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The Sense of Smell What are smells? What makes the smell of something, like, say, rotten eggs?

While what's making the smell may be invisible to the naked eye, it doesn't mean there's nothing there! The smell is just made of things too small to see. You know they're there be ause you an smell them. !dours are tiny mole ules of hemi als from things like food, or flowers or "oo" that float through the air. #any odours aren't single s ents or single kinds of mole ules but a whole mi$ture of them. How do we smell smells? Through your nose. %t's a mu us& overed, twisty avern that's built to smell as well as warm, moisten, and filter the air you breath. When you breath through your nose, air enters both of your nostrils. 'airs, hanging from the walls of ea h o"ening, a t as filters tra""ing dirt, dust, "ollen && all sorts of things && even bugs! (s the air moves further ba k inside your nose, the lo ale gets warmer and slimier. There's wet mu us everywhere! (nd if you look arefully, you dis over the mu us is a tually moving. %n redibly, small hair&like stru tures alled ilia are swee"ing or undulating ba k and forth, moving the mu us )and anything tra""ed in it* further and further ba k. (t the same time, the air moving ba k is warmed by blood vessels just beneath the surfa e, filled with warm, "ulsing blood. (s the air s"irals around, boun ing off ridges and valleys, the "assageway o"ens u" to a big avern && your nasal avity. +ivulets of mu us stream ba k and down into our throat. You swallow a lot of it! The odor hemi als that you inhaled, on the other hand, begin to float u"ward, not downward. They hit a eiling area in your nasal avity. (bout the si,e of a "ostage stam", it's overed with millions u"on millions of mi ros o"i nerve ells that an dete t smell. !dor mole ules sink through a thi k, mustard& olored mu us until they rea h the sensitive hair&like to"s of the nerve ells and get tra""ed. -ifferently sha"ed nerve ells re ogni,e different smells be ause ea h smell mole ule fits into a nerve ell like a lo k and key. Then, these ells send signals along your olfa tory nerve to the smell enter in your brain. %t senses the odor or olle tion of odors. -oes it smell bad or good? .ow that all de"ends on you and your sense of smell. What's the connection between smell and taste? #ost of your sense of taste is really about your sense of smell. -o you think that the s"aghetti and meatballs you're eating taste deli ious? #u h of the reason is be ause you like their smell. %n fa t, you're doing a lot of sniffing. .ot only are you smelling before you take a bite, but while you are hewing, odor mole ules from the ground&u" food inside your mouth float u"wards taking that remarkable smell journey.