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Definitely not a swan song

Isnt it amazing
what a bit of success on the soccer pitch can achieve?

Suddenly, everyone is talking about the Swans and the bright, breezy city thats home to this exciting, giant-killing Premier League team.

But please dont think were just for the soccer-mad. Were mad about surfing too (in fact, all kinds of watersports). And sandcastles. And seafood. And shopping.
If thats not enough to keep you busy after the final whistle, try world-class walking or mountain biking in the green hills and forests that begin where our beaches end. Swansea and its surroundings are suddenly on everyones radar. Heres why: Football writers describe us as a classy, vibrant and metropolitan city with some of the friendliest people on the planet. Gowers combination of coastline and countryside perfectly complements the buzz of our city. We were one of the first cities in the UK to create a new Maritime Quarter.

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Welcome to Swansea, Wales Waterfront City

The Coast with the Most

Everyone loves Gower

Making Even More Waves

Theres indoor surfing too, along with fishing and sailing

Walks, Woods and Waterfalls

What to do away from Swansea Bay

Green for Go
More on walking and world-class mountain biking

Mumbles Rocks
Why Mumbles is our very own superstar

Mumbles and Beyond

Youll also like whats just over the headland

And the Beach Goes On

And on all the way along Gower and Swansea Bay

Ninety-Nine and Counting

The build up to Dylan Thomas centenary celebrations

Festivals and Events

Whats happening in 2013? Quite a lot, actually

Area Maps
Finding your way around...

Travel Information
Start your travel planning here

Choosing your Accommodation

A great choice of places to stay

Attractions and Activities

Things to do 01

On the Waterfront
Swansea is a true Waterfront City

with a salty tang, big beach and proper prom.


Shopping and sandcastles

Go shopping youll like our mix of big stores and independent speciality shops, all neatly wrapped up in a visitor-friendly city centre. Then head for the beach. Sandy Swansea Bay is just across the road.

Marina and museums

Swanseas Marina is the Blue Flag-waving, boat-filled focus of an award-winning Maritime Quarter thats recognised as a textbook example of how to regenerate and reinvent a citys waterfront. And the masterclass continues at SA1, Swanseas latest waterfront development, where shops, restaurants, leisure facilities and apartments are breathing new life into the citys historic docklands. Look out for SA1s remarkable new mural art, an inventive blend of old and new, Swansea-style.

Cockles and culture

Swansea Market is famous for its traditional values. Its the place to come for home-baked goodies like welshcakes, fresh fish and veg. And laverbread, that unique local delicacy thats a kind of pured seaweed. Not forgetting Penclawdd cockles, picked fresh on Gower and best eaten straight from the bag with some vinegar and pepper.

Also bridging the gap between past, present and future is our National Waterfront Museum, a wow-factor venue that attracts rave reviews for the way it puts you in the driving seat for a trip through 300 years of industry and innovation. If you like your museums a little more conventional, youll love nearby Swansea Museum, Wales oldest museum.

Wet, wet, wet

All kinds of undercover water games are played in the Maritime Quarters LC, including the UKs first indoor surfing experience. New kid on the block (on the prom, actually) is the 360 Beach and Watersports Centre, where you can enjoy kayaking, kitesurfing and stand-up paddleboarding. For more details see page 7.

Opposite page Swansea Marina Top Enjoying a hot drink Middle Fresh Gower cockles Bottom 360 Beach & Watersports Top right National Waterfront Museum Right LC Leisure Complex


The coast with the most



How can you not fall head over heels for this gorgeous little peninsula?

Our coastline isnt just good to look at.

In and around Swansea Bay weve been coming up with exciting ways to make the most of what we have on our doorstep since the invention of the surfboard and, as youll discover, we arent finished yet.

A surfing superstar
The surf has been up on Gower since the Sixties, when the peninsula became the UKs first surfing destination. Dont miss a trip to Llangennith, Wales funky, fashionable surfing capital, where summer lasts that little bit longer thanks to warm sea temperatures into October. Gower surf has been making waves across the world. Michael Kew, a Californian surfer and writer, reckons that Langland Bay is the countrys surfing pole star. Many people wondered why I had travelled from sunny Santa Barbara to Wales but I was there for a two-week bonanza of secret-surf-spot glory. A Californian might find it cute that little ol Swansea is a surfing paradise. But its no big secret, really. Surfing is part of our DNA. And, like soccer, it has put us on the map.

More things to get up to in the water

But were not about to get complacent. Our deep-rooted surfing culture has been a springboard for all kinds of watersports, from kitesurfing to kayaking, windsurfing to water skiing. You can do all of these and more at Aberavons vast beach, just across the bay from Gower. Or learn to surf at one of our awardwinning watersports schools. Theyll all tell you that surfing is for everyone and a great way to break barriers. And if you want an adrenaline rush on both land and water, try a spot of coasteering (which, for the uninitiated, involves cliff climbing and jumping into the sea). 05

Opposite page Llangennith Top Surfing on Gower Centre Windsurfing at Swansea Bay Right Kayaking in Mumbles

Making even more waves

Nature has given us many aquatic assests.

But weve also made a few


Swanseas Maritime Quarter and swish marina have reunited the city with its seafaring roots.
Boaty types flock here, not just for the prized location on the Bristol Channel but for the Marinas Blue Flag status and its Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor, an accolade only given to the most exceptional performers on this influential website.

Our latest Big Splash came with the recent opening of 360 Beach and Watersports, a state-of-the-art Centre of Excellence dedicated to all things, well, watersporty kayaking, kitesurfing and stand-up paddleboarding for starters. Its the final confirmation that Swansea Bays watersports scene is truly world class. And for sandlubbers theres soccer, rugby and volleyball on the beach next door.

Sail Away
Its easy for landlubbers to sail away too for a few hours, at least. Gower Coast Adventures take you on salty, spectacular boat trips from Mumbles and Port Eynon. Theres also our beloved Olga, a historic sail-powered Bristol Channel pilot cutter that has been restored to its former glory. Moored in the Maritime Quarter, shes open to the public in summer and keeps her hand in on occasional sailing trips. For a more sedate sailing experience, hop on the Black Prince, a community boat that cruises up the River Tawe past the fascinating remains of Swanseas 19th-century Copperopolis. Or take a canal trip up the equally historic Neath and Tenant inland waterway in the Vale of Neath. At nearby Sketty theres the Wales National Pool. With a title like that youd expect a full-on, serious swimming experience. And youd be right. But its not just for experts and keen swimmers its all about fun and learning to swim, too. Opposite page Swansea Bay Top Swansea Marina Above Sailbridge over River Tawe Left The Olga 07

Woods, walks and waterfalls

Who said that Swansea Bay

was just about sand and sea?

I-spy with my little iPhone

Youll have plenty of those photo opportunities, so get snapping with your phone or camera. The road up the Afan Valley passes pretty Pontrhydyfen, birthplace of Richard Burton, where you can follow the Richard Burton Trail, dedicated to the great man himself. New for 2013 the Trail has been extended into Port Talbot where he grew up. Head over to Taibach Memorial Park to read an unpublished poem, written by the famous actor, about the Welsh landscape that he knew and loved. Theres more photogenic countryside just north of Swansea around the lovely Lliw Valley reservoirs. And dont miss the Vale of Neaths Waterfall Country, just a few miles east, for yet more spectacular water features.

Flower power
Swansea is famously green too. Were rightly proud of our city centre floral displays and wealth of parks and gardens. There are over 50, not bad for a city best known for its sandy spaces. Green Flags the green-fingered Oscars fly over Clyne Gardens, Singleton Botanic Gardens, Victoria Park and Brynmill Park. Victoria Gardens in Neath town centre is one of the few urban parks with a Green Flag flying high.

Green attractions
Theyre dotted about everywhere. Gnoll Country Park in the Vale of Neath, for example, is a happy marriage of nature and nurture. Popular Margam Park near Port Talbot, has something for all the family wide open spaces and historic buildings, high-wire adventure and ornamental gardens. Theres more floral exotica at Swanseas Plantasia, a giant glass pyramid that houses a tropical rainforest complete with monkeys, iguanas, chameleons, snakes and piranhas. Opposite page Aberdulais Falls Top Clyne Gardens 2nd down Lliw Reservoir 3rd down Deer at Margam Bottom Plantasia 09

Become a fall guy (or gal)

Wales finest waterfalls are hidden away amongst the steep, wooded gorges of the Hepste, Mellte and Nedd rivers. The names alone make you want to visit them Sgwd Gwladus, Sgwd y Pannwr and, most famously of all Sgwd yr Eira, The Fall of the Snow, a waterfall you can walk behind without getting (too) wet. Like Afan, you wont see much evidence of the Neath Valleys hectic previous life during the Industrial Revolution. Even where faint traces remain, beauty and the beast co-exist in perfect harmony. Aberdulais Tin Works and Waterfall, for example, combines tin-plated industrial heritage with great natural beauty. The celebrated landscape artist JMW Turner couldnt keep away from the location, now cared for by the National Trust in a very green, eco-friendly way.

Ask about our Waterfall Country Walking Pack available from Aberdulais or the Waterfalls Centre in Pontneddfechan.

Green for go!

Go all the way.

one step at a time.


Were talking about the new 870-mile Wales Coast Path, a worlds first, which opened to great acclaim last year.
Like most people, youll want to do it in manageable, bite-sized, chunks. Which is where the 39-mile Gower leg comes into its own. Its one of the most spectacular stretches. The finest scoop of unspoilt sand in Wales? Its a bold claim, but stand on the beacon above Rhossili Bay and youll believe. Vincent Crump, Editor, Country Walking magazine And when youve had your fill of coastal views, head into the hills to the 35-mile cross-country Gower Way. Like its coastal cousin, you can walk it in short stretches weve even laid on walker-friendly buses to get you there and back (ask about our Walking by Bus green scheme).

What a

Afan Forest Park is not just a place for quiet contemplation. Its also one beefy, action-packed woodland, fuelled by adrenaline and pedal-power. Recognised as one of the planets top 10 places for mountain biking, its a maze of singletracks and forest trails, berms and downhills, with iconic routes like Whites Level and the aptly named The Wall that have a worldwide fan base. Grant from South Africa experienced the best fun Ive had on a bike for ages What a ride. What. A. Ride just awesome. The Mountain Bike Rider website says, To simply put it, the place is amazing. And its not just the trails that are world class. The facilities are up there too, with two visitor centres, cafs and a bike shop. The forest isnt just for hardcore bikers. Afans appeal is widening all the time thanks to new developments like the Rookie Trail, an easy 3mile green-graded route suitable for families and beginners who want a gentle introduction to this exciting sport. Once youve mastered the green route theres also a short blue-graded loop for the more experienced. And theres even more to come with new trails being developed in Afan Forest Park by the end 2013.


For those on two legs as opposed to two wheels theres a network of beautiful forest walks, long and short.

Go golfing
Youre spoilt for choice here too scenic links on the wish-list of all golfers, as well as neat parkland greens favoured by Michael Douglas. Opposite page Three Cliffs Bay Top right & middle Afan Forest Park Bottom Golfing on Gower


Mumbles rocks
Were all big fans.

Its our very own seaside celebrity.


This page Kayaking in Mumbles Top centre Mumbles big apple Bottom left Oystermouth Castle Bottom right View of Mumbles

Swansea woke up to Mumbles 200 years ago with the opening of the Swansea and Mumbles Railway, the worlds first passenger railway service.
Nowadays, people make the five-mile trip along the Bay by car or bus to the citys favourite neighbourhood. Or, better still, cycle or walk along the promenade that takes you all the way. Mumbles might have grown up a lot since its days as an oyster port and fishing village, but its special, stand-alone character remains undimmed. Its not the kind of place you confuse with anywhere else.

Sticky rock and swanky shops

Mumbles is a quirky mix of kiss-me-quick seaside and sophisticated shopping. The little beach and lifeboat station are just down the road from streets stuffed with boutiques, bistros and art galleries. Italian ice-cream parlours are a Mumbles speciality (there are four), along with a sailing club and cherished Victorian pier currently undergoing a 9-million renovation. There are fun seaside amusements for the kids, and a fashionable vibe that goes down well with grown-ups.

Whats in a name?
No one quite knows where the name Mumbles came from. But its very memorable, and we like it. Easier to figure out is the lovely title given to the medieval fortress on the hill above. Its called Oystermouth Castle, and it looks as good as it sounds. Its handsome and amazingly well preserved and looking even better thanks to recent cosmetic work, which includes a glass bridge that makes you feel as if youre walking on air. 13

Its yesterday and today, cosmopolitan and candyfloss, cute and classy, all rolled into one.

Mumbles and beyond

Mumbles is the gateway to the Gower Peninsula,

Britains first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


Bracelet Bay
What a difference to big Swansea Bay! Bracelet is small and intimate with rockpools and just a stones throw from Mumbles lighthouse. And, since this is Gower, it comes with a clutch of top awards the Blue Flag and Seaside Award, no less. Left Langland Bay Top Bracelet Bay Middle left Limeslade Bay Middle right Langland beach huts Right Caswell Bay

Limeslade Bay
Another one of those small, sheltered coves that Gower does so well, much visited for its rockpools. Its just a five-minute walk from Bracelet Bay, so its a case of two for the price of one. Limeslades untouched, undeveloped nature is reflected in its Rural Seaside Award and Green Coast Award.

Langland Bay
Gowers first full-on beach, popular with locals and visitors alike. It sits snug as a bug between two protective headlands, with golden sand and a sheltered, sunny aspect. Its also a hot spot for surfing. To test the waters of its desirable reputation, try buying a beach hut here youll need a fivefigure budget (assuming you can find one for sale). And it goes without saying that it has been awarded the dual accolades of the Blue Flag and Seaside Award.

Caswell Bay
Heres another outstanding beach (yes, Blue Flag and Seaside Award) that attracts families and surfers alike (local experts reckon its the best place to teach people to surf anywhere in the world). When youve had enough surf up your nose and sand between your toes head inland to the nearby Bishops Wood Nature Reserve its equally beautiful.


And the beach goes on

On Gower alone there are

39 miles of bays and beaches.


Quite a few of our beaches have become sandy superstars, winning more awards and accolades than you can shake a bucket and spade at. Three Cliffs Bay
a perennial favourite, is a Michelin-starred beach that looks lip-smackingly good.

Port Eynon
was recently voted Best British Beach. Whod argue with that, especially since it also flies the Blue Flag and has a Seaside Award?

Gowers spectacular lands end, was a previous Best British Beach. Its a sandy supermodel according to The Independent, and a Green Coast award-winner.

Stargazing, rockpooling and shipwrecks

Its perhaps a good thing that our beaches are not the same as those in Spain or the South of France. Guaranteed sun isnt always part of the package, but clouds have silver linings. Parents report that kids actually prefer messing about in rockpools, spotting dolphins, seeing starfish, building sandcastles and beachcombing for driftwood to anything else. Were quite good at all of these and other timeless, enduring beach activities. As a bonus you can enjoy them at any time of the year. Whats more, our beaches are better to look at (youd have to go a long, long way to beat Rhossili, the theatrical finale to the Gower Peninsula, where land and sea get together to stage a spectacular show).

Come to Oxwich and build a sandcastle inspired by would you believe, a real Tudor stronghold by-the-sea Oxwich Castle. Create sculptures in the sand at Swansea beach or Caswell Bay. Spot starfish, crabs and other creatures from our rich marine life in the rockpools of Limeslade Bay. Trip over the wreck of the Helvetia, its ghostly bones appearing at low tide on Rhossili beach where it ran aground in 1887.

Top dog
Swansea Bay and Gower have many dog-friendly beaches that allow pet owners miles of access. Rhossili sets the standard: its the UKs top dog-friendly beach according to The Times.

Opposite page Mewslade Bay, Gower Above Llangennith beach 17

Ninety nine and counting...

Dylan Thomas was born in Swansea on 27 October 1914.

But you wont have to wait until then to dip into the life and times of this wayward genius, whose poems, plays and short stories were rooted in Swansea and South-West Wales.
Cwmdonkin Drive Then its up, up and away to 5 Cwmdonkin Drive, where Dylan was born in the front bedroom in 1914. Its on a street so steep that, according to Dylan, youve got to be a Sherpa to live here. But at least it comes with wraparound views of Swansea Bays long and splendidly curving shore (Looking out over the same hill as Dylan wicked! says Cerys Matthews). You can take a peek inside too, for the Edwardian villa, fitted out in period style, is open for tours and overnight stays.

So you can be sure that well be celebrating 2014, the 100th anniversary of his birth, in a big way.

Maritime Quarter
Hes there, perched on his chair, his bronze statue looking out across a waterfront that has changed so much since his boyhood. Just around the corner you can relive his times at the Dylan Thomas Centre, a literary honeypot for fans thats home to an absorbing exhibition and the annual Dylan Thomas Festival, held every autumn. Left Dylan Thomas exhibition Top Dylan Thomas statue Right 5 Cwmdonkin Drive


Festivals and Events

For more events go to

Swansea Bay Festival 2013

A fantastic year-long programme of events in Swansea, Mumbles and Gower. Weve got it covered, with information updated daily to bring you the latest events

Margam Park Bank Holiday Family Fun Day, 1st Swansea Bay Beer Festival, 4th 6th Celtic Media Festival, 24th 26th Gorseinon Food Festival, 27th

Swansea Festival of Transport, 16th Margam Festival, Margam Park, throughout June

Neath Food Festival, 4th & 5th Gower Cider Weekend, 12th & 13th Dylan Thomas Festival, 27th Oct 9th Nov Mumbles Oyster & Good Food Festival

Aberavon Beach Festival, 6th Gower Festival, 12th 27th Wales National Airshow, 13th & 14th Mumbles Raft Race, 21st

Clyne in Bloom, 1st 31st Margam Park Bank Holiday Family Fun Day, 6th & 27th Mumbles Festival, 25th 27th Swansea Good Food Festival, Gower Heritage Centre, 26th.

Swansea Fireworks Display, 5th Christmas in Swansea Parade, Illuminations, Christmas Market and Waterfront Winterland

BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Brangwyn Hall, 1st

Botanics in Bloom, 1st 31st Gower Show, 4th Gower Cycling Festival, 10th 18th Margam Park Bank Holiday Family Fun Day, 27th

Abertawe Festival of Young Musicians, Brangwyn Hall, 1st 4th Pirate Week at the Gower Heritage Centre, 9th 17th

Gower Walking Festival, 1st 16th Bwystfil y Bryn (Beast of Bryn) Alpine Trail Running Race, 1st Family Fun Day, Gnoll Country Park, 5th Gower Garlic Festival, Gower Heritage Centre, 15th & 16th

Christmas in Swansea continues...

Gower Bluegrass Festival, 6th 8th Wales Valleys Walking Festival, 7th 22nd Neath Fair, 11th 14th Admiral Swansea 10K, 22nd

St Davids Week Celebrations Welsh Regional Brass Bands Competition, 16th 17th

Top left Margam Park Top right Waterfront Winterland 19

Swansea Bay Mumbles, Gower, Afan and the Vale of Neath

Map Scale:
This map is based on digital photography licensed from NRSC Ltd. City and County of Swansea 2013

0 0 3 miles

6 km

A 20

Marina Blue Flag Award

Blue Flag & Seaside Award

Rural Seaside Award

Green Coast Award

Key to Beach Awards:

Area maps
Swansea City Centre
Pedestrianised Streets Pedestrianised Streets (trade loading only) 4pm-10am Cycle path
Places of Interest 1 LC Leisure Complex 2 National Waterfront Museum 3 Swansea Museum 4 Dylan Thomas Centre 5 Plantasia 6 Grand Theatre

Swansea Bay
Seaside Award

City and County of Swansea 2013. Contains Ordnance Survey data Crown copyright and database rights 2013

19 21

Travel information
By train
Frequent trains run direct from London Paddington, Gatwick, Heathrow, Bristol, Manchester and Cardiff to the Swansea Bay area. There are also good connections from North-East, South and South-West England. The scenic Heart of Wales line also runs direct to Swansea from Shrewsbury. National Rail enquiries 08457 484950 Heart of Wales line Explore Wales Pass Gives you unlimited access to all of Wales mainline train services and almost every bus service. Explore South Wales Passes are also available. 08456 061660 /ExploreWales Travelling around Swansea Bay Coming into Swansea for the day, you can use one of three award winning park & ride sites to get to the city. Theyre easy to use and cheaper than city centre parking. Our buses will take you almost everywhere. The walks, waterfalls and hidden wonders in the valleys of Neath Port Talbot are easily reached by bus. Gowers splendid beaches, coastal and country walks are just a short ride from Swansea using Gower Explorer. From Swansea, buses will also take you to the bays and beaches around Mumbles. Traveline Cymru 08712 002233

By car
The M4 motorway brings you directly to Swansea Bay from London and the South-East. The M6, M5, M42 and M50 link the area with the Midlands and the North-West, North-East and South-West of England.

Tourist Information Centres

Swansea - open all year Plymouth Street Swansea SA1 3QG 01792 468321 Mumbles - open all year 01792 361302 Aberdulais - open all year (weekends only November - end February) 01639 636674

By air
Cardiff International Airport, which has scheduled flights from many major European destinations, is under an hours journey from Swansea Bay. Cardiff International Airport 01446 711111

By coach
Express coaches run direct to Swansea Bay from Central London, Gatwick and Heathrow Airports; West and South Yorkshire; the West Midlands and Cardiff. National Express enquiry line 08717 818178

By sea
Sailings operate between Rosslare and Fishguard or Pembroke Dock, both a 90-minute road journey away from Swansea. Irish Ferries (Pembroke) 08717 300400 Stena Line (Fishguard) 08447 707070


Choosing your accommodation

On the following pages youll find a great choice of places to stay from five-star luxury to quality B&Bs and cosy selfcatering properties
How to use our accommodation guide First of all make a cuppa and have a browse through the selection on offer. Below is a handy guide to the accommodation section and on the next page, you will find a key to symbols, awards and abbreviations. Prices The prices shown on the accommodation pages represent: Serviced accommodation: bed and breakfast (B&B), per person, per night, based on two people sharing a twin or double room. Please note that a supplement may apply for single occupancy. Self catering: per unit, per week. Caravan, camping & campervans: tourers per night, tents per night and static caravans/campervans per week. Prices were correct at time of publication (November 2012). Access Statements and Symbols Access information for accommodation, attractions and activities is available online at Please check with the operator before your visit to ensure your specific requirements can be catered for. We want you to enjoy your visit so please check and confirm all details before booking or travelling. A guide to quality assurance All the accommodation featured in this publication has been independently assessed and each given a rating according to the quality and facilities on offer. This means that you can be sure of standards and choose the accommodation thats just right for you. Visit Wales/AA are the only checking agents in Wales, checking out over 5,000 places. Occasionally, it has not been possible to visit the accommodation prior to publication. In these instances, the property is marked as Awaiting Grading.

The Star Quality Grading Scheme

The Star Quality Grading Schemes apply to all types of accommodation: serviced (hotels, guest houses, B&B, farm accommodation, hostel/hostel-type accommodation), selfcatering cottages and apartments, caravan holiday homes and touring/camping parks. The star ratings reflect the facilities and overall quality of the experience. Here are the quality ratings:

Simple, practical, no frills Well presented and well run Good level of quality and comfort Very good Excellent

Further information on grading and awards can be found at All gradings and awards were correct at time of publication. Grading assessments are on-going and improvements made by establishments may have resulted in a revision since publication. Please check when booking. Please mention this Swansea Bay Holiday Guide when booking.


Walkers and Cyclists Welcome Awards Properties that provide amenities for walkers and/or cyclists, including drying facilities, secure lockable areas for bikes, storage space for rucksacks and packed lunches. Tourism Swansea Bay Many of our operators are members of Tourism Swansea Bay, an association that works with the tourism industry to enhance the visitor experience. Pets Many accommodation operators welcome pets, but please check the accommodation prior to booking. Dogs are welcome on many beaches, but some have seasonal dog bans from 1st May to 30th September. Go to Play Safe We want you to have a great time in Swansea Bay, so make sure that you have the proper equipment before you begin any activity and check the tide tables prior to any coastal activity (the tide can turn very quickly see Please do not attempt an activity without instruction if you are inexperienced. Our attraction and activity operators take play very seriously and as appropriate, are recognised by the following organisations:

Quality Assured Visitor Attraction Adventure Activities Licensing Authority British Activity Providers Association British Horse Society Royal Yachting Association Tourism Quality Services Wales Trekking and Riding Association UK Paintball Sports Federation Surfing Great Britain National Karting Association

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Ensuite Rooms Licensed Private Parking Totally non-smoking establishment Short breaks available TV in rooms Pets by arrangement Evening meals available Tea/Coffee in rooms Indoor pool Outdoor pool Children welcome Lift Restaurant Credit cards accepted Laundry facilities Meter charge for fuel Linen provided Linen for hire Food/mobile shop Showers Electric hook ups Toilets Childrens playground Chemical toilet facilities Gas cylinders Wireless Internet Access Satellite TV in room Access improved for mobility impaired people Access improved for visually impaired people Access improved for hearing impaired people

Star Rating Abbreviations

AG BB CA F GA GH H HC RR SH SP Awaiting Grading Bed and Breakfast Campus Farm Guest Accommodation Guest House Hotel Holiday, Touring and Camping Park Restaurant with rooms Small Hotel Service Provider

Visit Wales grading 24 AA grading

Swansea Serviced

Premier Inn Swansea City Centre

Premier Inn Swansea North

Swansea SA6 8WB
Budget Hotel

Premier Inn Swansea Waterfront

Swansea SA1 8QY
Budget Hotel

Swansea Serviced Places to stay

Swansea SA1 1EE

Budget Hotel

27.99 - 93.99 G4

27.99 - 93.99 G3

27.99 - 93.99 G4

Our Swansea City Centre Premier Inn has everything youd expect, incredibly comfy beds in every room and an integrated restaurant serving a mix of traditional and contemporary dishes. Open: 1-12, Bedrooms: 116 t >Z 0871 527 9060

Our Swansea North Premier Inn has everything youd expect, incredibly comfy beds in every room and an onsite Taybarns restaurant offering amazing choice at amazing value. Open: 1-12, Bedrooms: 63 p t >Z wi 0871 527 9062

Swansea's largest hotel boasts 132 bedrooms at the Waterfront Development. A good night is guaranteed in the Premier Inn whilst you enjoy a meal or drink at The Waterfront Beefeater. Open: 1-12, Bedrooms: 132 t >Z wi 0871 527 9212

Sketty, Swansea SA2 8AH BB 35 - 47.50 F5

Swansea Marriott Hotel

Maritime Quarter SA1 3SS H 47.50 - 62 F5

The Dragon Hotel

Swansea SA1 5LS

The Bayswater
Swansea SA1 3UJ 41 - 86 F4

22.50 - 26 F5

Short drive to city centre, marina, Mumbles and Gower. Minutes walk to University, Singleton Hospital, National Pool, Sketty Hall. Ensuite facilities, extensive breakfast. Free Wi-Fi. Open: 1-12, Bedrooms: 3 p t wi 01792 207100

In the bustling Maritime Quarter overlooking the enchanting Swansea Bay, just a short stroll from the city, the Marriott is superbly situated and offers extensive facilities. Open: 1-12, Bedrooms: 119 p Vt q >Z wi 01792 642020

The hotel is in the heart of Swansea's vibrant city centre. Facilities include 18m pool, gym, spa and award-winning brasserie. An ideal base to explore the many tourist attractions. Open: 1-12, Bedrooms: 106 p Vt q >Z wi 01792 657100

We are situated on the Swansea seafront within walking distance of the city centre, Marina, Leisure Centre, Grand Theatre, St. Helens Cricket & Rugby Ground, the University and Brangwyn Hall. Open: 3-12, Bedrooms: 5 Vt wi 01792 655301 25

Swansea Serviced

Village Swansea
Swansea SA1 8QY

Morgans Hotel
Swansea SA1 1RR
69 - 165 G4

Swansea SA1 3UL

Swansea University
22 - 35 F5 Campus Accommodation SA2 8PP CA 23 - 39 F5

45 - 125 F5


A modern hotel, stylish bedrooms with Sealy ZZZzzz beds guarantee the perfect nights sleep. Complimentary Wi-Fi and car parking. Starbucks in the hotel lobby area with extensive leisure facilities including 25 metre swimming pool. A variety of food & beverage at the Verve Grill with contemporary surroundings, prime steaks, perfect wine and more. Exceptional food and fine wines with fully flavoured attitude, seasoned with a fresh smile. Your favourite local, with a modern twist and loads of character. A great pint, proper grub, live sports and events in a refreshingly different atmosphere at The Victory Pub & Kitchen. Live Life. Love Life. Open: 1-12, Bedrooms: 114 p Vtq >Z wi 01792 479930 26

Swansea's stunning boutique hotel Morgans, is in the Maritime Quarter, moments from the city centre. This listed building boasts unique bedrooms, restaurant and bar, an irresistible venue. Open: 1-12, Bedrooms: 42 p Vt >Z wi 01792 484848

Small, warm and welcoming family run guesthouse. Situated on stunning Swansea Bay, close to town centre and amenities. En-suite and sea views available, licenced bar, Wi-Fi & Freeview. Open: 1-12, Bedrooms: 8 t> wi 01792 651380

B&B, self-catering and budget accommodation. Excellent location to explore Gower and region, close to city and beaches. Please use online booking service: Open: 7-9, Bedrooms: 1100 p V q > wi 01792 295665

Mercure Swansea
Swansea SA7 9EG

29 - 49 G4

Set in the quiet landscaped Swansea Vale next to the Fendrod lake this hotel is ideal for a relaxing break, with easy access to Swansea, Gower and the Brecon Beacons. Check TripAdvisor. Open: 1-12, Bedrooms: 120 p Vtq >Z wi 01792 310330

Mumbles Serviced

Langland Road Bed & Breakfast

Tides Reach
Mumbles SA3 5TN

Mumbles Serviced Places to stay

Mumbles SA3 4ND


30 - 40 E5

30 - 60 F5

Fabulous B&B in the heart of Mumbles. Just around the corner from the shops and restaurants with views of the park. Free Wi-Fi, ensuite rooms, non smoking. Contemporary rooms & warm welcome. Open: 1-12, Bedrooms: 5 t> wi 01792 361170

Award winning B&B with stunning sea views. On a bus route. Downstairs rooms available. Close to University, hospital, shops and restaurants. Also sea facing, family self catering house available nearby. Open: 1-12, Bedrooms: 6 p Vt> wi 01792 404877 Gower Serviced

Wormshead Hotel

The King Arthur Hotel

40 - 68 A5 Reynoldston, Gower SA3 1AD INN 37.50 - 52.50 C5

The Kings Head

Llangennith, Gower SA3 1HX INN 42.50 - 115 B5

Gower Serviced Places to stay

Rhossili, Gower SA3 1PP


Family run cottage hotel in unrivalled position overlooking world famous Worm's Head and Rhossili Bay. Peaceful relaxation and good food guaranteed. Open: 2 -12, Bedrooms: 17 t >Z wi 01792 390512

A traditional country inn with a friendly old pub atmosphere, cosy restaurant serving home cooked, locally produced food and a selection of local ales. Function room available for weddings. Open: 1-12, Bedrooms: 19 p Vt >Z 01792 390775

Family run B&B in the heart of Gower. 27 rooms offering luxury en-suite facilities. After a days surfing or walking, relax and enjoy a meal & drink in our traditional 17th century country pub. Open: 1-12, Bedrooms: 27 p Vt>Z 01792 386212 27

Gower Serviced

Parkmill, Gower SA3 2HA

40 - 50 D5 Reynoldston, Gower SA3 1BS RR 90 - 140 B5 RR

Westwinds Bed and Breakfast

Fairwood, Gower SA2 7JN

Fairways B&B
Clyne Common, Gower SA3 5DP BB 32 - 39 E5

from 35 E5

This beautifully appointed Victorian hunting lodge is only 20 minutes' walk from Three Cliffs Bay. Large gardens, games room. Home grown food and pleasantly laid-back style await. Open: 1-12, Bedrooms: 10 p Vt> wi 01792 371636

A contemporary Country House hotel set in 24 acres of parkland. With an award winning restaurant and wine list of international repute. Eight luxuriously appointed bedrooms. Free Wi-Fi. Open: 1-12, Bedrooms: 8 p VtZ wi 01792 390139

Located on the gateway to Gower in a country lane, yet 3 miles from restaurants, shops and 50 yards from a Golf Club. Beaches easily accessible. Swansea Airport 1 mile. Open: 1-12, Bedrooms: 3 pt wi 01792 281573

Gateway to Gower, Mumbles, beaches and city. Close to Clyne Gardens, university and hospital. We offer ensuite bedrooms, h/trays, Freeview, lovely breakfast and warm welcome. Private parking. Open: 1-12, Bedrooms: 2 p Vt> wi 01792 401080

Seren Retreat
Fairwood Common, Gower SA2 7LB BB 30 - 35 D5

Reynoldston, Gower SA3 1AD AG 30 - 40 C5

Tallizmand Guest House

Llanmadoc, Gower SA3 1DE GH from 35 B4

Our 23 acres of private grounds include an ancient oak forest, river and wildflower meadows. Spacious en-suite accommodation. Easy access to Gower beaches. Holistic therapies, hot tub, sauna. Open: 1-12, Bedrooms: 3 p Vt > wi 01792 371421 28

Home hospitality on the beautiful Gower Peninsula. Two double bedrooms and one twin, all en suite, beverage making in rooms, TV's, free Wi-Fi, parking, short walk to good pub food, views. Open: 1-12, Bedrooms: 3 p Vt wi 01792 390140

Quiet location. Secluded beaches lined by pine forests. Salt marshes with wild flowers and birds. Coastal and inland walks. Maps provided. Tastefully furnished, all rooms en suite. Open: 1-12, Bedrooms: 3 p Vt wi 01792 386373

Afan & The Vale of Neath Serviced

Afan & The Vale of Neath Serviced Places to stay

The Bluebell Hotel

Neath SA11 1RA

Cwmbach Cottages
30 - 50 H4 Cadoxton, Neath SA10 8AH GH 30 - 50 I3

Best Western Aberavon Beach Hotel Port Talbot SA12 6QP


Castle Hotel
Neath SA11 1RB

30 - 70 H5

25 - 45 H4

Perfectly situated in the heart of Neath town centre. Award winning boutique hotel offering exceptional luxury accommodation, superb dining facilities in elegant and comfortable surroundings. Open: 1-12, Bedrooms: 23 p Vt >Z wi 01639 644000

One of the quieter places to stay. We offer a warm welcome, surrounded by mature woodland, footpath from cottages to country park and Aberdulais Waterfalls. Open: 1-12, Bedrooms: 10 p Vt wi 01639 639825

Award winning hotel, located on the Aberavon beach front. Ideal for Afan Valley mountain biking, Swansea & Gower, golf courses. Pet friendly hotel, parking. Ideal for weddings/conferences. Open: 1-12, Bedrooms: 52 p Vtq >Z wi 01639 884949

Historic inn & birthplace of the Welsh Rugby Union. Ideal for Afan Forest, Brecon Beacons, Swansea and Gower coastlines. Splendid golf courses. Excellent golf & mountain biking packages. Open: 1-12, Bedrooms: 29 p Vt >Z wi 01639 641119 29

Swansea Self Catering

Clyne Farm Cottages

Victoria Quay
Swansea SA1 3XG 220 - 445 F5

Valley View
Craigcefnparc, Swansea SA6 5TE 260 - 560 G3

Swansea Self Catering Places to stay

Swansea SA3 5AR


300 - 1650 E5

Spectacular sea and country views from comfortable, modern conversions of stone barns, offering peaceful accommodation yet close to on-site riding and activities, Gower beaches and Swansea. Open: 1-12, Sleeps: 2-51, Units: 9 ` p Vs> wi 01792 403333

The apartments view, directly overlooking marina. Near beach. Private parking. Superbly appointed. Everything provided. See website. Also flat of character in 17th century farmhouse in farm park. Open: 1-12, Sleeps: 2-4, Units: 1 ` p V s> 01269 595640

Rural, tranquil, yet minutes from the M4, Swansea, Morriston Hospital and the Afan Valley. Overlooking and adjoining the Cwm Clydach RSPB Nature Reserve, enjoying miles of Mawr countryside. Quality individual properties to suit all. From a 1 bed apartment, a choice of cottages, even a log cabin! All enjoy private gardens and secure parking. Beautiful rural setting combined with city and seaside accessibility. Helpful hosts. Testimonials available. Warm Welsh welcome!

Open: 1-12, Sleeps: 1-12, Units: 4 ` p Vs> wi 01792 845040 30

Mumbles Self Catering

Gower Getaways

Gold Star Holiday Lettings

AG -

Mumbles Self Catering Places to stay

Swansea, Mumbles & Gower 250 - 1900

Swansea, Mumbles & Gower 250 - 2000

We offer a large selection of beautiful 4 and 5 star holiday properties throughout Swansea, Mumbles and the Gower Peninsula. From remote rural cottages to stunning 5 star apartments overlooking beautiful bays we have something to suit everyone. Our concierge service can arrange a full itinerary so your holiday starts from the moment you arrive. We are passionate about Gower and will ensure your holiday is effortless and unforgettable. Visit our website to see the full list of properties along with the latest availability and special offers. Or call our team for help and advice.

Gold Star Holidays offer an extensive range of high standard properties throughout Gower, Mumbles and Swansea Maritime Quarter. A choice of beach-side apartments, a quaint cottage in Gower Peninsula or a luxury home in Mumbles. Our professional team offer a first class service to ensure your holiday is one to remember. Call our team for sound, honest advice on the area and any of our properties.

Limeslade, Mumbles SA3 4JP 140 - 340 F6

Open: 1-12, Sleeps: 1-13, Units: 60 ` p Vs> wi 01792 369694

Open: 1-12, Sleeps: 1-10, Units: 70 ` p Vs> wi 01792 360555

Well equipped 2 bedroom chalet, sleeping 3 with private parking to side. Short walk to Bracelet and Limeslade Bay and lovely restaurant. Close to bus stop and village of Mumbles. Open: 2 -11, Sleeps: 2-3, Units: 1 pV t 01792 405471 31


Gower Self Catering

Gower Self Catering Places to stay

Pitton Cross Farm House and Bus House Rhossili, Gower SA3 1PH
250 - 1800 B6

Westernside Bungalows
Horton, Gower SA3 1LQ 190 - 490 C6

Bank Farm Bungalows

Horton, Gower SA3 1LL 180 - 520 C6

Rhossili, Gower SA3 1PL 425 - 1025 A6

Traditional Farm House comprising 3 bedrooms (2 double, 1 twin), 2 lounges, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, shower and WC. Wood burner in main lounge. Enclosed south facing lawned garden. Sea and coastal views. The Bus House is a recently renovated ground floor property with large family room (double + 2 single), lounge/dining room, bathroom and kitchen. Enclosed patio. Off-road parking. Owner supervised. Access to countryside/coastal walks. Short drive or walk to sandy beaches. Village bistro and pub just over a mile. Short breaks available. The adjoining properties can be rented individually or as one unit. Open: 1-12, Sleeps: 1-10, Units: 2 ` p Vs > 01792 391175

Accommodation with sea views on private site overlooking award winning Port-Eynon Bay (walking distance). Off road parking. Bar serving meals, outdoor heated pool, launderette. Dogs welcome. Open: 3 -12, Sleeps: 4, Units: 4 ` p Vsp> 01792 511734

Slade Barn Gower

Slade, Gower SA3 1NA 500 - 1200 C6

Breathtaking sea views. Fully equipped detached house. Large gardens. 3 bedrooms, 1 ensuite. Sleeps 6. Beautiful sandy beaches. Pub, restaurant 500m. Off-road parking. Owner supervised. Open: 1-12, Sleeps: 6, Units: 1 ` p s > 01792 390616

Award winning five star holiday cottage close to quiet beach and direct access onto the coast path. Just a short distance from the best Gower has to offer. Open: 1-12, Sleeps: 6, Units: 1 ` p Vs> wi 01792 391551

Bank Farm has 11 fully equipped two bedroom holiday bungalows available for hire sleeping 4 or 5 people. The site is within walking distance of the beach. The licensed bar is open March to November serving a variety of meals and drinks. Grocery shop and laundrette on site. We have an outdoor heated swimming pool with retractable roof and a children's adventure playground. One of the bungalows has been adapted for disabled use with level access and a walk in shower room. There is a designated parking space for each bungalow. We also have an outdoor tennis court for hire and Wi-Fi is now available in the bar area. Open: 3 -12, Sleeps: 4-5, Units: 11 ` p Vt q p> 01792 390228 33

Gower Self Catering

The Hollies
Horton, Gower SA3 1LQ 500 - 600 C6

Port Eynon, Gower SA3 1NR 750 - 1300 B6

Bayholme Cottage & Holiday Bungalow Oxwich, Gower SA3 1LS


170 - 695 C6

The Hollies is situated in one acre of mature grounds, 30m from the beaches of Horton and Port Eynon. A great play area for children. Enjoy wonderful coastal walks. Open: 1-12, Sleeps: 2-6, Units: 1 p Vs> wi 01792 391147

This very comfortable and peaceful self catering house commands breathtaking views over Port Eynon Bay and the Gower coastline. All en-suite, great location for beaches, walking or relaxing. Open: 1-12, Sleeps: 9+cots, Units: 1 ` p V s > wi 01792 390300

Gower Holiday Village

Scurlage, Nr. Port Eynon, Gower SA3 1AY 251 - 743 B6

Bayholme Cottage, featured in the BBC TV holiday programme boasts Visit Wales highest grading. Approximately 200 yds from the beach. Accommodating 5/6 people. Also detached bungalow on Oxwich Leisure Park with 3 star grading. Accommodates 4. Cleanliness is our priority. Discount for two people. Sorry no pets. Enquiries: Mr M.J. Crombie Tel: Oct-Mar 01792 390785

A warm welsh welcome awaits you at our friendly holiday village. Set in spacious grounds, our two and three bedroomed bungalows provide a high standard of accommodation and are ideally located to

discover the scenic beauty of Gower. Relax in our heated indoor swimming pool with spa bath and sauna. For your little ones we have an indoor soft play area and an outdoor adventure playground.

We supply free electricity and bed linen. Car parking is beside your bungalow and pets are welcome in selected bungalows. ` p V s q >

Apr-Sep 01792 390874 Mob: 07516 230847 Open: 3 -10, Sleeps: 2 - 5, Units: 3 ` p V s > 01792 390785

01792 390431 34

Open: 3-12, Sleeps: 4-8, Units: 9

Gower Self Catering

Ash Cottage

The Stable
Penmaen, Gower SA3 2HQ 250 - 440 D5

Tir-Cethin Farm
Three Crosses, Gower SA4 3NA 300 - 1400 D4

Gower Self Catering (continued) Places to stay

Oxwich, Gower SA3 1LS 200 - 500 C6

2 Annexes in quiet, private 400 yr old cottage, 1 or 2 bedrooms, parking. Fitted kitchen, w machine, shower room. Dining/lounge, TV/DVD, patio area. 5 min flat walk to nature reserve and beach. Open: 1-12, Sleeps: 1-7, Units: 2 p Vs> 01792 391207

Stone built converted stable in beautiful NT area in South Gower. Ideal for walkers (Cefn Bryn), beach lovers (Tor Bay), surfers, bird watchers and golfers. Open: 1-12, Sleeps: 2, Units: 1 p s 01792 371459

Murton Farm Cottage

Murton, Gower SA3 3AR 275 - 500 E5

Gower Salthouses
Crofty, Gower SA4 3SN AG 250 - 750 D4

Tir-Cethin Farm consists of 2 luxury barn conversions completed in late 2011. Y Llaethdy (The Dairy) and Y Beudy (The Shed) have both been graded 5 stars by Visit Wales and sleep up to 7 adults in an idyllic rural setting on the Gower Peninsula. Tir-Cethin is the only accommodation provider in the area that has earned the coveted Gold Award from the Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS). The Green Tourism Business Scheme recognises those tourism businesses who are actively engaged in reducing the negative environmental and social impacts of their tourism operations. Open: 1-12, Sleeps: 7, Units: 2 ` p V s > wi 35

Self-catering cottage at Murton near Bishopston. Colour TV, duvets, fridge freezer, dishwasher, washing machine, six beaches within 3 mile radius and four golf courses. Enquiries: Mrs Evans. Open: 1-12, Sleeps: 6, Units: 1 ` p V t > 01792 232732

Two well equipped bungalows beside the Gower Coast Path. Sleep 5 and 4. Wi-Fi, secluded gardens, garage for bikes; logburning stove/playhouse in Ty H. Pets in Ty C. Estuary birdwatching. Pub/Shop. Open: 1-12, Sleeps: 2-9, Units: 2 ` p V s > wi 01792 386381

Gower Self Catering

Green Meadows Annexe

Three Crosses, Swansea SA4 3PP 250 - 375 E4

Caswell Holiday Chalets and Gower Coast Ltd Gower SA3 3BR

190 - 460 E6

Self contained, ground floor apartment, fully equipped. Sky TV(movies/sports), parking, private patio. Gower's beautiful beaches, coastal/woodland walks, golf courses and Swansea nearby. Open: 1-12, Sleeps: 2, Units: 1 `pVs> 01792 873781

Cedi Cottages
Penclawdd, Gower SA4 3LX 290 - 630 D4

Summercliffe Chalet Park is situated in the attractive and very popular Gower Peninsula with its outstanding beaches and countryside. The Park is 300 yards from Caswell Bay which is ideal for families, walkers, water sports, with its sandy beach, rock pools and small caves to explore. The picturesque village of Mumbles is a short drive away with all amenities for shopping, also varied restaurants and pubs. The City of Swansea is 5 miles away. We offer a range of fully equipped one and two bedroom chalets. Dogs are welcome in certain chalets. Short breaks available out of summer season. Open: 3 -10, Sleeps: 2 - 6, Units: 12 p V t > 01792 233599

Beautiful cottages renovated to 4 star standard. Great location, secluded yet convenient for all Gower has to offer. Set in 3 acres. Hot tub. Secure parking. Bikes, travel cots, high chairs free. Open: 1-12, Sleeps: 2-5, Units: 4 `pVs> 01792 851448 36

Afan & The Vale of Neath Self Catering

1 & 2 Tan Yr Eglwys

Cwmshon Cottages
Pontardawe, Swansea SA8 4PN 520 - 750 H2

Cwmbach Lodges
Cadoxton, Neath SA10 8AH 280 - 750 I3

Afan & The Vale of Neath Self Catering Places to stay

Pontardawe, Swansea SA8 3JR 300 - 800 H2

Welcoming family cottages in a quiet hamlet, rural surroundings (walks, views etc). Convenient for M4, Gower, Brecon Beacons and Vale of Neath. Excellent facilities including woodburners. Open: 1-12, Sleeps: 1-11, Units: 2 ` pVs> 01792 863367

Award winning 5 star cottages in peaceful village. Near pubs and shops. Log burner, drying rooms, secure cycle stores, free Wi-Fi. Ideal location for Brecon Beacons, Gower & Waterfall Country. Open: 1-12, Sleeps: 2-12, Units: 2 ` p V s > wi 01792 865237

The quieter places to stay. We offer a warm welcome, surrounded by mature woodland, footpath from lodges to country park and Aberdulais Waterfalls. Open: 1-12, Sleeps: 2-6, Units: 3 ` p V s > wi 01639 639825


Caravan Camping & Campervans

Scampervanhire Ltd

Bank Farm Leisure Park

Horton, Gower SA3 1LL

Caravan Camping & Campervans Places to stay

Sketty, Swansea SA2 9LQ SP 475 - 850 F4

For more information on


16 - 35 C6

where to stay what to see and do places to visit

Campervan holiday hire offering classic VW campervans as a great way to explore Wales! Pet friendly all-inclusive tariffs with unlimited mileage in Wales for full weeks or short break hire. Open: 3 -10, Sleeps: 2 - 5, Units: 3 Vs > 01792 202325

in Swansea Bay, Mumbles and Gower
Family run park overlooking Port Eynon Bay. A range of pitches available from grass to fully serviced, with stunning sea views. Within walking distance of the beach. Licensed bar serving meals throughout the day, Wi-Fi now available in bar. Coffee bar serving a variety of snacks and light meals. Well stocked grocery shop and laundrette on site. Outdoor heated swimming pool with retractable roof, perfect for all weather use. Children's adventure play area, indoor games room. Tennis court available to hire. All the facilities you require for a family friendly holiday. Booking is advisable for any Bank Holiday or school holiday. Open: 3 -11, Pitches: 180 p ) w ?= wi ` p Vq 01792 390228

Greenways of Gower
Oxwich, Gower SA3 1LU

12 - 24 C6

4 Star camping park. Family run and family orientated with views over Oxwich Bay. Dog friendly. Children's adventure playground and lounge-bar. Excellent for walking and beach activities. Open: 4 -10, Pitches: 180 ` p ) w ?= wi 01792 390220 38

Attractions & Activities

Swansea Parks and Gardens

Wales National Pool Swansea

Sketty Lane, Swansea SA2 8QG

Gnoll Country Park

Gnoll Estate, Fairyland, Neath SA11 3BS

Attractions & Activities Things to do


10 mins from M4 Junction 43, 200 acres of beautiful country park to explore. Lakeside Visitor Centre with caf. Varied events, adventure playground, mini golf course, fishing and much more. 01639 635808

Afan Forest Park

Afan Forest Park Visitor Centre, Cynonville, Port Talbot SA13 3HG

Gower Heritage Centre

Parkmill, Gower, Swansea SA3 2EH

Mountain biking & family cycling. Beautiful woodland walks. Seasonal camping, Visitor Centre, gift shop and much more.

Based around an 800 year old corn and saw mill, powered by a working water wheel. Tea rooms, craft workshops, childrens play areas, animal park, woollen mill & La Charrette cinema. 01792 468321 01792 513513 01792 371206 39

01639 850564

Attractions & Activities 40

Attractions & Activities

Aberdulais Tin Works and Waterfall

Aberdulais, Neath SA10 8EU

Rhossili National Trust Shop & Visitor Centre

Rhossili, Gower SA3 1PR

Swansea Museum
Victoria Road, Maritime Quarter, Swansea SA1 1SN

SurfGSD - Gower Surfing School

PO Box 83, Swansea SA3 4XX

Perched above the majestic Rhossili Bay and within sight of Worm's Head, the National Trust Shop and Visitor Centre is a must for any visitor to Gower.

01792 390707

Call of the Wild Ltd

83 Church Road, Seven Sisters, Neath SA10 9DT

Award winning adventure activities for all ages and abilities such as canyoning, climbing, gorge walking, caving, kayaking and coasteering. Get up close and personal with Wales! 01639 636674 01639 700388 01792 653763 Text 07739 536 122 41

Attractions & Activities

Swansea Grand Theatre

Singleton Street, Swansea SA1 3QJ

Teamforce Paintball & Activity Centre

Llangyfelach Road, Swansea SA5 7PE

Dryad Bushcraft

Dylan Thomas Birthplace

5 Cwmdonkin Drive, Uplands, Swansea SA2 0RA

With 15 acres of purpose built paintball zones, located only 1.5 miles off J46 of the M4, Teamforce is the ideal destination for an action packed adventure. Archery and air rifle shooting from Autumn 2012. 01792 772311

Dryad Bushcraft is one of the UK's leading Bushcraft and Wilderness Survival training organizations. As featured on Channel 4's Time Team and the BBC Wales in Four Seasons. 01792 547213

Come and enjoy Dylan's world with a tour of this living house where he was born, wrote and lived for over half his life. For a special treat stay overnight or indulge in an Edwardian dinner. 01792 472555

01792 475715 42

Attractions & Activities 43

Attractions & Activities

Glynn Vivian Art Gallery - Offsite

For more information on

Activities at YMCA, Swansea Events at various venues

Welsh Surfing Federation Surf School

Llangennith, Gower SA3 1JD

Parc Tawe, Swansea SA1 2AL

where to stay what to see and do places to visit

in Swansea Bay, Mumbles and Gower

530 Mumbles Road, Mumbles Swansea SA3 4DH

Dragoncrafts offers the very best Welsh giftware and souvenirs including the award winning Clogau Gold jewellery, hand-carved love spoons, t-shirts, flags and gifts for all occasions. 01792 360640 44 01792 516900 01792 386426 01792 474555

Attractions & Activities

Oystermouth Castle
Castle Avenue, Mumbles, Swansea SA3 4BA

1940s Swansea Bay

Baldwin's Crescent, Crymlyn Burrows, Swansea SA1 8PT

Go Ape Margam
Margam Country Park, Port Talbot SA13 2TJ

Parc-le-Breos Pony Trekking

Parc-le-Breos House, Parkmill, Gower, Swansea SA3 2HA

Walk through our 1940's street to experience the sights and sounds of Wartime Britain. 1940s clothes to try on. Fun for all ages! Shop & Caf. Admission charge. Open daily, all year, 10am-5pm. 01792 458864

Go Ape Margam is set in a stunning location with far reaching views to admire whilst swinging, climbing and zipping from tree to tree on a 2-3 hour adventure. 0845 094 9639

Explore Gower's beautiful scenery on horse back. Relaxed riding suitable for all abilities even first timers! Day rides with lunch stops at picturesque country pubs. Riding breaks available. 01792 371636 01792 361302 45

Attractions & Activities 46

Attractions & Activities

The Lovespoon Gallery

492 Mumbles Road, Mumbles, Swansea SA3 4BX

Dulais Valley Quads

Nant y Cafn Isaf Farm, Seven Sisters, Neath SA10 9EU

Oxwich Watersports
The Beach Hut, Oxwich Bay, Gower SA3 1LS

Dylan Thomas Centre

Somerset Place, Swansea SA1 1RR

Since 1987, the original lovespoon gallery offers hundreds of designs from individual carvers. Our beautiful handcarved Welsh Lovespoons are the perfect souvenir or memento for all special occasions. 01792 360132

Take your breath away with the adventure and thrill of navigating the latest Honda 250cc quad bikes through 175 acres of hills, woodland, streams and mud. 01639 701768

Oxwich Watersports is a centre of excellence offering a full range of watersports activities and training for all ages and levels of experience. Ideally situated on the Gower Peninsula. 07740 284079

01792 463980 47

Attractions & Activities

360 Beach and Watersports

Mumbles Road, Swansea SA2 0AY

Clyne Farm Riding and Activity Centre

Westport Ave, Swansea SA3 5AR

Skidz Karting Ltd

Unit 1 Queensway, Fforestfach, Swansea SA5 4DJ

Swansea Prom
Mumbles Road, Swansea

Swansea's only indoor karting track is now open! Your one stop for activities for all ages and abilities, stag and hen, riding, climbing, archery, quads, clay pigeon, surfing, Challenge Valley - the muddiest assault course in the world!! 01792 403333 Karts for all ages and abilities and a 350m long track to challenge all types of drivers - we know you'll have a great time karting with us!

01792 580927

Swansea Community Boat Trust

Book Now River Tawe Boat Cruises

Gower Coast Adventures


River boat cruises for community use and a floating classroom for schools. 1 - 2 hour river cruise with informative talk. Trips for general public, birthdays etc. 01792 655844 48 07785 347549

Exhilarating guided boat trips along the stunning Gower coast taking in a wealth of marine life and fascinating history. Boat trips depart from Mumbles and Port Eynon. Booking is essential. 07866 250 440 01792 468321

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10 11

13 The Wye Valley and Vale of Usk

For FREE copies of any THREE Holiday Area brochures please tick the appropriate boxes and send to: Visit Wales, Dept N10, PO Box 1, Cardiff CF24 2XN The Isle of Anglesey Llandudno & Colwyn Bay Rhyl & Prestatyn The North Wales Borderlands Snowdonia Mountains & Coast/Eryri Mynyddoedd a Mr Mid Wales & the Brecon Beacons Ceredigion Cardigan Bay and the Cambrian Mountains Pembrokeshire Carmarthenshire the Garden of Wales The Valleys Heart and Soul of Wales Cardiff The Glamorgan Heritage Coast & Countryside Wye Valley & Vale of Usk (no brochure available)

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