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MASTERCLASS THE ACTOR'S AUDITION MANUAL MEN Dean Carey [EINEMANN PORTSMOUTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE First published in 1995 by Currency Press, P.O. Box 452, Paddington, NSW 2021, Australia. Published simultaneously in the USA by Heinemann. ‘A Division of Reed Publishing (USA) Ine, 361 Hanover Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801-3912 Offices and Agents throughout the world, Distributed in Canada By Reed Books Canada, 204 Richmond Street West, Suite 300, ‘Toronto, Ontario MSV 1V6 ‘This edition is not for sale in Australia, New Zealand, or Europe. Part One & Part Two copyright © Dean Carey 1995 All rights to the excerpts in Part Three are reserved. While private performance for the purpose of audition is permitted, no public performance or staged reading of the full text or part thereof may be given without the permission of the author or author's agent. ‘The'publisher has made every reasonable effort to locate copyright holders of the excerpts in Part Three. Inquiries relating to copyright clearance should be addressed to Currency Press. “This book is copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purposes of private study, research or review, as permi part may be reproduced by any process Inquiries should be addressed to the publishers. CFP catalogue records for this book are available from the British Library and the Library of Congress ISBN 0-435-08679-0 (Women) ISBN 0-435-08678-2 (Men) Typeset by Currency and The Master Typographer Printed in Australia by Southwood Press, Sydney, NSW Cover design by Anaconda Graphic Design. Preface ‘This book is a companion to The Actor's Audition Manual, frst published in 1985. In Part One of this book you will find important updates on the art of auditioning, as well as fresh information to help re-direct your energies and allow maximum benefit from every audition opportunity. In Part Two, using speeches as examples, we'll explore in detail a sange of exercises which may challenge the way you work on your piece. A number of powerful and practical ways are fully illustrated, ‘which aim to release the speech's dynamic range and increase your sense of personal ownership. They will prove an invaluable stimulus and resource when rehearsing and preparing, They will energise your approach and encourage your ereative drive. : ‘In Part Three you will find a collection of around one hundred ‘monologues for theatre auditions and film and television screen tests. Many actors are now being asked to present rehearsed pieces for screen tests, and some of the specches in Part Three have been selected especially for this environment. Collected over the last seven years, these monologues present a wide range of exciting possibilities for you to practise your art. 1 thank the countless number of actors who, through their commitment and courage in my workshops, have helped design and develop the exercises in this book to their present form. T am sure ‘your work will benefit as a result and you will fulfil your desire to discover more about the craft, that leads toward the art. Dean Carey, Sydney 1995 Striking the balance between the technique and the adventure... Contents Preface Acknowledgments PART ONE - THE PATH TO PROCESS Chapter 1 - Road Testing Chapter 2 - The Creative State Chapter 3 - A Basis of Craft Chapter 4 - Activating the Physical Chapter 5 - An Empty Stage at the Service of Invention PART TWO - THE CREATIVE ARENA Rehearsal Room Exercises Notes Select Reading List PART THREE - THE MONOLOGUES List of Monologues ‘The Monologues vit xi tt 21 29 35 46 85 86 89 93