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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. We shall now venture to instruct you all concerning a very practical, effective and powerful type of hermetic science, called "Talismanic Magick". This science is unlimited in its practical application to accomplish the Magical Will of the Magician. There are various creative aspects to this practical science or various constructive means of applying its magical formulae to create necessary changes in accordance with the Will of the Magician. A Talisman is, to all intents and purposes, a "charged" or "consecrated" magical object with symbols and/or words inscribed on it which are intended to represent particular cosmic energies which the Magician is applying in the practical operations of his holy Magick, to accomplish a particular goal. It is used by the Magician as a magical link with the particular type of force which is invoked or evoked by him to accomplish his Will. A Talisman is basically any object which one ritually charges or consecrates with an occult force or energy which the Talisman itself is intended to represent, and this must only be done with strict magical intent. Let us all impress upon our minds Aleister Crowley's proper definition of Magick. He stated that "Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will." Let us also impress upon our minds his definition of a magical act. He stated that "All intentional acts are magical acts. By intentional I mean willed." Before we can perform Magick proper we must formulate our Will, we must cultivate intent. Talismanic Magick is a scientific method of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will, but we must know our Will before we can apply this practical method of our Royal Art of Magick. Therefore the first and greatest injunction of Talismanic Magick, as of all other branches of the Magick Art, is "KNOW THY WILL." The words and symbols used on a Talisman are very important. By the scientific use of magical words and symbols the Magician can transform a so-called dead material substance into an outward sign of an invisible grace. Divine words and symbols are drawn on Talismans as magical links with the spiritual energies that they are intended to represent; they indicate a definite connection with the magical energies which the Magician seeks to invoke or evoke for purposes of doing his Will. The Hebrew Alphabet, also called the Magical Alphabet, is used by most Magicians to compose significant magical words on their Talismans. But Latin, Greek, Arabic, and English can also be used. The Enochian language is, of course, used for Talismans which are created from that system. Symbols, like words, indicate something significantly magical, and they impress upon the mind of the Magician the nature of his intent and the nature of the force or energy which the Talisman represents. The Talisman becomes linked, through the mind of the Magician, with the force or energy which the symbols are intended to signify. There are many types of symbols that can be used to inspire the imagination of the Magician with the appropriate

force. You can draw the symbol of the Planet or symbols related to that Planet. Eliphas Levi suggested inscribing a Pentagram on one side of the Talisman and the Hexagram on the other side. This statement can be applied in all cases, whether you are making a Talisman of Jupiter, Mercury or any other Planet. Sigils are appropriate symbols by which to properly charge Talismans and impress upon the mind of the Magician the nature of the force or energy of his intent. Sigils are signatures of invisible beings - - such as angels -that are invoked or evoked for the purpose of charging Talismans. Sigils can be created using the well-known Magick Squares (Kameas) or Rose Cross symbol. Sigils are, to all intents and purposes, magical symbols that represent the nature and power of certain ideas or beings that correspond with the force or energy of one's Will. A Talisman can be a symbol of the influences of a Planet, made from a sympathetic stone or metal or from parchment paper. Such a Talisman would be constructed on the day of the week which corresponds to the Planet. To each Planet is assigned an Intelligence or Angel and a Demon. Each Planet, Intelligence and Demon have their own special Seals or Sigils. Demonic Seals should never be inscribed on talismans except to perform an act of Black Magic. Their Seals would be written on a Talisman made of the opposite metal or colored paper to that which corresponds to their Planet, since the Demons represent forces contrary thereto. But members of the New Order of the Golden Dawn are obligated to never perform acts of Black Magic, which tend to obstruct the Will of the Magician. The Magician of Thelema has no right but to do his own Will. All true acts of Magick are acts of Will, and all acts of Will are acts of Love. It is written in our Most Holy Book of the New Aeon, that "Love is the law, love under will." Black Magic is contrary to the Ways of Love; it is a false attempt to master and misuse the laws of Nature. Let us here keep in mind those enlightening words of the Old french Magus Eliphas Levi: "To affirm and will that which ought to be is to create; to affirm and will that which ought not to be is to destroy." If you make your Planetary Talisman with parchment paper, the color of the ink by which you draw the corresponding words and symbols thereon should correspond with the Planet. If you are using simple paper, it should be in the color that corresponds with the Planet. The Talisman should be ritually anointed with the proper oil and/or ritually consecrated with the proper incense. The Talisman should, in all cases, be prepared by oneself. The cultivation of the proper mental attitude is of vital importance in the construction of the Talisman and one needs to concentrate with complete attention on the intent or nature of the force which the Talisman is intended to represent. It is therefore most suitable to employ the proper Colors, Metals, and Perfumes on the proper Days of the Week, and to assume the proper God-forms to charge the Talismans, since these directly indicate to the mind of the Magician his magical intent and its corresponding Planetary force or energy. From a psychological point of view, the Planets are objects of classification in the mind of man. We may classify under the presidency of the Seven Ancient Planets various human and spiritual influences, attributes or qualities of man. Any proper book on Astrology can direct you in this fundamental knowledge. The basic idea is to understand which Planet you will classify your intent under to make effective your Magical Talisman. For instance, if your intent is to cultivate better health, then you would classify this intent under the

presidency of the Sun. You would therefore make a Talisman of the Sun and assume the God Form of Ra to properly charge it with the energies of the Sun. If your intent is to find a lover, then you would classify this intent under the presidency of Venus. You would therefore make a Talisman of Venus and assume the God-form of Hathoor to properly charge it with the energies of Venus. The assumption of God-forms is a most essential part of magical operations proper. Students should most earnestly study and practice the principles of this matter outlined in Liber 0 contained in Gems from the Equinox, by Aleister Crowley (Published by Falcon Press). Listed below are seven Egyptian God- forms. You may, however, assume other God-forms from other Pantheons. But the Egyptian Gods are the most useful to assume for operations of Magick. (Note: For other God-forms which correspond with the Seven Ancient Planets, consult 777 and other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley.) To properly assume a God-form, and to assume that God's particular type of cosmic consciousness, you would study and meditate on its ancient image and mythological characteristics. In this manner you assimilate that God into your consciousness, allowing for the free fulfillment of its energy or force as represented by its corresponding Ancient Planet. This is most vital to the work. In the centre of each Talisman, it is an appropriate and effective idea to write One Word which signifies your single intent or One Will. It is said that "The Word is the Will." If your intent is Love you would write this word in the centre of the Talisman. This One Word may be written in Hebrew, English, Enochian or in any other language; but it is a suitable idea to write it in the particular language you are most familiar with. However, Sigils may be formed by the use of One Word, and these Sigils may be used instead of writing an actual word on the Talisman. But concerning this we shall communicate more later, regarding the use of the Rose-Cross symbol of the Golden Dawn. Talismans should be constructed in the shape of a Circle. For the Circle is a most powerful magical symbol, representing the powers of the Infinite. But the Talisman may be constructed in other meaningful shapes. For instance, if Love is your intent you could construct your Talisman in the shape of a heart. Use your imagination and you will see the many possibilities of this practical method of creating Magical Talismans. Listed below are the various correspondences of the so-called Seven Ancient Planets. If you wanted to make a Talisman of the Sun, you would construct it of Gold or on Yellow paper or with Yellow Paint, on a Sunday, assuming the God-form of Ra, using the Oil or Incense of Cinnamon. Note that Oils and Incenses are both listed under the same title of Perfumes.


PLANETS GODS Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Ra Isis Horus Thoth Amun

DAYS Sunday Monday Tuesday

COLORS METALS PERFUMES Yellow Violet Red Gold Silver Iron Mercury Tin Copper Lead Cinnamon Jasmine Dragons Blood Musk Cedar Sandalwood Myrrh

Wednesday Orange Thursday Blue Green Black

Hathoor Friday Set Saturday

What is to follow are eleven ritual steps by which to effectively charge a Talisman to accomplish your Will. These are simple steps and can be easily performed by all members of the New Order of the Golden Dawn. Let all make the simple attempt at completing the simple task of making and charging at least one Talisman after reading this lesson. It should further be suggested that all members make Seven Talismans to correspond with the Seven Ancient Planets. In this way you will have Seven Sacred Talismans which you can use at any time to accomplish any goal. For such Talismans, the One Word in the centre could be the name of the Planet or God of which your Talisman is a material symbol.


1. Perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram or the Banishing Ritual of the Star Ruby (Liber XXV). 2. Perform the Middle Pillar Ritual and equilibrate the Light by performing the Qabalistic Cross. 3. Light the appropriate Planetary incense. 4. Assume the God-form. Become the God as you breathe in through your nostrils the smoke of the incense, as if it were the spirit of the god entering your nostrils. 5. Vibrate the Divine Name of the God as many times necessary to concentrate your entire attention on that God-form.

6. Recite an invocation appropriate to the God or Planet, or just keep vibrating the Divine Name of the God until you achieve total identification with it. 7. In the consciousness of the God, hold the Talisman in the palms of your hands. Concentrate on it. Fix your eyes in its centre, on the One Word or Sigil in the centre of your Talisman. 8. Vibrate that One Word as many times necessary to concentrate your entire attention on your single magical intent represented by that One Word. Use your One Word as if it were a Mantra. The vibrations of the Word will act upon and modify the Magical Agent (Astral Light) or Subconscious Mind. 9. Visualize your intent coming to pass. See the realization of your Will. Then vitalize your imagination with force and fire, enflaming your mind with power, to accomplish your One Will. 10. Place the Talisman in the palms of your hands at the appropriate Chakra which corresponds with the Planet of the God of your invocation. (Note: In Lesson Number XIII you will find this information about the Chakras. Each Chakra is listed with its corresponding Planet.) From this Chakra, see there emanate a great power which charges the Talisman with the force of the God of your invocation. Create in your mind's eye an astral stream of energy emanating from the Chakra and pervading the Talisman with its divine energy. This astral stream of energy should be visualized in the appropriate color, as listed above under the Table of Correspondences. 11. Do whatever else your intuition dictates. This is where your own creative genius should arise and work its own power to manifest your Will. Continue in this until you are totally certain of the manifestation of your power to realize your single intent. Create a magical climax to this realization. Know that your Will is done. Then strike the battery 3-5-3, and say: ABRAHADABRA.

It is best if the Magician performs a Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram or the Banishing Ritual of the Star Ruby to close. He/She should then place the Talisman in an appropriate secret place (that is, in a concealed wallet, bag, box, or etc.). Magicians of the Thelemic Order of the Golden Dawn, if it be their Will, can write upon their Talismans the Law of Thelema or the sacred number 93 which indicates that Law. In the former case, you could write "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law" on the front of the Talisman and "Love is the law, love under will" on the back. In the latter case, use your imagination as best you can. By writing the Law of Thelema or the number 93 on your Talisman you properly charge it with the Current of your own Will, since the Law of Thelema indicates your power to do your Will in freedom. It is therefore a proper affirmation of your Will, and it seals your Talisman with the energies of this New Aeon of Horus, making it a dynamic magical link with the 93 Current and thus enhancing its power

to accomplish your Will. (Note: 93 is the numerical value of the Greek word Thelema which means Will. The Law of Thelema is the Law of Will.) The best Talisman to construct and use, for performing a specific magical operation related to your one True Will, is a personal Talisman of some sort. It should be constructed with One Word in its centre representing your one True Will and any symbols that you have a personal affinity for and that represent the force that the Talisman will be charged with. On such a Talisman of this type, you could write your own Magical Motto if the object of the Talisman corresponds with your initiatory work in the New Order of the Golden Dawn. This gives the Talisman even more power to accomplish your one True Will, since it can evoke definite psychological responses from within you which will be charged with the spiritual power which your initiation bestowed upon you. The Rose-Cross is one of the principal occult symbols of the Golden Dawn. It is one of the symbols of the Second Order of the Rose of Ruby and the Cross of Gold (Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis), and it indicates the Great Work of the Adept. It is called "The Key of Sigils and Rituals." The Rose on the Cross has 22 petals in three rings, with another symbol of a Rose-Cross in its centre. The central Rose-Cross has a Golden Cross made of six squares, with a five petaled Red Rose in its centre. The three central petals of the 22 petaled Rose correspond to the magical elements of fire, water and air, and they have written on them the Hebrew letters that correspond to them. The second row of petals correspond to the Seven Planets, and they have written on them the Hebrew letters that correspond to them. The outer petals correspond to the Twelve Zodiacal Signs, and they have written on them the Hebrew letters that correspond to them. The petals are colored in the King Scale that is attributed to the twenty-two Paths of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. The Rose in the centre of the Cross represents the sixth Sephira of the Tree of Life called Tiphareth which is the receptacle of the Sephirotic forces of the Tree. You can use the Rose to form a Sigil as you do with the Magick Squares. The general method for doing this is to start at the first letter of the name you are using, draw a small circle, and then draw a line from letter to letter used in the name. When you get to the last letter, end with a small perpendicular line. Although it is best to use words in Hebrew to form Talismans in this way, you can also transliterate (i.e. substitute Hebrew letters for the English ones) any name you want to use. This magical method may be extended to the creation of a Sigil from a single word signifying your One Will. You can leave the unused letters blank, and put the Rose on the Talisman, or you can just copy the Sigil unto the Talisman. If your Talisman is made from colored paper, it is a most powerful idea to draw your Sigil in the complementary color to that of the paper. (See the Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic, by Israel Regardie, published by New Falcon Publications, for the symbol of the Rose and Cross and also for further practical information concerning the proper means of using this divine Rosicrucian symbol to make the appropriate Sigils for Talismans.) It is very important to keep in mind, when charging your Talisman, that THE ONLY POWER OF THE TALISMAN IS IN THE IMAGINATION AND WILL OF THE MAGICIAN. Without the practical application of these two vital powers of the human mind, there is no possibility for success in the scientific operations of Talismanic Magick.

All works of Magick, human or divine, depend upon the practical application of these two vital powers. Concerning the essential power of imagination, Eliphas Levi stated the following: "Imagination exalts the Will and gives it power over the Universal Agent" and "Imagination applied to reason is genius." The Universal Agent is the Astral Light or Magical Agent through which all Magick is accomplished by the Imagination and Will of the Magician. This Universal Agent is symbolized by the Serpent, and is called the Kundalini in the Philosophy of Yoga. It is a Universal Force which is controlled and projected by the powers of the Imagination and Will of the Magician. It is the instrument of Initiation, the Grand Secret of All Power, called the Soul of the World and the Perpetual Fire of terrestrial life. (Note: In Lesson No. XIII, there is much information concerning the Kundalini or Serpent Force. Also see the New Golden Dawn Flying Roll No. IV.) Here ends our New Golden Dawn Correspondence Lesson concerning the Sacred Art of Talismanic Magick. May this Royal Art bestow upon you all its magical splendours of practical power, assisting you all in the attainment of the Great Work, the Summum Bonum, True Wisdom and Perfect Happiness. In nomine Novus Ordo Aureae Aurora, Sic sit vobis! Love is the law, love under will.