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Summer Reading Assignment 10th Grade

Name: ___Julie Hwang________ The House on Mango Street

Before returning to school next school year, you will need to read The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros and complete this assignment. This organizer is intended to guide your reading and focus your thoughts in preparation for the discussions, summer reading quiz and writing assignments you will engage in when you return in September. By carefully completing this assignment over the summer, you will be prepared to discuss the story in the fall, to take a summer reading quiz and to write an in class essay using your book and packet as the basis for your responses. SECTION 1: Setting Instructions! "speranza#s reactions to her physical environment often reveal aspects of her character. $hoose three large or small elements o Es!eran"a#s !hysical en$ironment %e.g., houses, neighborhoods, city, school, trees, concrete, windows& and trace them as they repeat throughout the novel. 'n the first column, write the quotations %with their page numbers& that describe your selected elements. 'n the second column, write a short analysis that explores "speranza#s reaction to the element. %hysical Element One: ((((()ouse((((((((( $oncrete *etail and +age ,umber
1. They always told us that one day we would move into a house, a real house and our house would have running water and pipes that worked (Cisneros 4) -speran.a was overall e)*ited when her parents talked a#out the dream house that they would one day get. +t%s a #ig dream and kind o" a stret*h "or them sin*e they%ve #een living in hard and un*om"orta#le *onditions/ however it was something she *ould look "orward to and hope "or. 0lso, the way that the nun "rom -speran.a%s s*hool said you live there? made her "eel un*on"ident and worthless. +t%s as i" she should have #een ashamed to live in su*h a home. The house gave her a *om"orting vi#e that "elt like home and she *ould 1ust tell that it resem#led 2e)i*o "or her own su#*ons*ious reasons.

+lease discuss "speranza#s overall reaction to the element!

. !the third "loor, the paint peeling, wooden #ars $apa had nailed on the windows so we wouldn%t "all out. &ou live there? (Cisneros ')

(. There was nothing a#out the house that looked e)a*tly like the houses + remem#er. +%m not even sure why + thought it (Cisneros 1,)

%hysical Element T&o: (((((($ars((((((( $oncrete *etail and +age ,umber

1. he drove up in this great #ig yellow Cadilla* The windows didn%t roll up like ordinary *ars. +nstead there was a #utton that did it "or you automati*ally (Cisneros 4).

+lease discuss "speranza#s overall reaction to the element!

-speran.a e)presses "as*ination to ni*e *ars/ however she doesn%t e)press envy o" ni*e *ars as she does with houses. 7he also never talks a#out a 8dream *ar%, unlike her o#session with 8dream houses.% 9owever, she does know that there are ranks #etween *ars as there are houses. -speran.a e)presses a 8yellow ta)i*a#% as a derogatory and low *lass *ar. The dead *ars represent "un and "reedom o" the monkey garden.

. &ou%re prettier than a yellow ta)i*a#, you know that3 (Cisneros 41).

(. 4ead *ars appeared overnight like mushrooms 5e"ore you knew it, the monkey garden #e*ame "illed with sleepy *ars (Cisneros 6').

%hysical Element Three: ((((((((((((((((( $oncrete *etail and +age ,umber


+lease discuss "speranza#s overall reaction to the element!


SECTION ': (emale Characters +lease examine the similarities and differences between "speranza and three other female characters in the book. -spects that a character shares with "speranza %ways in which they are alike& should be written in the left hand column. aspects that are unique to a character %ways in which the character is different from "speranza& should be listed in the right hand column.
Character )1 Name (((((((,enny((((((((((

As!ects Shared &ith Es!eran"a They both have the same laughter of /a pile of dishes breaking0 %12&. They also seem to have a connection in their way of thinking, for example they both seemed to find a simple music box from 3il#s store fascinating.

As!ects *ni+ue to this Character 'n "speranza#s eyes, ,enny is yet too young to understand the mindset of "speranza, and she could be described as a stubborn girl, and a girl with a mind that#s too far away from "speranza#s understanding.

Character )' Name (((((((4arin((((((((((

As!ects Shared &ith Es!eran"a "speranza and 4arin both want to go out of 4ango street. They want to go somewhere else where they may have a potentially better life.

As!ects *ni+ue to this Character 5nlike "speranza, 4arin chooses to wear makeup, and she also has a boyfriend. 4arin is also older than "speranza, and she has more interest in guys

Character ), Name -------Sally((((((((((

As!ects Shared &ith Es!eran"a "speranza and Sally both share small fantasies, or romances about how they want their future life to be like. Sally ultimately wants a boy and a life away from her father, while "speranza wants a nice house.

As!ects *ni+ue to this Character Sally has a father that beats her in fear that she will run away for a boy. -lso, she wears makeup and she leisurely talks with boys, even when she knows the consequences.

SECTION ,: .ood 3

.ood is the emotional effect that a text creates for the audience, the way the reader feels when reading a work. 't is the atmosphere that an author creates in a literary work with the intention of evoking a certain emotion or feeling from the reader. 4ood may be created by a combination of such elements as setting, diction, figurative language, and syntax.
Examples of Some Mood Words


amused awed bouncy calm cheerful chipper confident contemplative content determined dignified dreamy ecstatic empowered energetic enlightened enthralled excited exhilarated flirty giddy grateful harmonious hopeful hyper idyllic 6oyous 6ubilant liberating light hearted loving mellow nostalgic optimistic passionate peaceful playful pleased refreshed re6uvenated relaxed relieved satiated satisfied sentimental silly surprised sympathetic thankful thoughtful touched trustful vivacious warm welcoming


aggravated annoyed anxious apathetic apprehensive barren brooding cold confining confused cranky crushed cynical depressed desolate disappointed discontented distressed drained dreary embarrassed enraged envious exhausted fatalistic foreboding frustrated futile gloomy grumpy haunting heartbroken hopeless hostile indifferent infuriated insidious intimidated irate irritated 6ealous lethargic lonely melancholic merciless moody morose nauseated nervous nightmarish numb overwhelmed painful pensive pessimistic predatory re6ected restless scared serious sick somber stressed suspenseful tense terrifying threatening uncomfortable vengeful violent worried

Complete the graphi* #elow. Choose three vignettes "rom The House on Mango Street. 4etermine what mood is esta#lished in ea*h vignette. $rovide a *on*rete detail and *ommentary that support your interpretation o" the mood.

2uotation that re$eals mood

One sentence o commentary to e3!lains ho& the +uote establishes mood

Commentary? The Cuote shows how -speran.a is determined to leave 2ango street one day, "or she wants to grow out o" 2ango%s grasp.

2ood :ord ;;;determined;;;;; <ignette ;;;=ood#ye 2ango;; $age >um#er? ;;;11@;;; Auotation? Bne day + will say good#ye to 2ango. + am too strong "or her to keep me here "orever. Bne day + will go away.

2ood :ord ;;;disappointed;;;; <ignette ;;a real home;;;;; $age >um#er? ;;D4;;;; Auotation? 0h, yes, a home in the heart. + see a home in the heart. +s that it?

Commentary? The use o" itali*s in this situation *learly e)presses how -speran.a e)pe*ted so mu*h more than a home in the heart.

2ood :ord ;;;;e)*ited;;; <ignette ;;;*anteen;;;;; $age >um#er? ;;4(;;;; Auotation? The spe*ial kids, the ones who wear the keys around their ne*ks, get to eat in the *anteen. The *anteenE -ven the name sounds important.

Commentary? The use o" pun*tuation is used to support the e)*itement that -speran.a holds "or the *anteen.

SECTION 4: Cisneros# Style in 5.y Name6 7108119 $isneros writes in a style that can be considered prose %novel like&, but she also employs language devices frequently found in poetry. 7e read the chapter /4y ,ame,0 and find two examples of imagery, two examples

of connotation, and two examples of repetition and list those in the left hand column. 'n the right hand column, discuss how each example creates a specific mood. Concrete details o imagery Imagery is language that a!!eals to the i$e senses 7taste: touch: sight: sound: smell9; 1; /8ust like that, as if she were a fancy chandelier. That#s the way he did it# '; /'n "nglish my name means hope. 'n Spanish it means too many letters. 't means sadness. 't means waiting. 't is like the number. - muddy color. 't is the 4exican records my father plays on Sunday mornings when he is shaving, song like sobbing.0 <o& these e3am!les create a s!eci ic mood; 1; - chandelier is an ob6ect you treat with care, and that#s how "speranza#s great grandfather treated his wife. This quote represents how much "speranza#s great grandfather treasured his wife even if he forced her to come with him, setting a mood of determination. '; 'n this quote, "speranza is expressing her wishes for another name, while insulting her own name all the more. This sets a depressive mood of gloominess.

Concrete details o re!etition Re!etition is &hen a &ord or !hrase is re!eated;

<o& these e3am!les create a s!eci ic mood 1. The author emphasizes "speranza#s word of :it means# to differentiate the way society views her name and how "speranza herself views her name. 9. The author uses the word :wild# to accentuate how outgoing and different her great grandmother was compared to most other elderly people.

1. /'n english my name means hope. 'n Spanish it means too many letters. 't means sadness. 't means waiting.0
9. /' would#ve liked to have known her, a wild horse of a woman, so wild she wouldn#t marry.0 Concrete details o connotation Connotation is &hat a &ord suggests beyond its basic de inition; The emotions and images associated &ith a &ord; 1. /She looked out the window for her whole life, the way so many women sit their sadness on an elbow.0 9. /But in Spanish my name is made out of a softer something, like silver, not quite as thick as sister#s name...0

<o& these e3am!les create a s!eci ic mood 1. ;hen women look out the window with sadness, it connects with inner uncertainty. The uncomfortable feeling that one may have inside, but cannot outwardly express it the right way or at all. 9. - softer, silver like, and not quite as thick name makes the name seem elegant, light, and smooth like water coming off one#s lips. 't flows and it sounds beautiful.

SECTION =: %ers!ecti$e "speranza sees the world as both a na<ve pre teen and an insightful adult. $ite five %=& direct quotes that demonstrate "speranza#s na<vet> %innocent perspective& and five %=& events that demonstrate her insight %mature perspective&. 6

Quotes demonstrating Esperanzas navet 1. :hen + get #a*k, Cathy is gone like + knew she would #e, #ut + don%t *are. + have two new "riends and a #ike too. (Cisneros 1')

Quotes demonstrating Esperanzas insight 1. Hor the time #eing, 2ama says. Temporary, says $apa. 5ut + know how those things go. (Cisneros ')

. &eah, and you%re "oot "leas, that%s you Co*kroa*h 1elly &our mama%s frijoles (Cisneros (,)

. They think we will atta*k them with shiny knives. They are stupid people who are lost and got here #y mistake. (Cisneros ,)

(. Take them shoes o"" #e"ore + *all the *ops, #ut we 1ust run. (Cisneros 41)

(. +t%s not IFosa <argas%J "ault you know, e)*ept she is their mother and only one against so many I9er *hildrenJ are without respe*t "or all things living, in*luding themselves. (Cisneros 6)

4. 4o you like these shoes3 Fa*hel says yes, and Gu*y says yes, and yes + say, these are the #est shoes. :e will never go #a*k to wearing the other kind again. (Cisneros 41)

4. That%s right, + add #e"ore Gu*y or Fa*hel *an make "un o" her. 7he is stupid alright, #ut she is my sister. (Cisneros '@)

'. &ou would see me less and less and like me #etter. -veryday at noon my *hair would #e empty. :here is my "avorite daughter you would *ry, and when + *ame home "inally at three p.m. you would appre*iate me (Cisneros 44)

'. 5e*ause + am the oldest, my "ather has told me "irst, and now it is my turn to tell the others. + will have to e)plain why we *an%t play. + will have to tell them to #e Cuiet today. (Cisneros 'K)

SECTION >: (inal Analysis The House on Mango Street addresses numerous social issues such as housing, education, the environment, pre6udice, the treatment of women, poverty, and immigrant struggles. Select three %?& key social issues that are represented in the book, provide a brief explanation of how this issue is addressed in the story and two concrete details for each.
Social Issue: %o$erty <o& the issue is addressed: ;hen people who aren#t from the area come to where "speranza lives, they become frightened because the living environment is not to the standards of wealthy towns. The people also look very different and Concrete 0etails: 1; /Those who don#t know any better come into our neighborhood scared@ But we aren#t afraid. ;e know the guy with the crooked eye is *avey the Baby#s brother, and the tall one next to him in the straw brim, that#s 7osa#s "ddie A., and the big one that looks like a dumb grown man, he#s Bat Boy, though he#s not fat anymore nor a boy.0 %$isneros 9C& ';

Social Issue: Treatment o 1omen <o& the issue is addressed:

Concrete 0etails: 1;


Social Issue: <o& the issue is addressed:

Concrete 0etails: 1;


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