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WRAS approved brass and cast iron check valves

and a full range of water tools from a simple stop tap key for
home use to metering solutions for contractors & utility companies.
0844 381 4909
Standpipe use within Thames Water region
Warning 1,000 Minimum Fine
Using an Unregulated Standpipe in the Thames Water area like any other area within the U.K is an
offence under section 174 (3) of the Water Industry Act and will lead to prosecution.
People who out the requirement to extract water in a legal & regulated manner unduly impact
upon the bills of all water consumers as well as potentially compromising water pressure and quality.
Detection of such illegal users is an extremely high priority and has resulted in convictions that apply
a mandatory minimum ne of 1,000 plus associated water and court costs that can rise to a total
cost of over 3,000.
Dont run the risk!
Obtaining a legal standpipe is as easy as 1,2,3
1. Water Licence
Obtaining a User Licence rst and foremost is essential and is based upon the likely
amount of water users may require on a daily basis. The licence fee is required to
be paid in full prior to the issue of any subsequent standpipe.
Low User: Less than 1 m / day
Average User: 1 to 10 m / day
High Demand: 10 to 20 m / day
If demand is likely to exceed 20 cubic metres per day a special agreement
is required.
2. Which Standpipe
We will seek wherever possible to ensure that we match the ideal
standpipe demanded by the requirements of your application
Bore Size: Standard 20mm for most everyday applications
Larger Bore 40 / 60mm units for high velocity /
volume requirements
Height Options: Standard 1.5m overall height or reduced
height unit 1m
Outlet Options: Single or Twin tap / Claw Coupling / 2 Outlet
(20mm unit only)

3. Rental Period
The weekly cost of renting a standpipe reduces accordingly in favour
of long term users
Short Term User: 1 week to 13 weeks maximum - standard rate
Medium Term User: 13 weeks to 51 weeks maximum - discounted rate
Annual User: 52 week pre-paid yearly contract - super discounted rate
Page 3
castings for the
water industry
Page 4
lifting keys and
extension spindles
Page 5
mechanical valve
box cleaner
Page 6
stop tap keys
Page 8
cast iron double
& single check
Page 9
brass check
Hoses & Couplings
range available)
Aluminium Standpipe
with 2 1/2 Aluminium
Check Valve
Keys & Bars
(complete range)
Lid Lifters
& Keys
(complete range)
Valve Extension
(varying sizes)
False Cap
Fire Hydrant
(to BS 750)
Contractors Standpipe
with Check Valves
Hydrant Extension
Piece (varying lengths)
False Tops & Caps
(complete range)
Sounding Keys
& Stop Taps Valve Box
Reducing Valve Air Valve
Cast Wheels
(full range available)
Gate Valve
(to BS 5163)
Spring Loaded
Check Valve
(full range)
Distance Pieces
(varying lengths)
Page 10
Product line
Page 11
Page 12
surveying & safety
Page 7
hose and
Page 13
tool & equipment
castings for the water industry
Water Services now manufacture a wide range of castings and machined products in iron, brass and
aluminium for use throughout the water industry. These include Valve False Tops in all sizes, Hydrant
Blanking Caps, Screw Caps, Shut off Caps and a complete range of cast aluminium accessories for
the standpipe.
The Water Services team are totally equipped for the production of individual and bespoke castings
and machined ttings, and will fabricate to the customers own specications and drawings.
All iron is cast to engineering Grade 220 cast iron BS1452. Aluminium is cast to LM4, LM6 and LM25
heat treated to TF conditions.
AQ20-1 Valve False Top 3 /4 19mm
AQ20-2 Valve False Top 13/16 21mm
AQ20-3 Valve False Top 7/8 23mm
AQ21-1 Valve False Top 1 25mm
AQ22-1 Valve False Top 1.1/8 28mm
AQ22-2 Valve False Top 1.1/4 31mm
Drg No. Description Key Below A
Imperial Metric
Valve False Top Hydrant Extension
Standard male
taper to BS 5163 up to
600mm valves.
Hydrant Blanking Cap
AQ19 - 1 AQ9 - 4
lifting keys and extension spindles
Water Services complete range of hand forged grid lifting tools now includes 6 basic designs.
The range of lifting keys is specically designed to meet the needs of todays water industry. This latest
range currently comprises three standard handle styles and three different key ends, all of which are
available in standard and heavy duty gauge. These tools are all manufactured with a 12 or 18 inch
reach but this can vary according to customer requirements.
Standard triangular handle lifting key AQ6 - 3
Heavy duty triangular handle lifting key AQ6 - 4
Standard T handle lifting key AQ - 13 - 1
A complete range of valve extension spindles are available in stock lengths from 6 to 48. Custom
lengths can be manufactured to suit customer requirements. All Water Services extension spindles
conform to BS 5163 and are welded to relevant British standards and epoxy powder coated.
AQ14 - 6
AQ14 - 9
AQ14 - 12
AQ14 - 15
AQ14 - 18
AQ14 - 24
AQ14 - 36
AQ14 - 48
A variety of forged ends currently
available in this new range of tools.
mechanical valve box cleaner
In response to customer demand Water Services has expanded its range of standard forged tools
to include this selection of valve box cleaners.
These new tools have been designed to clear gullies and awkward cavities of debris and
hazardous materials such as glass and hypodermic needles.
Though simple in design these valve box cleaning tools offer a most effective method of clearing
an area before inspection or maintenance work begins.
The tool, once lowered into the valve box, uses two jaws, being opened and closed remotely by
means of a lever at the top of the tool. This allows potentially lethal and often concealed debris to
be removed quickly and efciently, in compliance with todays health and safety guidelines.
Water Services valve box cleaning tools are manufactured in 1m & 1.5m lengths as standard with
any head conguration, custom lengths can be manufactured to suit customer requirements.
stop tap keys
Standard tap key: AQ 3/1
This key is designed for use with 1/2, 3/4 & 1 single vane stop taps.
Multipurpose: AQ 3/3
This key does the same as the standard tap key, but is also designed to work with
most round tap heads.
Crutchless (self grip): AQ 3/2
This key has a friction based self gripping mechanism and is suitable for most
crutchless stop tap applications.
Crutchless (spring grip): AQ 3/4
This key has a spring loaded self grip jaw, that is reversible for clock and anti-clock
torque. This key is suited to most crutchless stop tap applications.
Water Services latest range of stop tap keys (pictured above) is comprised of one standard tap key,
one multipurpose key and 2 crutchless (self gripping) keys.
This selection of Water Services tools are suitable for most tap maintenance applications,
explained above.
All these tools are manufactured with a 4 foot reach but this can be varied according to
customer requirements.
The T Bar handle tted to the cur-
rent range of stop tap keys can
be made from standard gauge
(12mm) or heavy gauge (16mm)
hoses & couplings
Water Services are now offering a new range of hoses and ttings for use in the allied water and
re industries. Listed below are some of the most popular industry standard hoses available.
These and many others are available in varying lengths and diameters.
HOSES available for most applications: Wash down & General purpose, Fire, Irrigation & Potable
Water situations (WRC approved), with diameters ranging from 19mm to 150mm & up to 200m in
length, with working pressures up to 40 bar.
COUPLINGS for the needs of modern industry: McDonald, Bower, Camlock & Instantaneous,
manufactured in many different materials including plastic, aluminium, brass, galvanised &
stainless steel.
Assembled hoses and couplings can be mated using Wire Binding, Bandit, Crimped or Strap &
Bolt, depending on the particular working demands.
AQ12 - 1 AQ12 - 2
AQ12 - 3
Water Services maintain a policy of continual product development and as such reserves the right to
vary in detail.
Available with compression or BSP parallel female ends, Water Services valves help eliminate the risk
of contamination through backow in a wide range of central heating and water service installations.
Single check valves can, for example, be used to prevent backow in central heating systems, to
protect the mains water supply during the regeneration cycle of water softeners or be installed
downstream of water meters to protect upstream mains from backow. Water Services double check
valves are suitable for ensuring the lling of primary heating circuits meets the requirements of Water
Byelaw 14. Double check valves are advisable where a hose is connected to a hose union bib tap
and should be installed as close to the tap as possible.
Water Services single and double check valves are available with compression ends in 15mm, 22mm
and 28mm sizes and with BSP female threaded ends in sizes from 12 to 2. Double check valves
incorporate a 14 BSP centre test point.
Water Services valves have compression ends manufactured to BS 864 Part 2 and female parallel
BSP ends manufactured to BS 21. Both single and double Water Services valves comply with the
requirements of BS 6282 Part 1 and are UKWFBS listed.
Water Services valves operate efciently for uids
up to a maximum temperature of 100C at a
maximum pressure of 16 bar. Refer to BS 864
for limits for compression ends.
Water Services single and double check
valves manufactured from DZR alloy
provide installers and speciers with high
performance, cost effective valves for the
prevention of contamination through
backow and back siphonage by allowing
uid to ow in one direction only.
The valves have many benets, including
silent operation, low pressure loss and a
spring loaded mechanism allowing the valve
to close without back pressure.
single & double check valves
Flow chart for single check valves Flow chart for double check valves
Hoses & Couplings
range available)
Aluminium Standpipe
with 2 1/2 Aluminium
Check Valve
Keys & Bars
(complete range)
Lid Lifters
& Keys
(complete range)
Valve Extension
(varying sizes)
False Cap
Fire Hydrant
(to BS 750)
Contractors Standpipe
with Check Valves
Hydrant Extension
Piece (varying lengths)
False Tops & Caps
(complete range)
Sounding Keys
& Stop Taps
Valve Box
Reducing Valve Air Valve
Cast Wheels
(full range available)
Gate Valve
(to BS 5163)
Spring Loaded
Check Valve
(full range)
Distance Pieces
(varying lengths)
product line
ePRESSURE AutoBox System Our Software wwMeter
Water Quality Sensor
will read PH, residual chlorine,
turbidity, pressure and flow.
Worlds first remote tester.
Readings within minutes.

Accurate data and waste
water billing domestic or
Epressure, pressure sensor,
flow, data logger, level
recording, temperature,
alarm sensors
telemetry & remote control,
on/off, pressure reducing, level,
flows, data logger. A control unit
in one simple box
Remote Monitoring, Control
& Configuration
Web-Based Server or Clients
Based Server remote access
from any device
Full asset management system
for all your assets ,viewable on
web maps
Internet or SMS Alarms
Live History, Reports and
Statistics instantly

We Design And Manufacture:
Software with integrated M2M,
telemetry and remote control
capabilities for utilities, oil &
gas and OEM markets
Accurate web based water billing
systems and products
The Future of Instrumentation through
Innovative Products and Tailored Solutions
Surveying & Safety equipment
Water Services customers are also able to benet from a range of associated equipment offered by
Survey & Laser the specialist surveying & site safety equipment division of Supply U.K. Hire Shops.
Whether you are simply looking to accurately locate underground services or actively work within
conned space or hazardous underground environments we are guaranteed to have the equipment
needed to ensure the safety of both your work and workforce.

249/01 Rescue Tripod & Winch
201/01 10 Minute Escape Set
216/03 Gas Detector (4 Gas)
215/01 Full Escape Set
213/01 Fall Arrest Block
222/01 Full Body Harness
230/01 Lifeline
238/01 2 Way Radio (Each)

Site Safety:
203/01 Cable Locator
217/01 Signal Generator
203/02 RD4000 Cable Locator
217/02 RD4000 Signal Generator
217/03 Sonde
204/01 Signal Clamp (Mains Con)
245/01 Inspection Camera
205/01 Cobra Wheel 100m
205/02 Cobra Wheel 150m
205/03 Cobra Wheel 200m
217/04 Flexitrace 50m
233/01 Metal Detector
234/01 4 Pipe Laser
234/02 6 Pipe Laser
229/01 Auto Site Level
246/01 Digital Level
250/01 Electronic Theodolite
244/01 Self Level Rotating Laser
220/01 Dual Grade Rotating Laser
211/01 Total Station
252/01 Robotic Smartnet
Tool & Equipment Hire
Supply U.K. Hire Shops operate a comprehensive hire eet of equipment for use within a variety of
utilities, civil engineering and construction activities. A local branch network is able to offer a prompt
and reliable response to equipment hire requirements often with the most minimal of notice.
To appreciate the full range of products available from Supply U.K. Hire Shops why not visit us at www. or request a copy of our trade catalogue containing 180 pages packed full of tools &
equipment as well as a comprehensive range of sales and consumables items for your every need.
For tool & equipment hire
call Supply U.K
0870 6000 998
View our full range of equipment at
Pumps Barriers & Fencing Breakers Concreting
Lifting & Handling Cutting & Sawing Compaction Power Generation
Terms and Conditions for the Use of Standpipes
1 Under no circumstances shall a Metered Standpipe be used
on any hydrant marked as a 'fire hydrant' (FH).
2 The Metered Standpipe will be no larger than 2.5" (60mm) in
diameter. The size of Standpipe will be agreed at point of
Licence Application.
3 Standpipes used to take water from wash out (WO) hydrants
must be to Thames Water specification and can only be
provided by Supply U.K. Water Services (Supply U.K. Hire
Shops Ltd.). Any Standpipe in use that has not been obtained
from Supply U.K. Water Services and is therefore not an
approved Standpipe, will be deemed as use without consent
and further action will be taken as referred to in paragraph 16
(iii) below.
4 Any party found to have been tampering with the Metered
Standpipe in any way, will be subject to further action including
the immediate withdrawal of the licence without a refund of the
5 Each registered Standpipe will be fitted with a backflow
prevention device in the form of a BS6282 double check valve.
6 Standpipes and attached equipment must be kept in a clean,
well-maintained condition and disinfected prior to being
connected to a wash out hydrant. All Standpipes and attached
equipment must be properly maintained in order to minimise
the risk of contamination, backflow and water leakage.
Damaged and worn equipment must not be used. You may be
required to show Thames Water your schemes of ensuring
Standpipes are disinfected prior to use.
7 Water taken from a wash out hydrant must not be used for
drinking or food preparation and should not be allowed to run
to waste.
8 The user shall be responsible for the cost of repair of any
damage caused to the wash out hydrant or associated
apparatus while connecting, using or disconnecting the
9 The user shall comply with requirements of the New Roads
and Street Works Act 1991 and any requirements of the
highway authority when using a Standpipe on a wash out
hydrant in a street.
10 Thames Water will not accept liability in respect of any loss or
damage caused to the property of any person or persons
wherever situate by reason of the use or operation of the wash
out hydrant or Standpipe, or in respect of any injury suffered
by any person or persons by reason of the use or operation of
the wash out hydrant, Standpipe. The user, by signing the
"Application for a Metered Standpipe" form, agrees to
indemnify Thames Water against all actions, claims,
damages, or demands which may result in respect of any such
loss, damage, or injury.
11 Thames Water and any Fire Authority retain the right to
remove any Standpipe or asset from the water network at any
time and for any purpose. Thames Water will not be liable for
compensation claims in relation to a loss of use of supply
following the removal of the apparatus.
12 Where a Standpipe(s) is being used on the same site for more
than one month, the customer is required to apply for a
temporary or permanent metered supply for that site.
13 Any breach of these terms and conditions may result in action
being taken against the Agreement holder irrespective of who
was operating the Standpipe at the time of the breach. t is the
Agreement holder's responsibility to ensure that the terms
and conditions are complied with at all times. Metered
Standpipes can not be sub let to other companies or
contractors. f a metered Standpipe is found to have been sub
let to a third party, action will be taken, where necessary,
against the Agreement holder only who has agreed and
accepted these terms and conditions.
14 You will be required to take meter readings on a monthly basis
and telephone the reading to Supply U.K. Water Services on
0844 3814909. Action may be taken where a party fails to
comply with their obligation to do so.
15 Metered Standpipes contain a line strainer (filter) which must
be maintained and kept clean. The hirer and operator of the
Standpipe will be liable for any costs incurred to Supply U.K.
Water Services /Thames Water as a result of damage to the
metered Standpipe or hydrant
16 Thames Water reserves the right to:
(i) nstruct the user not to use any specific wash out hydrant;
(ii) Terminate any consent or agreement should the user be
in breach of any of these terms and conditions;
(iii) nstigate prosecution proceedings pursuant to Section
174(3) of the Water ndustry Act 1991 in respect of water
taken in contravention of these terms and conditions, the
Water Regulations or any drought orders that may be
imposed. Thames Water reserves their rights in full to take
any such action; and
(iv) Audit company vehicles using Thames Water wash out
hydrants to ensure all terms and conditions are met.

Operating Hydrants
When attaching a Standpipe
Clean out the hydrant pit of any debris
Spray the hydrant and Standpipe with disinfection spray (e.g.
Do not apply any bending or sideways load to the Standpipe
Operate the spindle at arms length
Always open and close the hydrant in a slow and controlled
Flush the hydrant to clear the connection point
Do not cross thread the outlet
Visually inspect the Standpipe to confirm it is fitted correctly
Do not stand directly over the hydrant
f any hydrant fails in operation, please report to Supply U.K.
Water Services immediately
Tel : 0844 381 4909
Email :