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Western Mindanao State University Zamboanga City


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Must be bonafide student of the University with good moral character. Must be a contributor/writer of any recognized publication Must have written articles of considerable importance and high value Must possess exceptional journalistic talents or writing ability. Shall not have written anything inimical to the integrity of the University official/teaching and non-teaching personnel/students

Guidelines 1. The student must submit a certificate from the Dean attesting that the applicant is a bonafide student of the college where he/she is presently enrolled. The Certificate shall also attest that the student does not have any pending case with the Dean of Student Affairs. 2. The student must present a certificate from the publication attesting to his/her position and good performance as Editor in Chief, Associate Editor, News or Sports Editor, Opinion Writer or Column or News/Sports/feature writer, newscaster and contributor. Writers who are not members of the publication staff, but who regularly submit news item are contributors. The certificate should include the length of service he/she has rendered for the publication. 3. Articles/news reports/newscasts of considerable importance and high value must possess the following elements: a. Objectivity b. Accuracy c. Good Taste and Decency d. Creativity (especially for features, editorials and columns) e. Communicate competency f. Social relevance/impact 4. Workshops/conferences/seminars attended must have relevance to journalistic writing and reportage. 5. Journalism writing competition covers the following: news, sports, features, column and editorial writing. 6. Journalism related competition covers the following: editorial cartoons: video on public affairs; news features documentaries, scripts on public affairs and other relevant issues. 7. All entries must be submitted on or before. 8. The decision of the journalist Award Committee is final and irrevocable.

WMSU journalism Award Rating Scale 1. As writers of any recognized publication such as the Digest, College paper or outside campus publication of merit (maximum of 40pts) Local As Editor (e.g. Editor-in-Chief/Associate Editor, Feature/News/Sports Editor) 1.2 As regular writer/newscaster/scriptwriter (e.g news writer or news reporters, feature/sports writer) 1.3 As contributor 1.4 Additional points for every year of service 10 pts. 15 pts. 20 pts. 25 pts. Regional/National

5 pts. (2 pts)

10 pts.

2. Winners in Journalism writing competition (maximum of 30 pts) Local 3 pts Regional/National 5 pts International 10 pts 3. Winners in Journalism related competition (maximum of 15 pts),. (e.g. editorial cartoon, Video on public affairs/features documentaries and scriptwriting.) Local 3 pts Regional/National 5 pts International 7 pts Workshops, conferences, seminars in media writing/reporting (maximum of 15 pts) Local 1 pts Regional/National 2 pts International 5 pts Range Gold Medal Silver Bronze Certificate of Merit



70 above 50-69 30-49 20-29

Prepared by: The journalism Award Committee Prof. Julie U. Cabato Prof. Lea U. Laput Evaluated by: ______________________ Date Evaluated: ____________________ Deadline of Submission: March 20, 2014