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Pet rewrite: 1. She gets bored when she has a maths class.

When she has a maths class she finds .. 2. My dad often gives me a lift to school. I am often . to school by my dad. 3. You can do a lot of things here. There are things you can do here. 4. He asked, how much is this book?. He asked how much .. 5. There were hardly any tickets left. the tickets had been sold. 6. Dianas score was better than Annes. Annes score was not .. Dianas. 7. I found it difficult to understand the text. I the text very well. 8. John said, I have heard that story before. John said he that story before. 9. This car belongs to my friend. This car is 10. You should take more exercise Why dont you.? 11. The postman gave me a parcel. I .. a parcel by the postman. 12. I think thrillers are more exciting than romantic novels. I prefer thrillers 13. Im not able to help you today. I . you today.

14. Childrens meals are free. Children .pay. 15. Theres a new menu daily. Theres a new menu . 15. Hot and cold dishes are included on the menu. The menu .. hot and cold dishes. 16. Family tables can be reserved. You . family tables. 17. Swimming is good for your health. Swimming keeps . 18. Air travel is faster than any other kind of transport. Air travel is the kind of transport. 19. There is great danger in driving too fast. Driving too fast is 20. Each course lasts two weeks. Each course is two weeks . 21. English is more useful than French. French is not English. 22. If I pass my test I can go out at weekend. I cant go out at weekend . I pass my test. 23. My friend is going to Italy and my brother is too. My friend is going to Italy and so .. 24. Why dont you buy a laptop? If I were you I .. a laptop. 25. I have more free time than Susan. Susan doesnt have .. free time as I do.

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