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Lin 1 Edward Lin Mrs. Bozzuto Gifted English 10/26/12 Floating Down the Ri er !

a"ed Life# $he %ournal of %i" The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn& '( Mar) $wain %i" is one of the essential *hara*ters in the 'oo)& The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn+ %i" is a dri ing for*e of the "ain ,lot and has a hu"ongous influen*e o er the a*tions of the "ain *hara*ters. -h(si*all(& %i" is a runawa( .fri*an sla e who is rather strong. Mentall(& he is a 'elie er of s,irits& wit*hes& and other ,aranor"al 'eings and o'/e*ts. %i" runs awa( to %a*)son 0sland so he is not sold '( his owner. $here& he "eets 1u*)le'err( Finn& who is on his own ad enture. .,ril 16& 1230 04" %i"& and in here 0 a" going to write whate er ha,,ens until 0 *an tell "( *hildren. 0 guess this will 'e a /ournal of so"e sort& 'ut this ain4t no diar(& 5*ause onl( little girls write the". 1ow4s an( n66666 li)e "e s4,,osed to stand all this7 04" so "ad toda(& 0 feel li)e 0 should go hit so"ethin4. M( owner& that ni*e ol4 Miss 8atson alwa(s treat "e so )ind& not li)e all those other her sla es 0 hear a'out. 0 hear how the( 'een whi,,ed& *ut& 'ruised& and 'eaten& 'ut Miss 8atson ne er done nothin4 wrong to "e. But& last night& a sus,i*ious loo)in4 "an *a"e to Miss 8atson4s door (esterda(& and 0 hears 5e" tal)in4 5'out selling "e for eight hundred dollars7 9he 'een so ni*e to "e and ne er whi,,ed "e& 'ut nothing *an sting li)e that7 0 )now that she *an4t resist the "one(& so 0 /us4 run awa( to %a*)son 0sland. 0 *an onl( ho,e no'od( sees "e o er here.

Lin 2 9o"ethin4 else toda( also ha,,ened to "e toda(. 0 was ,rowlin4 around the island& and findin4 so"e wood+ 0 return to "( *a", and start 'urning the wood. 9o"e while later& 0 was /us4 sittin4 around& and all of a sudden& 1u*) Finn& that dead *hild 0 heard a'out& 'urst out of the woods. 0t s*ared "e so "u*h& that 0 heard "( heart *o"e out "( *hest7 0 s*rea"& :Doan4 hurt "e& don4t7; so loud& 0 was afraid so"eone would *at*h "e7 <$wain 31=. But& he e>,lains how he wasn4t no ghost and how he es*a,es fro" his dadd(4s wood sha*) in the forest and how he ended u, here. 1e treats "e to so"e dinner& so"ethin4 to *al" "( growlin4 sto"a*h with& and e en agrees to hel, "e es*a,e7 .fter a long night& we finall( get to slee, so"e. .,ril 21& 1230 Me an4 1u*) ha e 'een so 'us( that 0 ha en4t gotten a *han*e to e en s*rat*h a little 'it on this ,a,er. .*tuall(& 1u*) was the one 'usiest& sin*e 0 was l(ing down si*) "ost o4 the ti"e. $hat 1u*) has got to 'e "ore *areful& 5*ause he tou*hed a sna)e s)in a *ou,le da(s ago& and that is ne er good. 9na)e s)ins 'een infa"ous for the 'ad lu*) the( gi e. $hat night& he tried to ,ran) "e '( t(in4 that er( sna)e s)in on "e& and 0 was 'it '( that sna)e4s 'rother. 9na)es alwa(s sear*h for their 'rothers& and it was "e with the s)in. 0 had to lie down for so"e da(s& and now 04" all 'etter. 0 'etter )ee, an e(e on 1u*) and "a)e sure he don4t tou*h nothin4 that4ll doo" us 'oth. 8hen 0 was re*u,erating fro" the sna)e 'ite& 1u*) went ashore to his ho"e. 1e was su,,osed to 'e dead& so he goes ashore dressed li)e a li4l lad(. 1e *o"e 'a*) late that night in a 'ig rush& and he wa)e4s "e u, sa(in4& :$here ain4t a "inute to lose. $he(4re after us7; <$wain ?@=. 0& s*ared silent& hel, ,a*) u, our things and get on the raft. 8e were sailing s"oothl( down the ri er in less than fi e "inutes. Da(s are real eas( on this raft+ we get u,

Lin 3 and wat*h the sun rise& we eat& we swi"& and we do nothin4 e>*e,t ha e fun and rela> for the whole da(. $here4s onl( 'een one thing on "( "ind latel( though. 0 wonder if Miss 8atson regrets wanting to sell "e& or e en if she "isses "e at all. Ma( 1& 1230 1u*) and 0 ha e 'een floatin4 along the ri er Auite so"e ti"e now& ,assing '( so"e towns& going ashore in so"e& and e en finding a wre*)ed stea"'oat7 B erall though& life was /us4 routine until a *ou,le da(s ago. 8e ,i*)ed u, two ,eo,le ,assing near a s"all town& and the( *lai"ed to 'e ro(alt(. $he "o"ent the( wanted s,e*ial treat"ent& 0 )new we was in for so"e *raz( ti"es. $his du)e /ust si*)ens "e& and the )ing is e en worse. %us4 this "ornin4& the( was ,ran*in4 around li)e a ,air o4 'uffoons. $he( was tal)in4 5'out and a*ting out :a first *lass show; a'out these two lo ers na"ed Ro"eo and %uliet& then ranting on a'out

answering :en*ores; with :1a"let4s 9oliloAu(; and to"fooler( li)e that <$wain 102=. $he( e en get the ner e to tie "e u, with a ro,e& sa(in4 the(4ll "a)e "e into a runawa( sla e so no one sus,e*ts nothin4. 9o& the( goes ashore& lea in4 "e on the raft. $o tell (ou the truth& 0 /us4 ,lain hate ro(alt( and their stu,idit(. $onight& 1u*) *a"e 'a*) and told "e e er(thing. $he du)e and the )ing did a show while the( were ashore. $he( ,osted u, so"e fan*( ,a,ers all o er the ,la*e& and when show ti"e *a"e a'out& the( /us4 dan*e around na)ed7 .in4t that /us4 horri'le& wastin4 ,eo,le4s hard earned "one( with a fraud showC 0 ho,e we get the *han*e to dit*h the" ro(alt( and let 5e" get what the( deser e. 0 'etter get so"e rest now& 5*ause to"orrow is sure to 'e a long da(. Ma( 1@& 1230 $he(4 e sold "e7 8h(& out of all the horri'le things the( done& this is the worst7 0t

Lin ? wasn4t enough to get us all in trou'le or to torture us with their *raz( anti*s& 'ut now the(4 e sold "e without telling a word to 1u*). $hose filth( ro(al ,eo,le are stu*) to "one( li)e 'ees are to hone(. 0 'arel( got ti"e to write right now& 'ut while 0 still *an& 04ll tr( to ,ut as "u*h as 0 *an in here. 04" sti*) in so"e hut in a s"all ,lantation. 04" so ner ous a'out what4s gonna ha,,en ne>t that 0 don4t dare o,en "( "outh to s,ea) to "( new owners. $he( treatin4 "e fine though& sa(in4 that the(4re a Dhristian fa"il( and the( don4t har" a soul& 'ut 0 still so lonel(. 0 wish 1u*) were here to hel, "e out. 0 ne er realizes how good he 'een to "e until now. 0 *an4t write no "ore or 04" going to get this ,a,er found. 04ll write when 1u*) sa es "e 5*ause 0 )now he4s a4*o"in. 0 )now it 5*ause he4s "( 'est friend. Ma( 1E& 1230 0 *an4t 'elie e what ha,,ened toda(7 0t "ust 'e the 'est da( of "( life7 . *ou,le da(s ago& 1u*) res*ued "e& and 0 a" 'a*) on the land of "( original ho"e7 0 *ouldn4t 'elie e what had ha,,ened to "e and 1u*) until 0 saw e er(one. .fter es*a,ing fro" what was $o"4s un*le4s ,lantation& we were *aught *ause the entire town thought we was 'andits& and one of the towns,eo,le who shot at us hit $o"4s *alf7 0t was all 'e*ause of $o" writing all these notes and stealin4 things fro" the house until the -hel,s fa"il( *ouldn4t ta)e no "ore and *alled the whole town u, to *at*h the 'andits& who were us7 M(& it was the 'ulliest of things if 0 e er saw an(thin4. 8e had to go *all a do*tor to hel, $o"& and he4s fine now. 04 e sa ed the 'est news for last though. 04" now a free "an7 Bl4 Miss 8atson died a while ago& and set "e free in her will 5*ause she was so asha"ed o4 tr(in4 to sell "e. .t long last& 0 will 'e a'le to find "( *hildren and set the" free& and tell the" e er(thing 0 did to sa e the" and it4s all than)s to "( 'est friend& 1u*)le'err( Finn.

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Lin 6 $wain& Mar). The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. !ew Gor)# Do er -u'li*ations& 1EE?. -rint.

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