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Necessity of Good Akhlaq

The Holy Prophet (S) has said: "I have bee se t by Allah to teach people !ood "a ers" The above hadith sho#s $s ho# i"porta t !ood Akhlaq ("a ers) is co sidered i Isla"% A perso o ce ca"e to the Holy Prophet (S) a d said that there #as a #o"a #ho observed fast d$ri ! dayti"e a d spe t her i!hts i prayers& b$t she #as ill'"a ered a d h$rt her ei!hbo$rs #ith her to !$e% The Holy Prophet (S) said that the old #o"a #as #orthless a d that she #o$ld be o e of the i "ates of hell The above i cide t tells $s that yo$r !ood deeds do ot co$ t for "$ch if yo$r Akhlaq is bad% I"a" (a)far as'Sadiq (A) has said that so"eo e #ith !ood Akhlaq !ets the sa"e tha#aab as so"eo e #ho fast d$ri ! dayti"e a d pray at i!ht% The Holy Prophet (S) a d o$r Holy I"a"s (A) "a a!ed to co vert a lot of people to *$sli"s thro$!h their !ood Akhlaq% +e"e"ber that #he yo$ are behavi ! badly o$t i p$blic& people #ill ot say look at that boy,!irl behavi ! badly% People #ill say look at that *$sli" behavi ! badly% -o$ are therefore ot o ly letti ! yo$rself a d yo$r pare ts do# b$t also Isla"% .$r /0th I"a" has left all of $s as the caretakers of Isla"1 *ANN2+S .3 4+IN5ING 6he dri ki ! do ot !$lp it do# at o ce& b$t sip it i three parts& starti ! the dri ki ! #ith: a d stoppi ! the dri ki ! #ith : Say )7is"illah) dri k& stop& say )Alha"d$lillah)& Say )7is"illah) dri k& stop& say )Alha"d$lillah)& Say )7is"illah) dri k& stop& say )Alha"d$lillah)% 6he dri ki ! #ater re"e"ber I"a" H$sai (A) a d his fa"ily& a d their thirst i 5erbala% 6he yo$ fi ished dri ki !& ask Allah to se d His blessi !s o I"a" H$sai (A)& his fa"ily a d co"pa io s& a d c$rse o his "$rderers a d e e"ies% Try ot to dri k fro" a !lass that has a crack% If yo$ do& do ot dri k fro" the side that has the crack& or sho$ld yo$ dri k fro" the ha dle side% 4$ri ! the day dri k sta di ! $p a d at i!ht dri k sitti ! do# % 4o ot dri k too "$ch% Nothi ! is better to dri k tha #ater% All creat$res of Allah dri k #ater to s$rvive% Allah says i the Holy 8$r)a i S$ra Al'A biya& verse 9:: "6e "ade eyery livi ! thi ! fro" #ater%;;

*ANN2+S .3 TA<5ING The first i"pressio of a book is by it)s cover& the the perso reads it a d "akes his fi al a d lasti ! i"pressio of the book% I this sa"e #ay people)s first i"pressio of yo$ #ill be o yo$r appeara ce b$t their fi al a d lasti ! i"pressio abo$t yo$ #ill be o #hat yo$ say% Prophet Isa (A) has said that yo$ sho$ld thi k of yo$r #ords like !old a d fi d the ri!ht ti"e to say #hat eed be& as yo$ #o$ld fi d the ri!ht thi ! to spe d yo$r !old o % So thi k before yo$ ope yo$r "o$th a d do ot let the #ords po$r o$t $selessly leavi ! a bad a d lasti ! i"pressio of yo$rself% I"a" H$sai (A) has said that yo$ sho$ld ever be!i a co versatio #itho$t first sayi ! Salaa" to the perso % After Salaa" speak #hat is $sef$l& #hat is tr$thf$l a d #hat is ot har"f$l to a yo e% 4o ot sla der or back'bite a yo e& do ot eve liste to others doi ! it% 4o ot h$rt a yo e)s feeli !s eve =oki !ly% Never $se bad la !$a!e% Thi k before yo$ speak& that if o$r /0th I"a" (A) #as sta di ! e>t to yo$& #o$ld yo$ still say #hat yo$ are !oi ! to say% If yo$ are ot s$re #hether yo$ sho$ld say #hat yo$ are abo$t to say& the better

+2SP2?T 3.+ .TH2+S Allah says i the Holy 8$r)a i S$ra Al'H$=$rat verse //: ". yo$ #ho believe& let ot (a !ro$p of) people la$!h at a other (to scor ) #ho "ay be better tha they are@" Isla" teaches $s that yo$ sho$ld respect other people a d ot thi k yo$ are better tha the" as o ly Allah ca be the =$d!e of that% . e day #he the Holy Prophet (S) #as sitti ! alo e i the "osq$e% A "a approached hi"% The Holy Prophet (S) i""ediately "oved aside% The "a asked the Prophet (S) #hy he had "oved aside #he there #as so "$ch roo" for hi" to seat e>t to the Prophet (S) as the #hole "osq$e #as e"pty% The Prophet (S) replied that a *$sli" has a ri!ht o a other *$sli" that #he he #a ts to sit ear hi" the first sho$ld "ove aside as a #ay of respect% Ne>t ti"e yo$ are at "osq$e savi ! that space for yo$r frie d a d so"eo e else #a ts to sit there& re"e"ber that that perso has a ri!ht o yo$ for yo$ to "ove aside a d "ake space for the"% All h$"a 'bei !s are eq$al% No "atter #hat colo$r yo$ are% No "atter #here yo$ are fro"% No "atter ho# rich yo$ are (ho# ice yo$r clothes are)% No "atter if yo$ look differe t (defect i yo$r body)% 2ach has the ri!ht of respect fro" the other% The Holy Prophet (S) has said : " 4o ot despise a d belittle a y *$sli"& beca$se a *$sli" ho# ever s"all he "ay be& is !reat i the eyes of Allah%" (A ecdote fro" the life of the Holy Prophet (S))%

SA7+ ' PATI2N?2 Allah says i the Holy 8$r)a & S$ra Al'7aqara& verse /A9 : "@I deed Allah is #ith those #ho have Sabr%" (0:/A9) I the above ayat #e are told that if #e have sabr (patie ce) the Allah is there #ith $s& a d #e k o# that if Allah is #ith $s the #e have othi ! to #orry abo$t% The Holy Prophet (S) has said: Sabr is i three parts: Sabr i ti"es of hardship ' #he so"ethi ! !oes #ro ! for yo$% Sabr i re!ards to obedie ce ' perfor"i ! all the 6a=ibaat correctly% Sabr i re!ards to disobedie ce ' ot co""itti ! a y Haraa" acts The perfect e>a"ple of Sabr is the life of Prophet Ayy$b (A)% He #as blessed #ith so "$ch (health& childre & #ealth& la d a d sheep)& the Shaita asked Allah for po#er over Prophet Ayy$b)s (A) affairs sayi ! that #hile Prophet Ayy$b (A) had all these blessi !s he #o$ld re"ai !ratef$l b$t if they #ere take a#ay the he #o$ld t$r a#ay fro" Allah% Shaita the destroyed all of Prophet Ayy$b)s (A) a i"als a d property a d #orse of all& he killed his childre as #ell% The he ca$sed Prophet Ayy$b (A) to !et a horrible disease& a d his people forced hi" to leave his to# % 2ve #ith all this hardship Prophet Ayy$b (A) re"ai ed faithf$l to Allah& prayi ! a d tha ki ! Hi" for everythi !% Not o ly did he have Sabr b$t also Sh$kr (tha kf$l ess)% The Holy Prophet (S) has said that faith is divided i to t#o halves& o e half is patie ce (Sabr) a d the other half is tha ks!ivi ! (Sh$kr)% The above hadith tells $s that to have tr$e faith i Isla" ot o ly sho$ld #e be patie t b$t also tha kf$l% So e>t ti"e #he so"ethi ! bad happe s to yo$ ot o ly sho$ld yo$ be patie t b$t also tha k Allah beca$se Allah k o#s best% . ce a !ro$p of people ca"e to o$r Bth I"a"& I"a" Ali Cai $l Abidee (A) a d said that they #ere his Shias% I"a" (A) asked the" #hat they did #he they !ot so"ethi ! ice% They replied #e say "Alha"d$lillah"% I"a" (A) asked the" #hat they did #he so"ethi ! ice #as take a#ay fro" the"% They replied that they !ot $pset the they #o$ld co"e to ter"s #ith it% I"a" (A) asked #hat they did if they did ot !et a ythi !% They replied that they did othi !% I"a" (A) replied that these #ere ot the actio s of his Shia% These actio s #ere the sa"e as the actio s of the do!s of *adi a: 6he the do!s #ere !ive so"ethi ! they #o$ld #a! their tails i Sh$kr (tha ks)% 6he so"ethi ! #as take a#ay fro" the" they #o$ld bark a little (co"plai i !) a d the #alk a#ay% 6he they !ot othi ! they did othi !%

*ANN2+S .3 T+AD2<<ING . e of the "a y blessi !s of Allah to Prophet S$lai"a (A) #as that he had co trol over the #i d% He #o$ld sit o his carpet a d co""a d the #i d to take hi" #herever he #a ted to !o% . ce #he Prophet S$lai"a (A) o his carpet #as floati ! thro$!h the air bei ! carried by the #i d& a pio$s "a sa# hi" a d said " Glory be to He& #ho has s$b=ected this to S$lai"a (A)%" Allah liked this praise so "$ch that he se t a a !el to Prophet S$lai"a (A) telli ! hi" that a certai perso had praised Hi" i s$ch a bea$tif$l "a er a d pleased Hi" !reatly% Prophet S$lai"a t$r ed back a d #e t to the "a to ask hi" #hat he had said& a d the "a told hi"% Allah says i the Holy 8$r)a & S$ra AE'C$khr$f& verse /9: "@%Glory be to Hi" #ho s$b=ected these to $s& beca$se #e #ere ot able to do so o$rselves%" (B9:/9) The above ayat tells $s that Glory belo !s to Hi" #ho has allo#ed for $s to have po#er over certai thi !s a d #itho$t this blessi ! #e #o$ld ot be able to% This is #hy it is reco""e ded to say this ayat before travelli !& as it is d$e to the blessi !s of Allah that #e have s$ch #o derf$l "ea s of travel% .ther thi !s reco""e ded to do before travelli ! are: ' Take o$t Sadqa ' 6alk $ der the 8$r)a as yo$ are leavi ! yo$ ho$se% ' ?arry F of S$ra Ikhlas& #ith the other half left at ho"e (6e are told that these t#o halves #ill co"e to!ether a!ai )% ' +ecite the above ayat fro" the Holy 8$r)a (B9:/9)% (A ecdote fro" the life of I"a" Ali ar'+idha (A))%