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Spanish-English Construction and Civil Engineering Glossary

Over 1,000 terms carefully compiled and researched by Reed D. James. Check back for updates.

Spanish: a cielo abierto English: opencast Spanish: a tope entre paneles English: between panels Spanish: baco English: abac s Spanish: abolla! ra English: !enting Spanish: above!a!a English: va lte! Spanish: above!a!o English: va lte! Spanish: abraza!era English: co pler Spanish: "#$"%"&E$"S '()"S English: $ight angle c pler Spanish: "#$"%"&E$"S *($"+,$("S English: S-(.E/ 0,12/E$S Spanish: abrazar English: brace Spanish: bsi!e English: apse Spanish: acaba!o English: 3inishing Spanish: acaba!o

English: 3inish Spanish: accionamiento English: operating Spanish: acciones !el viento English: win! 3orces Spanish: acero al carbono English: carbon steel Spanish: acero cort4n English: corten steel Spanish: "cero galvaniza!o English: *alvanize! steel Spanish: acero ino5i!able English: stainless steel Spanish: acometi!a English: connection Spanish: acopio !e materiales English: stoc6 materials Spanish: acristala!o English: glaze! Spanish: a!ec aci7n English: a!j stment Spanish: a!orno English: !ecoration Spanish: a!orno English: ornament Spanish: a!osar English: attach Spanish: a!vertencia English: warning Spanish: a3ilar English: sharpen Spanish: agrieta!os English: crac6e! Spanish: ag a br ta English: raw water

Spanish: ag a !e ll via English: rainwater Spanish: ag as ma!res English: leach brine Spanish: ag jero tirante English: tie hole Spanish: ag jeros encas8 illa!os English: holes rein3orce! b9 b shings Spanish: ag jeros laterales English: lateral holes Spanish: aire comprimi!o English: compresse! air Spanish: aislamiento t4rmico English: thermal ins lation Spanish: aislante t4rmico English: thermal ins lation Spanish: aj ste English: a!j stment Spanish: aj ste English: 3it Spanish: ala !e la viga English: beam wing Spanish: alabastro English: alabaster Spanish: alarma English: alarm Spanish: alicata!o English: tile! Spanish: aligera!a English: lightene! Spanish: aligeramiento English: lightening Spanish: aljibe English: tan6 Spanish: almac4n English: wareho se

Spanish: almagre English: re! ochre Spanish: alto English: high Spanish: alt ra !e ca:!a English: 3all height Spanish: alt ra libre English: clear height Spanish: al mbra!o p;blico English: street lighting Spanish: al minio English: al min m Spanish: "/%"&, English: '$,<+ .(ESpanish: amarrar English: tie Spanish: amarre en senti!o vertical English: panel=s vertical joint Spanish: amarre estabiliza!or English: pipe brace ties Spanish: ambiental English: environmental Spanish: ampliaci7n English: e5pansion> e5tension Spanish: ancho English: wi!e Spanish: ancho !e calle English: passagewa9 Spanish: anch ra English: wi!th Spanish: anclaje English: anchoring Spanish: an!amio English: sca33ol!ing Spanish: an!amio

English: sca33ol! Spanish: ng los !e elevaci7n English: li3t angles Spanish: ng los vivos English: sharp e!ges Spanish: antepro9ecto English: preliminar9 plan Spanish: anticontaminaci7n English: antipoll tion Spanish: anti!e3lagrante English: 3lameproo3 Spanish: anti!eslizante English: nons6i! Spanish: antio5i!ante English: antir st Spanish: apantallamiento English: screening Spanish: aparato sanitario English: bathroom 3i5t re Spanish: aparejos English: tools Spanish: "parta!o English: ?S b@paragraph> section? Spanish: apartamento English: apartment Spanish: apartamento t tela!o English: assiste! living accommo!ations Spanish: apear English: shore Spanish: apilamiento English: stac6ing Spanish: aplastamiento English: cr shing Spanish: aplicable English: applicable

Spanish: aploma!o English: pl mbe! Spanish: aran!ela English: washer Spanish: "ran!ela A elle #BB English: Spring washer #BB Spanish: "$"<&E/"S English: -"SCE$S Spanish: arbole!a English: grove Spanish: arco English: arch Spanish: arco polilob la!o English: m lti3oil arch Spanish: rea com;n English: common area Spanish: rea !e in3l encia English: in3l ence area Spanish: rea ver!e English: green space Spanish: arenisca English: san!stone Spanish: "$*,//" English: $(<* Spanish: argolla para iza!o English: li3ting hoo6 Spanish: ri!o English: aggregate Spanish: arma! ra English: rein3orcement Spanish: armario English: cabinet Spanish: arn4s anti@ca:!a English: "nti@3all harness Spanish: ar8 itect7nico English: architect ral

Spanish: arran8 e !e la cimbra English: bottom o3 the shoring tower Spanish: arriostramiento English: bracing Spanish: arriostramiento English: bracing Spanish: arriostramiento en cr z English: cross bracing Spanish: arriostrar English: brace Spanish: arriostrar los p ntales English: brace the props Spanish: "rtic lo English: 2aragraph Spanish: aseo English: restroom Spanish: tico English: attic Spanish: atornilla!o English: bolte! Spanish: atornillar English: clamp Spanish: atornillar English: bolt Spanish: atornillar English: screw Spanish: a toportante English: sel3 s pporting Spanish: avenamiento English: !rainage Spanish: az 3re English: s l3 r Spanish: bacha English: sin6 Spanish: balanza

English: scales Spanish: banco English: bench Spanish: ban!eja !e seg ri!a! English: sa3et9 net Spanish: baDo English: bathroom Spanish: ban8 eta English: si!ewal6 Spanish: baran!illa English: railing Spanish: baran!illa English: han!rail Spanish: baran!illa English: banister Spanish: baran!illa !e seg ri!a! English: sa3et9 han!rail Spanish: #aran!illa Seg ri!a! English: Sa3et9 han!rail Spanish: baran!illas !e protecci7n English: sa3et9 han!rails Spanish: bar!a English: 3ence Spanish: barniza!o English: varnishe! Spanish: #arras rosca!as &English: &- +ie ro! Spanish: barro English: cla9 Spanish: basalto English: basalt Spanish: basalto 3lamea!o English: 3lame! basalt Spanish: basamento English: 3o n!ation

Spanish: base !e apo9o English: 3ooting Spanish: berenjeno English: cham3er Spanish: bisagra English: hinge Spanish: bisagra central English: hinge Spanish: bisel English: cham3er Spanish: blan8 eo !e activos English: asset la n!ering Spanish: blo8 e per!i!o English: lost bloc6 Spanish: blo8 e retrctil antica:!as English: retractable 3all arrester Spanish: blo8 eo !el tring lo English: loc6ing the triang lar g ssets Spanish: blo8 es aligerantes English: voi!e! bloc6s Spanish: blo8 es aligerantes per!i!os English: lost voi!e! bloc6s Spanish: blo8 es aligerantes rec perables English: recoverable voi!e! bloc6s Spanish: #obina English: roil Spanish: boca !e incen!io English: 3ire h9!rant Spanish: bombilla English: lightb lb Spanish: bor!e English: e!ge Spanish: bor!illo English: c rb Spanish: bove!illa English: va lt

Spanish: brazo English: le!ger Spanish: #razo English: /e!ger Spanish: #razo !e cierre English: Can!rail 2ost Spanish: brazo horizontal English: Corizontal #race Spanish: #razos #$(, English: #$(, le!ger Spanish: brazos e5tensibles English: telescopic le!ger Spanish: bri!a English: clamp Spanish: #$(, sca33ol!ing plat3orms English: plata3ormas !el an!amio #$(, Spanish: brocas !e ma!era English: woo! bits Spanish: b l7n English: pinE bolt Spanish: b lones 3orja!os llama!os cr cetas English: 3orge! bolts Spanish: caballetes English: +able Spanish: 0abeza avellana!a English: 0o nters n6 Spanish: cabezal principal English: main hea! Spanish: cabezales English: hea!s Spanish: cabezales !e cai!a English: !rophea!s Spanish: cabezales !e ca:!a English: !rophea!s Spanish: cable !e seg ri!a!

English: li3e line Spanish: cablea!o English: wiring Spanish: ca!enas !e 3ijaci7n English: 3i5ing chains Spanish: ca!enas !e iza!o English: li3ting chains Spanish: caja !e herramientas English: toolbo5 Spanish: caja 3 erte English: sa3e Spanish: cajas !e ascensor English: elevator sha3ts Spanish: cal English: lime Spanish: cala English: test boring Spanish: cale3acci7n central English: central heating Spanish: cali!a! English: gra!e Spanish: caliza English: limestone Spanish: calle English: street Spanish: 0alza!o !e seg ri!a! English: Sa3et9 3ootwear Spanish: calzo English: shoe Spanish: calzos !e ma!era English: woo! sills Spanish: canal English: roo3 g tter Spanish: canaleta English: roo3 g tter

Spanish: canal7n English: !rainpipe Spanish: can!elabro English: can!elabra Spanish: cantera English: 8 arr9 Spanish: canto English: e!ge Spanish: canto ro!a!o English: cobble Spanish: cantoneras !e plstico English: plastic en! pieces Spanish: capa English: la9er Spanish: capa compresi7n English: compression la9er Spanish: capa !e compresi7n English: compression la9er Spanish: capaci!a! !e carga English: /oa! capacit9 Spanish: capaci!a! portante English: carr9ing capacit9 Spanish: capitel English: chapiter Spanish: capiteles English: capitals Spanish: cap ch7n English: cap Spanish: cara enco3rante !e los paneles English: panelFs sh ttering/3orm 3ace Spanish: cara oblic a English: incline! 3ace Spanish: caracter:sticas English: characteristics> 3eat res Spanish: caracter:sticas !e los materiales English: material properties

Spanish: caras in3eriores English: lower si!es Spanish: carcasa English: casing Spanish: carena!o English: si!e casings Spanish: carga English: loa! Spanish: 0arga !e "gotamiento English: 'ail re /oa! Spanish: 0arga !e $ot ra English: 'ail re loa! Spanish: carga !e so English: wor6ing loa! Spanish: carga !e so a cortante English: shear wor6ing loa! Spanish: carga !e so a !eslizamiento English: sli!ing wor6ing loa! Spanish: carga !e tilizaci7n English: wor6ing loa! Spanish: carga !e viento English: -in! loa!s Spanish: carga m5ima English: ma5im m loa! Spanish: 0"$*" $E2"$+(&" English: &(S+$(#1+E& /,"& Spanish: 0"$*" +$"#"), "&A(S(#/E English: wor6ing loa! Spanish: cargas concentra!as English: concentrate! loa!s Spanish: cargas !e colapso English: 3ail re loa!s Spanish: cargas estticas English: static loa!s Spanish: carnicer:a

English: b tcher shop Spanish: carrera m5ima English: ma5im m e5tension Spanish: carretilla English: 3or6li3t Spanish: carro plega!o English: 3ol!e! trolle9 Spanish: casa !e vecin!a! English: bloc6 o3 3lats Spanish: 0asco English: har! hat / helmet Spanish: casco English: helmet Spanish: cas8 illos metlicos English: metal b shings Spanish: castillo English: castle Spanish: ca !al English: 3low Spanish: cermico English: ceramic Spanish: cerra! ra English: loc6 Spanish: cerramientos !e 3acha!a English: 3aca!e protection Spanish: 0errar la ret:c la English: 0lose the gri! Spanish: chaleco English: vest Spanish: chalecos re3lectantes English: re3lective jac6ets Spanish: chapa enco3rante English: steel 3ace Spanish: chapa enco3rante English: steel 3ace

Spanish: chap7n English: plate Spanish: chatarra !e hierro English: scrap iron Spanish: chavetero English: 6e9 seat Spanish: cierres perimetrales English: perimeter walls Spanish: cimbra English: arch centering Spanish: cimbra English: ?3alsewor6> shoring s9stem> tower> shoring tower? Spanish: cimbra estable English: sel3 stan!ing shoring Spanish: cimbra monta!a English: assemble! shoring towers Spanish: 0imbra ,0 English: ,0 shoring s9stem Spanish: cimentaci7n English: 3o n!ation Spanish: 0(<0"&, English: %(<0 0,"+E& Spanish: cinca!o English: zinc@plate! Spanish: cinta English: woo!en ribbon Spanish: cint r7n !e seg ri!a! English: sa3et9 harness Spanish: 0int r7n porta@herramientas English: +ool belt Spanish: cipr4s English: c9press Spanish: circ ito English: circ it Spanish: cisterna English: tan6

Spanish: 0limalit English: !o ble glazing Spanish: cloroca cho English: chlorinate! r bber Spanish: 0oe3iciente aero!inamico English: aero!9namic coe33icient Spanish: coe3iciente !e 3le5i7n English: ben!ing 3actor Spanish: coe3iciente !e seg ri!a! English: sa3et9 3actor Spanish: coe3iciente !e sitio English: site coe33icient Spanish: co3re English: chest Spanish: cojinete English: c shionet Spanish: cojinete English: bearing Spanish: colmataci7n English: se!imentation Spanish: coloca!or English: installer Spanish: combinaci7n ma9ora!a English: 3actore! combination Spanish: comb stible English: 3 el Spanish: comercial habit al English: reg lar salesman Spanish: compactaci7n English: compacting Spanish: compactaci7n English: compaction Spanish: compartimento English: compartment Spanish: compensaci7n

English: 3iller Spanish: compensacion variable English: variable 3iller Spanish: componente vertical !e las presiones English: press re vertical 3orce Spanish: compresi7n 9 tracci7n English: tensile an! compression Spanish: compresor English: compressor Spanish: con relaci7n a English: with regar! to Spanish: concilia!or English: conciliator9 Spanish: con!ena English: sentence Spanish: con!iciones para el calc lo English: calc lation con!itions Spanish: con! ctivi!a! t4rmica English: thermal con! ctivit9 Spanish: 0,<EB(,<ES E<+$E '"SES &E A1$,S English: ),(<(<* -"// ',$A(<* S+"*ES Spanish: 0on3ig raci7n !e conj ntos English: ?2anel assemblies> *angs? Spanish: con3ig raci7n !e montaje habit al English: s al assembl9 con3ig ration Spanish: con3ig raci7n !e torres English: tower con3ig ration Spanish: con3ormar English: shape Spanish: conj nto !e iza!o English: li3ting gang Spanish: conj ntos !e paneles English: gangs Spanish: conos English: cones

Spanish: constante !e rigi!ez English: sti33ness constant Spanish: conta!or English: meter Spanish: contraban!o English: contraban! Spanish: contrachapa!o 3en7lico English: pl9woo! Spanish: contra3 ertesE m ros contra3 ertes English: b ttresses Spanish: contrapeso English: co nterweight Spanish: control remoto English: remote control Spanish: copas English: c ps Spanish: coronaci7n !e la cimbra English: top o3 the shoring tower Spanish: coronaci7n !e las torres English: top o3 the tower Spanish: corta!o en inglete English: 0ham3ere! Spanish: cortante planar English: planar shear Spanish: costilla en 3orma !e G1H English: 1@shape! rib Spanish: costilla t b lar English: t b lar rib Spanish: costillas English: $ibs Spanish: costillas corre!eras English: m lti@p nche! rectang lar ribs Spanish: costillas !e chapa English: plate ribs Spanish: 0ostillas horizontales English: Corizontal ribs

Spanish: cotas English: !imensions Spanish: cremallera English: rac6 Spanish: cristal English: glass Spanish: cristal English: pane Spanish: cromo English: chrome Spanish: cr ceta English: crosspiece Spanish: cr za!as English: crosse! Spanish: c a!r:c la English: gri! Spanish: c a!riltero English: 8 a!rangle Spanish: c arcita English: 8 artzite Spanish: c betas English: !ome Spanish: c bierta English: covering Spanish: c biertas a I ag as English: ! opitch roo3s Spanish: c biertas a n ag a English: monopitch roo3s Spanish: c chillo English: s pport Spanish: c ello !e botella English: bottlenec6 Spanish: c enca English: basin Spanish: 0 er!a !e ata!o

English: tie cor! Spanish: c er!a !e cosi!o English: tie line Spanish: 0 er!a !e ni7n English: nion cor! Spanish: 0 erpo marco English: 'rame str ct re Spanish: c mbrera English: ri!ge Spanish: c Da English: we!ge Spanish: c;p la English: !ome Spanish: c rva English: c rve Spanish: !e est co English: st cco Spanish: !e trabajo English: wor6ing Spanish: !ebi!a !iligencia English: ! e !iligence Spanish: !e3ect oso English: !e3ective Spanish: !e3ect oso English: 3a lt9 Spanish: !e3le5i7n English: !e3lection Spanish: !e3ormaci7n English: !e3ormation Spanish: !e3ormaci7n plstica English: plastic !e3ormation Spanish: !e3ormaci7n por a3ecto !e carga English: !e3ormation n!er loa! Spanish: !e3orma!o English: !e3orme!

Spanish: !elimitar English: !elimit> !e3ine Spanish: !emoli!o English: !emolishe! Spanish: !ep7sito English: tan6 Spanish: !ep7sito reg la!or English: reg lating reservoir Spanish: !ep7sito reg la!or English: stan!pipe Spanish: !ep ra!ora English: p ri39ing plant Spanish: !esagJe English: !rainage Spanish: !esalaci7n English: !esalination Spanish: !esalinizaci7n English: !esalination Spanish: !esalojo English: voi!e! vol me Spanish: !esarrollar English: !evelop Spanish: !esarrollo English: !evelopment Spanish: !esazolve English: !esilting Spanish: !esbrozar English: clear Spanish: &ES0(A#$"&, English: 3alsewor6 removal Spanish: !escone5i7n English: !isconnection Spanish: &ES0$(20(,< &E /" 2(E%" English: 2"$+ &ES0$(2+(,< Spanish: !esenco3ra!o English: stripping

Spanish: !esenco3ra!o English: ?stri6ing> stripping> !ismantling? Spanish: !esenco3rante English: release agent Spanish: !esenganchar English: nco ple> nhitch> !isengage> nhoo6 Spanish: !esengrasar English: move the grease 3rom Spanish: !esgarro English: tear Spanish: !esgasi3icaci7n English: !egassing Spanish: !esmontable English: removable Spanish: !esmontaje English: ?!isassembl9> !ismantling? Spanish: !esmontar el enco3ra!o English: !ismantle@!isassembl9 the 3ormwor6 Spanish: !esplomar English: collapse Spanish: !esv:o English: b9pass Spanish: !etalle English: !etail Spanish: !etector !e h mo English: smo6e !etector Spanish: !iagonal English: !iagonal Spanish: !iagonal !oble English: !o ble !iagonal Spanish: !imetro English: !iameter Spanish: !ib jo English: !iagram Spanish: !ib jo

English: pattern Spanish: !i3 sor English: !i33 ser Spanish: !imensionar English: meas re Spanish: !i8 e English: emban6ment Spanish: !irectrices !e Seg ri!a! 9 Sal ! English: Cealth an! Sa3et9 g i!elines Spanish: !iscos brio English: brio collar Spanish: !iseDo English: !esign Spanish: !iseDo preliminar English: preliminar9 !esign Spanish: !isposici7n English: position Spanish: !isposici7n !el enco3ra!o English: la9o t o3 the 3ormwor6 Spanish: !ispositivos !e elevaci7n !e cargas English: loa! li3ting !evices Spanish: !ormitorio English: be!room Spanish: !osi3ica!or English: !ispenser Spanish: !raga!o English: !re!ging Spanish: !ren English: !rain Spanish: !renaje English: !rainage Spanish: ! rmiente English: m !sill Spanish: ! rmientes English: A !sill

Spanish: e!i3icaci7n English: b il!ing Spanish: e!i3icio !e o3icinas English: o33ice b il!ing Spanish: eje English: sha3t Spanish: eje bisagra central English: hinge Spanish: eje !e man!o English: !riving a5le Spanish: electromecnico English: electromechanical Spanish: elemento apea!o English: proppe! element Spanish: elemento base English: main element Spanish: elemento !e amarre English: tie member Spanish: Elemento !e iza!o English: /i3ting component Spanish: elemento estan8 ei!a! English: water stop Spanish: elemento portante English: loa! bearing element Spanish: elementos !e iza!o English: li3ting components Spanish: elementos estn!ares English: stan!ar! components Spanish: elementos 3ija!ores English: 3i5ing elements Spanish: elementos 3ija!ores English: 3i5ing elements Spanish: eles English: /@shape! co plings Spanish: elevar English: elevate

Spanish: elevar English: raise Spanish: elevar English: li3t Spanish: E/S English: S/S Spanish: E/1 English: 1/S Spanish: embraga English: to sling Spanish: emparrilla!o English: gri! Spanish: empavona!o English: bl e Spanish: emplazamiento English: site Spanish: empotramiento English: moment connection Spanish: empotrar English: embe! Spanish: empotrar English: b il! in Spanish: emp je vertical English: vertical 3orce Spanish: en blanco English: blan6 Spanish: en 3 ncionamiento English: in operation Spanish: encaje English: climbing ring Spanish: encajona!os English: b ttresse! Spanish: ench 3e English: soc6et Spanish: ench 3e brio

English: brio soc6et Spanish: ench 3e !e campana English: bell an! spigot joint Spanish: ench 3e !e grapa English: clamp spigot Spanish: Ench 3e &oble .iga 2ortante English: &o ble Soc6et Spanish: encimera vitrocermica English: Spanish: enco3ra!o English: 3ormwor6 Spanish: enco3ra!o English: 3ormwor6 Spanish: E<0,'$"&, " 1<" 0"$" English: ,<E '"0E ',$A-,$K Spanish: E<0,'$"&, 0($01/"$ English: 0($01/"$ ',$A-,$K Spanish: enco3ra!o !e chapa metlica circ lar English: circ lar steel plate 3ormwor6 Spanish: enco3ra!o !e m ros English: wall 3ormwor6 Spanish: Enco3ra!o !e vigas vertical English: .ertical beam 3ormwor6 Spanish: enco3ra!o horizontal English: horizontal 3ormwor6 Spanish: Enco3ra!o horizontal mo! lares English: Ao! lar hoizontal 3ormwor6 Spanish: Enco3ra!o $etic lar !e 0 beta $ec perable $E01# English: !ome recoverable 3ormwor6 Spanish: enco3ra!o trepante English: climbing 3ormwor6 Spanish: enco3rar English: 3orming Spanish: energ4tico English: 3 el> energ9 so rce

Spanish: enganches English: hoo6s Spanish: enganches !e apo9o English: s pport co plers Spanish: engrasar English: grease Spanish: enjarra!o English: plastere! Spanish: enlechar English: gro t Spanish: enl ci!o English: plaster Spanish: enre!a!as English: tangle! Spanish: entorno English: environment Spanish: entrama!o English: gri! Spanish: entrama!o !e vigas English: beams gri! Spanish: e8 ipotencial English: e8 ipotential Spanish: escala English: scale Spanish: escariar English: ream Spanish: escarpa!o English: steep Spanish: escenogra3:a English: scenograph9 Spanish: escollera English: brea6water Spanish: esc a!ra English: corner Spanish: es3 erzo English: 3orce

Spanish: es3 erzo cortante English: shear 3orce Spanish: es3 erzos horizontales English: horizontal 3orces Spanish: eslinga English: sling Spanish: eslingas English: slings Spanish: especi3icaciones English: speci3ications Spanish: Especi3icaciones !e pro! cto English: 2ro! ct speci3ications Spanish: espesor English: thic6ness Spanish: Espesor capa compresi7n English: 0ompression la9er thic6ness Spanish: Espesor total 3orja!o English: +otal slab thic6ness Spanish: esp ma English: 3oam Spanish: esp ma English: 3roth Spanish: es8 ema English: !iagram Spanish: es8 ina !e 3orja!o English: slab corner Spanish: ESL1(<" &E ',$)"&, English: cornerMs e!ge Spanish: es8 inas English: corners Spanish: estabili!a! posicional English: positional stabilit9 Spanish: Esta!o /:mite !e Servicio NE/SO English: Serviceabilit9 /imit State NS/SO Spanish: esta!o limite EL1

English: limit state S+$ Spanish: Esta!o /:mite 1ltimo NE/1O English: 1ltimate /imit State N1/SO Spanish: esta!os limites S+$ English: limit state EL1 Spanish: estanco English: watertight Spanish: estanco English: watertight Spanish: Estan8 ei!a! English: watertightness Spanish: estilo ar8 itect7nico English: architect ral st9le Spanish: estrati3icaci7n English: strati3ication Spanish: estr ct ra cabezal English: hea! str ct re Spanish: estr ct ra !e enco3ra!o English: 3ormwor6 str ct re Spanish: estr ct ra soporte English: base str ct re Spanish: estr ct raci7n English: str ct ring Spanish: est !io !e 3actibili!a! English: 3easibilit9 st !9 Spanish: est !io !e 3actibili!a! English: 3easibilit9 st !9 Spanish: est !io !e viabili!a! English: 3easibilit9 st !9 Spanish: E roc7!igos English: E roco!es Spanish: e5perimentalmente English: e5perimentall9 Spanish: e5tensibili!a! English: e5tensibilit9

Spanish: e5tintor English: 3ire e5ting isher Spanish: e5tr si7n English: e5tr sion Spanish: 3cil manejo English: eas9@to@ se Spanish: 3actibili!a! English: 3easibilit9 Spanish: 3actor !e topogra3:a English: topograph9 3actor Spanish: 3actor !e t rb lencia English: t rb lence 3actor Spanish: 3al!7n English: gable Spanish: 3elp !o English: !oormat Spanish: 3erralla English: $ein3orcement Spanish: 3erralla!o English: rein3orcements Spanish: 3ibra !e vi!rio English: 3iberglass Spanish: 3ibra !e vi!rio English: 3iberglass Spanish: 'icha +ecnica English: +echnical Sheet Spanish: 3icha t4cnica English: speci3ications sheet Spanish: 3ijaci7n !el brazo English: brac6et 3i5ing hoo6 Spanish: 3ijaci7n longit !inal English: longit !inall9 3i5ing Spanish: 3ijaci7n vertical English: vertical 3i5ing hoo6 Spanish: 3ija!o English: 3i5e!

Spanish: 3ija!or English: 3astener Spanish: 3ija!or baran!illas English: han!rail 3astener Spanish: 3ijar English: 3i5 Spanish: 3isi7n English: 3ission Spanish: 'lecha m5. en vola!izo English: Aa5im m !e3lection in cantilever Spanish: 3lecha m5ima English: ma5im m !e3lection Spanish: 'lecha m5ima entre vanos English: Aa5im m !e3lection in span Spanish: 3lechas English: !e3lections Spanish: 3le5o English: a!j stable lamp Spanish: 3l i!ez English: 3l i!it9 Spanish: 3l 57metro English: 3l shometer Spanish: 3on!eo English: anchoring Spanish: 3ontaner:a English: pl mbing Spanish: 3oral English: stat tor9 Spanish: 3orja!o English: slab Spanish: 3orja!o English: 3ramewor6 Spanish: 3orja!o hormigona!o English: concrete slab Spanish: 3orja!o retic lar

English: retic lar slab Spanish: 3orja!os retic lares !e caset7n rec perable English: recoverable pile gri! 3ormwor6 Spanish: 'orma English: Shape Spanish: 'orma !e malla English: Aesh shape Spanish: 3orra!o English: covere! Spanish: 3os3atante English: phosphoric aci! sol tion Spanish: 3otovoltaico English: photovoltaic Spanish: 3ratasar English: trowel Spanish: 3riso English: 3rieze Spanish: 3rontal English: 3ront Spanish: '1E$%" +$"00(P< "&A(S(#/E English: +ension wor6ing loa! Spanish: 3 erza vertical N'vO English: vertical 3orce N'vO Spanish: 3 n!a English: sleeve Spanish: 3 n!amentar English: establish Spanish: ga3as English: protective goggles Spanish: glibo English: loa!ing ga ge Spanish: galvanizaci7n en caliente English: hot galvanizing Spanish: galvaniza!o English: galvanize!

Spanish: *"<0C, English: hoo6 Spanish: gancho !e 8 ita 9 pon English: removable hoo6 Spanish: *anchos 0 English: 0 hoo6s Spanish: ganchos !e iza!o English: li3ting hoo6s Spanish: garra 3ija English: 3i5e! hoo6 Spanish: garra m7vil English: mobile hoo6 Spanish: *arra m7vil giran!o English: Aobile hoo6 t rning Spanish: garras !e arriostramiento English: bracing hoo6s Spanish: garr cha English: p lle9 Spanish: gas nat ral English: nat ral gas Spanish: geo!esia English: geo!es9 Spanish: geo!4sico English: geo!esic Spanish: *eometr:a !e la secci7n English: 0ross section geometr9 Spanish: geom4trico English: geometrical Spanish: gneis English: gneiss Spanish: goma English: r bber Spanish: gra!o !e acaba!o English: 8 alit9 o3 3inish Spanish: gra3ismo English: graphic !esign

Spanish: gran lometr:a English: gra!ing Spanish: grapa English: staple Spanish: gravilla English: gravel Spanish: gri3o English: 3a cet Spanish: gr;a English: crane Spanish: gr;a !e c chara English: scoop crane Spanish: * antes English: *loves Spanish: g :a !e mor!aza English: clampMs g i!e Spanish: *1Q" &E/ 1S1"$(, English: 1SE$RS *1(&E Spanish: g sanillo English: gimlet Spanish: habitabili!a! English: habitabilit9 Spanish: halogen ro English: hali!e Spanish: herraje English: iron 3ittings Spanish: herraje English: ironwor6 Spanish: hi!ro!inmico English: h9!ro!9namic Spanish: hi!rolog:a English: h9!rolog9 Spanish: hi!rolog:a English: h9!rolog9 Spanish: hi!r75i!o clcico

English: calci m h9!ro5i!e Spanish: hi!r75i!o s7!ico English: so!i m h9!ro5i!e Spanish: hierro 3 n!i!o English: cast iron Spanish: higrosc7pico English: h9groscopic Spanish: hileras English: rows Spanish: hilo l minoso English: lit wire Spanish: hogar English: home Spanish: holg ra English: ?clearance> loose> gap>S? Spanish: homologa!o English: o33iciall9 approve! Spanish: horizontal 3orce N'hO English: 3 erza horizontal N'hO Spanish: hormig7n arma!o English: rein3orce! concrete Spanish: hormig7n a tocompacta!o English: sel3@compacting concrete Spanish: hormig7n !e limpieza English: 3lowable 3ill Spanish: hormig7n en masa English: mass concrete Spanish: hormig7n en masa English: mass concrete Spanish: hormig7n 3resco English: 3resh concrete Spanish: C,$A(*,<"&, English: 2,1$(<* 0,<0$E+E Spanish: hormigona!o me!iante bomba English: concrete po ring b9 p mp / p mpe! concrete po ring

Spanish: Cor8 illas !e elevaci7n English: li3ting 3or6s Spanish: C eco !e ascensor English: Elevator Sha3t Spanish: h ecos !e escalera English: recesses 3or stairs Spanish: h erta solar English: solar 3arm Spanish: h me!a! English: h mi!it9 Spanish: h me!a! English: !ampness Spanish: h me!a! English: moistness Spanish: h mos English: 3 mes Spanish: h sillo con !oble t erca English: screw jac6 with two n ts Spanish: h sillo !e nivelacion English: levelling screw jac6 Spanish: h sillo !e rosca trapezoi!al English: trapzeoi!al threa! screw jac6 Spanish: h sillos English: )ac6 Spanish: h sillos !e las placas English: base screw jac6s Spanish: ign:3 go English: 3ireproo3 Spanish: il mina!o English: lit Spanish: impermeabilizaci7n English: waterproo3ing Spanish: implantaci7n English: establishment Spanish: incomo!i!a! English: inconvenience

Spanish: in3lamable English: 3lammable Spanish: inmobiliaria English: constr ction compan9 Spanish: ino!oro English: toilet Spanish: instalaci7n el4ctrica English: electrical s9stem Spanish: instalaciones English: 3acilities Spanish: instr cciones !e tilizaci7n English: operating instr ctions Spanish: integra!o English: b ilt@in Spanish: intensi!a! l m:nica English: light intensit9 Spanish: intercambia!or English: interchanger Spanish: inter3erencia English: inter3erence Spanish: interiorismo English: interior !esign Spanish: intervalo o tolerancia !e montaje English: assembl9 tolerance range Spanish: itinerario English: sche! le Spanish: jacena English: concrete bream Spanish: jcena English: 0oncrete beam Spanish: jcena convencional English: conventional gir!er Spanish: jar!:n English: gar!en Spanish: jar!iner:a

English: gar!ening Spanish: je3e !e l:nea English: line manager Spanish: je3e !e obra English: wor6 s perinten!ent Spanish: j nta English: joint Spanish: j nta contig a English: a!jacent joint Spanish: j nta !e !ilataci7n English: e5pansion joint Spanish: j ntar herm4ticamente English: join witho t lea6 Spanish: j ntas !e panel English: panel joints Spanish: / corre!era English: sli!ing / Spanish: / ejes English: / a5es Spanish: labra English: carving Spanish: lacer:a English: ornamental bows Spanish: la!o English: si!e Spanish: laja English: slab Spanish: lama English: slat Spanish: lampista English: han!9man Spanish: largo English: long Spanish: larg ero English: le!ger

Spanish: larg ero English: s pport Spanish: larg ero English: crossbar Spanish: larg ero English: stringer Spanish: laterales !el tablero English: si!es o3 the pl9woo! Spanish: lateralmente English: laterall9 Spanish: lat7n English: brass Spanish: lavabo English: sin6 Spanish: lavavajillas English: !ishwasher Spanish: lecha!a English: gro t Spanish: lengJetas !el cabezal English: tabs on the hea! Spanish: licencia !e obras English: constr ction permit Spanish: ligeras pen!ientes English: small slope Spanish: l:mite elstico English: 9iel! stress Spanish: l:mites !e carga English: loa! limits Spanish: lin!ero English: bo n!ar9 Spanish: lineamiento English: g i!eline Spanish: l:neas !e replanteo English: la9o t lines Spanish: l:neas !e vi!a English: li3elines

Spanish: liston !e ma!era English: woo! strip Spanish: llave English: wrench Spanish: llaves tipo carraca English: ratchet wrench Spanish: lona English: sheet Spanish: lona English: canvas Spanish: longit !inalmente English: longit !inall9 Spanish: losa English: 3lagstone Spanish: losa English: slab Spanish: losa !e hormig7n English: concrete slab Spanish: losa !e hormig7n arma!o English: rein3orce! concrete slab Spanish: losas !e 3orja!os English: slabs Spanish: losas macizas English: soli! slabs Spanish: l bricante English: l bricant Spanish: l bri3icar English: l bricate Spanish: l carna English: lo ver Spanish: l carna English: !ormer win!ow Spanish: l !opat:a English: comp lsive gambling Spanish: l mbrera

English: l minar9 Spanish: l na English: win!ow pane Spanish: l z English: light Spanish: l z cenital English: s69light Spanish: l z entre apo9os English: span Spanish: machihembra!o English: tong e an! groove Spanish: maciza English: soli! Spanish: A"&E$" &1$A(E<+E English: Spanish: ma!era 3enolica remacha!a English: rivete! pl9woo! Spanish: ma!era noble English: 3ine har!woo! Spanish: maestro constr ctor English: master b il!er Spanish: malla English: netting Spanish: malla English: mesh Spanish: malla al c a!ro English: s8 are mesh Spanish: malla !e la re! English: net mesh Spanish: mampara English: screen Spanish: mampara !e baDo English: shower screen Spanish: mamposter:a English: stone wor6

Spanish: mangos !e la t erca English: n t han!les Spanish: mano !e obra English: labor Spanish: manta English: tarpa lin Spanish: man al !e aplicaci7n English: application man al Spanish: man al !e so English: serFs man al Spanish: marca !e tierra English: gro n! mar6 Spanish: marco English: 3rame Spanish: marco !e arriostramiento English: bracing 3rame Spanish: marco metalico English: metal 3rame Spanish: marco re3orza!o English: rein3orce! 3rame Spanish: marco t b lar !e acero English: t b lar steel 3rame Spanish: marcos !e arriostramiento English: bracing 3rames Spanish: margen !e error English: margin o3 error Spanish: mrmol English: marble Spanish: marmolista English: marble c tter Spanish: masa !e ensa9o English: test mass Spanish: mscaras !e protecci7n English: mas6s Spanish: mascarillas respiratorias English: breathing mas6s

Spanish: mata!ero English: sla ghterho se Spanish: mata3 egos English: 3ire e5ting isher Spanish: materia prima English: raw material Spanish: material English: material Spanish: material portante English: $emaining material Spanish: ma9oraci7n English: loa! increase Spanish: mecnica !e los s elos English: soil mechanics Spanish: mecnicamente English: mechanicall9 Spanish: mecano English: steel str ct re Spanish: me!ici7n English: meas rement Spanish: me!i!a English: meas re Spanish: me!io mecnico !e elevaci7n !e cargas English: mechanical li3t s9stem Spanish: memoria English: report Spanish: memoria !e cali!a!es English: b il!ing speci3ications Spanish: mens la English: wal6wa9 brac6et Spanish: m4ns la English: wal6wa9 brac6et Spanish: mens la !e trabajo English: wor6ing brac6et Spanish: m4ns la !e trabajo

English: wor6ing brac6et Spanish: mesa !e trabajo English: wor6 table Spanish: mesa !e trabajo English: !es6 Spanish: mesa giratoria English: rotar9 table Spanish: mesa .$ pre!e3ini!a English: pre!e3ine! .$ table Spanish: mesas !e enco3ra!o English: tables Spanish: m4to!os !e ensa9o English: test metho!s Spanish: mimbre English: wic6er Spanish: Ainisterio !e (n! stria 9 Energ:a English: Ainistr9 o3 (n! str9 an! Energ9 Spanish: minoraci7n English: loa! !ecrease Spanish: Ainorar English: $e! ce Spanish: mirilla English: peephole Spanish: mirilla English: sp9hole Spanish: mobiliario rbano English: street 3 rnit re Spanish: A,&1/"0(P< English: range Spanish: mo! laciones !e torre English: tower con3ig rations Spanish: m7! los retira!os English: remove! mo! les Spanish: momento English: moment

Spanish: momentos 3lectores English: ben!ing moments Spanish: montaje English: assembl9 Spanish: Aontaje /osa Aaciza English: Soli! Slab S9stem Spanish: montante English: stanchion Spanish: montar torres English: assemble towers Spanish: Aor!aza English: clamp Spanish: mortaja!ora English: slotting machine Spanish: mota English: gro9ne Spanish: m ro English: wall Spanish: m ro !e carga English: bearing wall Spanish: A1$,S 0,< 0"$"S (<0/(<"&"S English: (<0/(<E& -"//S Spanish: m ros inclina!os English: incline! walls Spanish: A1$,S 2,/(*,<"/ES English: 2,/T*,<"/ -"//S Spanish: m ros tanto rectos como irreg lares English: straight or irreg lar walls Spanish: nave in! strial English: in! strial nit Spanish: negativo English: ?in3illing> 3iller>? Spanish: neopreno English: neoprene Spanish: nivel English: level

Spanish: nivel !el mar English: sea level Spanish: nonio English: vernier Spanish: norma English: stan!ar! Spanish: no9o English: core Spanish: obra civil English: constr ction wor6 Spanish: obra civil English: civil engineering Spanish: oreja English: l g Spanish: ori3icio English: hole Spanish: ori3icio barra rosca!a English: tie hole Spanish: ori3icio ran ra!o o alarga!o English: slotte! hole Spanish: ori3icios anclaje English: anchoring holes Spanish: palas English: 3or6s Spanish: pan!ear English: b c6le Spanish: pan!eo English: warp Spanish: pan!eo English: b c6ling Spanish: 2"<E/ aploma!o English: pl mbe! 2"<E/ Spanish: 2"<E/ contig o English: a!jacent 2"<E/ Spanish: panel estn!ar !e cierre

English: stan!ar! b l6hea! panel Spanish: 2"<E/ EB+E$(,$ English: ,1+S(&E 2"<E/ Spanish: 2"<E/ (<+E$(,$ English: (<S(&E 2"<E/ Spanish: 2"<E/ AE+"/(0, English: S+EE/ 2"<E/ Spanish: 2"<E/ recto English: straight 2"<E/ Spanish: panel niversal English: 1niversal panel Spanish: paneles a!9acentes English: a!jacent panels Spanish: paneles !e enco3ra!o English: 3ormwor6 panels Spanish: paneles !e m ro English: wall panels Spanish: 2"<E/ES esc a!ra English: corner 2"<E/S Spanish: paneles estn!ar English: stan!ar! panels Spanish: paneles interme!ia English: interme!iate panels Spanish: pa8 ete 3leja!o English: strappe! b n!le Spanish: 2are!es !e s per3icie no termina!a English: 1n3inishe! wall s r3aces Spanish: par8 e in! strial English: in! strial par6 Spanish: pasa!or English: pinE bolt Spanish: pasa!or c rvo English: ro n!e! pin Spanish: pasa!or !e giro English: hinge!

Spanish: pasa!or !e seg ri!a! English: sa3et9 pin Spanish: paseo mar:timo English: esplana!e Spanish: pasiajismo English: lan!scaping Spanish: paso camiones English: bri!ging beam Spanish: pasos in3eriores English: n!erpasses Spanish: pasos s periores English: overpasses Spanish: pata !e cabra English: crow bar Spanish: patas !e apo9o English: s pport legs Spanish: pen!iente English: ?incline> slope? Spanish: per3il #($" English: #($" pro3ile Spanish: per3il !e al minio English: "l mini m pro3ile Spanish: per3il !e al minio English: al min m section Spanish: per3il !e los paneles estn!ar English: stan!ar! panel pro3ile Spanish: per3il en / English: / pro3ile Spanish: per3il e5terior !el panel English: panelMs e5ternal pro3ile Spanish: 2er3il metlico cerra!o English: close! steel pro3ile Spanish: per3il perimetral English: perimeter pro3ile Spanish: per3il principal English: main pro3ile

Spanish: per3il 1 English: 1@shape pro3ile Spanish: per3il 12< English: 12< pro3ile Spanish: per3ilar:a pesa!a English: heav9 steel pro3ile Spanish: per3iler:a metlica English: sheet metal section Spanish: per3iles !e acero English: steel pro3iles Spanish: per3iles en G1H English: 1@shape! pro3iles Spanish: per3iles lamina!os 12< English: 12< hot rolle! pro3iles Spanish: per3iles metlicos !e secci7n rectang lar English: metallic rectang lar pro3iles Spanish: per:metro !el 3orja!o English: slab perimeter Spanish: perito English: technician Spanish: 2eso propio English: Sel3 weight Spanish: 2eso propio 3orja!o aligera!o English: lightene! slab weight Spanish: pestaDa English: tab Spanish: pestaDa English: 3lange Spanish: pica English: sin6 Spanish: pictograma English: pict re !iagram Spanish: 2ie 3ijo English: 'i5e! post Spanish: 2ie giratorio

English: Swivel post Spanish: pies verticales English: stan!ar!s Spanish: pieza !e ata!o English: t9ing component Spanish: 2ilar c a!ra!o English: S8 are col mn Spanish: 2ilar rectang lar English: rectang lar col mn Spanish: pilares English: col mns Spanish: pilares embebi!os English: pilasters Spanish: 2ilares h ecos English: Collow col mns Spanish: piD7n English: pinion Spanish: pint ra int mescente English: int mescent coating Spanish: 2inzas English: 0lamps Spanish: piro3ilita English: p9roph9llite Spanish: piso 3lotante English: s spen!e! 3looring Spanish: piso piloto English: show apartment Spanish: pivotar English: pivot Spanish: pivote English: pivot Spanish: pizarra English: slate Spanish: pizarra English: slate

Spanish: placa base English: base plate Spanish: placa !e apo9o English: s pport plate Spanish: placa !e re3 erzo interme!ia English: interme!iate rein3orcement plate Spanish: placa !el p ntal English: prop plate Spanish: placa !el p ntal "l prop English: al prop en! plate Spanish: 2/"0" EB+E$(,$ English: ,1+E$ 2/"+E Spanish: placa 3inal English: en!@plate Spanish: 2/"0" (&E<+('(0"+(." English: (& 2/"+E Spanish: 2/"0" (<+E$(,$ English: (<<E$ 2/"+E Spanish: placa interme!ia English: interme!iate plate Spanish: placa solar English: solar panel Spanish: placas base interme!ias English: interme!iate base plates Spanish: 2lacas !e apo9o English: S pporting plates Spanish: placas !e cierre English: en! plates Spanish: placas !e re3 erzo English: rein3orcement plates Spanish: placas 3inales English: en! plates Spanish: pla37n English: ceiling light Spanish: plan !irector English: o tline

Spanish: plancha!a English: wor6ing plat3orm Spanish: plano English: !rawing Spanish: plano !e !etalle English: !etail !rawings Spanish: planos !e montaje English: assembl9 !rawings Spanish: planta English: 3loor Spanish: 2/"<+" English: +,2 .(ESpanish: planta s perior English: pper 3loor Spanish: plantilla English: template Spanish: plantillas !e ma!era English: woo! templates Spanish: 2lata3orma English: 2lat3orm Spanish: 2lata3orma 0/trampilla English: 2lat3orm with la!!er Spanish: plata3orma !e paso English: crossing plat3orms Spanish: plata3orma !e trabajo English: ?wor6ing plat3orm> wor6 plat3orm? Spanish: plata3orma perimetral !e trabajo English: perimeter wor6ing plat3orm Spanish: plata3ormas !e an!amio #rio English: #rio Sca33ol!ing plat3orms Spanish: plato !e ! cha English: shower tra9 Spanish: 2/E+(<" +,2E English: S+,2 #"$ Spanish: pletinas

English: 3lat bars Spanish: pletinas !e re3 erzo English: rein3orcement bars Spanish: pletinas !el cabezal English: hea! 3lat bars Spanish: pletinas en 3orma !e / English: /@shape! bars Spanish: pl viometr:a English: pl viometr9 Spanish: polea English: p lle9 Spanish: poliestireno English: pol9st9rene Spanish: polietileno English: pol9thene Spanish: polietileno English: pol9eth9lene Spanish: pol:gono in! strial English: in! strial par6 Spanish: pol:mero English: pol9mer Spanish: polipropileno English: pol9prop9lene Spanish: polivalente English: versatile Spanish: pomo English: 6nob Spanish: porcelana English: porcelain Spanish: poroso English: poro s Spanish: portero el4ctrico English: intercom Spanish: p7rticos English: open 3rames

Spanish: postes verticales English: vertical t bes Spanish: postizo !e baran!illa English: han!rail s pplement Spanish: postizo re3 erzo English: rein3orcement 3iller Spanish: pre@norma e ropea English: E ropean pre@stan!ar! Spanish: prensaestopas English: st 33ing bo5 Spanish: 2resi7n !e hormigona!o English: 0oncrete press re Spanish: 2resi7n !e .iento m5imo English: Aa5im m win! press re Spanish: 2resi7n m5ima a!misible English: Aa5im m allowable press re Spanish: 2resiones !e hormigona!o English: 0oncrete press res Spanish: prestaciones English: 'eat res Spanish: prestaciones bsicas !el pro! cto English: pro! ct 3eat res Spanish: 2restaciones !el Sistema English: S9stem 'eat res Spanish: pres p esto English: estimate Spanish: pretensa!o English: prestresse! Spanish: primera trama!a English: main beam Spanish: prisionero English: setscrew Spanish: promotor English: !eveloper Spanish: propagaci7n English: sprea!

Spanish: prop esta t4cnica English: technical bi! Spanish: prorrogar English: e5ten! Spanish: protecci7n pasiva colectiva English: passive collective protection Spanish: protecci7n perimetral English: perimeter protection Spanish: protecci7n provisional !e bor!e English: temporar9 e!ge protection Spanish: protecciones a !itivas English: hearing protection Spanish: 2rotecciones in!ivi! ales English: 2ersonal 2rotective E8 ipment Spanish: pro9ecto !e ejec ci7n English: !etaile! !esign Spanish: pro9ector English: 3loo!light Spanish: p blic space English: espacio p;blico Spanish: p ente English: bri!ge Spanish: p ente gr;a English: bri!ge crane Spanish: 2 entes English: #ri!ges Spanish: p erta principal English: 3ront !oor Spanish: p esta en servicio English: la nching Spanish: p li!o English: polishe! Spanish: p lverizar English: spra9 Spanish: p nta estrella tipo 2% 3

English: 2% 3@t9pe screw!river Spanish: p ntal English: prop Spanish: p ntal "/12$,2 English: "/12$,2 Spanish: p ntal !e re3 erzo English: rein3orcement prop Spanish: p ntales !e al minio English: al min m props Spanish: p ntales !e apeo English: prop Spanish: p ntales E2 English: E2 props Spanish: p ntales e ropeos English: E ropean props Spanish: p ntales e5tremos English: en! props Spanish: p ntales interme!ios English: interme!iate props Spanish: 2 nto English: S b@paragraph Spanish: p nto !e contacto ;nico English: single contact point Spanish: p ntos !e anclaje English: t9ing points Spanish: racoraje English: pipe co plings Spanish: ra!io variable English: variable@ra!i s Spanish: ra!iotel43ono English: ra!iotelephone Spanish: ran ra !el marco English: 3rame slot Spanish: ran ras English: slots

Spanish: $pi!o c rva!o English: L ic6 c rving Spanish: ratio !e soli!ez English: soli!it9 ratio Spanish: reacio English: averse> nwilling> hesitant> obstinate Spanish: realizar el collar:n English: 3i5 aro n! Spanish: reap ntalar English: reprop Spanish: recambio English: spare part Spanish: recibi!or English: entrance hall Spanish: recocer English: anneal Spanish: $E0$E0(&, S12E$(,$ English: 122E$ EB+$"',$A-,$K Spanish: rec brimiento English: coating Spanish: rec brimiento longit !inal English: en! lap Spanish: re! en 3orma !e tring lo English: triang lar net Spanish: re! mos8 itera English: net Spanish: re!es English: nets Spanish: re!es !e seg ri!a! English: sa3et9 nets Spanish: re!es !e seg ri!a! !el tipo + English: + t9pe sa3et9 nets Spanish: re!es !e solape English: overlap nets Spanish: re!on!o English: ro n!

Spanish: re3orma English: improvement Spanish: re3orza!o English: rein3orce! Spanish: $egletas English: connectors Spanish: reg laci7n 3ina English: 3ine a!j stment Spanish: rejilla English: grating Spanish: $emachar English: to rivet Spanish: remaches English: rivets Spanish: remate contra m ro English: in3illings on wallsE e!ge in3illing Spanish: remate contra m ro con apeo English: in3illing to wall with propping Spanish: remate contra pilar English: in3illing on col mn Spanish: remate !e n vano English: one span in3illings Spanish: $emate En6o3le5 English: En6o3le5 in3illing Spanish: remate entre mesas English: in3illing between tables Spanish: remate entre mesas con apeo English: in3illing between tables with propping Spanish: remates English: in3illings Spanish: remo!elaci7n English: remo!eling Spanish: replanteo English: la9o t Spanish: replanteo

English: la9o t Spanish: re8 isito !e !e3ormaci7n English: !e3ormation re8 irements Spanish: resistencia English: resistance Spanish: resistencia a golpes English: stri6e resistance Spanish: res8 icio English: crac6 Spanish: ret:c la English: gri! Spanish: ret:c la bsica English: basic gri! Spanish: $et:c la !e p ntales English: 2rop gri! Spanish: ret:c las c a!ra!as English: s8 are gri!s Spanish: retran8 ea!a English: o33set Spanish: $etran8 eo !e m ro English: wall o33@set Spanish: retran8 eo local !el enco3ra!o English: local 3ormwor6 o33set Spanish: re rbanizaci7n English: re!evelopment Spanish: re rbanizar English: re!evelop Spanish: $evisiones !e seg ri!a! English: Sa3et9 revisions Spanish: $igi!ez English: Sti33ness Spanish: rigi!iza!or English: sti33ener Spanish: $igi!iza!or #($" English: #($" waler

Spanish: rigi!izar English: sti33en Spanish: riostras &1 English: walers &1 Spanish: ro!api4 English: toe boar! Spanish: ro!api4 English: baseboar! Spanish: rosca rpi!a N!iwi!agO English: !iwi!ag threa!e! ro! Spanish: rot ra English: 3ail reU Spanish: rozamiento English: 3riction Spanish: rozamientos !el hormig7n con el enco3ra!o English: 3riction o3 the concrete against the 3ormwor6 Spanish: sala !e j ntas English: boar!room Spanish: sali!a a 9VW English: 9VW assembl9 Spanish: sali!a !e emergencia English: emergenc9 e5it Spanish: saliente English: pilaster Spanish: salvavola!izo English: cantilever Spanish: sanitario English: toilet Spanish: sargento English: clamp Spanish: SE00(,< /,<*(+1&(<"/ English: /,<*(+1&(<"/ SE0+(,< Spanish: SE00(,< +$"<S.E$S"/ English: 0$,SS@SE0+(,< Spanish: secciones !e per3il English: pro3ile sections

Spanish: seg i!or English: 3ollower Spanish: seg n!a trama!a English: secon!ar9 beam Spanish: seg n!a trama!a English: secon!ar9 beam Spanish: semi@artic la!os English: semi@artic late! Spanish: semi@monta!o English: partiall9 assemble! Spanish: seDal4tica English: in3ormation signs Spanish: senti!o longit !inal English: !irection o3 the main beam Spanish: senti!o transversal English: !irection o3 the secon!ar9 beam Spanish: shower screen English: shower screen Spanish: si37n English: siphon Spanish: silencia!or English: m 33ler Spanish: sil eta English: silho ette Spanish: sin arriostrar English: witho t bracing Spanish: S(< #(SE/ English: <,+ #E.E/E& Spanish: sirga English: towline Spanish: sistema !e amarre English: 3i5ing s9stem Spanish: S(S+EA" &E "<0/")E English: +T(<* STS+EA Spanish: sistema !e blo8 eo

English: loc6ing s9stem Spanish: sistema !e enco3ra!o 00@X English: 00@X 3ormwor6 s9stem Spanish: sistema !e enco3ra!o horizontal English: horizontal 3ormwor6 s9stem Spanish: sistema !e enco3ra!o vertical English: vertical 3ormwor6 s9stem Spanish: sistema !e 3ijaci7n rpi!a English: 3ast 3i5ing s9stem Spanish: sistema !e rec peraci7n English: recovering s9stem Spanish: sistema piD7n@cremallera English: rac6 an! pinion s9stem Spanish: sistema rec perable !e enco3ra!o horizontal English: recoverable 3ormwor6 s9stem Spanish: sistemas !e protecci7n !e bor!e English: e!ge protection s9stems Spanish: sobrecarga English: live loa! Spanish: sobrecarga !e so English: live loa! Spanish: sobrevolar English: hanging over Spanish: soga 9 tizon English: stretcher an! hea!er bon! Spanish: solapamiento English: overlapping Spanish: solar English: lot Spanish: solri m English: solari m Spanish: sol!a!o English: wel!e! Spanish: sol!a! ra English: wel!ing

Spanish: sol!a! ra English: sol!ering Spanish: sol!a! ra por p ntos English: spot wel!ing Spanish: sol!a! ras English: wel!ing Spanish: solera English: sill Spanish: soler:a English: 3looring Spanish: soler:a English: 3loors Spanish: solicit ! !e prop esta English: re8 est 3or proposal Spanish: s7li!os se!imentables English: settleable soli!s Spanish: Soporte 3ijo English: 'i5e! s pport Spanish: soportes en 3orma !e 1 English: 1@shape! s pports Spanish: sostenibili!a! rbana English: rban s stainabilit9 Spanish: s bconj nto brazo@soporte English: brac6et@base 3rame s bassembl9 Spanish: s bestr ct ra English: s bstr ct re Spanish: s bs elo English: s bsoil Spanish: s cie!a! English: !irt Spanish: s jeci7n English: 3astening Spanish: s mi!ero English: !rain Spanish: s mi!ero English: sewer

Spanish: s per3icie !e trabajo English: wor6ing s r3ace Spanish: s per3icie enco3rante English: ?sh ttering 3ace> 3orm 3ace? Spanish: s per3icie enco3rante English: Sh ttering 3ace Spanish: s per3icie perimetral !e trabajo English: perimeter wor6ing s r3ace Spanish: s per3icie plana English: 3lat s r3ace Spanish: s per3icie ;til English: net area Spanish: S per3icies !e pare!es termina!as English: 'inishe! wall s r3aces Spanish: s perp esto English: p t on top Spanish: s stentaci7n English: s pport Spanish: tabica English: riser Spanish: tabi8 e English: partition Spanish: tablaestaca English: sheet pile Spanish: tablas !e so English: wor6ing loa! tables Spanish: tablero English: panel Spanish: tablero English: boar! Spanish: +"#/E$, #E+,'(/A English: #E+,'(/A 2/T-,,& Spanish: tablero contrachapa!o 3enolico English: 2l9woo! Spanish: tablero contrachapa!o 3en7lico tipo #eto

English: #E+, pl9woo! Spanish: tablero !e remate English: in3illing pl9woo!E in3illing boar! Spanish: tablero 3enolico English: 2l9woo! Spanish: +ablero tricapa English: 3 la9er pl9woo! Spanish: +"#/P< English: N-,,&O 2/"<K Spanish: +abl7n ma!era English: woo! plan6 Spanish: tablones !e obra English: woo! plan6 Spanish: taco !e clava!o English: nailing bloc6 Spanish: taco plastico English: plastic strip Spanish: tacos !e centraje English: positioning tabs Spanish: tacos !e ma!era English: woo!en 3iller Spanish: tala!ro English: !rill Spanish: tala!ro English: !rill Spanish: taller mecnico English: repair shop Spanish: tallista English: woo!carver Spanish: +amaDo English: Size Spanish: +amaDo !e malla English: Aesh size Spanish: tamiz English: sieve

Spanish: tamizar English: 3ilter Spanish: tapa metlica English: metal cap Spanish: tapes !e m roE cierres !e m ro English: b l6hea!s Spanish: tarea English: tas6 Spanish: techos English: ceiling Spanish: tech mbre English: roo3ing Spanish: t4cnicos !e aplicaci7n English: technician Spanish: teja English: tile Spanish: teja as3ltica English: asphalt 3iber glass shingle Spanish: teja!o English: roo3 Spanish: tejaroz English: small roo3 over a !oor or win!ow Spanish: telein!ica!or English: +. monitor Spanish: teleman!o English: remote control Spanish: tensa English: tight Spanish: tensi7n a!misible English: allowable stress Spanish: tensi7n m5ima English: ma5im m stress Spanish: tensi7n nominal English: rate! voltage Spanish: termo!inmica English: thermo!9namics

Spanish: termopar English: thermoco ple Spanish: termorreg la!or English: thermoreg lator Spanish: terrapl4n English: emban6ment Spanish: terreno English: terrain Spanish: tetra!i37n English: tetra!i3on Spanish: tija English: stem Spanish: tipo 1 English: t9pe@1 Spanish: tipolog:a English: t9polog9 Spanish: tira English: strip Spanish: tira!or English: !oor6nob Spanish: tira!or English: !oor han!le Spanish: tira3on!os English: screws Spanish: tirante English: beam Spanish: tirante @ t erca English: tie ro!@washer n t Spanish: tirante visera English: shiel! le!ger Spanish: tirantes English: tie ro!s Spanish: tirantes interme!ios English: interme!iate tie ro!s Spanish: toallero

English: towel rac6 Spanish: +,/E$"<0("S &E 2/"<(+1& English: '/"+<ESS +,/E$"<0ES Spanish: tolva English: hopper Spanish: toma English: inta6e Spanish: toma !e corriente English: o tlet Spanish: tonga!a English: levelE la9er Spanish: tono English: sha!e Spanish: tope English: ab tment Spanish: topes English: stops Spanish: tornap ntas English: cantilever Spanish: tornillo !e 3ijaci7n English: setscrew Spanish: tornillo !e mariposa English: b tter3l9 screw Spanish: +ornillo he5agonal ABB 5 TT English: Ce5agonal screw ABB 5 TT Spanish: tornillos !e cabeza avellana!a English: co nters n6 screws Spanish: torre !e cimbra English: shoring tower Spanish: torre !e toma English: inta6e tower Spanish: torre in!epen!iente English: in!epen!ent tower Spanish: torre libre en cabeza English: 3ree top tower

Spanish: torre m7vil English: mobile tower Spanish: torre s jeta en cabeza English: tower brace! on top Spanish: torre t mba!a English: tower l9ing on the gro n! Spanish: torres !e 6 patas English: 6 leg towers Spanish: torres !e apeo English: Shoring towers Spanish: torres !e apeo arriostra!os English: brace! shoring towers Spanish: torres en vertical English: vertical towers Spanish: torres enca!ena!os English: lin6e! towers Spanish: torres m7viles English: mobile towers Spanish: torres re3orza!as English: rein3orce! towers Spanish: torres t mba!as English: horizontal towers Spanish: trabajo !e campo English: 3iel!wor6 Spanish: trabajos !e e!i3icaci7n English: constr ction wor6 Spanish: +$"00(,< T 0,A2$ES(,< English: +E<S(/E "<& 0,A2$ESS(,< Spanish: trampilla English: trap!oor Spanish: trampilla English: hatch Spanish: transl;ci!o English: transl cent Spanish: transporta!or English: conve9or

Spanish: transversales English: transversals Spanish: tras!7s English: e5tra!os Spanish: +raslaci7n !e la Aesa English: table !isplacement Spanish: +$"S/"0(,< C,$(%,<+"/ English: ?horizontal !isplacement> movement? Spanish: +$"S/"0(,< .E$+(0"/ English: ?vertical !isplacement> movement? Spanish: trastero English: storage room Spanish: trata!o English: treate! Spanish: +$E2"&, English: 0/(A#(<* Spanish: +ring lo English: +riang lar g ssets Spanish: tring lo English: triangle Spanish: tri3sico English: triphasic Spanish: trincar English: lash Spanish: tr7cola English: p lle9 Spanish: t ber:a English: t bing Spanish: t ber:a English: piping Spanish: t bo ag jerea!o !el cabezal English: hea!Ms !rille! t be Spanish: + bo baran!illa English: han!rail t be Spanish: t bo !e arriostramiento

English: bracing t be Spanish: t bo e5terior English: o ter t be Spanish: t bo e5terior !el p ntal English: o ter t be o3 the prop Spanish: t bos costillares English: + b lar ribs Spanish: t bos !e arriostramiento English: bracing t bes Spanish: t erca English: n t Spanish: t erca c rva!o English: c rving n t Spanish: + erca he5agonal English: Ce5agonal n t Spanish: t erca mariposa English: wing n t Spanish: + erca ABB English: < t ABB Spanish: t;neles English: t nnels Spanish: mbral English: threshol! Spanish: 1ni7n !e j nta horizontal English: Corizontal joint Spanish: 1ni7n !e j nta vertical English: .ertical joint Spanish: ni7n en alt ra English: vertical joint Spanish: 1ni7n E ropea English: E ropean 1nion Spanish: ni7n herm4tica English: lea6 tight joint Spanish: 1ni7n lateral !e paneles English: panel=s lateral joint

Spanish: ni7n no r:gi!a English: non@rigi! joint Spanish: niones English: joints Spanish: 1niones laterales English: lateral joints Spanish: tillaje English: tools Spanish: valona English: plastic b shing Spanish: vlv la English: valve Spanish: vlv la !e cierre English: sh to33 valve Spanish: vlv la !e 3on!o English: base plate valve Spanish: vanitorio English: bath vanit9 Spanish: vano English: opening Spanish: vano English: ba9 Spanish: vanos English: spans Spanish: varilla English: bar Spanish: varilla !e 3ijaci7n English: 3i5ing ro! Spanish: .arilla !e 3ijaci7n vertical English: .ertical 3i5ing ro! Spanish: varilla plega!a English: bent ro! Spanish: vstago English: ro! Spanish: vecino English: resi!ent

Spanish: vela English: vertical waler Spanish: veloci!a! me!ia !el viento English: mean win! velocit9 Spanish: ventilaci7n English: ventilation Spanish: ventosa al vac:o English: vac m valve Spanish: verte!ero English: ! mp Spanish: verti!o English: ! mping Spanish: vest ario English: !ressing room Spanish: veta English: vein Spanish: veta English: strea6 Spanish: veta paralela a los soportes !e apo9o English: grain parallel to the s pports Spanish: viabili!a! English: viabilit9 Spanish: via! ctos English: via! cts Spanish: vibra!or !e ag ja English: vibrator Spanish: vibra!ores e5ternos English: e5ternal vibrators Spanish: vibrar English: vibrate Spanish: vi!a ;til English: se3 l li3e Spanish: vi!eoportero English: vi!eo intercom Spanish: vi!riar

English: glaze Spanish: vi!rio templa!o English: tempere! glass Spanish: viento !e servicio English: service win! loa! Spanish: viento !e trabajo English: wor6ing win! Spanish: viento lateral English: lateral win! Spanish: vierteag as English: 3lashing Spanish: viga !e primera trama!a English: main beam Spanish: viga riostra English: brace beam Spanish: .iga simple .A IV English: simple #eam .A IV Spanish: vigas a 5iliares English: a 5iliar9 beams Spanish: vigas #+A English: #+A beams Spanish: vigas !e "l minio English: al min m beams Spanish: vigas !e apo9o English: s pport beams Spanish: vigas !e c elg e English: !rop beamsE hanging beamsE hanging gir!ers Spanish: .(*"S &E 01E/*1E E< #,$&ES &E ',$)"&, English: hanging beam at slab e!ge Spanish: vigas !e ma!era English: woo! beams Spanish: vigas !e seg n!a trama!a English: secon!ar9 beams Spanish: .igas !e s spensi7n English: hanging beams

Spanish: .igas .A IV !e 2rimera trama!a English: main beam .A IV Spanish: vig eta English: small beam Spanish: vir ta English: shaving Spanish: .ista en planta English: +op view Spanish: .ista general English: *eneral view Spanish: vitrina English: glass cabinet Spanish: vivien!a !e protecci7n o3icial English: s bsi!ize! ho sing Spanish: vivien!a libre English: single 3amil9 home Spanish: vivien!a protegi!a English: state s bsi!ize! ho sing Spanish: vivien!a p;blica English: p blic ho sing Spanish: vola!izos English: cantilever Spanish: vola! ra English: blasting Spanish: volar el enco3ra!o English: cantilever assembl9 Spanish: vol tas English: scrollwor6 Spanish: .2, English: s bsi!ize! ho sing Spanish: 9eso English: plaster Spanish: zag n English: hallwa9 Spanish: zahorra English: san!9 gravel

Spanish: zanca English: stringer Spanish: %"2"+"S English: 'o n!ations Spanish: %apatas a cielo abierto English: ,pen air 3o n!ations Spanish: %apatas en e5cavaci7n English: 'o n!ations in trenches Spanish: zincar English: zinc Spanish: zona contacto English: contact area Spanish: zona !e captaci7n English: catchment area Spanish: zona !e montaje !e3initiva English: 3inal assembl9 area Spanish: zona noble English: p blic area Spanish: zonas !e la peri3eria !e la e!i3icaci7n English: perimeter b il!ing areas Spanish: zoni3icaci7n English: zoning Spanish: z nchos perimetrales English: e!ge beams Spanish: z nchos perimetrales English: perimetral beams