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April 2008

Appendix 12

Summary of the battles and campaigns in which British troops were engaged 1914-1919
1 This appendix sets out, in tabular form, the main operations, the groups of battles (ie those in which Armies were engaged), battles (in which forces not smaller than corps were involved), actions (those in which a division was involved) and lesser engagements which have been termed affairs. Capture is used to denote seizure after much fighting and occupation has been used to denote seizures without much fighting. Attack is limited to unsuccessful attack and defence to successful defence. The names used are official names but alternative names are also given in brackets. It should be noted that in some engagements allied troops also took part but the official names given by other Governments have been ignored. The groups of Battles are shown in block letters. The table is by theatres and then in rough chronological order, ie the operations are in chronological order but battles and subsidiary incidents may not be. Remember that the table is only a general guide and that from 23 August 1914 until approximately 25 September 1914 and from 21 March 1918 until 11 November 1918 there was much confused fighting in France and Flanders and that during the intervening period men were being wounded even in relatively quiet sectors. The location of the advanced medical units is only approximate and should be used for tracing only as a last resort. The list of locations is not exhaustive but is simply an indication of towns and villages comparatively near the location of various battles which, at the relevant time, had medical units stationed in the vicinity. In most of the great battles in France and Flanders the casualties spread beyond the sector periphery.

Eligibility and Entitlement Guide Volume 2

April 2008
Operations etc Battles, Actions etc Tactical Incidents Dates

Appendix 12
Advanced Medical Unit Amiens

I France and Flanders Arrival of BEF in France Battle of Mons with subsidiaries: Action at Elouqes Rearguard Action at Solesmes Retreat from Mons 23.8.14 to 5.9.14 Affair at Landrecies



24.8.14 25.8.14


Amiens Boulogne

Battle of Le Cateau Rearguard Affair at Le Grand Fayt Rearguard Affair at Etreux Affair at Carizy Affair at Nery Rearguard Action at Crepy en Valois Rearguard actions near Villers Cotterets



27.8.14 28.8.14 1.9.14 1.9.14 Boulogne Havre


First battle of Mame 1914 Advance to the Aisne 6.9.14 to 1.10.14 Battle of the Aisne 1914 with subsequent:

Passage of Petit 6-10.9.14 Mosin Passage of the Mame Boulogne And Passage of the Aisne and capture of Aisne Heights and Chemin des Dames 20.9.14 12-15.9.14 Havre

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April 2008
(1) Action on Aisne Heights (2) Action at Chivy 3-10.10.14 British troops moved from France to Flanders La Bassee - Ypres 26.9.14

Appendix 12

Antwerp (R Naval Marines) fell on 10.10.14

26.9.14 10.10.14

Arrival of Indian Expeditionary Force



Battle of La Bassee Flanders 10.10.14 to 22.11.14 First Battle of Messines 1914 Battle of Armentieres Capture of Meteren

10.10. 14 2.11.14

Bethune Vielle Chappelle

12.10.14 2.11.14

Bailleul Neuve Eglise

13.10.14 2.11.14 First Battle of Ypres 1914 (1) Langemark 1914 (2) Gheluvelt 19.10.14 22.11.14 2114.10.14 2931.10.14 11.11.14



Bailleul Hazelbronck

(3) Nonne Bosschen


Defence of Festubert


Bethune Chocques

Winter Operations

Lillers Merville Attack on Wytschaete 14.12.14 Poperhinge Bailleul

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April 2008
Defence of Givenchy Winter Operations First action of Givenchy Affairs at Cuinchy 25.1.15 2021.12.14

Appendix 12
Bethune Chocques Bethune

29.1.15 1.2.15 6.2.15

Bethune Sailly

Summer Operations

Battle of Neuve Chapelle


Bethune Estaires

Action at St. Eloi


Neuve Chapelle Poperhinge

Capture of Hill 60


Poperhinge Elverdinghe

Germans first use Liquid Fire Second Battle of Ypres 1915



Elverdinghe Poperhinge

(1) Gravenstafed Ridge

Chlorine Gas first used by Germans



(2) St Julien (3) Frezenberg Ridge (4) Bellewaerde Ridge Battle of Aubers Ridge Attack on Fromelles

24.4-4.5.15 8-13.5.15 24-25.5.15 9.5.15

Ypres Steenvoorde


Attack on Rue du Bois


Merville Battle of Festubert Second Action of Givenchy 15-25.5.15 15-16.6.15 Bethune Vendin Merville First attack on Bellewaerde 16.6.15 Poperhinge

Eligibility and Entitlement Guide Volume 2

April 2008
Actions at Hooge 19.7.15 30.7.15 9.8.15

Appendix 12
Bailleul Bazebrouck Westoutre Ypres Battle of Loos with subsidiaries British first use Chlorine Gas 25.9 8.10.15 Nayelles Aubigney

(1) Action of Pietre (2) Action of Bois Grenier (3) Second attack on Bellewaerde and subsequent attacks on the Hahenzollen Redoubt Phosphene gas first used

25.9.15 25.9.15

Bethune Merville, Aise

25 26.9.15 13 19.10.15 19.12.15

Poperhinge Bethune Lozengham

Actions on the Bluff Local Operations in 1916 before the Allied Offensive Ploegsteert Wood (Ypres) German attack on Vimy Ridge Actions at St Eloi Craters

14-15.2.16 and 2.3.16 27.316.4.16 13.5.16 Po;perhinge



Bruay St Catherine

Battle of Mount Sorrel Extension of British Line Take over of Arras Sector

213.6.1916 March 1916


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Appendix 12

Allied Offensive on the Somme 1.7.16-18.11.16

Battle of the Somme 1916 (1) Albert Capture of Mountauban Mametz, Fricourt, Contalmaison, Boiselle with subsidiary attack on Gommecourt salient (2) Bazentin Ridge with subsidiary attack at Fromelles and subsequent attacks on High Wood Capture of Lonueval, Trones Wood, Ovillers 19.7.16 20-25.7.16 Bethune Corbie Gazaincourt Bazentin 14-17.7.16 1.7.16 Amiens Corbie Gezaincourt Pouchevillers Querrieu

Allied Offensive on the Somme 1.7.16-18.11.16

(3) Delville Wood


Allonville Contay

Last Gas Cloud (ie from Cylinders) against British (4) Pozieres Ridge Moquet Farm



Allonville Contay

(5) Guillemont (6) Ginchy (7) Flers-Coucelette Capture of Martinpuich First use of tanks (8) Morval Capture of Combles, Lesboeufs, Gueudecourt

3-6.9.16 9.9.16 15-22.9.16 Albert


Corbie Doullens

Eligibility and Entitlement Guide Volume 2

April 2008
(9) Thiepval Ridge (10) Transloy Ridge Capture of Eaucourt LAbbaye, le Sars Attack on Butte de Warlencourt (11) The Ancre Heights Capture of Schwaben, Stuff Redoubts and Regina Trench (12) The Ancre 1916 Capture of Beaumont Hamel 1318.11.16 1.1011.11.16 1-18.10.16

Appendix 12


Albert Varennes

Operations on the Ancre 11.1.17-13.3.17

Action at Miraumont Capture of Thilloys Capture of Iries

17-18.2.17 Wariencourt Varennes

German Retreat to the Hidenburg Line (Siegfried Line) 14.3.17-5.4.17

Capture of Bapaume Occupation of Peronne


Aveluy Bray sur Somme

Allied Offensive At Arras 9.4.17-15.5.17

Battle of Arras 1917


(1) Vimy Ridge First Battle of Scarpe 1917

Capture of Monchy Capture of Wancourt First use of gas thrown by Livens projector by British


Aubigney Avesnes Doullens

(2) Second Battle of Scarpe 1917 with subsidiary attack on Capture of Guemappe 23-24.4.17

Eligibility and Entitlement Guide Volume 2

April 2008
La Coniotte (3) Arleux (4) Third battle of Scarpe 1917 Capture of Fresney with subsequent capture of Rouex and Oppy Wood Gavrelle 28-29.4.17 3-4.5.17 13-14.5.17

Appendix 12

Avesnes Doullens Doullens

- with flanking operations: (a) round Bullecourt 11.4.17 16.6.17

First attack of Bullecourt Battle of Bullecourt Hindenburg Line

11.4.17 3-17.5.17 20.5 16.6.17



(b) towards Lens 3.6.1726.8.17

South of Souchez River Capture of Avion Battle of Hill 70 Mustard gas used by Germans at Cambrai 26-29.6.17 15-25.8.17 12-13.7.17 Bruay Avesnes

Allied Flanders Offensive

Second Battle of Messines

Capture of Wytschaete


Mont des Oats Remy Siding (at Abeele) Dunkirk

7.6.17 10.11.17

German attack on Nieuport Third Battle of Ypres 1917 (1) Pilckem Ridge with subsequent capture of Westhoek


31.7 10.11.17 31.7 2.8.17 15.8.17

Bailleul Hazelbrouck Proven Popperhinge Ypres

(2) Langemarck 1917 (3) Menin Road (4) Polygon Wood

16-18.8.17 20-25.9.17 26.9 3.10.17 4.10.17 9.10.17 12.10.17

(5) Broodseide (6) Poelcappelle (7) First of Passchendaele (8) Second of Passchendaele


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April 2008
The Cambrai Operations 20.11.17 7.12.17 Battle of Cambrai 1917 Tank attack 2021.11.17 2328.11.17 30.12.17

Appendix 12


Capture of Bourion

Grevillers St Aubin

Wood German Counter attack With subsequent action on Welch Ridge German Offensive in Picardy 21.3.18-5.4.18 First Battle of the Somme 1918 (1) St Quentin action at Somme crossings (2) First of Bapaume (3) Rosieres (4) First of Arras 1918 (5) The Avre (6) The Ancre 1918 with subsequent (a) action at Villers Bretonneux (b) capture of Hamel German Offensive in Flanders 9.4.18-29.4.18 Battle of the Lys (1) Estaires First defence of Givenchy 1918 Loss of Hill 63 Defence of Hinges Ridge and Nieppe Forest Defence of Neuve Eglise



21-12.3.18 24-25.3.18 24-25.3.18 26-27.3.18 28.3.18 4.4.18

Varennes Amiens Varennes Amiens Doullens Amiens


4.7.18 9-29.4.18 9-11.4.18 Merville

(2) Third of Messines 1918


(3) Hazelbrouck


(4) Bailleul (5) First of Kemmel Ridge (6) Bethune Second defence of Givenchy 1918

13-15.4.18 17-19.4.18


St Omer

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April 2008
(7) Second of Kemmel Ridge (8) Scherpenberg with subsequent: (a) action at Le Bacque (b) capture of Meteren German Offensive in Champagne Counter attack in Champagne Third Battle of the Aisne 1918 25-26.4.18

Appendix 12



19.7.18 27.5-6.6.18

Second Battle of Marne 1918 (1) Soissonnais and Ourcq Attack on Buzany (28.7.18) and capture of Beugneux Ridge fighting for the Ardre Valley




(2) Tardenois


Advance in Picardy 18.8.18-3.9.18

Battle of Amiens with subsequent action round Damery Second Battle of the Somme 1918 (1) Albert 1918 (2) Second of Bapaume Occupation of Peronne Capture of Chuignes Capture of Mons St Quentin

8-11.8.18 15-17.8.18 21.8-3.9.18

Amiens Boves

21-23.8.18 31.8-3.9.18

Varennes Boves


Advance in Flanders 18.8.18-6.9.18

Action at Outtersteene Ridge


Breaking of the Hindenburg Line 26.8.18-12.10.18 including the pursuit to the Selle

Second Battle of Arras 1918 (1) The Scarpe 1918 Capture of Moncy-lePreux





(2) Drocourt Queant Line Battle of the Hindenburg Line (1) Havrincourt (2) Epehy


Beaurains 12.9.18 18.9.18


Queant Combles

Eligibility and Entitlement Guide Volume 2

April 2008
(3) Canal du Nord Capture of Bourlon

Appendix 12

(4) St Quentin Canal

Passage at Bellenglise and capture of Bellicourt Tunnel Defences

(5) Beaurevoir Line (6) Cambrai 1918 Capture of VillersOutreaux and Cambrai

3-5.10.18 8-9.10.18



The Final Advance Flanders 28.9.18 11.11.18

Battle of Ypres 1918 1419.10.18 25.10.18

Ypres Hazelbrouck

Battle of Courtrai with subsequent (1) action at Ootegham (2) action at Tiegham Artois 2.10.18 11.11.18




Capture of Douai

17.10.18 1725.10.18

Auby St Amand

Battle of Selle Picardy 17.10.18 11.11.18

Capture of Mount Houy Passage of SambreOise Canal



Battle of Valenciennes Battle of Sambre



Capture of Le Quesnoy With subsequent (1) Passage of Grande Honnelle (2) Capture of Mons II Dardanelles (Gallipoli) Helles Operation 25.4.15 8.1.16 Helles (1) The landing with subsidiary landing at Kum Kale (2) First of Krithia Capture of Sedd el Bahr 25.4-6.6.15 25-26.4.15 Cape Helles 5-7.11.18 11.11.18


Eligibility and Entitlement Guide Volume 2

April 2008
Actions at Eski Hissarlik (3) Second of Krithia with first action at Kereves Dere Affair at Gurkha Bluff Helles Operation 25.4.15 8.1.16 (4) Third of Krithia with second action at Keveres Dere Third action at Keveres Dere Action at Gully Ravine Fourth action at Keveres Dere Action at Achi Baba Nullah Action at Krithia Vineyard Affair at Krithia Nullahs Including the evacuation of Helles 7-8.1.16 Anzac and Suvia Operations 25.4.15 20.12.15 The last Turkish attacks Anzac 12.5.15 4.6.15 1-2.5.15

Appendix 12


28.6-2.7.15 30.6.15


Cape Helles




25.430.6.15 24-25.4.15 2.5.15

(1) The landing Attack on the Chessboard Affair at Quinns Post (2) Defence of Anzac Affair at Holly Ridge Defence of Walkers Ridge Sulva (1) Sari Bair Capture of Lone Pine Attack at Russells Top (2) The landing at Suvia Capture of Karakoi Dagh and Chocolate Hill

10.5.15 19-21.5.15 28.6.15 30.6.15

Anzac Cave

6-10.8.15 Suvia Bay


Eligibility and Entitlement Guide Volume 2

April 2008
(3) Scimitar Hill with subsidiary action at Hill 60 (Anzac) Including the evacuation at Suva and Anzac

Appendix 12
Attack on W Hill 21.8.15


III Italy Italian Offensive 1917

10 Battle of the Isonzo 11th Battle of the Isonzo 12th Battle of the Isonzo

The Stand on the Carso


17.812.9.17 24.1018.11.17 Canneto

The Austrian Offensive 1917 including the retreat to the Piave

Only British heavy artillery took place in the above battle

Mantua Montagnana

Austrian Offensive 1918

Battle of the Piave

Fighting on the Asiago Plateau

15-24.6.18 15-16.6.18


Italian Offensive 1918

Battle of Vittorio


Passage of the Piave fighting in the Val dAssa 1-4.11.18



IV Macedonia (Salonica) Retreat from Serbia on Salonica (Dec 1915) Doiran Operation Actions at Kosturino 7-8.12.15 Salonica Doiran

Affairs at Horseshoe Hill Action at Machukovo Action at Karajakois including the capture of Yenkoi Affair at Barakli Jumaa


1916 Operations in the Struma Valley (1916 1918)




1917 Offensive

Doiran 1917 (Vardar)

24-25.4.17 8-9.5.17


1918 Offensive

Capture of Roche Noir Salient



Eligibility and Entitlement Guide Volume 2

April 2008
Doiran 1918 (Monastir) 18-19.9.18

Appendix 12

22-30.9.18 Including the pursuit to the Strumitsa Valley


V Egypt and Palestine Defence of the Suez Canal Actions on the Suez Canal Affair at Qatia 26.1.15 12.8.16 Operations in Sinia Peninsula 15.11.16-16.9.17 Offensive in Palestine First battle of Gaza Second Battle of Gaza Third Battle of Gaza Capture of Beersheba and Sheira Position 26-27.3.17 17-19.4.17 Rafah El Arish Battle of Rumani Affair at Magdhaba Action at Rafah 3-4.2.15

23.4.16 4-5.8.16 23.12.16 9.1.17

Suez Ismailia Ismaillia Port Said Suez 8.11.17 13.11.17 14.11.17 Deir el Balah

Affair at Huj Action at El Murghar with subsequent occupation of Junction Station and Jaffa

Jerusalem Operations 17.11.17 30.12.17

Battle of Nebi Samwil

1724.11.17 7-9.12.17 2122.12.17


Capture of Jerusalem Defence of Jerusalem with subsidiary Battle of Jaffa Jordan Valley Operations 19.2.18 4.5.18 Capture of Jericho Passage of the Jordan First action at Es Salt First attack on Anman

Junction Stn Jaffa

19-21.2.18 21-22.3.18

Jerusalem Lydda (Ludd)

24-25.3.18 27-30.3.18 Jerusalem

Eligibility and Entitlement Guide Volume 2

April 2008
Turkish attacks on Jordan Bridgeheads Second attack at Es Salt Local Operations Action at Tel Asur Affair at Abu Telul The Final Offensive Megiddo (1) Sharon (2) Nablus Actions beyond the Jordan Capture of Anman Capture of Deraa Capture of Damascus Including pursuit through Syria Affair at Haritan with occupation of Aleppo 26.10.18 23-30.9.18 11.4.18

Appendix 12


Ram Allah

8-12.3.18 14.7.18 19-25.9.18 Jaffa Ram Allah

25.9.18 27.9.18 1.10.18

Ram Allah

Jerusalem Damascus

VI Mesopotamia Basra Operations 6.11.14 14.4.15 Landing at Fao Affair at Salihan Affair at Sahil Occupation of Basra First action at Qurna Affair at Ahwaz Affair at Shaiba Battle of Shaiba 6.11.14 15.11.14 17.11.14 22.11.14 4-8.12.14 3.3.15 3.3.15 12-14.4.15 Basra

Advance up the Tigris 31.5.15 5.10.15 with subsidiary operations on the Karkha River 7.5 3.6.15

Second action at Quma Occupation of Amara Battle of Kut 1915 Affair at Khafajiya


3.6.15 28.9.15 13-16.5.15 Amara

Eligibility and Entitlement Guide Volume 2

April 2008
Advance up the Euphrates 27.6 25.7.15 Actions at Nasiriya 5.7.15 13-14.7.15 24.7.15 Advance on Baghdad 11.11 6.12.15 Battle of Cresiphone 2224.11.15 1.12.15

Appendix 12


Affair of Umm at Tubul

Defence of Kut

The Christmas Eve attack

7.12.15 28.1.16 4.1-24.4.16


Attempts to relieve Kut First attempt 4-23.1.16 Action at Shaikh Saad Action at the Wadi First attack on Hanna Second attempt 7-10.3.16 Third attempt 1-24.4.16 Attack on Dujaila Redoubt Action at Falahiya and capture of Hanna First attack on Sannai-Yat Second attack on Sanna-i-Yat Action at Bait Aissa Third attack on Sanna-i-Yat Capitulation of Kut


13-14.1.16 21.1.16 8.3.16

Amara Basra






17-18.4.16 22.4.16


Euphrates Operation

Affair at Butaniya Action at As Sahilan

14.1.16 11.9.16

Basra Nasiriya

Operations for the Capture of Baghdad and subsequent consolidation

Battle of Kut 1917 Capture of Kadari Capture of Hai Salient Capture of Dahra Bend

9.1-24.2.17 9-19.1.17 25.1-5.2.17 9-16.2.17 Basra

Eligibility and Entitlement Guide Volume 2

April 2008
Capture of Sanna-iYat Passage at Shumran bend Passage of the Diyala Occupation of Baghdad Action at Nushaidiya First Action at Jabal Hamrin Affair at Dali Abbas Affair at Dogame Affair at Nahr Khalis Passage of the Adhaim Action at Istabulat Occupation of Samarra Affairs on the Shattal-Adhaim Euphrates Operations 1917 - 1918 Attack on Ramedi Capture of Ramedi Action at Khan Baghdadi Occupation of Ana Blockade of Najaf 17-24.2.17

Appendix 12


7-10.3.17 11.3.17

14.3.17 25.3.17

27-28.3.17 29.3.17 9-15.4.17 18.4.17


21-22.4.17 23-24.4.17



11-14.7.17 28-29.9.17 26-27.3.18 Baghdad Basra

28.3.18 1-13.4.18


Tigris Operations 1917

Second action at Jabal Hamrin Action at Tikrit

1820.10.17 24.10, 2.11 & 5.11.17 3-6.12.17 Baghdad Basra Nasiriya

Third action at Jabal Hamrin Kirkuk Operations Action at Tuz Khumatil



Eligibility and Entitlement Guide Volume 2

April 2008
Advance on Mosul Action at Fatha Gorge 2324.10.18 25.10.18

Appendix 12

Action on the Lesser Zab Battle of Sharqat

Tikrit Baghdad

2830.10.18 30.10.18 3.11.18 Baiyai Mosul

Affair at Qaiyara Occupation of Mosul

VII North Russia Murmansk Operations Seizure of the railways

Disarmament of the Bolshevicks as far as Soroki

29.6.18 12.10.18 29-30.6.18

Operations in Karelia

Capture of Ukhtinskaya Capture of Voknavolotskaya Action near Pyavozero Lake




Winter Operations

Occupation of Rugozerski Capture of Segeja Transfer of Troops to Archangel Front


18.2.19 Feb April 1919 11.4.19 3.5.19 Murmansk

Advance to Lake Onega

Capture of Urosozero Capture of Maselskaya Occupation of Povyenets Capture of Medvyejya Gora



Lake Onega

Capture of Kyapeselga Flotilla Actions

5.7.19 5.6.19 3.7.19 2.8.19 28.8.19 27.8.19

Withdrawal Operations

Action at Svyatnavolotski Capture of Lijma


Eligibility and Entitlement Guide Volume 2

April 2008
The Evacuation 1-12.10.19

Appendix 12

Archangel Operations Seizure of Ports and initial advance Capture of Archangel

1.8.18 27.9.19 1-2.8.18 Affair at Chunovskaya 3.8.18 Affair at Puchuga 24.8.18 Affairs at Obozetskaya Actions at Chamova 12-14.9.18 Affairs on the Yemtsa River Affair at Seletski 11.10.18 Affair near Chekuevo 1217.10.18 16-29.9.18 31.8 4.9.18

Defensive Operations (a) on the Onego River and the Vologda Railway

Affairs at Klashevo 27.12.18 Affair near Bolshi Ozerki Defence of Bolshi Ozerki 17.318.4.18 22-23.7.18 Archangel

(b) between the Vologda Railway and the Dvina River

Affairs at Tarasova 25-29.1.19 Attack on Kadish 7.2.19 Defence of Stredmekhrenga 8-11.2.19

(c) on the Dvina and Vaga Rivers

Affair at Tulga 1113.11.18 Defence of Shenkursk 16-25.1.19 Affairs round Vistavka 1-10.3.19 Affair at Ignatyevskoe 26.6.19

(d) on the Pinega River

First affair at UstPocha 1-2.6.19 Battle of Troitsa 10.8.19 Affair at Yemtsa 29-31.8.19 Second affair at UstPocha The Evacuation 4.9.19 27.9.19

Withdrawal operations

Eligibility and Entitlement Guide Volume 2