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D.Education - smart stories for children schoolboy 3. The clever postman 4. The clever painter 5. Picture words --1. The clever old woman --=== 1. The clever old woman 2. The clever

--An old woman lived in a small house. --- The house was not near a village and she did not have many friends. She did not have much money but she was happy. She had a table and some chairs. She had some plates and some bowls and some pots on the table. She had food to eat. She had a little radio to listen to. very happy. and pans. She had a table-cloth to put

Every day she had a newspaper to read. She was


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--One day she picked up her newspaper. 'Oh, dear!' bad.' She switched on the radio. 'I cannot read the newspaper but I can listen to The next morning her eyes were weaker. 'Oh, dear!' she said. 'My eyes are weaker. I can see my table and my chairs but I cannot see my plates and my bowls and my pots and my pans. I cannot cook my food.' The next morning her eyes were weaker. 'Oh, opened the window. dear!' she said. 'I cannot see anything. She the radio,' she said. she said. 'I cannot read it. My eyes are

'Help me, someone,' she cried. 'Please help me. I cannot see. -----


There was a doctor near the window. H was a good doctor but he was a wanted to make a lot of money. He went into the house and said to the woman, 'I money.' 'Oh, yes!' said the old woman. 'I have some see. I cannot see anything.'

bad man. He

can make your eyes better but I want some

money. Please make my eyes better. I want to


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'Very well,' said the doctor. 'Here is some medicine for your eyes. Wash your He gave the old woman a bottle but there was no The woman washed her eyes. 'Is that better?' asked the doctor. 'No,' said 'Wait,' said the doctor. 'Sit down and listen to the woman. 'I cannot see anything.' your radio. Goodbye!' not see this. eyes with this medicine. It is very good.' medicine in the bottle. It was water.

He went but he took one of the old woman's chairs with him. She did ---

--- The next day the doctor went to the house. 'How are you today?' he asked the old woman. 'I cannot see,' she said. 'Please give me some more medicine for my eyes.' 'Here is the medicine,' said the doctor. He gave her some more water.

'Wash your eyes with it. I'm coming back tomorrow. ---

--He went off and this time he took two of the old womans chairs. The old woman did not see this. The next day, and the day after, and the day after that, the doctor went back.

Reader kids1

gave the old woman some more water. see anything.' ---

Every day he Every day she washed her eyes and said, 'I cannot

Every day the doctor took something away. He took plates, all her bowls, all her pots and all her pans. Then one day he took away her radio. The doctor went to see the old woman the next 'How are you today?' he said. The old woman was very unhappy. 'Oh, doctor,' she cannot see and now I cannot hear my radio!' 'Don't cry,' said the doctor. 'I have some better medicine. I am going to get it now but I want some more money.' day.

away her table, all her chairs, all her

cried. 'Your medicine is no good. I

medicine. It is stronger than the other

'Oh, yes,' said the old woman. 'I have some more money, but please be quick. I want to see and I want to hear my radio.' 'Wait!' said the doctor. 'I am going now.' Off he This time be brought back the radio and he was good medicine. 'Wash your eyes with this,' he said. 'This is went.

brought back some medicine. It was not water. It very good medicine.'

The old woman washed her eyes with the medicine. --The doctor switched on the radio. 'Oh, doctor!' is very good medicine. Now I can hear my radio. Thank you!' 'Good!' said the doctor. 'I want a lot of money for that. Now open your eyes. Can you see?' said the old woman. 'I can hear my radio. That


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The woman opened her eyes. It was good medicine. house but she did not say, 'I can see.' 'No, doctor,' she said. 'I cannot see. I cannot see my plates and my bowls.

She saw the doctor and she saw her

see my table. I cannot see my chairs. I cannot nol good, doctor. I cannot see many

I cannot see my pots and my pans. The medicine is things!' The old woman was clever. 'Please wait,' the doctor said. He went off and the other things, and put them in the house. 'Yes,' said the good.

carried back the table and the chairs and all

woman. 'I can see much better now. Your medicine is good but it is money. I am giving you a little money.

not very

Here is some money for you. It is not a lot of

'Thank you,' said the doctor, and he went away.

---------------------------------------------------------2. The clever schoolboy 2top ---


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--father worked His father and very was mother A schoolboy a hard. farmer. did He not lived went have in to a school small much house, in money the morning. at and the itdid was In side a very of afternoon a big small house. house. he helped The The schoolboy's schoolboy his lamp in the house. Every night his father At night and the mother boy went his school to bed. work. There was only one Then he read the his boy books started and to do wrote his school work. He put the lamp on the table front of him. in his exercise books. One night his lamp went out. 'I good. cannot I cannot see,' he buy said, a 'Ilamp. cannot do my work. What can Ithe do? We have lamp and it father. isThen no I have no money. Then going he to ask said, him 'The for man one.' in the big house has a lot of money. He has a one lot in of lamps. I am He went outside and knocked on the door of the big house. A man opened the door. ---

--'Why are you knocking on mylamps? door?' he said. 'What do you want?' boy, 'may Imy have one of your I cannot do my work. My lamp 'Please, is no sir,' good.' said 'No,' said the man. 'You cannot have of lamps. I want all my lamps.' cannot 'But, sir,' do said the work.' boy. 'You have a are lotone of lamps and Ischool haven't one. Please give me one. Ithe 'No!' 'Go away.' He closed the door. The cannot boy work went in back the street. to his house. 'What can Imy do?' he 'There is a street lamp but I All What can friends I do?' have lamps but they working, too. Iasked. cannot buy a lamp. I have no money. Then the moon came up and shine through the boy's window. 'Good!' said the boy. 'Now I can read my book.' He started to read the first page. Then big black clouds came into the sky. 'Oh dear!' said the boy. 'Now Istarted cannot see.' Then he saw a box of matches. 'I canto see with these matches,' he said. --- my

--Then there But were there nothe more were not in the box. The boy read two pages his book. 'What can Iat do now?' he said. a is you cupboard see? and took out amatches. hammer and a big nail. Look the picture. What is Then he of doing? he went Can to is It making a small a hole hole. in wall. It many is not matches a very big hole. The man in the big house cannot see He it. ---

Thehe light isboy. shining through holeand in the wall. It isI can shining on the boy's book. ow but II --can can see.' is saying. 'Now I can the read write. Now do my work. I have no lamp 'N He was asee,' very clever ---------------------------------------------------------3. The clever postman 2top

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--garden A mouth There long and path every were went day. long a lot from teeth. of big the The houses gate dog to in had the a New house. collar Street. but In there the One garden was house no there chain. had was The a a big big dog garden dog ran with and about a a big gate. the the pushed parcels bag letters there to the were through people letters, Every the in the packets day letter-boxes. houses. a postman and parcels. He went knocked down The on postman the New doors stopped Street. and He gave at every packets carried house. a and bag. He In --'Here is parcel for you. Write your name here, please.' 'Good morning,' he said. He was a happy man. All the people liked him. One walked day down the postman the path. had He did a letter not see for the house with the big dog. He opened the gate and the dog. walk long teeth. It up was the behind path. Then a tree. the The dog postman jumped at pushed him. the Its letter mouth through was open the and letter-box the postman and started saw its to ---

--too. It bit The thecatch postman's postman ran ankle up the path to the gate very quickly but the dog was very quick, and made aHe hole in the leg of his trousers. postman street. pulled his leg from the mouth of the dog. opened the gate and went out The into the Then he quickly closed the gate. 'You do? cannot me now,' he said. 'The gate is high. You cannot jump over it. But what can I have many letters for this house.' The next day the postman had another letter for the house with the big dog. 'What cannot can see I me.' do?' he asked. 'That dog is very dangerous. I can see it. It is behind the tree. It at Then the dog. the The clever dog postman looked up went up to the gate. He did not open it. He stopped and shouted and saw the postman. It ran down the path and jumped at the gate. Very postman. quickly Quickly the postman the postman opened went the gate. The dog went through the gate and past the the gate and closed it. The dog was then outside the garden, in the street. 'You through cannot the letter-box. bite me now,' said the postman. He walked up the path and pushed the letter Then The dog he went jumped back at to him. the gate. At first he did not open it. He stopped and shouted at the dog. went past the postman. opened the gate. The dog went through the gate and into the garden. It Quickly the postman went through the gate and closed it. 'You cannot bite me now!' he said. ---



4. The clever painter

2top ---


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Sometimes painted many There he different painted was once things. houses a clever Sometimes and painter. streets. He He worked painted painted in ships. many aa room Sometimes different the things he top painted of but a house. flowers. He he never painted people. Some people bought his paintings but they did not give him very much money. 'Paint women.' people,' his friends said to him. 'They will give you lot ofat money. Paint men and 'Very well,' said the painter. He wrote on a he piece of paper: --- ---

--Then he pinned the paper to the in. door of his house. knock on the door. The next day there was a in, please,' he said. 'Come The door opened and a beautiful girl came She had beautiful black hair, big brown eyes, b eautiful nose and a beautiful mouth. Her teeth were white. 'Do you paint people?' she asked. 'Yes,' said the painter. 'Please window.' paint me,' said the girl. 'Yes,' said the painter. 'Please sit on the chair under the The painted girl her sat down beautiful and the black painter hair. started to paint. He painted the girl's beautiful face. He He white painted teeth. her He big was brown a good eyes. painter. He painted her beautiful nose, her beautiful mouth and her Then he said to the girl, 'You can stand up now. Here is your painting. You can have it now.' 'Oh!' said the girl. 'That is a beautiful painting. Is that me?' 'Yes,' said the painter. 'Thank you very much,' said the girl. She gave him a lot of money and took the painting. next day there was another knock on the painter's door. 'Come in, please,' he said. The was door long and opened thin and a very ugly girl came in. She had ugly hair and small eyes. Her nose and she were had black. a very big mouth. Some her under teeth were yellow and some were brown and eyes, some 'Please paint me,' she said. 'Yes,' said the painter. 'Sit on that chair the window, please.' The her long, girl sat thin down nose and and the painter her big of started mouth. tonow. paint. He painted her ugly hair, her small He painted her yellow, brown and black teeth. He was a good painter. Then he said to the girl, 'You can stand up ---

--Here is your painting. You can have it now.' 'Oh!' said the girl.long. 'ThatOne painting. that me?' Is 'Yes,' said the painter. 'No,' said the girl. 'That is ugly. That is not me. I don't want that painting.' She went away and did not give the any money. The and one next was day small. another ugly girl knocked on the door. Her was too eye was big Her nose was very big and her mouth was very small. All of her teeth were black. 'Please paint me,' she said. 'Yes,' said the painter. 'Please sit on that chair under the window.' The not hair were paint girl white and sat the big and down ugly brown shining. and girl. eyes. He the painted painter Her nose started a painter was beautiful to beautiful paint. girl. He and The was she girl ahair in good had the a painting beautiful painter had but mouth. beautiful this time Her black he teeth did ---

--have it now.' Then he said to girl, 'You can stand up now. Here is your painting. You can The girl looked at the painting and said, 'Oh, that beautiful painting. You are athe very clever painter.' is me. That is a She gave him a lot of money and went off happily with the painting. --The End


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