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Ivn Daro Vanegas Gmez

Practice 4. NESTLE. Check the company website NESTLE (, revise the contents of 3 countries: a European country, an African country, a country in North America or a country in South America. Justifiably answer the following questions: - What are the most relevant differences of Nestle strategy in the different markets? Colombia
-In Colombia Nestle has developed a strategy based on connection and communication with the customer through the social networks. The company obtains information through these digital media and offer products according their needs. -The digital strategy has allowed Nestle create a close relationship with its target and knows how successful can be a new product. -Groceries, cooks, Coffee, dairy products and others food products are sell in Colombia by Nestle. For example in the case of cereals, the company focused on the body care with a Fitness line. Many of them are standardized products with small changes to adapt to the market. Finally, Nestle is growing in sales and expanding its portfolio in the country due to the purchasing power of

-The company is making deals and partnerships with local companies to improve its market knowledge and know how. -Nestle is trying to mix its experience in premium chocolate segment with brands such as Perugina, Baci, Nestl Noir and Cailler with the know how to expand its products. The European market in general is coming back to the price war and Nestle is focused on keeping its market share. Nestle is reducing its prices and offering promotions to keep its part of the market.

South Africa
-The strategy of the company in this country is related with obtain market share of this emerging market. They are investing in production capacity and offering their Popularly Positioned Products. Its main strategy is to sell products made in Africa with affordable prices to low income population. All those investments are focused on getting cheaper costs in the supply chain and constructing a new distribution way that in the same time contribute to improve the social condition of the population.

the population is growing so well. They are investing money to develop innovation in their new products and reducing costs through the technological improvement.

- What vision of internationalization develops? Nestle has developed in its international strategy a Geocentric orientation. It is because they keep their own standards but in the same time they adapt their strategy according the market. For example the cereal is almost the same in all the countries. They keep standardized brands like Milo, but there are other like Fitness designed to specific markets and needs. It is a strategy to adapt a new market and mixing extension and adaptation elements. - What is the added value of the brand? Do you think it's the same in all markets? The added value of Nestle is related with a balance among Quality, innovation, tradition and prices according with the product. Besides, the company develops social practices in places where it operates. Not only do they add value for the final customer, they also have community activities to create society value.