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February 20, 2014

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DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH CELEBRATES 125 YEARS OF FLORIDA PUBLIC HEALTH Walton County The Florida Department of Health in Walton County is celebrating 125 years of public health during 2014 ...


Poisoned Baby Update

The Walton County Sheriffs Office is continuing its investigation into the poisoning of a 4-month-old little boy..


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The Wolfes Den


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hello to each of you. I wanted to pass this information along to you. I have experienced a physically mentally challenging situations over the past few weeks myself. So, just understand some of the signs you may be able to recognize it and help the person, do not just ignore it. Once helped you should still be there for them, many of the effects from what they feel they cant they control. Of course people are different but dont assume that they are bad, just ask to help and not point blame. Just help. That new symptom is troubling: the inexplicable swelling in your calf or the blood in your urine. Could it be serious or even life-threatening? "Your body flashes signals -- symptoms and signs -- that warn you of potential problems," say Neil Shulman, MD, Jack Birge, MD, and Joon Ahn, MD. The three Georgiabased doctors are the authors of the book Your Body's Red Light Warning Signals. Fortunately, many symptoms turn out not to be serious. For example, the majority of headaches stem from stress, eyestrain, lack of sleep, dehydration, caffeine withdrawal, and other mundane causes. But a sudden, agonizing "thunderclap" headache -- the worst of your life -- could mean bleeding in the brain. Being able to recognize this serious symptom and calling 911 may save your life. Here are six important flashing signals. 1. Paralysis of the arms or legs, tingling, numbness, confusion, dizziness, double vision, slurred speech, trouble finding words, or weakness, especially on one side of the face or body. These are signs of stroke -- or a "brain attack" -- in which arteries that supply oxygen to the brain become blocked or rupture, causing brain tissue to die. Symptoms depend on which area of the brain is involved. If a large blood vessel is blocked, a wide area may be affected, so a person may have paralysis on one side of the body and lose other functions, such as speech and understanding. If a smaller vessel is blocked, paralysis may remain limited to an arm or leg, or even the face. If you have symptoms, call 911 right away and get to an emergency room that offers clot -busting therapy for strokes due to blocked vessels. Such treatment, which dissolves clots in blocked vessels, needs to be given within the first 3 hours after symptoms begin, but newer treatments may work within a longer time frame, says Birge, who is medical director at the Tanner Medical Center in Carrollton, Ga. Timing is urgent; fast treatment can potentially stop brain tissue death before permanent brain injury happens. "There is a time clock ticking as to when you might totally recover," Birge tells WebMD. 2. Chest pain or discomfort; pain in the arm, jaw, or neck; breaking out in a cold sweat; extreme weakness; nausea; vomiting; feeling faint; or being short of breath. These are signs of heart attack. If you get some of these symptoms, call 911 immediately and go to the emergency room by ambulance. Shulman and Birge also recommend that patients chew one regular, full-strength aspirin (unless they're allergic to aspirin) to help prevent damage to the heart muscle during a heart attack. Not everyone who has a heart attack feels chest pain or pressure or a sense of indigestion. Some people, especially women, the elderly, and people with diabetes, get "painless" heart attacks, the doctors say. Being aware of "painless" heart attack signs is crucial: symptoms may include weakness, sudden dizziness, a pounding heart, shortness of breath, heavy sweating, a feeling of impending doom, nausea, and vomiting. Both doctors say it's important to learn heart attack signs and understand them in context. "Everybody has jaw pain. You don't immediately run and say, 'I've got a heart attack,'" Shulman tells WebMD. He is an associate professor of internal medicine at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta. "But if you're also sweating and you have some of these other symptoms -- shortness of breath and so forth -- then that's going to tip you off that there's something much more serious happening." 3. Tenderness and pain in the back of your lower leg, chest pain, shortness of breath, or coughing up blood. These are symptoms of a potentially dangerous blood clot in your leg, especially if they come after you've been sitting for a long time, such as on an airplane or during a long car trip. These signs can also surface if you've been bedridden after surgery. "Anybody is susceptible," Birge says. He adds that such blood clots are more common than most people and doctors realize. Blood is more likely to pool in your legs when you're sitting or lying down for long periods of time, as opposed to standing and walking. If a blood clot forms in your leg as a result, your calf can feel swollen, painful, and tender to the touch. If you get sudden chest pain or shortness of breath, a piece of the blood clot may have broken off and traveled through the bloodstream to your lungs. This condition can be life-threatening, so get to an emergency room without delay if you have any of these symptoms.

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WC BCC Meeting

As the Walton Commissioner meeting started, County Administrator Larry Jones asked to remove the mutual aid agreement with Freeport. Jones said they want to work on all the municipalities at the same time. County Clerk and Comptroller announced a fraud and abuse hotline is online at his website with a link on the countys website. He said the link for reporting is anonymous. Alford said the idea is not so much to catch people, rather to act as a deterrent. Cont on next pg.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014


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DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH CELEBRATES 125 YEARS OF FLORIDA PUBLIC HEALTH Walton County The Florida Department of Health in Walton County is celebratWalton Fire Chief Brian Coley says the understory has a lot of fodder for fires and ing 125 years of public health during 2014 with educational and commemorative warns that you need to use caution when burning. Wednesday sent firefighters to sevevents. The state Legislature created the State Board of Health on February 20, eral brush fires, including one in the Paxton area that burned between 5 and 10 acres. 1889, in response to a yellow fever epidemic in Jacksonville, and Dr. Joseph Yates Fires were also responded to on Kings Lake Road and in the Freeport area. The FlorPorter from Key West became Floridas first State Public Health Officer. Yellow ida Forestry Service worked with local firefighters to bring the Paxton area fire under fever in Florida was eradicated in 1905. control. Liberty quickly had water on the Kings Lake fire. Floridas dramatic growth was made possible through public health efforts that controlled disease and improved environmental health, said Dr. John Armstrong, Over the last few days, dispatchers have toned out area departments for brush fires. A State Surgeon General and Secretary of Health. Just as Dr. Porter and colleagues number were started after residents were burning waste piles and found the fire got saved Floridians from yellow fever over a century ago, we are committed to solving out of control. Coley says there is a lot of dead leaves and limbs, heightened by the the top public health threat to Florida families now: weight challenge. recent cold weather. He says he is surprised how easily the woods burn, considering The year-long celebration of 125 years of Florida Public Health was launched in the moisture level. The Chief fears we will have a busy spring if the trend continues. Key West on February 3, where Dr. Armstrong joined Dr. Porters great -great granddaughter in a ceremonial wreath laying at Dr. Porters grave site. Throughout Coley reminds you to always use caution when burning outside and using heat 2014, the Department will offer educational and health information opportunities. sources such as tools and grills. While most areas allow burning, if you burn a pile A resource featuring Public Health Heroes from all 67 counties will be released more than 8 feet, you need to call the Florida Forest Service for a free burn permit. later this spring. During the week of April 7-11, the Department will further highColey says, even with a permit, you are still held accountable for any fires that get off light the 125th Anniversary as part of National Public Health Week. In September your property. 2014, the Department will unveil a full historical exhibit of Florida Public Health heritage at Floridas Historic Capitol Museum in Tallahassee. An accident on north 20th Street sent one woman to the hospital after the van she was Locally, DOH-Walton recognized Dr. Howard F. Currie as the public health hero driving veered off the road and ended on its side in water. The driver could be seen in Walton County. Dr. Currie was a veteran of World War II, and he served over 30 moving in the vehicle, but was not able to quickly get out. Witnesses said it appeared years in the Army Air Corps and the United States Air Force. Dr. Currie entered the driver simply went straight at a curve and drove into the small creek just north of private practice in DeFuniak Springs in 1960. From 1968 to 1969, Dr. Currie highway 90. served as health director for the Walton, Holmes, and Washington County Health Departments Tri-County Unit. In addition, Dr. Currie served as Consultant to DisAs reported by WZEP AM1460 trict One Department of HRS and Health Director for the Walton County Health Department. After retiring in 1988, Dr. Currie continued to serve the people of It was good news for the Walton County School District. After a meeting last fall on the Walton County for many years as a volunteer physician for the public health unit. Affordable Care Act, more information is now available. The Department invites Floridas residents and visitors to join in recognizing 125 years of protecting, promoting and improving the health of all people in Florida The Districts claim ratio ended last year at $5.57 million paid, up about $200,000. Right now they are assuming the claims will increase, but only time will tell. The con- through integrated state, county and community efforts. More information is available at sultant said they see no relief in the cost of claims. The consultant said the grandfathered plans are where there have been no changes. This Follow us on Twitter at @HealthyFla and on Facebook. For more information about the Florida Department of Health please visit includes the Blue Choice 328. The Blue Options 3769 does not comply and is not grandfathered in. The Walton School District has both available to employees. The Board was told, because the district has one grandfathered plan, they can offer it. They can keep the Blue Choice 328, they can not change anything, even if the costs go up. The Board would have to make changes if this happens. From the businesses advertising in this issue. The consultant delivered more details on possibilities as far as he understands it. They Thank each one as you go to their store will begin meeting with the Insurance Committee in May. It was noted that some of the Yes its true. The rising demand for this newspaper our delivering needs we insurance coverage is negotiated as part of the employees pay. could not meet each week. We have numerous locations throughout Freeport, And in another school district note, there will be a press conference on Thursday, Febsouth Walton and DeFuniak Springs to pick up a copy. We are now 6yrs old! ruary 20, 2014 at 9:30am in the School Board Meeting Room (Tivoli Complex, 145 We need advertising help too, just give us a call today! Park Street, Suite 3, DeFuniak Springs, FL 32435) with the Superintendent of Schools Carlene H. Anderson, Walton County Education Association Instructional President The Emerald Star News is published every other week Patsy Stephens and Educational Support Personnel President Dixie Burge to present the tentative salary schedule agreement.

Accident and Fires

WCSD Insurance


Cont The commissioners took time to thank public works and emergency responders
for their work out in the cold during the recent winter storm. The commissioners were told the proposed fireworks legislation will likely not go forward. Commissioner Sara Comander said she still wants to move forward with opposing it. Empire Trucks is asking for more land in the Mossy Head Industrial Park and Administrator Jones asked to move forward with the construction of the sewer treatment plant. He told commissioners there are a number of inquires. Commissioner Bill Imfeld asked to continue in the effort to bring a water system to the rural area of Douglass Crossroads. Commissioner Meadows asked to seek funds from the state for a sports complex in southern Walton. On a split vote, commissioners agreed to fund an FDOT turn lane on U.S. 98 at Geronimo and two additional turn lanes with proportionate fair share money. Comander has been working for two years to get help at the dangerous intersection. The motion means the FDOT will install a single. Commissioners approved moving money from the landfill fund to use for remodeling the Emergency Operations Center. The vote moves $250000 for the EOC Bunker. The commissioners considered a proposal from attorney Mark Davis to hire him as a county employee. The proposal would also bring in Davis assistants. he believes the

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Thursday, February 6,2014

Health Post
George Roll P.A.-C Seagrove Medical Clinic Call # 850-231-6200 Walk-ins and Appt.s Send health questions or comments to: P.O.Box 1133 Freeport, Florida 32439

Walk-ins and appts are available. Located in Seagrove Easy environment

Miss Freeport Pageants 2014

Orientation Tea: Will be held at the Blount House in Freeport on February 22nd 2014 10:00am-12:00pm will be the following: Little Miss K-1st grades, Jr. Miss 2nd-3rd grades, Young Miss 4th-5th grades, Jr. Teen Miss 6th-7th grades, 2:00pm-4:00pm will be the following: Teen Miss 8th-9th grades, and Miss Freeport 10th grades- 21 years of age Deadline for Applications: Monday, February 24th By 5:00pm NO EXCEPTIONS!! Rehearsals: Will be held at the Freeport High School Auditorium on the following days: Sunday, March 1st 3:00pm Tuesday, March 4th 3:00pm Thursday, March 6th 3:00pm The 2014 Miss Freeport Pageants will be held on Saturday, March 8th 2014 at 6:00pm Freeport High School

Chronic Stress May Boost Anxiety

-- Being stressed out for a long period of time might increase anxiety, a new study shows. The study, published in Behavioral Neuroscience, lays some of the blame on hormones. Those stress hormones -- such as cortisol and corticotropin-releasing hormone -- can help respond to an immediate threat. But if stress stays high instead of easing up, those hormones could boost anxiety and lead to mood disorders. That's the theory explored in the new study. The researchers included Paul Ardayfio, BSC, a graduate student in molecular neurobiology at Harvard Medical School and its affiliate, Boston's McLean Hospital. They studied female mice, not people, but the findings may hold clues about how chronic stress affects mood disorders. Brief or Constant Stress Ardayfio and colleagues spiked the mice's drinking water with corticosterone, a stress hormone. That way, they avoided stressing the mice out with injections. Some mice got the spiked water for 17 or 18 days, mimicking long-term exposure to the stress hormone. For comparison, the other mice only got the spiked water for one day. The mice got two tests, without any training to prepare for those tests. In one test, mice in a dark part of a cage got the chance to explore a bright, open part of a cage. The mice who drank the spiked water day after day were more hesitant to enter the exposed space. The researchers interpreted that hesitancy as anxiety. What's That Sound? In the other test, the researchers exposed the mice to a high-frequency sound. You might expect that mice under constant corticosterone exposure would have an exaggerated reaction to that sound. But that's not what happened. The mice under long-term exposure to corticosterone had a dulled reaction to that sound the first 10 times they heard it, the study shows. Constant exposure to the stress hormone may have depressed those mice, dimming immediate reactions, the researchers write. In other words, the study suggests that long-term stress may have left those mice less prepared to handle a stressful event instead of improving their stress reactions.

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The South Walton Fire District (SWFD) held its 7th Annual Awards Ceremony on February 8, at the Timothy Padgett Park Facility. Fire Chief Rick Talbert presided over the awards ceremony as several SWFD members were recognized for their outstanding accomplishments in 2013 with over one-hundred SWFD members and family in attendance. Among some of the award recipients were: Fire Fighter of the Year-Sergeant, Chris Kidder. Robert Heighton Lifesaving Award- Lt. Eric Lang, Sgt. Charlee Lanier, FF/ Paramedic Kate Christenson, FF/ Paramedic Chris Powell, FF/ Paramedic Matt Cramer. Lifeguard of the Year- Nick Dorado. Rookie Lifeguard of the Year- Alex Winkler. Fire Chiefs Award- Gary Wise, Beach Safety Director. Communications Operator of the Year- Dave Swift. Overall there were more than 50 awards presented. Congratulations to all of SWFD 2013 Award Recipients.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Emerald Star News, Inc.

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WC BCC Approves Turn Lanes
As reported by WZEP AM1460

Poisoned Baby Update

The Walton County Sheriffs Office is continuing its investigation into the poisoning of a 4-month-old little boy from Freeport, FL. The investigation shows the nasal spray was inadvertently given to the baby by the babys grandmother. The bottle used on the baby contained acid of some type and was submitted to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for testing. Preliminary tests were positive for acid but the Sheriffs Office is still waiting on results to confirm the exact chemical. The investigation indicates the storing of acid in nasal spray or eye dropper bottles is consistent with the activity of persons who manufacture methamphetamine. However, the Sheriffs office says they have not determined the person who placed the acid in the bottle. Investigators found the grandmother who administered the spray did so without any intent to harm the child. After reviewing evidence and conferring with the State Attorneys Office the Sheriffs Office says, at this time, there will not be charges filed in the case. The Sheriffs Office will continue to follow any available leads that may enhance the case.

The Mayors Post

Russ Barley Freeport Mayor Please send any and all comments to The

A signal is to be installed at a dangerous intersection on Highway 98. After fatalities and accidents including fire trucks, the intersection of 98 and Geronimo will get a rework and upgrades including turn lanes and a single. The Walton Commissioners approved the turn lane requested by the state and agreed to two more turn lanes for the project Commissioner Sara Comander has been pushing to get through. The FDOT has asked Walton to build a turn lane for a signalized intersection of U.S. 98 and Geronimo. Walton Administrator Larry Jones said the state will not install the signal if the county does not participate. He also said additional turn lanes are not warranted. However, with the required turn lanes construction combined with the additional two turn lanes would cost less than $400,000, a price considered a savings over individual lane construction. Jones also talked about any future widening impacts. Commissioner Bill Imfeld said he believes there is a need for an acceleration lane. The intersection has been one with numerous accidents and deaths. There are limited rights of ways due to some building allowances and the angle of the road. Imfeld says he would like to have the opportunity to ask the TPO to accelerate the overall project, moving it up on the priority list. Commissioner Sara Comander has been working with the FDOT for over two years, asking for the light. She says you can not get through the intersection without taking your life in your own hands. Her recommendation is to use proportionate fair share funds. Comander said she is in favor of the FDOTs request to get the light put in. Imfeld said he agrees with safety, but wants to give the TPO a chance. Commissioner BIll Chapman said the TPO is to consider the item later in the month. He said the six-lane expansion of 98 to Tang-O-Mar might be likely due to the designing work already done. Commissioner Meadows agreed with Comanders request and made a motion for the requested turn lane and the two additional turn lanes. Comander made the second. The motion carried 3-2 with Chapman and Imfeld the nay

Russ Barley-Mayor-Freeport
Greetings from the Mayors Office The City Council had its first public reading for the proposed ordinance for low speed vehicles (Golf Carts) at the meeting held on February 11, 2014 and the second reading will take place on February 27, 2014. The City Council voted to officially name the point located at the waterfront just beyond Freeport Shipbuilding Marse Landing the sign will be erected soon and approval was also given to staff to attend the Annual Water-Wastewater Conference in Panama City. A workshop will be conducted on February 20, 2014, at city hall to discuss grants and monies available for projects for the good of the city, this workshop is open to the public and begins at 7:00 P.M., I would like to remind everyone of the Heritage Center of Freeport, it is open Wednesday-Saturday- 12:00 (noon)5:00 P.M., please go by and visit the history of our fair city. A reminder also of the upcoming Miss Freeport Pageants on March 8, 2014 at the FHS Auditorium, this is a project of The Town Planters Society of Freeport- please come and support them as we select 6 new ambassadors to represent our city. Our next city council meeting will be held on February 27, 2014 beginning at 7:00 P.M.. Please let me know how the city can be of help to you by stopping by or calling city hall.

Resident Makes Statements During Public Time

During public comment time south Walton resident Carrie Nell Moye asked about the fireworks legislation. She said she has a house directly on the beach and there are fireworks going off. She told commissioners rockets have gone over her house and onto her yard during dry seasons. She said the sheriffs deputies are good to respond. She also bought a bullhorn and says she tries to politely tell them not to use the illegal fireworks. She said they do not clean up after. She also talked about the dogs on the beach. She says even the older people let the dogs run and do their business on the beach. She also used the bullhorn to let them know to pick up the dogs droppings. She said this makes her the neighborhood meanie.

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Technology The Walton school Board recently looked at technology.

Technologies staff member henry Miller talked about having a district wide Microsoft license that would allow upgrades, a microsoft anti virus, cloud based storage and email archiving for eDiscovery. . This could mean students and staff being able to access files and work on them at home or off site locations. This also helps with long term storage. He also noted Microsoft XP will no longer be supported after this April. Another idea is to have a unique ID for each student. The Board was told they have 44% of the wireless access points in in the district with a total of 700 access points soon. Wireless testing and textbooks were discussed. Students could be able to bring their own device or BYOD. A prerequisite for this is to have a district portal. The Board was told studies show people like to have their own things. Bringing their own device would help lower costs and increase the number of devices. This also helps teachers and students stay more connected. Superintendent Anderson said she is excited with the technology roadmap presented. Later, in the regular meeting, the Board approved applying for a Technology Transformation Grant for Rural School Districts to bandwidth.

Call now for details...850-585-0262

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Thursday, February 20,2014

Mossy Head Industrial Park

As reported by WZEP AM1460

PUBLIC NOTICE The Walton County Local RESTORE Act Committee has schedule two meetings: Evaluation Sub-Committee Meeting Wednesday, March 12, 2014, at 5:00 PM Bayou Arts Center, Santa Rosa Beach And Local RESTORE Act Committee Regular Meeting Thursday, March 27, 2014, at 5:30 PM Bayou Arts Center, Santa Rosa Beach Healthmark Health Matters Get up and start living Researchers at The Mayo Clinic have linked sitting for long periods of time with a number of health concerns, including obesity and metabolic syndrome, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels. What's more, spending a few hours a week at the gym or otherwise engaged in vigorous activity does not seem to significantly lower the risk. According to Dr. James A. Levine, any extended sitting, such as sitting in front of a TV, behind a desk at work or behind the wheel, can be harmful. One recent study compared adults who spent less than two hours a day in front of the TV or computer with those who logged more than four hours a day of recreational screen time. Those with greater screen time had a nearly 50-percent increased risk of death from any cause and about a 125-percent increased risk of events associated with cardiovascular disease, such as angina or heart attack, separate from other traditional risk factors. If working out does not help, what does? The solution seems to be less sitting and more movement overall. Start by simply standing rather than sitting whenever possible. Stand while talking on the phone or eating lunch. Better yet, think about ways to walk while at work so that you can be in motion throughout the day. The impact of movement, even leisurely movement, can be profound. For starters, it burns more calories. This can lead to weight loss and increased energy. Even better, the muscle activity needed for standing and other movement seems to trigger important processes related to the breakdown of fats and sugars within the body. When we sit, these processes stall and health risks increase. Standing and actively moving kicks the processes back into action. So get up, get out and start living. For more information, see Dr. Edward Tenewitz at Healthmark Regional Medical Center or call (850) 951-4500.

What are alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence?

Alcohol abuse means having unhealthy or dangerous drinking habits, such as drinking every day or drinking too much at a time. Alcohol abuse can harm your relationships, cause you to miss work, and lead to legal problems such as driving while drunk (intoxicated). When you abuse alcohol, you continue to drink even though you know your drinking is causing problems. If you continue to abuse alcohol, it can lead to alcohol dependence. Alcohol dependence is also called alcoholism. You are physically or mentally addicted to alcohol. You have a strong need, or craving, to drink. You feel like you must drink just to get by. You might be dependent on alcohol if you have three or more of the following problems in a year:

You cannot quit drinking or control how much you drink. You need to drink more to get the same effect.
You have withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking. These include feeling sick to your stomach, sweating, shakiness, and anxiety.

You spend a lot of time drinking and recovering from drinking, or you have
given up other activities so you can drink.

You have tried to quit drinking or to cut back the amount you drink but
haven't been able to.

You continue to drink even though it harms your relationships and causes
physical problems. Alcoholism is a long-term (chronic) disease. It's not a weakness or a lack of willpower. Like many other diseases, it has a course that can be predicted, has known symptoms, and is influenced by your genes and your life situation.

How much drinking is too much?

Alcohol is part of many peoples lives and may have a place in cultural and family traditions. It can sometimes be hard to know when you begin to drink too much. You are at risk of drinking too much and should talk to your doctor if you are:1 A woman who has more than 3 drinks at one time or more than 7 drinks a week. A standard drink drink. is 1 can of beer, 1 glass of wine, or 1 mixed

A man who has more than 4 drinks at one time or more than 14 drinks a
week. If you think you might have a drinking problem, take a short quiz to check your symptoms:

A truck company already wants to expand in Mossy Head and now another company wants to buy land. At Tuesdays Walton Commissioner meeting, the Board was told Empire Trucks is asking to expand their 10 acre purchase to 15 acres. This is at the Mossy Head Industrial Park. The land is on the west side of 285 and is considered to be higher value land. The land is across the street where the new Loves Family Travel Center will be located. That construction is to start soon and the facility is to be open this summer. County Administrator Larry Jones said, with the interest of land in the park, he recommends bidding out for the construction of the new sewer treatment plant. Jones said there are a number of inquires that look promising and told commissioners it could grow quick. The cost for the plant could be around $4.4 million. The project is designed and permitted. Commissioner Cindy Meadows asked about the funds from sales of Mossy Head Industrial Park land, the sales tax from the businesses and any other income and how it can be used. Jones said the funds are being put into a separate account and can be spent at the boards discretion. The hope is the money can only be used for infrastructure. Meadows asked for some type of spreadsheet that will help them know where the funds came from and are going. Commissioner Bill Imfeld said they are planning to borrow the needed $4.4 million and pay it back through user fees. A second truck sales company also wants to located at the park. The companys real estate agent, Steve Youell, asked to purchase the land west of the Empire property. The company could bring in approximately 15-20 jobs. With a much lower asking price for the land, commissioners delayed making a decision. The requested deal also asked to pay the agents 6% commission. Commissioners said they were not aware of paying any other sales commissions. While the commissioners agreed the land was less desirable due to the distance from the intersection, they felt the offered price was low. Commissioners asked the purchaser to get with staff about differences in the deal. Any reworked proposal would have to come back to the commissioners. Later, during public comment time, Art Miller recommended the commissioners not reduce the price of the land. He said the money is needed and the value should not be reduced. He called the Mossy Head Industrial Park a crown jewel for the county.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014


Page 7

Happenings in DeFuniak Springs

Walton School Negotiations
As reported by WZEP AM1460

Check Fraud Awareness

A local business was the victim of a check fraud. February 5 the Walton County Sheriffs Office responded to a fraud call. The victim advised checks were written on his business account that he did not authorize. The checks had been duplicated from his account and the check numbers were higher in sequence than the checks that he had recently written. The checks were made out to three different subjects and were cashed in person at a local bank. The checks lettering and font size were different than his checks. They duplicated the the victims signature and business logo. All three signatures were identical. This case is very similar to cases from June of 2013 from Walton and Okaloosa County in which suspects enticed homeless subjects who had a valid form of identification and then drove them to the bank to cash the checks. In return they received a small portion of the cash. Most of the victims were companies who had checks stolen from their mailboxes and recreated. The suspects were involved in a larger ring from the Atlanta, Georgia area and arrests were made. During a search of the suspects hotel rooms, blank sheets of check paper, printers, and laptops used to produce the counterfeit checks were located and seized. If you have any information on the above incident or have had similar incidents please contact Inv. Randy Brown with the Walton County Sheriffs office at (850) 892-8186 or by email at

The Walton School District negotiation team and the union for the teachers and education support personnel have a tentative agreement. The proposal now goes to the members for ratification and the the school board for their approval. This is a third year contract so all parts are open to negotiations. If both parties give approval, then the contract goes to the state for the DOEs blessings. Walton is one of only a few districts not completing the annual agreement. The agreement includes a step and additional money, .49 for the teachers and .41 for the ESPs. The Board will also pay school administrators from the general fund. Unfunded mandates from the state, corrections in what was legislated and how to distribute additional funds from the governor caused many of the delays. Consultant for the Board, Jerry Copeland, called the offer good and said it was late due to a variety of conditions beyond either sides control. Copeland began by explaining how the half cent millage swap, the voter approved tax referendum, is used. The voters approved taking half a mill out of the capital side of the budget and using it for the general side, specifically for pay. This generates about $5 million a year. Since 2004, all increases now total almost $10 million more than what the tax swap provides. For the first few years the swap generated an increase. Since 2008-09 there has been a decrease . This year there is a small increase. The fund balance was used to help supplement, but that has been depleted to a minimum amount required. Copeland said the total amount to cover all raises since 2003-04 is $15.7 million with the tax swap only providing $5 million. Due to the fund balance, Copeland says the Walton School District has had no closings, no combining of schools, no cut in salaries and no layoffs yet the costs stay the same. He told the union team this shows the commitment of the district. He showed how giving a raise in years past is still in effect, yet the tax revenue has dropped. About $400,000 goes into leveling steps. Using all the money from Gov. Scott, the Board will still have to take $6,087 from the general. Copeland presented a contract proposal that uses the money from the governor and gives a step raise. He said the extra money is in for this year and is promised for next year. This does not mean it will be provided after that. This means the extra .49 or .41 could go away if the state does not continue to provide it. Copeland told the group they have received something every year, sometimes a step raise, sometimes a bonus, but some type of additional money. He said everyone will not be moved to the steps they are actually at, but will move one step. One employee in the audience spoke out, saying that the step system is not accurate and walked out instead of being removed. The negotiation meeting is open to the public, but does not allow public input. It was later explained several factors can mean some are not at the step level their years of service says they should be. One reason is steps are based on years of experience, not years working. The first year is year zero. After that you can move to step one. Another reason is steps are a negotiated item and sometimes the agreement does not give a step. This would mean an employee could have 10 years of experience, but not be at step 10 due to the years steps were not agreed upon. The tentative agreement gives all the money from governor Scott to the teachers and ESP. The general fund will take care of the school administrators. They will agree to a continuation of a year for the language. If all sides approve, this will close the contract for the year.

OCSO Arrests Two For Counterfeiting

The Okaloosa County Sheriffs Office has charged two Fort Walton Beach residents in connection with a counterfeiting operation targeting multiple retailers and restaurants since January 1st. The OCSO has received nearly two dozen counterfeit complaints since the beginning of the year. An investigation revealed that 33year-old Shawn Lee Morse and 25-year-old Meghan Leann Park, of Monahan Drive, were making and issuing counterfeit money. A search warrant at the Monahan Drive address February 7th turned up uncut counterfeit bills ranging from ones to twenties, loose counterfeit bills, marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Morse told investigators he was providing the counterfeit money to individuals in exchange for methamphetamine. The OCSO is being assisted in the ongoing investigation by the U.S. Secret Service and additional arrests are expected.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014. 6:30 pm at Walton High School

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On February 10, The Holmes County Sheriffs Office recovered the

body of 26 year-old Cynthia Katrice Johnson from the Choctawhatchee River. Johnson had been missing since January 10th, when motorist reported seeing a female matching her description on the US Highway 90 Bridge at the Choctawhatchee River. The body was transported to the 14th Judicial Circuit Medical Examiners for an autopsy. There are no indications of foul play at this time. Sheriff Tim Brown would like to thank the Walton, Washington, Bay and Jackson County Sheriffs Offices, along with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for their assistance in the search. Sheriff Brown would also like to thank the numerous volunteers from many search and rescue organizations that responded for their assistance.

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Thursday, February 20,2014


Brick building with offices and covered deck on Highway 20. Metal building with 5 roll-up doors and attached awnings. Property completely fenced and mostly MALLET BAYOU cleared. Near entrance to popular Protected water with easy access to the BRICK HOME - SOUTH OF HWY 20 3BR/1.5BA, 1,150 sq. ft. home near Four Mile Intracoastal & Choctawhatchee Bay. City Hammock Bay. Call to see! Water & Sewer available. Tremendous Creek. Split floorplan. Two outbuildings. Half $269,900
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Thursday, February 20,2014


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Dear Editor, I applaud your courage to speak your mind The 14 day Overview and then print and stand behind what you have written. I am referring a few issues ago where you spoke your beliefs in America Your new ally may come in a funny disguise at the start of the week. Everyone's seems to be wearing some and how God was a huge part of why the kind of mask right now. Go outside of your comfort zone and try to connect with someone you almost assurcountry took the angle it did when during a edly have nothing in common with; you may be surprised how wrong you are. The energy you get from this civil war was taken place. burgeoning friendship will have you buzzing Being from the south I can attest to the facts that this actually not only took place it People are crazy. Just when you feel like you and you-know-who are going to take over the world together -is what shaped the entire country direction at in a peaceful, wonderful way -- they flake out on you. They become distracted. Their reasons may be valid, that time. but the truth remains: If you want something, it's on your own shoulders to make it happen. You can handle My grand-parents were slaves too. Things that. You have great shoulders. Toward the second half of the week, your resolve strengthens even more changed for us all to be free and live together If you're accused of selfishness at some point in the first half of the week -- or if it suddenly dawns on you that in a peaceful world. At least thats how I felt you're being selfish -- the easiest fix is to turn the glow of your attention onto someone else. Think about them. it was as a younger girl. I clearly remember Do them a favor they didn't ask for. Be charming. By Thursday, you register your own growth as a person. It's many years of being treated differently because of my race. a slow process, a lifelong process, but a sense of renewal is definitely within you Now here we are in 2014 and there are There isn't anything particularly unusual about Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, but something wonderful is probably more blacks than whites. But todefinitely afoot. It's a feeling. The everyday stuff seems fascinating. Your friends are funnier than ever. Your days world has more mixed races of children attachment to them is so strong that on Thursday, when you have coffee or dinner with one friend, another may become jealous. This kind of jealousy is ridiculous Jerry Mathers (aka "The Beave") of Leave it to Beaver will be the featured keynote You're busy this week -- especially the first half. Action, romance, partnerships and new projects all come into speaker at a FREE diabetes conference play. 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You may need some advice, or you may go in on a big purchase together. The benefits of the shopping excursion also may have nothing to do with the shopping itself. A conversation with a pal on Wednesday about the difference between the things you want and the things you need sets you up to be in deep-thinking You'll blush so many times between Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon that someone may ask you (jokingly) if you're having an allergic reaction to something. What is it that makes everyone want to flirt with you right now? Is it your sly smile? Your shoes? Your social life is in tip-top shape until around Thursday, when work woes weigh you down. Business matters figure strongly NOTE TO WALTON COUNTY CITIZENS NEEDING A RIDE: PanCare of Florida will accept the first 12 reservations for a free ride in our van to and from the conference. Pickup will be at Lakeside Building, 1290 Circle Drive, DeFuniak Springs at 6:00 a.m. on Friday, February 28. 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Page 10 Obituary for Van Ness Reynolds Butler, Jr. Mr. Van Ness Reynolds Butler Jr., son of the late Van and Helen Butler, passed away in his home in Point Washington on February 14, 2014. He was 83. Mr. Butler is preceded in death by his father and mother. Mr. Butler is survived by his loving wife of 53 years Jonnye Mae Cameron; son Van , his wife Misty, grandchildren; Brittney, Zeb, and Tanner of Grayton Beach; Tanner, daughter Donna Lowman, husband CL, grandchildren Cy, his wife Jill, Cara Bell and husband Daniel, great grandchildren Hayleigh, Dylan, Hannah, great-grandchildren Leah and Cameron of Havana, FL; two sisters Janice Toole of Grayton Beach and Gretchen Infinger of Tallahassee, close cousins, Albert Butler of Point Washington and Willis Kennedy of Apalachicola. Special survivors are his caregivers, Linda Boudreaux, Mary Shaffer, Samantha Santana and Donna Crawford. Van Ness spent most of his life in Grayton Beach and worked diligently for the betterment of South Walton. Much of his life was devoted to helping people overcome addictions; he was instrumental in developing Bridgeway, and alcohol treatment program in Ft. Walton, and also the Camel Club an AA club house in Santa Rosa. He served on the original TDC board; the Regional Utilities Board, the CHELCO Board, the planning commission, among a host of others. He also served as county commissioner. His accomplisments while county commissioner include the construction of the CR30A bike path, the planning and permitting for the a new county annex in the South end of the county, the annex includes a court house, a high school, a college, a library, a health department, and chamber of commerce and all are now completed and used by citizens everyday. He also spearheaded several land acquisitions for Florida State Parks including Topsail Hill, Grayton Beach, Deer Lake and Eden State Parks. He loved Walton County and it's people Flowers are accepted or donations may be made to the Van Ness Butler, Jr Treatment Scholarship Fund at Trustmark National Bank at Gulf Place.

The EMERALD STAR NEWS, Inc. Obituary for Mary Frances Kelly Mrs. Mary Frances Kelly, age 73, of Miramar Beach, Florida, formerly of South Barrington, Illinois, passed away on February 18, 2014. A solemn funeral mass will be offered at St. Rita Catholic Church in Santa Rosa Beach at 11:00 AM, Saturday, February 22, 2014, after visitation at 10:00 AM. A memorial service will be held at a later date at All Saints Cemetery in DesPlaines, Illinois, where Marys remains will repose in peace. Mary was born in Chicago to Frank and Frances Brice on October 12, 1940. She attended Arlington Township High School. Mary was married to James B. Kelly on November 3, 1956; they were married 57 years. Mary worked as a homemaker, legal secretary and bookkeeper. She enjoyed reading, puzzles, board games, swimming and cooking, and she was active in the Society of St. Vincent DePaul at St. Ritas Church. Mary is survived by her loving spouse, Jim Kelly, her sister and brother, Patricia Cullen and Richard Brice, her devoted sons, Tim, Mike and Brian, her many grandchildren and great grandchildren, including Chris, Vicki, Brittany, Donovan, Nathan, Joey, Rachel and Laura, and other family and friends. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to the St. Vincent DePaul Society of St. Rita Catholic Church, 137 Moll Drive, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida 32459. You may go online to view obituaries, offer condolences and sign guest book at Clary-Glenn Freeport Chapel Funeral Home is entrusted with the arrangements.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Want to get the latest updates on Federal and State Recreational Fisheries Regulations & Management Issues?

Okaloosa, Walton and Santa Rosa County University of Florida IFAS Extension & Florida Sea Grant are hosting two Fisheries Regulations & Management Workshops on the evenings of February 24th (Pensacola) & 25th (Destin). Topics to be addressed include Federal and State fisheries management and regulation updates, new publications, and new tools/techniques in fish recompression. There is no cost to attend these workshops. The Pensacola workshop will be held from 6:00 pm until 8:30 pm on February 24, 2014 at the Ashbury Place, Cokesbury United Methodist Church, 750 College Blvd., Pensacola. In Destin, the workshop will be held from 6:00 pm until 8:30 pm at the Destin Community Center, 101 Stalman Avenue, Destin. Speakers include Emily Muelhstein, Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council, Alan Peirce, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, and Stephen Theberge, Riverside Technology-NOAA Affiliate. Please join us for this informational free workshop.
For more information, please contact Brooke Saari, at 850-892-8172, email or Chris Verlinde, at 850-623-3868, email
Patsy Stephens and myself are going to have 3 meetings to get the facts out about the negotiations from last Thursday to answer any questions. We will be using lunchrooms and in the DeFuniak area the bus training room for these on the following dates and times. SWHS: Feb. 21st / 3:45 5:00 FES: Feb 22nd / 10:00 -11:00

The Walton County Local RESTORE Act Committee has schedule two meetings: Evaluation Sub-Committee Meeting

Bus Training room: Feb. 25th / 5:00- 6:00 Wednesday, March 12, 2014, at 5:00 PM Bayou Arts Center, Santa Rosa Beach And Local RESTORE Act Committee Regular Meeting Thursday, March 27, 2014, at 5:30 PM Bayou Arts Center, Santa Rosa Beach We should be getting the information and ballots to all school sites by this Thursday. We are planning on voting Feb. 27th and to the board on March 4th ( if it is ratified). All ballots will be picked up on Friday, Feb. 28th. The Walton County EOC will be hosting a Hazmat Tabletop Exercise for Emergency response training. The Walton County Hazmat Tabletop Exercise will provide the opportunity for community response agencies to practice coordination efforts for handling a large-scale emergency or disaster. This inject driven exercise will use a train derailment/hazardous materials scenario to facilitate discussion on the steps and resources necessary to mitigate a community-wide incident.

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Want to get the latest updates on Federal and State Recreational Fisheries Regulations & Management Issues? Okaloosa, Walton and Santa Rosa County University of Florida IFAS Extension & Florida Sea Grant are hosting two Fisheries Regulations & Management Workshops on the evenings of February 24th (Pensacola) & 25th (Destin). Topics to be addressed include Federal and State fisheries management and regulation updates, new publications, and new tools/ techniques in fish recompression. There is no cost to attend these workshops. The Pensacola workshop will be held

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Ok To Swim at Hideaway Bay

Effective immediately, the Florida Department of Health in Walton County is rescinding the February 13, 2014, health advisory for the Hideaway Bay Drive and Nearby Areas in Choctawhatchee Bay. The Health Department feels that water quality in this area has improved considerably due to the reduction in bacteria levels. Advertising special of 2 months for only $50 /various sizes Get your advertisement printed 10,000 times , you change your Ad as you wish during special.

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Thursday, February 20 ,2014

INVITING FOUR BEDROOM! 2,143 sf. 4BR/2BA home on approx. a .5 acre lot near Freeport City Park. No HOA fees! Great room with FP. Open deck & a detached shed. ID #T1548069 $229,500

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