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IMPORTANT NOTES -This device is produced for assisting automotive locksmiths.

-Before using device, read the user manual carefully. -Avoid strokes to device and accessories. -Avoid device and accessories contacting with water and conductive liquids. -Use only original accessories. -After using device unplug power adapter. -Do not use device under high electromagnetic field. -Use the device in a sturdy, dust-free, well-ventilated place. -Updated user manuals will e availa le at we . MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING

-After using device, unplug all accessories and keep them in the package. -Do not place heavy materials on the package. -!eep package in room conditions. -"lean the device with soft and dry piece of cloth. -#f a pro lem occurs do not disassem le the device. "ontact your local distri utor or device manufacturer. ACCESSORRIES 3

"omplete package

$ed-BU%% security login card

&" Us ca le

&ower Adapter

%ighter Adapter

Transponder o'

SPECIFICATIONS D#()*+#,*+ /idth 4eight Depth /eight )'ternal &ower +upply "urrent &ower consumption Adapter Type T)"4*#"A% D)TA#%+ Transponder =requencies "ommunication #nterface Temperature range

4 -.. 0 0 0 0 123 mm 123 mm .53 mm 5,6 kg .557135 8 9 357654: A" ..; mA .,53 /att <-.1 8 D" -.1

.13 -.>- !h: U+B and +erial &ort -3 " to -5"


$ed-BU%% is a friendly automotive locksmithing tool, it has een developed for all range of automotive locksmiths from eginners to advanced. #t?s ease in use, technical support and unique properties makes it a powerfull device in the market. %et?s take a look what $ed-BU%% can do. #t can identify all transponders used in autmotive industry, copy all fi'ed coded transponders, copy some of -5, all -., all -1, unlocked --@8AAB, all -3 and all -D transponders. Also it can copy all type of Te'as -" transponders to atteryless T&C. transponder, all type of -D transponders to atteryless T&C1 or +ilca )lectronic heads. #t can prepare transponder from ))&D,( or ("U datas of car, which directly starts the car or ready to match with diagnostic devices. #t can calculate pin code from ))&D,(, ("U, 8#* num er or key data of the car for some car models. Device is supported with &" software, where user can find usefull informations a out transponders and matching car models and remote programming procedures. +toring unlimited@limited with &c harddrive capacityB customer information to data ase is another advantage of $edBU%% &" +oftware. $ed-BU%% &" +oftware also has all functionalities of the device itself such as reading, identifying and cloning transponder. $ed-BU%% &" +oftware is capa le of reading and writing to new generation &hilips 4itag 1 crypto transponders. ,ne of the most usefull feature of the &" +oftware is transponder production application. User can prepare their own transponders such asE .., .1, .>, -", >>, -5, -., -1, -- 8AA, -- (itsu ishi, -3, -6, 6., 61, 63 and ;> for diagnostic devices. $ed-BU%% has got token system, which is free of charge .when device is turned on, efore logging in, num er of tokens, .6 digit device serial num er, device software version, device applications information @$BFrefers to $edBU%% which is consisted of transponder cloning functions, ) refers to )eprom application, T refers to Transponder production application are displayed on the $ed-BU%% screen.

Tokens are loaded as in the steps elowF .."hoose 3th choice@settingsB in the main menu.

1."hoose -th choice@%oad &" tokenB in the settings su menu.

>.Device will give ,utcode, outcode should e sent y e-mail to tokenGistan as a reply of this e-mail user will get #n code, this #n code should e entered carefully and correctly to the device, if #n code is entered wrong repeatedly 3 times, device will want new #n code. #f #n code is entered correctly, tokens will e loaded to the device.

,r, tokens are loaded directly y &" software, -+ettings su menu is selected. -Dequest outcode utton is clicked. -)-mail adress of the user is entered. -+end utton is clicked. -As a reply an #ncode will e sent to the email address entered -#n code should e entered carefully to the #ncode o'. -)nter #n code utton is clicked. #f successfull token will e loaded to the device. #f not successfull, &c software will give an error message H#nvalid #ncodeI, then user should check and enter the #ncode again. All connections of $ed-BU%% are shown in the picture elow.

After &ower switch of the $ed-BU%% is turned on, user should put the +ecurity login card on the antenna. Unless +ecurity login card is put on the antenna at start up, the $ed-BU%% functions won?t work, &ressing utton HDI allows to try logging in again. The +ecurity login card is put on the antenna as in the picture below;

+creen at start up

+creen at login card error

+creen at successfull login

#f user looses or has pro lem with security login card, local distri utor should e contacted immediately. =unctions of the key pad uttons are descri ed in the figure elow.

All the functionalities of $ed-BU%% such as, transponder identification, transponder cloning, transponder production, )eprom and (cu applications, &c +oftware are upgrada le, it is possi le to improve fuctionalities of $edBU%% with new developed technologies. Zed-BULL MENU 6

TDA*+&,*D)D #D)*T#=#"AT#,* 6.. This menu is used for reading and identifying transponder. Transponder #D, transponder logic, lock status and car type for some models are displayed on the $ed-BU%% screen. Also for Denault >> transponders, pin-code of the car is diplayed. UsageF #nsert customer key to the $ed-BU%% antena and &ress HDI utton on $ed-BU%% keypad or use up and down arrow to highlight choice . on main menu and press enter@right arrowB.

An important point isE while reading the transponder, #t should e put on the antenna perpendicular. +ee pictures elow.

$ed-Bull screen displays of some of identified transponders are as elow.

TDA*+&,*D)D "%,*#*A 6.1 This menu is used for duplicating transponders. UsageF #nsert customer key to the $ed-BU%% antenna and highlight choice 1@"lone chipB on main menu and press enter@right arrowB.

press HDI utton on $ed-BU%% keypad, transponder details will e displayed on the screen,

The details of the chip will e displayed on the screen. *e't, you will press the H/I utton. +uitable transponders to write onto will be displayed on the Zed-BU screen remove customer key from antenna and insert suita le transponder. +elect

the transponder type

y pressing the listed num ers on the display.

After transponder type is selected and enter utton is pressed the following e'pressions will e seen on $ed-BU%% screen.

transponder cloning process is completed. #f transponder needs to e cloned with &" software , H"opy with &" +oftwareI e'pression is displayed on the screen. All -D transponders are cloned to +ilca )lectronic 4eads @)41B or J(A atteryless T&C1 transponders with $ed-BU%% -D client &" software.

"opying -D transponders is possi le only with $ed-BU%% "lient &" +oftware. User must connect to server to copy -D transponders. $ed-BU%% &" +oftware connects to the server and gets neccessary datas to write on to electronic key. User should choose correct communication port, car manufacturer, car model and model year, if these informations are not selected correctly, copy operation will e successfull ut in order to reduce the copying process time, these informations should e selected correctly.


After informations are selected, copy utton is pressed, "onnection test will e done automatically and if it is successfull transponder pages will e read to e send to server. The message elow will e displayed.

/hen this message is displayed, user must remove the original key from $edBU%% antenna, other wise, $ed-BU%% will try to write on to original key and it will cause data corruption with the original transponder. server will give appro'imate time for copy process, when user confirm the given time, copying process will start.


#f user wants to end process efore it is completed HDisconnectI utton should e pressed. After server makes the calculation datas will e written to transponder automatically, if user wants to write second or third key HwriteI utton is pressed to write the datas to transponder. "opying process is completed. *oteFTo copy -D transponders user should use a &" which has internet connection. TK&#*A TDA*+&,*D)D DATA (A*UA%%K 6.> #f customer transponder data is present, it is possi le to type these datas manually using $ed-BU%% keypad. #n main menu highlight choice > using up and down arrows and press enter.

Type of transponder will e asked to user. Using up and down arrows choose transponder type that you want to write data.

&ress enter, using key pad type the datas manually and press enter. Use up and down arrows to choose the type of transponder that the datas will e written into. =inally press H/I utton to write datas to the transponder.

An important point is that the data entered manually, must include valid

information for the ..,.1,.> and -" type transponders. Before writing process starts, $ed-BU%% checks the validity of the data and informs the user if the data is non-valid. =or e'ampleF #D .. F should have at least . H3=I yte in data string. #D .1 F should have at least . H".I yte in data string. #D .> F should have at least H.... .... '''' '''.I it string in data string. #D -" F "rc calculation must e valid for the data string. T)+T#*A 6.This menu is used for checking whether key has a working transponder inside or not. UsageF

#i$hli$ht choice 4 usin$ up and down arrows and press enter%

/hen there is transponder inside the key HTDA*+&,*D)DI e'pression will e displayed on $ed-BU%% screen, if there is no transponder inside the key only HT)+TI e'pression will e displayed on the screen for some seconds and main menu will e displayed ack.



This menu is used for choosing device language, updating device, getting device info and loading device token. UsageF 4ighlight choice 3 using up and down arrow and press enter, for language selection highlight choice . and press enter, language options will e displayed on the screen. 4ighlight your language using up and down arrows and press enter selected language choice is now activated. Use )sc utton to

return ack to main menu.

Update =irmwareF /hen user wants to update device this choice should e selected. The loader version and the serial num er is displayed on the screen. To quit this menu device needs to e re started.Detailed information of firmware update is descri ed in the &c software settings su menu.

Device #nfoF /hen this su menu is selected #nformation a out device such asF serial num er, version, apllication information, device token is displayed on the screen.

%oad Device TokenF %oad Device Token su menu should e choosed in settings menu. #n main menu highlight 3th choice@settingsB using up and down arrow and press enter, highlight choice -@%oad Device TokenB and press enter. Details a out loading token is descri ed in Aeneral features section @section 3B. VAG PIN READER 6.6

8AA &in "ode reader automatically e'tracts the pin code of the car for 8AA group. Adapter side is connected to the ,BD of the car and the other side is connected to $ed-BU%%.

$ed-BU%% 8AA &in Deader .-"hoose 6th choice@&in "ode DeaderB from main menu.

,BD ##

1-&ress enter, H/aiting for (oduleI e'pression will e displayed on the screen.

>-&lug the &in reader adapter to the ,BD ## connector. The device will e'tract the pin code automatically and will e displayed on the screen. #f e'tracting is unsuccessfull, U*+U"")++=U%% e'pression will e displayed on the screen. --#f pin reading is unsuccesfull try the steps from . to > again.

OVERVIEW OF PC SOFTWARE $ed-BU%% &" software is used for ))&D,( and ("U applications, transponder production, 4itag 1 reading and writing, storing customer information, getting informations a out transponders and matching car models, key-fo programming procedures, distri utor contact details. Transponder reading and writing can e oth done with or without &" software. +oftware +etupF Dou le click on the setup.e'e icon and install the software. After

installing software, with the U+B ca le given, connect $ed-BU%% to &" using any of the U+B ports. "lick on $ed-BU%%.e'e to run the software. *oteF to use the software .*)T framework@minimum version >.3B should e installed in your &". (A#* ()*U ;..

#n this menu all settings must e done correctly in order to use the software. "hoose language and com port. "licking HDefresh &ortI utton will show the possi le communication ports that $ed-BU%% using. After choosing correct com port, click on connect utton, if connection fails, an error message will e displayed, if connection is succesfull all uttons will e active. #n main menu window, normal read write operations are done, when HD)ADI utton is clicked, the transponder identification is displayed on the software window. /riting to transponder is done in 1 stepsE first the transponder type to write onto is choosen later H/D#T)I utton is clicked. Transponder informations are added to data ase after clicking on HADD T, %#+TI utton.

,n ottom left side status ar gives information a out the e'isting process. /hen process is completed the ar ecomes totally lue. )CT)*D)D =U*"T#,*+ ;.1

%eft side of the window is reserved for ))&D,( and ("U applications. &icture of the immo o' and suita le adapter of the #" programmer is displayed on left ottom side. Details of the selected module is displayed on the te't o' Lust elow the selected module. /hen #" programmer adapter picture or immo o' picture is clicked igger picture of each is displayed on another window, the #" that must e removed from oard, is marked with red u le. +ee the pictures elow.

The ))&D,( or ("U of the selected module is read with #"


&rogrammer. =ile with H. inI or H.datI e'tension is selected using open file utton from the e'act location of the file in &" hard drive. After choosing the correct file choose the format correctly, if the output file of the #" programmer is 2 its use 2 it format, if the output file of the #" programmer is .6 its use .6 it format. "hoosing wrong format will cause corrupted data and calculated datas will e wrong. To programme transponder, place the correct transponder to the $ed-BU%% antenna and click on utton Hprogramme transponderI ))&D,( M ("U A&&%#"AT#,*+ ;.1.. The )eprom M (cu application list is given in Appendi' A. As long as new solutions are o tained num er of the applications will e increased soon, new applications will e added to software with new updates. #mportant *otesF -User must use e'ternal #" programmer to read the )eproms and (cus. -The pictures of the #" programmer in $ed-Bull &c software is for rand ,mega-(trk #" &rogrammer. -,mega-(trk #" &rogrammer covers all the applications in the list and we suggest this programmer. But user is free to use any of the #" programmers in the market. -According to the features of #" &rogrammer, all the )eproms and (cus might need to e desoldered from immo oard. =or most of the #" programmers in the market )eproms and (cus must e desoldered from immo oard. -/hile desoldering the )eproms and (cus, user must e very carefull, since the pins of the )eproms and (cus are thin, they might e roken if not disoldered slowly and properly. -/hen an )eprom or (cu is read with #" &rogrammer, we strongly recommend user to save a copy of the original )eprom or (cu data file. /hen a pro lem occurs while using the file , copy of the original file will e still holding the needed datas and might e used for recovery. -The )eprom or (cu must e soldered ack in the same direction when it is desoldered. -/hile soldering ack the )eprom or (cu, user must e carefull against unwanted short circuits etween pins. -/hile reading motorola (cus, removing the security of the (cu is suggested. #f the (cu is read without removing the security, all the

informations might e deleted for some (cu types. +o user must e carefull a out this detail while reading (otorola (cus. -+ome non-original #" programmers in the market might delete )eprom and (cu datas while reading. Using original #" programmers is suggested. -/hile desoldering the )eprom or (cu, user must e careful a out not desoldering the neigh our components on the immo oard accidentaly. -=or B(/ applications, user must e careful a out the key num er. /hen customer wants spare key, the original customer key should e read and the key num er should e noted@$ed-BU%% is a le to show key num er when readB. #n the &" software window proper key num er should e selected.

To make key which directly starts the car for the modules ..,.1, and .2 few additional steps required. The prosedure is as elowF .-Desolder the )eprom or (cu from immo oard. 1-Dead )eprom or (cu with e'ternal #" &rogrammer. >-+ave the file with H. inIor H.datI e'tension with any name and to any location as you wish. --,pen the file that you saved, using the $ed-Bull &c +oftware, insert the suita le transponder to the antenna and click the Hprogramme transponderI utton on $ed-BU%% &c +oftware, precoded transponder is prepared. 3-Do not remove the transponder from antenna, press H"reate #mage =ileI

utton on )'tended =unction (enu. +ave the file with different name such as H.....image. inIor H....image.datI in order not to overwrite on to the previous file. 6-Using the #" programmer write the file that you saved to the eeprom or (cu of the immo oard. The process is completed. The tranponder will start the car directly.

&D)&AD#*A TDA*+&,*D)D DATA


Dight top side of the main menu window is reserved for preparing data for ..,.1 temic, .> megamos, -" te'as and >> renault transponders from eeprom ytes. This feature is added to the software for professionals. #f the location of ytes that is related with transponder data is known this feature is used. The eeprom ytes are written and key data is calculated. This calculated data can e written manually to transponder. &reparing random data, and unlocking -2 megamos crypto transponder is also availa le in this su menu. 4KU*DA# !#A &#* ",D) "A%"U%AT#,* Dight ;.1.>

ottom side is reserved for 4yundai-!ia pin code application.


4yundai and !ia pin code is calculated from last 6 digits of the 8#*. =or 4yundai, calculation is not valid for num ers eginning with H5I, for !ia all num ers are valid. TDA*+&,*D)D &D,DU"T#,* ;.>

This menu is used for preparing transponders to use with diagnostic devices. Transponders that can e produced with this menu is listed elowE -5 opel, -. nissan, -1 8AA, -- (itsu ishi, -- 8AA, -3 &eugeot, -6, 6., 61,63 and ;> (itsu ishi. /hen transponder type is selected key num er options are displayed on the same window under transponder type options area. Both transponder type and key num er must e selected efore clicking the utton Hproduce transponderI. Transponders with different key num ers can e programmed to same car. The Blank transponder to use is shown in Ded Lust over the Hproduce transponderI utton ,n the right side of the window according to the selected transponder type matching car models are displayed.

4#TAA 1


#t is possi le to edit latest generation transponder hitag 1 with $edBU%% &c software. &ages of hitag 1 transponders can e oth read and written with $ed-BU%% and $ed-BU%% &" +oftware. +oftware shows transponder type, transponder mode, frequency mode, transponder pages and transponder configuration its to the user and can e edited y the user. TDA*+&,*D)D "ATA%,AU) ;.3


#n transponder catalogue su menu, user finds usefull informations a out transponders and matching car models. #nformation a out the #" type in immo o' of the car is also given for most of the car models. !)K-=,B ;.6

&rogramming key fo s manually is descri ed step y step in this su menu. ,n the left side of the window, car type is selected and on the right side of the window programming procedures are displayed in a te't o'. DATABA+) ;.;


Unlimited num er of customer information can e stored in data ase section of the &" software. /hen a customer whose information e'ists in the data ase comes again, using recorded information, it is possi le to make key. D#+TD#BUT,D+ ;.2

4ere user will find contact details of $ed-BU%% distri utors around the world. +)TT#*A+ ;.<

#n this menu user can load token and update the device. %oading token is descri ed in Aeneral =eatures section with details."licking the utton H+erial num er-versionI, user can learn the device serial num er and version of the software. /hen user wants to update the device, update file is loaded using Hopen fileI utton and selecting the correct update file for the device and HUpdateI utton is clicked. Device starts updating it self. The status ar shows the percentage of the process. #mportant noteF /hen user wants to update device for additional applications such asE )eprom M (cu applications or transponder production applications and other applications uploading oth $B& and $B" file is required. /hen

user wants to update $ed-BU%% for new versionE only $B& file needs to e uploaded to $ed-BU%%. User should contact local distri utor for $B" and $B& files. +teps for updating $ed-BU%%F .-"hoose Update =irmware choice in +ettings su menu.

1-The device will e in loader mode. The screen display should e as elow.

,r directly from &c software user may click Update (ode utton to get the device to loader mode. 4ere user should upload $B" or $B& file using pc software "lick open file, load $B" or $B& file, and finally click update utton. >.After uploading $B" file user may restart the device and end updating or upload $B& file if updating to newer version is required.

Device is restarted turning off the power switch.




/henever user has pro lems or questions this su menu can e used. An e-mail will e sent to the manufacturer company directly.




N+TA*BU% )%)!TD,*N! A*A4TAD AO8. +N+. +A*. TN". %TD. PTN. ADD)++F 4,"A U8)K$ (A4. 8ATA* "AD. *,F-5 A =ATN47N+TA*BU%7TOD!NK) &4,*) F55<5 1.1 61. 3;<> =AC F55<5 1.1 61. 3;<6 )-(A#% FinfoGistan supportGistan !!!."#$%&'()%&%*$%+.,-. OCTOBER 1552

Eeprom & MCU Applications
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Fiat, Fiat, Opel immo2 Siemens immobox !reco(e( .ranspon(er !in .ranspon(er /or rea(4 to start Co(e $ia#nostic t%e car A"tomatic mo("le reco#nition $etaile( immo box pict"re $etaile( immo boar( pict"re



VW, Seat immo2 Siemens immobox

VW, Seat immo3 Valeo immobox

Fiat, ancia,Citroen,!e"#eot $elp%i immobox

Opel immo& Siemens immobox


'on(a, Ac"ra Me#amos immobox

'on(a, )o*er Valeo immobox

ancia imm++&,+& ma#neti marelli immobox


ancia imm&&+,+& ma#neti marelli immobox

Merce(es Sprinter, Vito, V- *olt .emic immobox


Fiat, Al/a )omeo,

ancia ma#neti marelli immobox


Fiat, Citroen co(e2 $elp%i immobox

VW,S0o(a,Seat immo& Siemens immobox

$ai%ats" &11232+++

$ai%ats" 2+++32++&

)ena"lt, $acia Sa#em immobox


)ena"lt Siemens


ancia, Al/a romeo $elp%i immobox

!e"#eot, Citroen, Valeo immobox

.o4ota Corolla &112311 2152+3&2+6+)7338.9

Vol*o immo3 8osc% immobox


22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44

.o4ota Corolla 8osc%




.o4ota 9aris 2

.o4ota Corona

)ena"lt a#"na 2


Merce(es Actros, Ate#o .emic immobox

)ena"lt Me#ane 2


Al/a )omeo Co(e2 8osc% immobox


Mits"bis%i 8osc% immobox

8MW e-s&

8MW e-s2

8MW e-s3

7*eco $ail4, 7*eco .r"c0 8osc% immobox



)ena"lt a#"na Valeo immobox

Al/a )omeo, 7*eco 8osc% immobox

S":"0i S-i/t

.o4ota Corolla 2+++

Vol*o, Mits"bis%i carisma 8osc% immobox

.o4ota Corolla 2+++32+++2 $elson

;issan, S"bar" Siemens immobox

!e"#eot motorbi0e Marelli immobox

)ena"lt Sa#em immobox


!e"#eot <+6 Siemens immobox

!e"#eot 2+6 Siemens immobox


45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55

A"(i $elp%i immobox


!e"#eot, Fiat,

ancia, Citroen .exton immobox

C%r4sler S=7M immobox


Ma:(a 323 .emic

S":"0i >rant *itara

!e"#eot, Fiat, Citroen

.o4ota a*ensis

;issan Siemens immobox?;A.S3<@

Vol*o 8osc% immobox

$ae-oo immobox

Opel is":" immobox