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CIS111 Computer Technologies Fall 2013 Mini Project #3: Internet Scavenger Hunt

Great Bay Community College Laura Smithson-Corl, !"unct Faculty

#sing your $est internet research s%ills, &in! the ans'ers to the &ollo'ing (uestions, an! also the #)L 'here you &oun! the ans'er* Be sure to +et , make a careful and critical examination of something) your source &or cre!i$ility* 1* -hat is the title o& the .iami /ice episo!e in 'hich Liam 0eeson 'as &eature! in 11234 Answer: When Irish Eyes are Crying -(S3E01) (1986) -e$site5 http566'''*im&!$*org6'i%i6Liam70eeson http566'''*im!$*com6title6tt03891316&ullcre!its4re&7:tt7o+7st7sm

2* Is the IB. Systems ;ournal a peer-re+ie'e! "ournal4 Answer : Yes -e$site5 http566research'e$*'atson*i$m*com6"ournal6r!!escr*html

3* -hat is the o&&icial language o& .a!agascar ,$esi!es French an! <nglish=4 Answer : Malagasy -e$site5 http566en*'i%ipe!ia*org6'i%i6Languages7o&7.a!agascar

8* -ho 'on the ca!emy 'ar! &or Best ctor in 11>9 an! &or 'hat mo+ie4 Answer :Yul Brynner won the Best Actor award in 1957 for The King and I . -e$site5 http566'''*im!$*com6e+ent6e+0000003611>9 http566'''*ropeo&silicon*com6oscars611>9-oscar-a'ar!-'inners6 http566'''*oscars*org6a'ar!s6aca!emya'ar!s6legacy6ceremony621th-'inners*html

>* In 'hat time ?one is @rague, C?ech )epu$lic4 Ao' many hours o&& G.T is it4 ns'er5 @rague, C?ech )epu$lic is in Central <uropean Time ,C<T= ?one* -e$site5

CIS111 Computer Technologies Fall 2013

Great Bay Community College Laura Smithson-Corl, !"unct Faculty

3* Ao' many stri%eouts !i! Charlie Aough ha+e in 11934 Answer: Charlie Ho gh !i! 81 s"ri#eo "s in 19$6% -e$site5 http566'''*$ase$all-re&erence*com6players6h6houghch01*shtml

9* -hat is the o&&ice num$er an! $uil!ing o& the CS#0 Auman )esources !epartment4 Answer: &he o''i(e n )*er o' "he CS+, H )an -eso r(es !")en" is (818) 6$$-/101 an! * il!ing is +ni0ersi"y Hall 161 -e$site5 http566'''-a!mn*csun*e!u6ohrs6 2* -ho 'as on the co+er o& Time maga?ine on pril 13, 11284 -hat is he hol!ing4 Answer: 2ill ga"es hol!ing 'lo..y !is# in his han!% -e$site5 http566$oo%s*google*com6$oo%s4 i!:B!CDGBhp0S CEpg:@ 292Elpg:@ 292E!(:co+erFo&FTimeFmaga?ineFonF prilF 13,F1128F$illFgatesF!is%Esource:$lEots:&B(T.(t%?8Esig:n8/>G+(a+@p29I?pC22H$" +)230Ehl:enEsa:BEei:8'pi#uG>Fpe28 D"CG'BgE+e!:0CCoI3 <' J+:onepageE(:co+erK20o&K20TimeK20maga?ine K20onK20 prilK2013K2CK201128K20$illK20gatesK20!is%E&:&alse 1* Ao' long must a cat that has $itten a person in -orlan!, -yoming $e con&ine! $y a +eterinarian4 Answer: -e$site5 10* -hat is the siLth line &rom Sha%espeareMs Sonnet 1014 -e$site5 11* -hat 'as the score o& the CS#0 $as%et$all game on 0o+em$er 21st, 20004 -e$site5 12* Ao' many calories are in a ser+ing o& .otherMs Gaucho coo%ies4 Ao' many coo%ies are in a ser+ing4 -e$site5 13* -hat is item J110133010>83 on e$ay4 -hat is its Buy-It-0o' price4 -e$site5 18* -hat !oes the %ey$oar! shortcut Ctrl F ,shi&t := !o in .icroso&t -or!4 -e$site5

CIS111 Computer Technologies Fall 2013 1>* Ao' many han!s are in a &urlong4 -e$site5

Great Bay Community College Laura Smithson-Corl, !"unct Faculty

13* -hat is the title o& @ro&essor -orlan!Ms thesis4 ,Aint5 I complete! it at CS#0= -e$site5 19* Ao' many !isli%es !oes the original Gey$oar! Cat +i!eo ha+e on Coutu$e4 ,approL= -e$site5 12* -hich has more ca&&eine per 12 o? ser+ing, Co%e Classic or Hiet Co%e4 -e$site5 11* -hat is the title o& .icroso&t Gno'le!ge Base article 1318334 -e$site5 20* CD# .#ST FI0H TA< FDLLD-I0G I0FD). TID0 D0LI0<N -hat is the name o& the ST FF mem$er 'ho is the Great Bay Community College IT Aelp Hes% Coor!inator4 ,a)e: 3ee 4enyon -e$site5 http566'''*great$ay*e!u64a0:>1Ea1:oo7technology

The Internet Scavenger Hunt project will demonstrate your ability to use visual and written communication skills to decipher instruction sets; use critical thinking and critical reading to anali e and define problems; study skills to research and manage deadlines; technical skills to understand and master relevant tools in software applications; and develop work force skills by working with real!world projects that are current in technology today"