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ATENEO DE MANILA UNIVERSITY Loyola Schools Generic Course Syllabus for 2nd Semester, School Year 2012-2013 Department

Course No. Course Title No. of Units Marketing and LAw Law 131 Family Law 3 School JGSOM

Course Description:
An examination of the statutory provisions on persons and family relations, as contained in the preliminary and human relations chapter of the Civil Code of the Philippines and the Family Code. Topics include property relations between spouses, paternity and filiations, adoption, and support and emancipation.

Course Objective/s:
!"#$%&'()#$*+,)$-&$.+/#$)-'0#1-)$*$2(+#3$+1-(&0'%-+&1$-&$-"#$4*5)$&1$6#()&1)7$,*((+*.#7$ 3*,+48$(#4*-+&1)7$6(&6#(-8$(#4*-+&1)$2#-5##1$)6&')#)$6*-#(1+-8$*10$3+4+*-+&17$)0&6-+&1$*10$ &-"#($(#4*-#0$-&6+%)9$$!"#$)-'0#1-)$5+44$)-'08$-"#$:*,+48$;&0#7$*664+%*24#$6(&/+)+&1)$&3$-"#$ <#5$;+/+4$;&0#7$(#4*-#0$4*5)7$*)$5#44$*)$='6(#,#$;&'(-$0#%+)+&1)$*6648+1.$*10$ +1-#(6(#-+1.$-"#$(#4#/*1-$4*5)9$ $ It is expected that in analyzing and studying the said laws, the students will be able to apply the same to real life situations and appreciate the possible legal consequences arising from the same.

Course Outline:
Law131 Course Outline and Reading Materials
Class I. Date Laws/Cases

Introduction to Persons & Family Law

- Effects and Application of Law >>>>> Publication Non-retroactivity and Exceptions Counting of Time '- Civil Personality Juridical Capacity vs. Capacity to Act Circumstances limiting Capacity to Act Commencement of Personality Surnames E.O. 200

New Civil Code A NCC Art. 13, E.O.

NCC Art. 37 NCC Art. 38, 39 NCC Art. 40, 41 NCC Art 370, 376

R.A. 9255 "Ram Age of Majority Degree of Relations '- Citizenship Who are citizens of the Philippines Domicile Nationality Rule of Family Laws, Succession Law at the time of Marriage Applicable Dual Citizenship II.
R.A. 6809

'87 Consti Art IV S NCC Art. 50 NCC Art. 15, 16

R.A. 9225 Implementing R

'- Definition Social Contract and Civil Status Special Rules on Evidence Constitutional Provisions '- Essential Requisites 1. Legal Capacity
- Male and Female - Age Requirements - Not prohibited by law

Family Code Art 1

Wassmer v. Vel PTT v NLRC Zulueta v. CA

Art II Sec 12, Art 1

FC Art 2 FC Art 5, 35(1), 4 FC Art 5, 37, 38

2. Consent Freely Given '- Formal Requisites 1. Authorized Solemnizing Officers

FC Art 7, 10, 31, 3 LGC Chp 3 Art 1 S

Navarro v. Dom 2. Valid Marriage License

- Exemption to Marriage License Reqt

3. Marriage Ceremony '- Foreign Marriages and Foreign Divorces

FC Art 9, 11 to 21 FC Art 27, 28, 31, FC Art 3, 6

FC Art 26 Republic v Orbeci

'- Effects of Absence, Defect, Irregularities in the Requisites Absence - Void Marriage FC Art 4
- Execption to Absence Rule FC Art 35(2)

Defect in Essential Reqs - Voidable Irregularities in Formal Reqs - No effect III.

Paternity and Filiation

'''''Legitimate Children Illegitimate Children Proof of Filiation Required Impugning Legitimacy Legitimated Children

FC Art 164, 54 FC Art 165, 175, 1 FC Art 172, 173, 1 FC Art 166, 170, 1 FC Art 177

'- Adopted Children Domestic Adoption Act, Requirements/Steps Inter-country Adoption Act '- Support

R.A. 8552 R.A. 8043 FC Art 194, 195, 1

'- Parental Authority Substitute and Special Parental Authority Effects on the Children and Property Suspension or Termination '- Earnest Effort Requirement in suits '- Family Home

FC Art 209-233

FC Art 151 FC Art. 152-161

Delizo v. Delizo IV.

Termination of Marriage
'- Death
Presumption on Time of Death Subsequent Marriage based on Declaration of Presumtive Death NCC Art 42, 43 FC Art 41 RP vs Nolasco

'- VOID Ab Initio

Never prescribe or ratified May not be attacked collaterally Good faith immaterial, except! Effects of Declaration of Null/Void Marriage

Ninal vs. Bayad

Cosca v Palaypay RP v Castro

1. One party below 18 yrs old 2. No authority of Solemnizing Officers 3. No Marriage Licences 4. Bigamous and Polygamous Marriages 5. Mistake as to Identity of Party 6. Incestous Marriages 7. Against Public Policy 8. Subsequent Marriage
Subsequent Marriage without securing Judicial Declaration of Nullity of Previous

FC Art 35 (1) FC Art 35 (2) FC Art 35 (3) FC Art 35 (4) FC Art 35 (5) FC Art 37 FC Art 38

FC Art 40, 53

Atienza v. Brillan Domingo v. CA Bobis v. Bobis

Subsequent Marriage without complying with law on presumptive legitimes, distribution of property Both Spouses in Bad Faith in Subsequent Marriage based on Declaration of Presumptive Death Effects of Declaration of Null/Void Marriage FC Art 52 FC Art 44 FC Art 50 FC Art 36

'- Psychological Incapacity Requisites

Santos v. Bedia Republic v. Moli Chi Ming Tsoi v.

Difference with Canonical Annulment Essential Marital Obligations Effects of Declaration of Nullity

FC Art 68, 70, 220

'- Voidable
By Whom and Prescriptive Period

1. One party 18- 21 yrs old 2. Unsound Mind 3. Consent obtained by Fraud

FC Art 45 (1), 47 FC Art 45 (2), 47 FC Art 45 (3), 47

- Non Disclosure of Conviction! - Concealment of Pregnancy! - Concealment of STD! - Concealment of Drug addition, Habitual Alchoholism, Homesexuality

Anaya v Palaroa Aquino v. Delizo

4. Force, Intimidation, or Undue Influence 5. Non-consumation of Marriage

Doctrine of Triennial Cohabitation

FC Art 45 (4), 47 FC Art 45 (5), 47

Jimenez v Caniz 6. Incurable STD

Effects of Annulment FC Art 45 (6), 47

Legal Separation
'''''Effects of Legal Separation Grounds Distinguished from Annulment Distinguished from Separation de Facto Procedures/Denials

Rules of Court
FC Art 63, 64 FC Art 55

FC Art 56, 66

Property Relations
'- General Provisions '- Pre-nuptial/ Marriage Settlement '- Donations by reason of Marriage '- Absolute Community of Properties Regime (ACP) Excluded Properties Charges upon and obligations upon ACP Ownership, Administration and Disposition Dissolution and Liquidation '- Conjugal Partnership of Gains Regime '- Complete Separation of Property Regime Causes for Judicial Separation of Property '- Property Regime of union w/out Marriage
FC Art 74 FC Art 77, 81

FC Art 82, 84, 86, Matabuena v Cerv FC Art 91 FC Art 92, 93 FC Art 94

FC Art 96 FC Art 99, 102 FC Art 105, 106, 1 FC Art 143 to 146 FC Art 135 FC Art. 147/148

Valdez v. RTC

Succession in a Nutshell
'- Intestate Succession Compulsory Heirs Capacity to Succeed Acceptance or Repudiation Representation Accretion Heirs unworthy to succeed '- Wills and Testamentary Succession Legitime Notarial vs. Holographic Wills

Summary of Rule NCC Art 887 http://www.lawphi ml

NCC Art 970, 971

NCC Art 919, 920 NCC Art 891 Summary of Rule http://www.lawphi

Preterition, Collation Disinherittance Reserva Troncal Substitution Probate - Estate Tax

ml http://www.lawphi ml

NIRC Title III Chp

References (optional):
Persons and Family Relations Law by Sta. Maria The Family Code by Sempio Diy Lecture Notes on Civil Law of Prof Ruben Balane by Atty. Dot Uy Succession in a Nutshell by Sempio Diy Tax Digests by Co-Untian Arellano University Lawphil Project Rules on Adoption Rules on Declaration of Nullity and Annulment AM-0011-01SC Rules on Legal Separation AM-02-11-11 Rules on Provisional Orders AM-02-11-12 Other cases/articles will be supplied as needed