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Bio, Weld and Scale Coupons



Bio Coupons

Scale Coupons Exposed Weld Coupon

Bio Coupon Assembly

Scale Coupons

Bacterial activity is a common source of In some oil and gas systems, solid corrosion problems. A wide range of deposits or scale must be monitored to bacteria such as Sulphate Reducing determine the need for pigging or other Bacteria (SRB), cause a variety of maintenance activities. As scale usually corrosion types and mechanisms. forms on cavities, it is also likely to form Monitoring of bacterial activity is on small sized holes. required for understanding and Scale coupons are similar to 3 strip evaluating the possibility of bacteria coupon, but have a series of different induced corrosion, and to control size holes. 3 strip scale coupons are bacterial activity by e.g. biocides. mounted in pair of two coupons on one The bio coupon assembly is a simple strip coupon holder (see above). and common tool for monitoring bacterial activity. The bio coupon assembly comprises a housing with 5 The strip weld coupon is a special type small coupons directly exposed to the of weight loss coupon, especially made internal environment of the pipe or for the monitoring of welds. The strip vessel. The assembly is mounted on a bio weld coupon is made from a piece of the coupon holder and retrieved at fixed actual weld, containing all parts of the intervals. Heat Treatment Zone. Bio coupons are used for analysis of Strip weld coupons are made in 3 layers caused by biological activity only. or 2 lengths, preferably depending on After retrieval, the coupons are placed the pipe diameter of the piece the weld in a specially designed airtight is taken from. The visual inspection of a container, and sent to a laboratory for weld coupon is important in addition to immediate analysis. Correct handling of weight loss measurements. the coupons after retrieval from the pipe Denne er lagt inn for f med reliable futura medium som font is required in order toachieve results.

Weld Coupons

Data sheet 114

Bio Coupon Assemblies

Bio coupon assemblies consist of coupon housing and 5 bio coupons. A coupon holder of fixed or adjustable length is required. The complete coupon assembly is a replaceable part.
Bio Coupon housing with 5 bio coupons Bio Coupon housing with 5 bio coupons Bio Coupon housing with 5 bio coupons

Exposed surface area is approx. 0.4 cm2 (0.06 sq. in.) per coupon. Coupons and coupon holders in other materials may be delivered on request.

ST 52-3N Duplex 6 Mo

Par t Number Part

13065-1 13065-2 13065-3

Coupon housing material PTFE. Bio Coupons in other materials can be delivered on request.

Strip Scale Coupons

Scale coupons are used for analysis of layers only. Scale coupons are not to be used in other than water systems.
3 strip scale coupon 3 strip scale coupon 3 strip scale coupon 3 strip scale coupon 6" strip scale coupon

Strip scale coupons should be avoided if pigging of line is required.

ST 52-3N AISI 1018 AISI 304 SS AISI 304L SS AISI 1018

73x22x3 mm 73x22x3 mm 73x22x3 mm 73x22x3 mm 152x22x3 mm

Par t Number Part

13636 13630 13631 13632 N/A

Other materials than given above can be supplied upon request, according to customers requirements. Mounting insulation is delivered with the scale coupons. Mounting screws are delivered with the strip coupon holder.

Strip Weld Coupons

Strip Weld Coupons are made from material supplied by the customer, or from welded pieces made according to the actual weld procedure and material. No standard Part Numbers are therefore applicable.
3 strip scale coupon 2 strip scale coupon

73x22x3 mm 51x22x3 mm


Par t Number Part


Exposed Area
33.9 cm2 21 cm2

Mounting insulation is delivered with the scale coupons. Mounting screws are delivered with the strip coupon holder.

Coupon Holders For Speciality Coupons

Strip scale coupons and strip weld coupons are mounted on standard strip coupon holders, while bio coupons are mounted on specific holders. See information about coupon holders in data sheet 112.
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Data sheet no. 114 08/03

Coupon holder length L is calculated by CorOcean in an easy, three step process. All necessary information is included on data sheet 112 (Coupons and Coupon Holders).