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Drugs and Mental Illness

A Work of Fiction

An Allegorical Tale


Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., Esq., Coif

© Copyright 2007 by Anthony J. Fejfar

Dan Spencer was a newspaper reporter for the Pittsburgh Enquirer Weekly

Newspaper. Dan was a undergraduate double major in English and Philosophy from

Duequense University, and held his Juris Doctor degree in Law, from the University of

Pittsburgh. Dan had a weekly column, and was an investigative reporter.

Dan was currently investigating the causes of mental illness. Most psychiatrists

claimed mental illness was caused by genetically abnormal brain functioning. According

to the psychiatrists, the patient’s neurons just weren’t firing the right way. Dan had a

different hypothesis, though. Dan wondered if most mental illness might be caused by

the person, unknowingly, taking poison, or hallucinogenic drugs. Dan had a friend who

was a Russian reporter who found KGB files indicating an espionage program designed

to make people appear to be mentally ill, so their careers would be destroyed.

Dan had another friend in the Czech MI5 intelligence organization who told Dan

that the FBI and the CIA had a similar program to get rid of progressives and liberals in

the United States. So, Dan thought that he had better check into the problem.

Dan started by going out to the State Mental Hospital, where a friend of his had

been diagnosed with Schizo-affective disorder for believing in Natural Law. Dan took

his friend out to eat, off the facility, and then they stopped at a private clinic and had
some of his friend’s blood drawn for lab work. The next week, the tests came back

showing that Dan’s friend had LSD, PCP, lead, arsenic, and camphor in his blood. Dan

visited his friend on the Ward and asked him if he knew anything about any of these

drugs or substances. Dan’s friend was shocked at what the tests showed and said that he

had never taken any sort of drugs or substances for any reason.

Dan spent six months interviewing other mental health patients, and having their

blood drawn and analyzed. Almost all of the patients had the same drugs and substances

in their blood as Dan’s friend. Dan then bribed a psychiatric aide for information and

found that psychiatry was deeply involved with “controlling” political “dissidents.” Dan

asked if they were worried about getting caught and going to jail. The aide said, no.

Because, the psychiatric hospital had a very powerful satanic cult, and because most of

the drugging was being done by the CIA and FBI, often in the homes of the persons,

before they were hospitalized. Dan ran this story in the Pittsburgh, Enquirer, and hoped

for the best.