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1) NETWORK THEORY This is the most important and basic subject for any one.

if you are perfect in this subject your 20 percent preparation is over. 1)Engineering Circuit Analysis -->Hayt first read above book and solve both solved and unsolved example problems, later solve chapter wise alternate problems which have answers. For IES aspirants above book will not cover total syllabus, for Synthesis and graphs fallow other books 2) EDC 1. Electronic Devices and Circuits & Analog Electronics-- Jacob Millman & Christos C. Halkias (BLOCK PAD) For IES aspirants above book is enough, for GATE aspirants above book is not sufficient 2. Solid State Electronic Devices by Ben Streetman This book is little bit tougher than First book if you understands streatman book your EDC is over 3) ANALOG circuits If you are good in network theory and EDC then this is very easy subject for you, but this have huge syllabus 1. Electronic Devices and Circuits & Analog Electronics-- Jacob Millman & Christos C. Halkias (YELLOW PAD) 2. pulse and digital circuits by Jacob Miliman and taub's (White pad) 3. linear integrated circuits by roy chowdhury (for OPAMPS) For GATE aspirants i will prefer sedra and smith book it is very good book. (but takes time to complete the book) 4) EMT Every student will feel it is very tough, and commonly ECE students makes mistake they neglects coordinate and Basics in electrostatics and magnetics, my feel is that if you are good in above topics rest of the EMT you can understands easily 1) Elements of Electromagnetics --> Sadiku It is very good book. fallow this book very well and solve all solved and unsolved example problems read from starting for antenna basics also this book is enough 5)Digital 1)Boolean algebra and number system - kohavi for other topics many good books are there but i prefers 2)Sequential circiuts - RPJAIN 3) Remaining topics MORIS mano and RPJAIN 4)Microprocessor Architecture, Programming & Application --> Ramesh S. Gaonkar (This is the best book for 8085) 6) Signals and Systems 1) Signal and System --> Oppenheim and Willsky

Read above book and solve example problems and also solve chapter wise basic prolems 2) Communication System by Simon Haykins 2nd edition (2nd edition is good for signals and system also) This book for random process topic 7) Communications 1) Communication System by Simon Haykins 2nd edition Read this book and try to solve back problems (even though u r unable to solve problems no problem take solutions and look the solutions it will give idea how to solve the problems ) For IES aspirants solving back problems not required , but GATE aspirants it is required and above book is good for Signals and System also 8)Control System 1) Automatic Control System -->B.C. Kuo ( i prefers this book) 2) Nagrath and gopal book is also very good book 9)MATHS 1) Higher Engineering Mathematics, Dr.B.S, Grewal Read this book and solve only Example problems no need to solve exercise problem (if you are interested then it is good) And finally every one knows reading books is only not enough to get good ranks but problems practicing is also most important, with problems solving not only useful for getting good ranks and also it will improves your subject knowledge also for problems solving i will suggest 1) All shyam series books 2) RK KANODIA book (This is the most important)