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By Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS 21 de febrero de 2014

Questions t at !ust Be "reated #n $rder to %&&re'iate t e (lass Stru))les #n *enezuela and %ll (lass +i,ided Human So'ieties
1- . o o/ns t e resour'es of so'iety0land 1)old2 oil2 )as32 ele'tri'ity2 fa'tories2 te' nolo)y2 'ommuni'ation2 'a&ital and a'ademia4 2- . o &rodu'es t e /ealt of so'iety4 5- . o steals t e /ealt of so'iety4 4- . at kind of relation is t ere bet/een t e &rodu'er and t e t ief4 6- Ho/ does t e t ief dis&ose of t e so'ial /ealt 4 7- . y does t e &rodu'er li,e in t e fa,ela of misery4 8- . y does t e t ief li,e in t e &ala'e of o&ulen'e4 9- . o 'ontrols t e &o/er of t e State t at &resides o,er t e &ri,ate a&&ro&riation of so'iety:s /ealt 4 ;- . o 'ontrols t e instruments of em&loyment2 nutrition2 ousin)2 'lot in)2 edu'ation2 ealt 2 so'ial se'urity and /ellbein)4 10-. o 'ontrols t e instruments of obs'urantism and t e e<&loitation of t e fait in )od and 'ountry4 "#PS " e =art is t e maternal sour'e of t e life and /ealt t at are t e 'om&onents of t e uman so'iety " e uman bein)s /ere en)endered by t e =art equally /it res&e't to t eir natural ri) t to e<ist and use its fruits to li,e and attain 'olle'ti,e /ellbein) " e =art is not an ob>e't t at 'an be le)islated as t e &ri,ate &ro&erty of an indi,idual or so'ial 'lass " e &ri,ate &ro&erty of t e /ealt of t e =art is t e result of t e /ar t at t e t ie,es of t e land and t e mind of t e dis&ossessed0feudal lords and &o&es0 made to di,ide umanity into t e 'lasses of masters and sla,es " e masters ere'ted t e State o,er t e =art and so'iety as t e /ea&on t ey use to e<tra't t e e<'ess blood 1sur&lus ,alue3 t ey need to sustain t eir life as so'ial &arasites from t e body and mind of t e sla,es-

" e &ri,ile)ed 'aste t at administers t e &o/er of t e State and ( ur' are t e attorneys of t e masters or t eir ' allen)ers / o defend t e falsity t at t e masters: o&ulen'e0/ i' is &rodu'ed by t e e<&loitation of t e sla,es0is t e result of t e /ill of )od2 freedom or t eir )ood fortune " e State is not a neutral s&e'tator in a so'iety dri,en by t e stru))le of its 'lasses to a'quire a s are of t e so'ial /ealt &rodu'ed by t e sla,es- #t is t e &rodu't of t at stru))le and2 'onsequently2 is t e defender of t e interests of t e so'ial 'lass it is rooted on " e State is a &rimiti,e and brutal &oliti'al met od for or)anizin) t e so'ial life of umanity- ?nder its &arasiti' dead /ei) t2 millions of sla,es 1/omen and men3 die as a 'onsequen'e of t e bour)eoisie:s a&&ro&riation of t e ma>ority of t e so'ial /ealt ,ia so'ial indifferen'e2 /ar2 unem&loyment2 un)er2 omelessness2 illness2 dru) addi'tion2 and sui'ide " e e<isten'e of t e State /ill make sense only / en t e sla,es re'laim it and use it to eliminate t e reason of its e<isten'e@ t e &ri,ate o/ners i& t e so'ial means of &rodu'tion2 / i' is t e bour)eoisie:s &arasiti' umbili'al 'ord atta' ed /it a,ari'e to t e fertile ,eins of t e body of t e sla,es and 'ause of t eir ensla,ement and misery Areedom2 equality2 >usti'e and fraternity /ill be t e &ro&erties of all t e &rodu'ti,e members of t e uman so'iety / en t e animalisti' instin'ts t at im&el t e bour)eoisie to a't as a &redator of its o/n kind0i)noran'e2 a,ari'e and ate0are &art of t e museum of t e )eno'ides and de,astations t at t e bour)eoisie2 'ler)y and State 'ommitted / en t ey dominated t e uman so'iety-