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"Sensual Sax from Embertone is the only digital instrument that might actually come close to matching my sex

appeal. Plus now I can harmonize!" -Sexy Sax Man

Sometimes you just want to put it in your mouth and blow. But when a reed gets worn or your arms get heavy, your sensual nature can outlast even the swankest saxophone. What's a swinging lover like you to do? Enter Sensual Sax - the digital solution to sax saturation. Tease the sound at the start for a caress of the ear, and then blow a long note that busts below the belt. With the sentimental setting of sensual sax, you'll always have the right accompaniment for an evening that echoes with pleasure.

! ! ! ! ! !

The sexiest sampled sax around 700+ unique samples A new concept: the SEX Knob Custom designed, unique GUI True legato straight and sensual Full Kontakt 4.2.4+ required

Installation Notes
Un-compress Embertone_InfinityBells.rar using your favorite archiving utility (WinRAR for PC UnRarX for Mac) Included are a bunch of .nki files to play around with, including some effect patches and multis.


When activated, the instrument is in a monophonic, true legato mode.

The Stac button triggers short, punchy notes.

In Poly mode, you can play chordal sax sections (keep in mind that true legato is bypassed)

The RR button will enable a special borrowed round robin, which can be effective for passages with repeated notes/intervals.

The Sensual button (Traditional patch only) will allow you to play only the jazzy samples.

The Straight button (Traditional patch only), triggers only the standard saxophone samples.

The SEX KNOB is the heart and soul of Sensual Saxophone, controlled with CC1, the modwheel. At the bottom position of the dial, the saxophone has a neutral tone and as the user increases the level of SEX, the instrument blossoms with all kinds of goodness. BUT BEWARE! It is not advisable to bring this dial too high the universe can only withstand so much sexy saxophone goodness, and the instrument may become unstable when pushed to its limits!

Sensual Sax (MAIN).nki fits with the original concept. A big SEX KNOB controls SEXINESS! Sensual Sax (PG).nki if youre showing the instrument to your 8-year-old nephew, and dont want to breach the What is Sex? subject. Its the same as the MAIN instrument, just no SEX label Sensual Sax (Style Buttons).nki If youre looking for more control, this is your patch. The main knob controls FX only, and the Straight and Sensual buttons separate btwn normal and jazzy samples.

Suggestions from your friends at Embertone

Sensual Saxophone will promote intense feelings of euphoria/passion In some of our lab tests, users experienced uncontrollable fits of giggling and/or smiling. However, a small minority reported some mildly uncomfortable side-effects, such as: diarrhea, hair loss, involuntary muscle twitching, numbness of the extremeties, spontaneous breakdancing, numbness of the face (due to prolonged smiling). All in all, we think you should experiment with this instrument to see what results you get.

Have fun with Sensual Saxophone! If you have any questions or issues with our instruments, email us at We will get back to you ASAP with some answers/assistance. Giant hugs and even more giant kisses, - Alex and Jon

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