F giving it controlling rights of the company. /ispano;s presence is being e!panded in other markets. ?n TataKs *ourney to make an international foot print, it continued its e!pansion through the introduction of new products into the market range of buses 5+tarbus H Globus8 as well as trucks 54ovus8. These models were *ointly developed with its subsidiaries Tata 2aewoo and /ispano )arrocera. In May, %""3 Tata unveiled the Tata <orld Truck range *ointly developed with Tata 2aewoo E%&F They will debut in +outh Aorea, +outh -frica, the +--1) countries and the Middle7:ast by the end of %""3 E%&F In %""', it formed a *oint venture with the 9razil7based Marcopolo, a global leader in body7building for buses and coaches to manufacture fully7built buses and coaches for India and select international markets.E%8F Tata Motors has e!panded its production and assembly operations to several other countries

including +outh Aorea, Thailand, +outh -frica and -rgentina and is planning to set up plants in Turkey, Indonesia and :astern :urope. E% F Tata also franchiseeN*oint venture assembly operations in Aenya, 9angladesh, Ckraine, 1ussia and +enegal. E%3F Tata has dealorships in %' countries across $ continents.E6"F Though Tata is present in many counties it has only managed to create a large consumer base in the Indian +ubcontinent namely India, 9angladesh, 9hutan, +ri .anka and 4epal and has a growing consumer base in Italy, +pain and +outh -frica. Present and 'uture c(allenges Tata Motors have some distinct advantages in comparison to other multi7 national competitors especially a cost advantage as labor costs for Tata Motors is 873 percent of sales as compared to 6"7 6 percent for most multinational companies. -nother advantage in the

increasing demand in its own backyard, India due to infrastructure developments and rising G2,. India remains one of the few developing auto markets where domestic brands have managed to keep a large presence, Tata and fellow compatriots account for more than '"( of the passenger vehicle sales and 3 ( of commercial vehicle sales. There are also favorable Government polices and regulations in place in order to help boost the auto industry. /owever, Tata has not been able to capitalize on its global presence. Tata relies heavily on its sales in India and has not yet managed to create a foothold in international markets even though it has a number of well reputed subsidiaries. /owever, Tata 4ano may boost its international presence atleast in developing economies. Though it has an advantage in India, thanks to low costs and government policies it soon faces stiff competition from it multinational competitors all eyeing for a share in the ever growing

Indian auto sector. :arlier, a policy reGuired ma*ority7owned subsidiaries of foreign car firms to invest at least C+D " million in eGuity if they wished to set up manufacturing pro*ects in India and mere car assembling operations were not welcomed. -n Indian cabinet panel has since announced a new automobile policy that sets fresh investment guidelines for foreign firms wishing to manufacture vehicles in the country. Investments in making auto parts by a foreign .vehicle maker will also be considered a part of the minimum foreign investment made by it in an auto7making subsidiary in India. The move is aimed at helping India emerge as a hub for global manufacturing and sourcing for auto parts. The policies adopted by Government will increase competition in domestic market, motivate many foreign commercial vehicle manufactures to set up shops in India, whom will make India as a production hub and e!port to nearest market. Thus Tata Motors will have to face tough

competition in near future, which might affect its growth negatively. )urrently, the presence of +uzuki through its subsidiary, Maruti +uzuki in the Indian market may also be alarming. Maruti has aggressively launched family cars to undermine the Tata models. Tata has continued to be strong in the MCI and +CI sector due to lack of competition and correct pricing. /owever, Tata now faces stiff competition from fellow compatriot Mahindra as well as multinational brand like Toyota and )hevrolet. In addition, the growing presence of fellow Indian competitors, Mahindra and Borce Motors not only in the Indian but also in the Global market may effect TataKs sales. Mahindra and Borce have formed *oint ventures with 1enault and M-4 respectively. Mahindra has also formed a #M$3 0I called Mahindra 4avistar with IT:), C+5parent 4avistar International8, to manufacture commercial vehicles and to bolster its position in the )I

businessE6#F -shok .eyland, which is the second largest commercial manufacturer in India has remained TataKs biggest competitor in the Indian heavy commercial vehicle market and with its aGuistion of )zech 1epublic7based -viaE6%F it may manage to increase its presence in neighbouring markets such as +ri .anka, 4epal where Tata Motors has a monopoly. To counter the growth of these various companies Tata has come up with revised or new models like Indica Iista, Indigo Iista, Oenon, Tata <orld Truck and a aggressive marketing policy. SOME PRO)*"TS OF T#T# MOTORS

Tata Steel

Tata Steel 59+:M ""$&"8, formerly known as TI+)? and Tata Iron and Steel "ompany !m!ted, is the worldKs si!th largest steel company, with an annual crude steel capacity of %8 million tonnes. It is the second largest private sector steel company in India in terms of domestic production. 1anked 6# th on Bortune Global "", it is based in 0amshedpur, 0harkhand, India.E6FE$F It is part ofTata Group of companies. Tata +teel is also IndiaKs second7largest and second7most profitable company in private sector with consolidated revenues of 1s #,6%,##" crore and net profit of over 1s #%,6 " crore during the year ended March 6#, %""8. E FE'F

Its main plant is located in 0amshedpur, 0harkhand, with its recent acGuisitions, the company has become a multinational with operations in various countries. The 0amshedpur plant contains the 2)+ supplied by /oneywell.The registered office of Tata +teel is in Mumbai. The company was also recognized as the worldKs best steel producer by <orld +teel 2ynamics in %"" .E&F The company is listed on 9ombay +tock :!change and 4ational +tock :!change of India, and employs about 8%,&"" people 5as of %""&8. istory Tata +teel was established by Indian ,arsi businessman 0amshet*i 4usserwan*i Tata in #3"& 5he died in #3"$, before the pro*ect was completed8. Tata +teel introduced an 87hour work day as early as in #3#% when only a #%7hour work day was the legal reGuirement in 9ritain. It introduced leave7with7pay in

#3%", a practice that became legally binding upon employers in India only in #3$ . +imilarly, Tata +teel started a ,rovident Bund for its employees as early as in #3%", which became a law for all employers under the Provident Fund Act only in #3 %. Tata +teelKs furnaces have never been disrupted on account of a labour strike and this is an enviable record. EeditF,roduction Tata +teel annually produces 3 million tonnes of steel in India and %#.$ million tonnes overseas, making it the fifth largest steel producer in the world. It produced a record7breaking ." million tonnes of salable steel in its 0amshedpur works in %""'7"&. The companyKs gross revenue in that financial reporting year was 1s. %"#3'.%$ crores. Its ,9T was 1s.'%'#.' crores and ,-T was 1s.$%%%.# crores in the same year.

EeditF)apacity :!pansion Tata +teel has set an ambitious target to achieve a capacity of #"" million tonne by %"# . Managing 2irector 9alasubramanian Muthuraman 5shortened simply to P9 MuthuramanP8 stated that of the #"" million tonne, Tata +teel is planning a "7 " balance between greenfield facilities and acGuisitions. E8FE3F ?verseas acGuisitions have already added up to %#.$ million tonne, which includes )orus production at #8.% million tonne, 4atsteel production at two million tonne and Millennium +teel production at #.% million tonne. Tata is looking to add another %3 million tonnes through the acGuisition route.E8FE3F Tata +teel has lined up a series of greenfield pro*ects in India and outside which includes E8F #. ' million tonne plant in ?rissa 5India8 %. #% million tonne in 0harkhand 5India8 6. million tonne in )hhattisgarh 5India8

$. . '.


67million tonne plant in Iran %.$7million tonne plant in 9angladesh million tonne capacity e!pansion at 0amshedpur 5India8 $. million tonne plant in Iietnam 5feasibility studies underway8


?n %" ?ctober %""', Tata +teel announced that it had agreed to pick up a #""( stake in the -nglo72utch steel maker )orus at $ pence per share in an all cash deal, cumulatively valued at G9, $.6 billion. ?n #3 4ovember %""', the 9razilian steel company )ompanhia +iderQrgica 4acional 5)+48 launched a counter offer for )orus at $& pence per share, valuing it at R$. billion.

?n ## 2ecember %""', Tata preemptively upped the offer to "" pence, which was within hours trumped by )+4Ks offer of # pence per share, valuing the deal at R$.3 billion. The )orus board promptly recommended both the revised offers to its shareholders. ?n 6# 0anuary %""& Tata +teel won their bid for )orus after offering '"8 pence per share, valuing )orus at R'.& billionL as a result and pending acceptance and completion of the takeover, the *oining of the two will create the fifth largest steel company in the world. Other acquisitionS In -ugust %""$, Tata +teel entered into definitive agreements with +ingapore based 4at+teel .td to acGuire its steel business for +ingapore D$8'.$ million 5appro!imately 1s #,6#6 crore8 in an all cash transaction.E#"F

In %"" , Tata +teel acGuired $"( +take in Millennium +teel based in Thailand for D#6" million 5appro!. 1s '"" crore8. E##F In %""& Tata +teel through its wholly owned +ingapore subsidiary, 4at+teel -sia ,te .td acGuired controlling stake in two rolling millsM ++: +teel .td, Iinausteel .td located in Iietnam. E#%F

)(amra Port The 2hamra ,ort, a 0oint Ienture between .arsen H Toubro and Tata +teel, has come in for criticism from groups such as Greenpeace, <ildlife ,rotection +ociety of India and the ?rissa Traditional BishworkersK Cnion. The port is being built within five kilometres of the 9hitarkanika +anctuary, a 1amsar wetland of international importance, home to an impressive diversity of mangrove species, saltwater crocodiles and an array of avian species. The port will also be appro!imately #

km. from the turtle nesting beaches of theGahirmatha +anctuary, and turtles are also found immediately ad*oining the port site. -side from potential impacts on nesting and feeding grounds of the turtles, the mudflats of the port site itself are breeding grounds for horseshoe crabs as well as rare species of reptiles and amphibians. ?ne such species, the amphibian Be*ervarya cancrivora, is the first record for the Indian mainland. E# F )ompany considers these allegations as without any base and the people behind them as low level opportunists.

Tata ,ower

H!story +tarted as the Tata /ydroelectric ,ower +upply )ompany in #3##, it is an amalgamation of two entitiesM Tata /ydroelectric ,ower +upply )ompany and -ndhra Ialley ,ower +upply )ompany 5#3#'8.Today Tata Po+er "ompany !m!ted is India;s largest private sector electricity generating company with an installed generation capacity of over %'&" M<. The )ompany is a pioneer in the

Indian power sector. Tata ,ower has a presence in thermal, hydro, solar and wind areas of power generation, transmission and retail. The founders of Tata ,ower pioneered the generation of electricity in India with the commissioning of India;s first large hydro7 electricpro*ect in #3# in 9hivpuri and Ahopoli, Aar*at.

Operat!ons The thermal power stations of the company are located at Trombay in Mumbai, 0o*obera in 0harkhand and 9elgaum in Aarnataka. The hydro stations are located in the <estern Ghats of Maharashtra and the wind farm in -hmednagar. The )ompany has been a front7runner in introducing state7of7the7art power technologies. Tata installed India;s first "" M< unit at Trombay, the first # " M< pumped storage unit at 9hira, and

a flue gas desulphurization plant for pollution control at Trombay. -t %.$( the )ompanyKs transmission H distribution losses are among the lowest in the country. Tata ,ower has served Mumbai;s consumers for over nine decades. ?utside Mumbai, the company now has generation capacities in the +tates of 0harkhand and Aarnataka and a 2istribution )ompany in 2elhi. The 2istribution *oint venture with the Government of 2elhi called the S4orth 2elhi ,ower .imitedT 542,.8, has met with considerable success. This *oint venture serves over 8"",""" consumers 5in a population of $. million8 spread over in an area of #" kmU and has a peak load of #" " M<. . 42,. has achieved some success in cutting down the losses from #( to %8( in span of five years.

Internat!onal Operat!ons The )ompany has also e!ecuted several overseas pro*ects in the Middle :ast, -frica and +outh :ast -sia. ?f particular interest are the 0ebel -li VG; station 5$ ! #"" M< W desalination plant8 in 2ubai, -l7Ahobar II 5 ! # " M< W desalination plant8 and 0eddah III 5$ ! '$ M< W desalination plant8 in +audi -rabia, +huwaikh 5 ! " M<8 in Auwait, :/I substations in C-: and -lgeria, and power plant operation and maintenance contracts in Iran and +audi -rabia.

Future pro,ects Tata ,ower has entered into a #M$3 *oint venture with ,owerGrid )orporation of India for the #%"" km Tala transmission pro*ect. The *oint venture is India;s first transmission pro*ect to be e!ecuted with public7private partnership.

Tata ,ower has also won a contract for building $""" M< power plant at Mundra. - uniGue aspect of this pro*ect is that for the first time in India a $"""M< power plant is being built utilizing one large construction pro*ectL all other large pro*ects have always involved stage construction.

Tata )onsultancy +ervices

Tata "onsultancy Serv!ces !m!ted 5T"S8 59+:M 6% $", 4+:M T)+8 is a software services and consulting company. It is -siaKs largest provider of information technology and business process outsourcing servicesE#F. The company is listed on the 4ational +tock :!change and 9ombay +tock :!change of India. T)+ became listed company on 3th -ugust, %""$. T)+ is part of one of IndiaKs largest and oldest conglomerates, the Tata Group, which has interests in areas such as energy, telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing, chemicals, engineering, materials, government and healthcare.


Tata )onsultancy +ervices was established in the year #3'8. T)+ is considered a pioneer in the Indian IT industryE$F. 2espite unfavorable government regulations, like the .icense 1a*, the company succeeded in establishing the Indian IT Industry. It began as the PTata )omputer )entreP, a division of the Tata Group, whose main business was to provide computer services to other group companies. B ) Aohli was its first General Manager. The legendary 012 Tata was its first )hairman and was followed by luminaries such as 4ani ,alkhivala. ?ne of T)+K first assignments was to provide punch card services to a sister concern, Tata +teel 5then TI+)?8. It later bagged the countryKs first software pro*ect, the Inter79ranch 1econciliation +ystem 5I91+8 for the )entral 9ank of IndiaE F. It also provided bureau services to Cnit Trust of India, thus becoming one

of the first companies to offer 9,? services. In the early #3&"s, Tata )onsultancy +ervices started e!porting its services. T)+Ks first international order came from 9urroughs, one of the first business computer manufacturers. T)+ was assigned to write code for the 9urroughs machines for several C+7based clientsE'F. This e!perience also helped T)+ bag its first onsite pro*ect 7 the Institutional Group H Information )ompany 5IGI)8, a data centre for ten banks, which catered to two million customers in the C+, assigned T)+ the task of maintaining and upgrading its computer systemsE&F. In #38#, T)+ set up IndiaKs first software research and development center, the Tata 1esearch 2evelopment and 2esign )enter 5T122)8 E8F. The first client7dedicated offshore development center was set up for )ompaG 5then Tandem8 in #38 .

In #383, T)+ delivered an electronic depository and trading system called +:)?M for +I+ +egaInter+ettle, +witzerland. It was by far the most comple! pro*ect undertaken by an Indian IT company. T)+ followed this up with +ystem O for the )anadian 2epository +ystem and also automated the 0ohannesburg +tock :!change 50+:8E3F. T)+ associated with a +wiss partner, TA+ Teknosoft, which it later acGuiredE#"F. In the early #33"s, the Indian IT outsourcing industry grew tremendously due to the @%A bug and the launch of a unified :uropean currency, :uro. T)+ pioneered the factory model for @%A conversion and developed software tools which automated the conversion process and enabled third7party developers and clients to make use of itE##F. In #333, T)+ saw outsourcing opportunity in :7)ommerce and related solutions and set up its :79usiness division with ten

people. 9y %""$, :79usiness was contributing half a billion dollars 5C+8 to T)+E#%F. ?n 3th -ugust %""$, T)+ became a publicly listed companyE#6F, much later than its rivals, Infosys, <ipro and +atyam. 2uring %""$, T)+ ventured into a new area for an Indian IT services company 7 9ioinformaticsE#$F

T)+ -wadh ,ark, Tata )onsultancy +ervicesK regional office at .ucknow

!st o' acqu!s!t!ons The table below gives some details of T)+K key acGuisitions #cq $u u!s! "o -us Hea Re Re' "ou .al m& t!o mp !ne dco mar ere ntr ue n any ss er unt /s nce y )at e # ?ct obe r 8, %"" 8 )iti Glob al +erv ices .imi 9usi Indi C+ #%$ nes a D &% s " ,roc mn ess ?ut T)+ acG uire d key 9B+


sour cing

dom ain kno wle dge. :!p and prod uct port folio by acG uirin g righ ts to Jua rtz and

4ov em ber, %"" '

TA+7 9an +wit C+ ## Tek king zerl D noso ,ro and 8". ft duct $

own ersh ip of -lph a and e7 port folio , enh anc ed pres enc e in +wit zerl and and Bran

ce :ntr y into .ati n -me ricaL -cc ess to pay men t proc essi ng platf orm

4ov em )om 9an )hil ber, icro king e %"" m 9,?

C+ D #% %6. & & mn


Beb IT ruar Tata +er Indi y, Infot 7 vice a %"" ech s ' ?ct B4+ )or -us obe e trali r, 9an a %"" king ,ro duct


C+ #3" -cG D uire %' d mn core ban king solu tion prod uct and acc ess to ##'


cust ome rs in 6 cou ntri esL B4+ was an e!is ting part ner for T)+ ' ?ct obe r, %"" ,ear Insu Cnit l ranc ed Gro e Ain up gdo C+ 3 " -cG D uire 3$. d & life


and pen sion outs ourc ing busi ness fro m ,ear l Gro upL 2o mai n kno wle dge of

life and pen sion und erwr iting busi ness -cc ess to -ust ralia n clie nts


4ov em ber %"" '

T)+ Man age men t

C+ IT -us D +er trali #6. 6 vice a " s mn


May ,ho 9,? Indi C+ 6 " -cG %"" eni! a D uire


Glob al +olu tion s

#6 mn

e!p ertis e in insu ranc e -cG uire blue 7 chip :uro pea n cust ome rs like :ric sson

May +we IT +we C+ 7 %"" dish +er den D Indi vice $.8 an s mn IT 1es ourc es -9 5+IT -18

, IA:, Iatt enfa ll and /ut chis onL +IT1 was T)+; e!cl usiv e part ner in +we

den and a non7 e!cl usiv e part ner in 4or way . #" May -via IT Indi 7 %"" tion +er a $ +oft vice war s e 2ev elop #8" -+2 ) was a +ing apor e
E% F

men t )on sult ancy Indi a 5-+ 2)8

-irli nes7 T)+ 0IL -cG uire d +ing apor e -irli nes as a ma* or clie nt

## 0anu -irli 9,? Indi C+ 6#' 9,? ary ne a D e!p %"" Bina .# ertis

ncial +up port +erv ices Indi a 5-B+ 8


e in -irli ne and /os pital ity sect or -cc ess to dom esti c cap abili tyL cont inue

#% ?ct )M) IT Indi C+ 6#" obe .imi +er a D66 " r ted vice .8m %"" s 5 # # (8

s to be a sep arat ely run com pan y.

Innovation and 1H2 Tata Researc( )evelopment and )es!gn "enter T)+ established the first software research center in India, the Tata 1esearch 2evelopment and 2esign )enter, in ,une, India in #38#.T122) undertakes research in +oftware

:ngineering, ,rocess :ngineering and +ystems 1esearch. 1esearchers at T122) also developed Master)raft 5now called T)+ )ode Generator Bramework E#F8 an artificial intelligence software that can automatically create code from a simple computer language, and rewrite the code based on the userKs needs.E%8F. 1esearch at T122) has also resulted in the development of +u*al, a low7cost water purifier that can be manufactured using locally available resources. T)+ deployed thousands of these filters in the Indian ?cean Tsunami disaster of %""$ as part of its relief activitiesE%3F. Innovat!on In %""&, T)+ launched its )o7Innovation 4etwork, a network of T)+ Innovation .abs, startup alliances, Cniversity 1esearch 2epartments, and venture capitalists. E6"F.

In addition to T122), T)+ has #3 Innovation .abs based in three countries. E%F TCS Innovation Lab, Convergence: )ontent management and delivery, convergence engines, networks such as 6G, <iMa!, <iMesh, I, Testing for Juality of +ervice, IM+, ?++N9++ systems, and others. TCS Innovation Lab, Delhi: +oftware -rchitectures, +oftware as a +ervice, natural language processing, te!t, data and process analytics, multimedia applications and graphics. TCS Innovation Lab, Embedded Systems: Medical electronics, <iM-O, and <.-4 technologies. TCS Innovation Lab, yderabad: )omputational methods in life sciences, meta7genomics, systems biology, e7security, smart card7based applications, digital media protection, nano7biotechnology, Guantitative finance.

TCS Innovation Lab, !umbai: +peech and natural language processing, wireless systems and wireless applications. TCS Innovation Lab, Insurance " Chennai: IT ?ptimization, 9usiness ,rocess ?ptimization, )ustomer )entricity :nablers, :nterprise Mobility, Telematics, Innovation in ,roduct 2evelopment and Management 5,.M8 in Insurance. TCS Innovation Lab, Chennai: Infrastructure innovation, green computing, <eb %." and ne!t7generation user interfaces. TCS Innovation Lab, Peterborough, EnglandM 4ew7wave communications for the enterprises, utility computing and 1BI2 5chips, tags, labels, readers and middleware8. TCS Innovation Lab: Per#ormance Engineering, !umbaiM ,erformance management, high performance technology components, and others.

TCS Innovation Lab, Cincinnati, $nited StatesM :ngineering IT solutions. +ome of the assets created by T)+ Innovation .ab sare 29,rodem, 0ensor E6#F, <anem E6%F, +crutinet. In %""8, the T)+ Innovation .ab7 developed product, mArishi, won the <all +treet 0ournal Technology Innovation -ward in the <ireless category.E66F. mArishi is a service that would enable IndiaKs farmers to receive useful data on an ine!pensive mobile device.E6F T)+K )o7Innovation 4etwork partners include )ollabnet, )assatt, Metric+tream, academic institutions such as +tanford, MIT, various IITs, and venture capitalists like +eGuoia andAleiner ,erkins.E$F :mployees

T)+ is considered one of the largest private sector employers in India with a core strength in e!cess of #6",""" individuals.E6$F. T)+ has been criticized in the recent past for large7scale pay

cuts E6 F and layoffs. In %""8 T)+ cut performance7linked pay for its employees, and asked "" of its #%",""" employees to leave due to poor performanceE6'FE6&F. T)+, however, claims to have one of the lowest attrition rates in the Indian IT industryE68F. In %""3, T)+ is known to have asked #6"" of its #6"""" employees to leave due to poor performanceE63F. 1estructuring T)+ embarked on a restructuring e!ercise in -pril %""8, which company e!ecutives claim will allow T)+ Pto build a nimble organisation to capture new growth opportunitiesPE$"F. The new structure divides the organization into the following business unitsM Industry IerticalsM 9anking, Binancial +ervices, Insurance, Manufacturing, Tele com, Media, :ntertainment, /i Tech, Transportation, TravelN/ospitality, 1etail, Ctilities,:nergyN1esources.

/orizontalsM :ngineering +ervices, 9,?, Infrastructure +ervices, )onsulting, Bina ncial +olutions. MarketsM Mature Markets, 4ew Growth Markets, :merging Markets

)orporate +ustainability 9oth on its own and as part of the Tata organization, T)+ actively implements programs and initiatives for the betterment of society, communities, and the environment, and has been since its inception in #3'8. T)+ believes in giving back to all communities in which it operates, and in using IT as an instrument for social development and progress. <e are deeply committed to education, the environment, and setting up and maintaining infrastructure for urban beautification, pollution reduction and healthcareL waste management in the

office environment, tree plantation and water treatment. To take )orporate +ustainability a step forward, T)+ incepted an internal function called, T)+ Maitree, in %""%. T)+ Maitree is an internal voluntary function of Tata )onsultancy +ervices that cultivates and propagates meaningful social activities for the T)+ associates H their families. Through its e!pertise, Maitree reaches out to communities which might benefit from a helping hand. ?ur initiatives have ranged from pro*ects for the differently abled, to less privileged children across various schools across the country, to our rural community initiatives such as in <azapur, Maharashtra and 4ainar, Tamil 4adu. Many of the programmes initiated by Maitree like employability of differently7abled, /IIN-I2+ sensitization and ,eer :ducation, Green -udits, etc have now been accepted as best practices by the organization. ?ver the years, T)+ Maitree has identified five core

areas for volunteer intervention, namely, :ducationN+kill 2evelopment, :conomic :mpowerment, /ealth, :nvironment +ustainability and T)+; )ore )ompetency X Information Technology.

C+ Iisa ,rogram T)+ was the fourth largest visa recipient in %""8, preceded by Infosys, <ipro and +atyam.

-R#$)S Good Earth Teas is a tea distributor based in +anta )ruz, )alifornia. Bounded in #3&% under their parent company Bmali /erb )ompany, it was originally one of

the first -merican herbal tea companies during the early #3&"s.Ecitation neededF In the late #3&"Ks it began to develop trademark teas for Good :arth 1estaurants, and launched Good :arth teas in tea bag form to the )alifornia grocery market in #388. Good :arth was acGuired by Tetley C+ /oldings .imited in ?ctober %"" , and is a subsidiary of Tata Tea .imited. Good :arth produces over $" different blends of tea, and is known for its richer tasting blends.Ecitation neededF -ll Good :arth grocery blends are available in all7natural and organic varieties. Tanishq is currently the most prominent *ewellery brand of India, and it pioneered the concept of branded *ewellery and ornaments in India. It is a division of Titan Industries .imited, one of the companies listed on the 9ombay +tock :!change and the 4ational +tock :!change of India. The name TanishG has been formed by combining PTaP 5the first

two letters of Tata8 and P4ishk or 4ishkhP 5meaning gold coin or necklace in +anskrit8.E#F TanishG is India;s most aspirational fine *ewellery brand with an e!Guisite range of gold *ewellery studded with diamonds or coloured gems and a wide range of eGually spectacular *ewellery in %%At pure gold. It is India;s largest, most desirable and fastest growing *ewellery brand in India. TanishG, started in #33 , is the *ewellery business group of Titan Industries .td 7 promoted by the Tata group, India;s most respected and widely diversified business conglomerate. TanishG embarked on its voyage #" years ago when it challenged the established family *eweler and introduced new rules in precious *ewelleryL a category as old as civilization. TanishG has set up production and sourcing bases with thorough research of the *ewellery crafts of India. 0ewellery at TanishG is crafted in one of the world;s

most modern factories. The factory complies with all labour and environmental standards. .ocated at /osur, Tamil 4adu 5India8. The #,6 ,""" sG. ft. factory is eGuipped with the latest and most modern machinery and eGuipment. The brand brings together the work of karigars, who specialize in different style of making *ewellery. Aarigars, who continue to be an e!ploited lot with other *ewellers, are paid fair remuneration and work under good working conditions in TanishG. TanishG challenged the age7old *eweller;s word with T-T-;s guaranteed purity. It e!ploded the market with facts about rampant impurity across India. It introduced technology7backed challenge in a category completely governed by individual trust. TanishG introduced innovations like EAaratmeterF, the only non destructive means to check the purity of goldL machine made *ewellery, which offers far superior finish and value to the customer and beautiful

handcrafted *ewellery which is influenced by various *ewellery traditions of India.

Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces is a worldwide chain of lu!ury hotels and resorts. T(e Ind!an Hotels "ompany !m!ted and its subsidiaries are collectively known as Ta* /otels 1esorts and ,alaces. - part of the Tata Group, one of IndiaKs largest business conglomerates, Ta* /otels 1esort and ,alaces comprises &' hotels, & palaces, ' private islands and #% resorts and spas, spanning % destinations in #% countries across continents. 9esides India, Ta* /otels 1esort and ,alaces are located in the Cnited +tates of -merica, Cnited Aingdom, -frica, the Middle :ast, Maldives, Mauritius, Malaysia, 9huta n, +ri .anka and -ustralia. 0amshet*i 4usserwan*i Tata, founder of the Tata Group, opened the Ta* Mahal ,alace H Tower, the first Ta* property,

on 2ecember #',#3"6. /e was inspired to open the grand lu!ury hotel after an incident involving racial discrimination at the <atsonKs /otel in Mumbai, where he was refused entry as the hotel did not permit Indians. /otels which accepted only :uropean guests were common across9ritish India. 0amset*i Tata traveled to .ondon, ,aris, 9erlin and 2usseldorf to get the best materials and pieces of art, furniture and interior artifacts for his hotel. 2ue to its prime location, traditional architecture and massive size, this hotel soon gained the status of the most iconic hotel in Mumbai.

Tata S/y

Tata +ky !s a )TH satell!te telev!s!on prov!der !n Ind!a0 us!ng MPEG1 2 d!g!tal compress!on tec(nology0 transm!tt!ng us!ng I$S#T 3# at 45678E69:; /istory It is a *oint venture between the Tata Group, that owns 8"( and +T-1 Group that owns a %"( stake.E%F Tata +ky was incorporated in %""$ but was launched only in %""'. It currently offers close to #$"Ecitation neededF channels and some interactive ones. The company uses the +ky brand owned by 9ritish +ky 9roadcasting.E6F In ?ctober %""8, Tata +ky announced launching of ,I1 service Tata S/y< which allowed $ hours of

recording in a M,:G7$ compatible +et Top 9o!. The remote is provided with playback control keys and is being sold with special offers for e!isting suscribers. In %""8, +ingapore7based Temasek /oldings picked up #"( stake in Tata +ky from the Tata Group. This has diluted TataKs stake in the venture to &"(. +T-1;s parent company, 4ews )orporation, owns an International group of 2T/ businesses that include 9+ky9 in CA, +ky Italia in Italy and Bo!tel in -ustralia.

Tata +kyW Tata +kyW is a premium set7top bo!7cum7 ,ersonal Iideo 1ecorder that allows recording up to $ hours of live TI, recording one programme while watching another, pause a live telecast and review a TI programme.

)ertifications and /onors

ISO 2=77:>277? accred!tat!on In March %""3, Tata +ky, became the first Indian direct7to7home 52T/8 service provider to be awarded the I+? %&""#M%"" accreditation, the benchmark for information security. I+? %&""#M%"" is an international standard that provides specifications and guidance for the establishment and proper maintenance of an Information +ecurity Management +ystem 5I+M+8. The assessment for the certification was conducted by Intertek +ystems )ertification, the management systems registration business unit of Intertek Group. This certification confirms that every transaction carried out through Tata +ky;s IT systems are highly secure.

S*PER-R#$) 277@ A 27:7 Tata +ky was selected as a +C,:1 91-42 for the year %""37%"#" by an independent and voluntary council of e!perts known as +uperbrands )ouncil. It is the only Indian 2T/ to have won this distinction.

Tata Teleservices Introduction

Tata Teleserv!ces !m!ted BTTS C is a part of the Tata Group of companies, an Indian conglomerate. It operates under the brand name Tata Indicom in various telecom circles of India. The company is the worst performer in the T-T- Group. In 4ov %""8, 0apanese telecom giant 4TT 2ocomo picked up a %' per cent eGuity stake in Tata Teleservices for about 1s #6,"&" crore 5D%.& billion8 or an enterprise value of 1s ",%'3 crore 5D#".68 billion8. E#F In Beb %""8, TT+. announced that it would provide )2M- mobile services targeted towards the youth, in association with the Iirgin Group on a Branchisee model basis.

)ompany background Tata Teleserv!ces is part of the Tata Group. Tata Teleservices spearheads the Group;s presence in the telecom sector. Incorporated in #33', Tata Teleservices was the first to launch )2M- mobile services in India with the -ndhra ,radesh circle. The company acGuired /ughes Telecom 5India8 .imited Enow renamed Tata Teleserv!ces BMa(aras(traC !m!ted; in 2ecember %""%. <ith a total Investment of 1s #3,3%$ )rore, Tata Teleservices has created a ,an India presence spread across %" circles that includes #nd(ra Prades(0 "(enna!0 Gu,arat0 D E K0 Karnata/a0 )el(!0 Ma(aras(tra0 Mum&a!0 $ort( East0 Tam!l $adu0 Or!ssa0 -!(ar0 Ra,ast(an0 Pun,a&0 Haryana0 H!mac(al Prades(0 *ttar Prades( BEC0 *ttar Prades( BFC0

Kerala0 Kol/ata0 Mad(ya Prades( and Fest -engal. /aving pioneered the ")M# 5G:G tec(nology platform in India, Tata Teleservices has established 6G ready telecom infrastructure. It partnered with Motorola0 Er!csson0 ucent and E"I Telecom for the deployment of its telecom network. The company is the market leader in the fi!ed wireless telephony market with a total customer base of over 6.8 million. Tata Teleservices; bouGuet of telephony services includes Mobile services, <ireless 2esktop ,hones, ,ublic 9ooth Telephony and <ireline services. ?ther services include value added services like voice portal, roaming, post7paid Internet services, 67way conferencing, group calling, <i7Bi Internet, C+9 Modem, data cards, calling card services and enterprise services. +ome of the other products launched by the company include prepaid wireless desktop phones, public phone

booths, new mobile handsets and new voice H data services such as 91:< games, Ioice ,ortal, picture messaging, polyphonic ring tones, interactive applications like news, cricket, astrology, etc. Tata Indicom H$on Stop Mo&!leH allows pre7paid cellular customers to receive free incoming calls. Tata Teleservices .imited along with Tata Teleservices 5Maharashtra8 .imited have a subscriber base of 6' million customers 5as of -pril %""38 in more than ,""" towns. Tata Teleservices has also acGuired G+M licenses for specific circles in India. Tata Telelservices is an unlisted entity. Tata Group and group firms own the ma*ority of the company, 4TT docomo holds %'( while investor ). +ivasankaran holds 8(.E%F +enior Management

The 9oard of 2irectors for TT+. includes Tata +ons )hairman Mr6 Ratan $6 Tata, while the company is currently headed by its Manag!ng )!rector, Mr6 #n!l Kumar Sardana. Market 2ata Tata Indicom in -pril %""3, crossed the 6 million subscribers mark in the wireless category with an overall subscriber base of over 6' million. Tata Teleservices is no. % slot in terms of Market +hare in 2elhi 4)1 region with a subscriber base of 6 million. 4etwork Tata Teleservices operates primarily on the )2M- network. Tata Indicom;s enterprise solutions work on the )2M6G7#O technology. The total tower strength of Tata Indicom is currently at #%, "" towers nationwide,

which includes #",""" for TT+. and %, "" for TTM.. 9usiness -reas Tata Teleservices offers multiple tariff plans in both the ,ost7paid and ,re7,aid category. It also offers Mobile Ialue -dded +ervices to subscribers. 9randing The Tata Indicom brand is endorsed by bollywood actresses Ka,ol and Tr!s(a, cricketers Ir'an Pat(an and Saurav Ganguly. Tata Teleservices has recently launched the .!rg!n Mo&!le -rand to target the youth segment. 1ural Telephony

TT+. also maintains a distribution network across villages , where in people are appointed and trained by TT+. X who visit villages on a bicycle or a two7wheeler at defined times on defined days of the week, selling recharge vouchers and servicing eGuipmentL each runner covers between %"" to 6"" customers. The company *oined hands with Tata )hemicals, Tata Aisaan +ansar network, disseminating information through these centres and using them as local distributors.

1etail The companyKs retail business has around 6,""" outlets nationally, comprising '"" TT+. owned stores and around %, "" stores in the Branchisee format. Tata Indicom already covers the top &"" towns

in India in terms of population through Tata Ind!com EGclus!ve Stores. Tata Indicom also maintains an online portal for its customers i7choose where the customers can buy Tata Indicom post7 paid connections and prepaid recharge vouchers with an upfront commitment of activation and delivery of the handset within &% hours. .alue #dded Serv!ces Tata Teleservices, in ?ctober %""& launched Tata Yone, an infotainment portal on Tata Indicom 91:<7enabled mobile phones, in /indi. This service has applications, pricing details, downloads and browsing instructions in /indi. The rationale behind this was simpleM 7 ''( of all Indians speak /indi, while less than ( understand :nglish.

Cnder its I-+ bouGuet, TT+. offers services such as 4ews, Games, Baith and ,rayers, 1ingtones, Bun +hows, Iideo Yone, +ong 2ownload :!press, )ricket, Internet +urfing, -strology, and Mobile ?ffice among others. Tata Ind!com plans to prov!de m1 commerce, mo&!le advert!s!ng, mo&!le T. and soc!al net+or/!ng under its I-+ offerings.

Titan Industries

T!tan Industr!es is the worldKs si!th largest wrist watch manufacturer and IndiaKs leading producer of watches under the Titan, Bastrack, +onata, 4ebula, ?ctane H Oylys brand names. It is a *oint venture between one of IndiaKs most respected business organizations, the Tata Group, and the Tamil 4adu Industrial 2evelopment )orporation 5TI2)?8.E#F Its product portfolio includes watches, accessories and *ewellery, in both contemporary and traditional designs. It e!ports watches to about 6% countries around the world with manufacturing facilities in /osur, 2ehradun, Goa and manufactures precious *ewellery under the TanishG brand name, making it IndiaKs only national *ewellery brand. It is a subsidiary of the Tata Group. <atch division Titan watch division was started in #38&. -t launch it was the third watch company

in India after /MT and -llwyn. Titan formed a*oint venture with Time!, which lasted until #338, and setup a strong distribution network across India. -s of %"" , Titan watches account for a % ( share of the total Indian market and are also sold in about $" countries through marketing subsidiaries based in.ondon,-den,2ubai and +ingapore. Titan watches are sold in India through retail chains controlled by Titan Industries. Titan Industries has claimed to have manufactured the worldKs slimmest wrist watch 7 Titan :dge.E%F ,roduced indigenously after four years of research and development, the Titan :dge has a total slimness of *ust 6. mm and a wafer thin movement of #.# mm. -part from the Titan :dge, Titan also offers +teel, 1egalia, 1aga, Bastrack, Technology, 4ebula, 9andhan, +onata, ?ctane, special 1/osur, Tamilnadu.

,recision :ngineering 2ivision ,recision :ngineering 2ivision of Titan was started in %""%. It has become one of the leading manufacturers of ,recision ,arts for -utomotive and -erospace Industries. The 2iverse ,roduct range includes pointers, dashboard clusters like Buel Gauge, Temperature Gauge, Gear +hift Indicators, )locks for -utomobiles and any kind of In*ection molded ,lastic parts, :lectromechanical -ssemblies for automobiles, all kinds of pressed and turned parts for automobiles. The Tooling +ector of ,recision :ngineering 2ivision manufactures all kinds of ,ress Tool, Molds, 0igs, Bi!tures for various industries. Titan -utomation +olution, a part of ,recision :ngineering 2ivision is a leading -utomation +olution ,rovider for all kind of industries.

0ewelery division Tan!s(q is currently the most prominent *ewellery brand of India, and it pioneered the concept of branded *ewellery and ornaments in India. The name TanishG has been formed by combining PTaP 5the first two letters of Tata8 and P4ishk or 4ishkhP 5meaning gold coin or necklace in +anskrit8. E6F TanishG is IndiaKs largest *ewellery brand with a wide range of *ewellery in %%At pure gold studded with diamonds or coloured gems. It is the fastest growing *ewellery brand in India.Ecitation neededF TanishG, established in #33 , challenged the established family *eweller and introduced new rules in precious *ewelleryL a category as old as civilization. TanishG challenged the age7old *ewellerKs word with TataKs guaranteed purity. It e!ploded the market with facts about

rampant impurity across India. It introduced technology7backed challenge in a category completely governed by individual trust. TanishG introduced innovations like Aaratmeter, the only non destructive means to check the purity of goldL machine made *ewellery, which offers superior finish and value to the customer and handcrafted *ewellery which is influenced by various *ewellery traditions of India. TanishG has set up production and sourcing bases with thorough research of the *ewellery crafts of India. The #,6 ,""" sG. ft. factory is eGuipped with the latest and most modern machinery and eGuipment. The factory complies with all labour and environmental standards, located at /osur, Tamil 4adu. The brand brings together the work ofkarigars, who specialize in different styles of making *ewellery. Aarigars, who continue to be an e!ploited lot with other *ewellers, are paid fair remuneration and work under good working conditions in TanishG.

,rescription :yewear 2ivision 5,:<8 The ,:< business is TitanKs latest retailing venture. The company now has $8 stores under the PTitan :yeWP brand across the country. ?ver the ne!t few years the company plans to e!pand to % " stores.

Bace of Titan The )ompany also runs a one of a kind contest in the retail industry called the Bace ?f Titan 5B?T8 contest to identify the most talented +ales person, Manager H +ervice personnel Technician H )ashier. Ecitation neededF The contest recognizes the best based on a set of parameters that give a measure of the overall development of the individual in each of the categories mentioned above and is not solely on sales.

The contest leapfrogged into the digital era from the year %""'7"& with the introduction of IT in the capturing of survey data across all of its %""W stores,that year also saw the introduction of the data gathered at the store level being used to profile the staff at various levels using a custom built web based software developed by I.G:4 .abs

Trent 5<estside8 Trent is the retail arm of the Tata group. +tarted in #338, Trent operates Fests!de, one of the many growing retail chains in India /istory In #338 Tata sold of their "( stake in the cosmetic products company .akmZ to /.. for 1s %"" )rore 5appro!. $ million C+D8, and created Trent from the money it made through the sale. -ll shareholders of .akmZ were given different shares in Trent. +imone Tata, the chairperson of .akmZ, went on to head Trent. The reason behind the sale was that +imone Tata saw a greater growth potential in retail, and believed

that it would be much more difficult for an Indian company to release new cosmetic products in a market that had opened up to global companies which could invest more in research.-t <est side their aim is to regard customer as a most relevant retailer in the world.Ecitation neededF 9usiness The company has a turnover of 1s. 6 &.' crores 5B@ %"" 7%""'8 and currently operates 6' stores in the ma*or metros and mini metros of India. -n international shopping e!perience, a perception of values, and offering the latest styles, has created a loyal following for <estsideKs own brand of merchandise.Ecitation neededF <estside was named the KMost -dmired .arge Bormat 1etail )hain of the @earK by the .ycra Images Bashion -wards %"" .
Ecitation neededF

<estside operates stores in Mumbai,4avi Mumbai, -hmedabad, 9angalore, 2elhi, )

hennai, Aolkata, /yderabad, ,une, +urat, Iadodara, Indore, 4oida, Gurgaon, Ghazia bad,Mysore, 0aipur, .ucknow, 4agpur.
Ecitation neededF

+tar 9azaar Trent also operates the newly launched hypermarket, +tar 9azaar which is situated in -hmedabad, 9angalore and Mumbai.E#F

.andmark In -ug, %"" Trent acGuired a &'( controlling stake in .andmarkE%F, a )hennai7based privately owned books and music retailer and completed #""( acGuisition in -pril %""8E6F. .andmark currently has #" stores.

.oltas .oltas !m!ted is an engineering, air conditioning and refrigeration company based in Mumbai, India. It offers engineering solutions for a wide spectrum of industries in areas such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning, refrigeration, electro7 mechanical pro*ects, te!tile machinery, machine tools, mining and construction eGuipment, materials handling, water management, building management systems, indoor air Guality and chemicals. Ioltas is a part of the Tata Group. The )hairman of Ioltas is Ishaat /ussain. The managing director is -. +oni. Its shares are traded on the 9ombay +tock :!change under symbol "" & . Its %""' sales were #3, $$,""",""" rupees. Ioltas provided the air7conditioning for the worldKs biggest ocean liner, the 1M+

Jueen Mary % and also the worldKs biggest building, the 9ur* 2ubai. E#F In January 2008, Tata Motors unveiled its People's Car, the Tata Nano, which India and the world have been looking forward to. The Tata Nano has been subsequently launched, as planned, in India in March 200 . ! develop"ent, which signifies a first for the global auto"obile industry, the Nano brings the co"fort and safety of a car within the reach of thousands of fa"ilies. The standard version has been priced at #s.$00,000 %e&cluding '!T and transportation cost(. )esigned with a fa"ily in "ind, it has a roo"y passenger co"part"ent with generous leg space and head roo". It can co"fortably seat four persons. Its "ono*volu"e design will set a new bench"ark a"ong s"all cars. Its safety perfor"ance e&ceeds regulatory require"ents in India. Its tailpipe e"ission perfor"ance too e&ceeds regulatory require"ents. In ter"s of overall pollutants, it has a lower pollution level than two*wheelers being "anufactured in India today. The lean design strategy has helped "ini"ise weight, which helps "a&i"ise perfor"ance per unit of energy consu"ed and delivers high fuel efficiency. The high fuel efficiency also ensures that the car has low carbon

dio&ide e"issions, thereby providing the twin benefits of an affordable transportation solution with a low carbon footprint.