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Researching Rhetorically: Enriching Students Research Processes and Uses of Sources in Their Writing
Please read: Joseph Bizups BEAM: A Rhetorical Vocabulary for Teaching Research-Based Writing (Rhetoric
Review, 2008, 27.1: 72-86).

Please bring: (1) A laptop computer, tablet, or smart phone from which you can access the Internet; (2) a hard copy
of a current research activity that you assign to students as part of a research project or paper. (If you dont currently teach a course in which researched writing is required, please bring an activity from a course youve taught in the recent past.)

10 minutes

Contextualizing the Issue: Students Use of Sources in Their Writing

Howard ( finds that students are not selecting authoritative, meaningful sources; they are not reading their sources carefully; they are not talking with and about those sources; they are not, in a word, engaging with the research, the reading, or the writing. Instead, they are quote mining simplistic, random sources that are apparently chosen by no more sophisticated criteria than that they are easy to read and that they are on the students topic. Howard, Rebecca Moore, The Background: Why We Need Data-Driven Research to Understand Plagiarism. Conference on College Composition and Communication, Atlanta, GA. April 7, 2011. Videotape of presentation available at

10 minutes

Introducing BEAM as an Instructional Strategy

Joseph Bizups BEAM provides instructors a means of discussing sourcesand writing from sourcesas a rhetorical act. This portion of the workshop reviews his framework and demonstrates implementation through an annotated bibliography activity.

30 minutes

Working Groups: Sharing and Innovating Using BEAM

Working from your own and your colleagues' activities, brainstorm as a group how your activities already encourage students to engage sources in the manner Bizup outlines. Then select one or two of the activities in your group and revise them to more fully employ BEAM and strategies for researching rhetorically. Document your thoughts, describe the kinds of revisions made, quote the revised portions of the

10 minutes

Reconvening: Reconsidering Students Processes of Research-based Writing

This final portion of the workshop will allow us an opportunity to review the meetingwords shared document, raise questions, and collaboratively venture answers to those questions.

Additional Information: Materials for the workshop may be accessed prior to the session at