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engagement photos will be taken at St. Marys College.

February 18, 2014

NEXT MEETING February 25:

Program: Bonnie Preston Hospice of the East Bay

Greeter/Invocator for Feb 25 Louise Schopke

Feb 18 Board of Directors meeting Feb 24 -- A Nite at the Races committee meeting 5:30 *Mar 4 -- TBD *Indicates a regular Tuesday noon luncheon meeting **Indicates our monthly evening meeting at 6pm

Tony Schoemehl gave the thought for the day by reciting quotes from various prominent Presidents of the USA, and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Guests today were Ken Chew, Mayor of Moraga and our speaker today; Jill Keimach, Moraga Town Manager; Tim Farley, Communications Director for St. Marys College; Larry Tesler, member of the Employee of the Month committee; and Eric Pogue, whose company recently established its headquarters in Moraga.

~~ANNOUNCEMENTS~~ Mark our calendars for these events! . . . . Roger Poynts invites all to a presentation on his Painted Rocks development project at 6 pm at Terzetto on Thursday, Feb 20 and at Moraga Movers meeting on Monday, March 10. Local vintners will be pouring their wines at the event. . . . . Angelo Costanza announced that the Rotary Bocce Bash in June 2013 raised about $4,000 for The Rotary Foundation, and that Moraga Rotary placed 3rd out of 53 teams. Sign up for the June 14, 2014 event, and he will provide the coaching and the doughnuts. . . .Tony Schoemehl announced that Rotary Field Day will be on May 21, 2014. . . President Nora recognized Marv Ellenberg for making sure the Club meeting room is properly set up with stuff from the locker during February, and she needs volunteers for future months. Al Simonsen promptly volunteered for March, leaving the following months for volunteers to volunteer (hint, hint). From Frank, Debbie, & Cliff: We need the donation of NAR auction items NOW, so they can be put into the program and so we can plan the live auction. Surprise! The raffle was won by John Erickson (also, Sodexo served chicken for lunch), but he couldnt pick the white marble out of three remaining. For you non-math types, that means there are only two marbles left, one of which is the lucky white one. Spoilsport Treasurer and rafflemeister Lad Lynch has decreed that no one will be able to buy more than 5 total raffle tickets until the white marble is drawn. (Although afterwards, you may buy as many as you want). ~~SUCH A DEAL!!~~ We received SMC mens basketball tickets for Feb 27 as a NAR donation, except that they were before the NAR. Debbie will raffle them off at our Feb 25th meeting for a $10 donation which goes to NAR. The lucky ticket will be drawn at next week s meeting. Buy your ticket from Debbie.


Barbara Bruner recently returned from Hawaii, with a plumeria in her hair and macadamia nuts in her hands she spun the Wheel for $8. . . . Marv Ellenberg gave a Happy Buck for his dog that wagged his tail a lot, or maybe just had a syndrome. . . .Frank May gave $2; one for the St. Marys basketball tickets gifted to him, and one for Roger Poynts help in setting up the A/V system. . . . Gary Irwin gave $2 for Carols birthday, celebrated by swimming with whales in the Caribbean. . . .President Nora gave $3 for her and

Our featured speaker was Mayor of Moraga Ken Chew, a Town Councilman since his election in November 2006 and re-election in November 2010. He was also Mayor in 2010. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin in Civil and Environmental Engineering, and he works for CalTrans in Project Control for the nine-county Bay Area. He has been on the Town Planning Commission for two terms, and he currently serves on several public boards and committees. He and his wife Aly have lived in Moraga since 2001. Mayor Ken began with a powerpoint presentation reviewing the most recent Town accomplishments. The Town has a good compensation policy with employees and benefits program for employees, who have agreed to pay pension and future medical costs above 12% (except for police). Some staff have been relocated to the Rheem building. The Commons parking lot near the skatepark has been built with Lafayette and Orinda contributing 2/3 of the costs. The damaged Laguna Creek storm drain culvert near the Hacienda has been rebuilt, and a sinkhole on the border with Lafayette has been cooperatively repaired. In 2013, revenues were greater that expenditures. The major project in the last year was the Measure K sales tax increase by 1%, the bond sale against future revenue, and repairs and resealing of many Moraga streets were done. Crime is low in Moraga, compared to most other Bay Area cities, but burglary from homes and cars continues to be a problem. Neighborhood watch and personal diligence to avoid burglary is encouraged. There are several single family development proposal working their way through the town approval process. These are: Palos Colorados, east of Moraga Road This 123 unit single family project was approved more than a decade ago. The are getting approvals from Corps of Engineers and CA Fish & Game, and intend to apply for a grading permit soon. Camino Ricardo (Summerhill Homes) subdivision26 single family homes on 14.3 acres (including a 2 acre passive park. It is in compliance with the specific plan around the shopping center, and is likely to be approved. Rancho Laguna II (Summerhill Homes) proposed 27 single family homes on 180 acres along Rheem Blvd. It is before the Planning Commission. Hetfield Estates, near Sanders Drivethis proposes 7 single family homes on 65 acres. Via Moraga (Signature Properties) proposed 18 townhouse units on old bowling alley site. Early in approval process. Town Center Homes (City Ventures), between Moraga Way and Country Clubhispproval process. Bollinger Valley (Bruzzone)This 126 single family unit project requires a General Plan Amendment and has several unresolved issues.

The Town will have its 40th anniversary of Incorporation in 1974 this year, and celebrations are planned for the Pear and Wine Festival in September and at the Historical Society Banquet in October. ***CALENDAR OF FUTURE EVENTS***

Feb 24 A Nite at the Races committee mtg. Mar 15 A Nite at the Races Fundraiser Mar 25 Moraga Chamber of Commerce Social Mar 28 TGITLFOTM at Marv & Joan Ellenbergs April 12 E-Waste Fundraiser (note date change!!) May 10 Moraga Community Faire May 21 -- Rotary Field Day June 14 Rotary Bocce Bash June 24 Demotion Party


President...........Nora Avelar

President-Elect....Debbie Roessler Past President ....Frank May Secretary....Kevin Reneau Treasurer......Lad Lynch Community Service Chair...Barbara Bruner New Generations Chair.........Rich Render International Service Chair..Tony Schoemehl Membership....Frank & Debbie Public Relations..Gary Irwin Director at Large.....Cliff Dochterman Director at Large.........John Erickson


Danville @ Noon.......Faz, Danville TUESDAY Diablo View @ 5:30pm...Lift Lounge, Walnut Creek WEDNESDAY Orinda @ Noon......Orinda Country Club Berkeley @ Noon..His Lordships Restaurant Rossmoor @ Noon.Hillside Clubhouse, Rossmoor THURSDAY Pleasant Hill @ Noon......St. Andrews Presbyterian Church Lafayette @ Noon....Oakwood Health Center Oakland @ Noon......California Ballroom FRIDAY Lamorinda Sunrise @ 7am....Celias Mexican Restaurant Concord @ Noon.....Concord Hilton


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