Simple DupUcatable 1-2-3 Easy Marketing Cash Flow System

It's Like Laying Out Food For Mice and Giving Them
The Tools To Build Their Own Cage. Once
They Start To Nibble They Back Themselves Right in!
Congratulations! You built your oWn box, caged yourself inside of our system and no one knows better than
YOU as to WHY this "system" works. Just back track and rewind what YOU did. 1bink back and notice how
you systematically BUILT the CAGE that you now sit in called STAR-LINK.
But it's a good thing and a lot like sharing a treasure map with good friends and nice people. Because it feels
good setting up other people to be able to associate, mingle, grow and earn in the GREATEST marketing
"think tank" this industry has ever seen. Never forget that. YOUare on the side of good and you sell a tangible,
value packed life changing system. Look now at what YOU did.
Other People Will Do Exactly What You Did. You'll See.
o You ''NESTED'' inside of our live conference calls.
iii You felt PAIN after you read our "MOW" booklet.
o You felt you would LOSE not using our system.
o You read the booklet MORE than once.
iii You called our bank of 1-800 lines multiple times.
o You couldn't stop listening to the audio CD.
o You weighed NOT ordering versus buying.
iii You felt that somehowNOT ordering would wound you.
o You felt welcomed and THR1LLED by our community.
o You felt like WE WERE like old friends.
o You saw an actual "system" that virtually no one has.
iii YOU ADDED to YOUR imagination. You started to dream.

r:l Capture Prospects in You PrO$pe&t 1.•.1
Your Auto-Responder Booklet, CD + Report ..


• •• />'


• Mail inside ofa 6 X 9 envelope.
• Package is neat and pristine.
• They will be jarred and unnerved.
• They won't be able to ignore this.
• The inforll1ation will unsettle them.
• Your leads are in "The Box."
They Buy The Pnlgram 141
Now. Call Them First. '
• To relieve themselves they order.
• They actually feel a relief in buying.
• CALL them FIRST and be nice.
• They want YOUto be very nice.
• BRING them to a Benefactor.
• Relax. They built their own cage.
• They backed RIGHT into "The Box."
NowTher Begin To
Build Their Own Cage
+ You somehow have a prospect.
• Either a friend or "opt in."
• They are in our auto-responder.
• They are watching the show.
• They are learning what we do.
+ They are now inside ofyour net.
• Their attention is OURS.
• They take booklet to work with them.
• They CANT stop studying this.
• They ADD their imagination.
• They listen to CD over and over.
• They HOP on our live calls.
• They start to feel LOST without us.
• They build their own cage and back in.
Every 20 Packages You Send Out at $3.25 Each Could Bring Back $200 to $1,000 Dollars Page #1
What is Marketing?
How They Build Their Own CAGES and "Box" Themselves in
Page #1.
~ Good marketing excites people before it sells them.
~ Good marketing gives people REASONS totake the next step. (think when HBO gives you a free weekend)
~ Great marketing conjures upfeelings ofLOSS if the person decides NOT to use the product.
~ Fabulous marketing uses emotion to connect people to the VALUE inside ofthe purchase. (see Star-Bucks)
~ Marketing is graceful where selling is reserved for people who "hawk" and pitch because they can't market.
~ You were marketed INTO and built your own cage just as you backedyourselfinto a $4 cup of coffee at Star-Bucks!
~ You can sell an expensive PRODUCT like a TRIP to Disney or the STAR-LINK package ifyou sell emotion.
~ GREAT marketing (think Apple computer or Verizon Cellular) turns "customers" into FANS.
Here is What The "Mechanics" (M.O.W.) Booklet Does:
~ It proves that selling cheap low end affiliate products make people LOSE their potential back-end sales.
.... It makes the reader feel almost dumb for not ordering. (see the last page / back-flip side of booklet)
~ Makes the readers feel actually ripped offBEGAUSE they were never "let in": to these marketing laws.
~ The booklet teaches people that to IGNORE "continuity" ( s e ~ booklet) is to absolutely LOSE money.
~ The booklet was built to educate the readers into a level ofknowing that they never knew existed.
~ The booklet DOES and will give your friends a EUPHORIC feeling of, "I found the HolyGrail" and RELIEF.
~ The booklet 107%ANSWERS the question in people heads, "how come I never made money atthis before."
.... The book PUSHES people back into theEXPERlENCE of STAR-LINK which further gets them to sell themselves.
~ The booklet was written and designed to make people QUICKLY start to "cage" themselves inside of your BOX.
Why The "Death March" Suicide audio 8D has Blood AllOver it.
~ I always say, "if you bait your hook with chum (dead bloody fish) the sharks will bite the bait."
~ THIS audio CD has BLOOD all over it. This audio CD is extremely P-A-I-N-F-U-L to listen to.
~ Why? Because it decodes exactly, 1-2-3, HOWthe listener is being screwed on the internet. (we HELP people!)
..~ You heard this audio CD. How did YOU react! Well-your prospects will feel the exact same way you did.
I Tested This System with 14 People and Four (4) Tossed Back $957
I spent just around $75 and took in allllost $4,000 Dollars
iiIdid not mail this package to a "cold list." Although I am going to NOW mail this to 50 on a list I bought.
Ii I sent this SYSTEM to 14 people who were "BAKING" and soaking inside ofour connnunityon-line.
Ii WFIILE they were READING the booklet and listening to the "Death" CD, they were also on our live calls.
Ii NO SINGLE element here isthe answer. It's the equal parts-and there are many-that make up the whole.
Ii I sold the ENTIRE "Theatre of Prosperity" (all four courses) for $957 and gave each (2) FREE courses.
Ii I used an old fashioned ETHICAL BRIBE and offered TWOfree «Amazing Increase" books FREE.
Ii After myprospects got my package I told them, «START now at $957 and I'll SAVE you $234."
Ii I told them I would "spiff' them TWO Amazing Increase" $97 courses that they could re-sell and earn $100%.
Ii They WANTED the ENTIRE program. They wanted to be qualified to EARN on everything.
Ii They also, like anyone, wanted a "good deal." So I threw in TWO $97 courses they could re-sell anytime.
Ii ALL FOUR people called ME. All four were caught within the system and freaked out. (at $957) each.
Ii If you add $17.95 + $97 + $197 + $615 = $957 + I tossed in TWO $97 Amazing Increase books as a bonus.
,II I did not cut comers in order to save money. I sent ALL three components.
Ii I sent the BOOKLET + the eight (8) sheet Spellbound report +the "Death March" audio CD.
Ii All wrapped NEATLY within a six and HALF by 9 and a HALF manila envelope.
Imagine Selling Something (This!) That No One Else Has. We Are The Only People Who Have This.
Here are Invisible Things (Intangibles) of Why The System Works
Here is something I find to be VERY interesting and something that I believe you will find profound. And it
is this. When people funnel and pipe through the entire system, they see a system that represents something
NEW to them as in something they have yet to try. And that something "new" is mail-order and direct re-
sponse. It's also using and buying a precise McDonalds kind of TRUE system.
This and this ALONEmake the STAR-LINK brand a FORCE to be reckoned with. (And it works!)
Subtle Intangibles Which Answers The Questions, "Why Do People CRAVE This?"
~ 92% of all home based Networkers are PART-TIME people with JOBS who are LOSING money on-line.
~ They get NO support, have no true 1-2-3 system, and they are desperately searching for something legitimate.
~ Have they ever seen a FREE FOCUS Society where they can MASTER-MIND? No. They haven't.
~ Have they ever seen-ever! A True 1-2-3 precise system? NEVER! And they see this as a panacea!
~ They have NEVER read, heard or seen ANYTHING like this before = BRAND NEW = "I think I better try this."
~ The SIZE ALONE boggles people's MlNDS. Site +booklet + live calls + auto-responder letter + PRODUCT = Wow!
~ People literally GET CAUGHT and they CAGE themselves INSIDE ofour marketing THINK TANK. community.
~ No one gets HURT because they can ATTEND and PARTICIPATE for weeks for FREE. (nightly live calls)
~ No one gets HURT because our $14.95 Chaos to Cash TEASER course comes with a 2 MONTH refund policy.
~ The WAY we speak and the WARRIORS NEST language we use is a language NO ONE has ever heard before.
~ It just flat out feels good. The community is almost a larger "pull" than the obvious opportunity we promote.
~ The prospects hear die hard ZEALOTS on our calls who are "NEST HEADS" and completely in love with this.
~ WE are the ONLY marketing program with our 81 page WARRlORS NEST ($97) 1-2-3 TRAINING manual.
Most Folks Secretly Think Like This To Themselves, Read This Slowly:
Who Has Time to Dart Down To The Post-Office
Every Day and Mail Packag_s To Strangers?
And Then Mary Raised Her Hand And Very Politely Asked.•..•
"But Joe, This is Very Different. Do You Mean To Tell Me You Actually Mail and
Spend $3 Bucks to Send a Home DeliveredPackage to Allo{YourJJgt-lns? But
Joe, My Other Program is A UTOMATEIJ and my OTHERComptiny Never
AskedMe to Hassle with Actually Marketing andMailing out Expensive
t Packages. Please Joe, Enlighten me. Oh, anti Thanks!"
Great Question!
As someone that you look up to for direction and as someone you count on to tell you and show you things that
only someone with my experience can show you, please, with your permission, let me BLOW your mind.
What I am about to say is obvious. Then again, it escapes 99.9% of the people. And if you anchor your business
to this philosophy over the next 90 days your BUSINESS will change.
Are you ready? Alright then. Let me enlighten you. For it is only my PLEASURE to save from certain marketing
DOOM and to protect YOU from future loss.
Let me explain WHYI gladly "with bells on" mail packages and do what almost no one else does.
"No Wonder Joe Schroeder Earns $1,000 to $4,000 per Day Gosh Darn No Wonder!" Page #3
From Buck Hunter who Baits his Hooks With Chum, "To Know Thy Beast Makes Their Capture Easier."
It's Easier To "Box" People When You Know Exactly Who
They Are, How They Locate Their Food and To Know
How The Animals Congregate and Hunt Themselves
Lets Learn The Habits of Those We Hunt
i The key to UN-LOCK more prospects is to FORCE their PARTICIPATION into your funnel.
i You do that by a home delivered package ofrelevant content loaded and laced (bait) with GREAT education.
i People spend SECONDS at a website, MINUTES reading our on-line letters and WEEKS ON END at home with our "kit."
i YES, people, as you did, ACTUALLY soak, bake, meditate and ADD their TIME into our funnel.
i THEY take our BOOKLET and CD to their JOBS, to bed and they read and read and build their owns cages.
i People on line have MULTIPLE e-mail accounts. Therefore they are NOT reading auto-responder letters.
i They got BURNED by vast amounts ofpeople and assume YOU and me are the boogey-man as well. [Wink]
i They are FOCUSED on the MLM that is stealing MORE oftheir money and NOT with us or what YOU sell.
i' the PROSPECTS are not downloading our REPORTS off our website. They are quickly SCANNING if at all.
i PROSPECTS are spending only MINUTES online, killing time reviewing MANY OTHER opportunities as well as ours.
i PROSPECTS are over wrought with so much NEW information on-line it becomes mental "noise" in their heads.
i That is why I take them OFF LINE. I said that is why I hunt for them OFF LINE in their homes. Offtheir computers.
i I amthe HUNTER and I know thy beast. That is why BUCK HUNTER captures them using their OWN mind.
i I setthe trap, bait the hook and then mail them FOOD that they CAN'T RESIST from which they BAKE in their own homes.
i I present myself to my prospects IN THEIR HOMES and they TAKE the food and candy I mail them to their JOBS.
i While on the internet you have SECONDS to sell and close people. With THIS system is extends into W-E-E-K-S! I
i In my eBook, "THE CONQUERING CHIEF" I explain, ''the LONGER they sit in your sales funnel the more they buy!"
i It's about EXTENDING the message into weeks VERSUS only minutes on-line. That way THEY CREATE more reasons to buy.
I Market into Predictable Consumptions. You Should Too.
=:} Predictable consumption. That's what this is. The prospect predictably shifts from observation to BUY.
=:} They predictably shift from BUYING (courses) to JOINING (Star-Link) to JOINING our residual Blackman LEAD deal.
=:} It's all one big FAT beautiful predictable FORCED CONTINUITY symphony of residual income.
=:} It's built to build me (and anyone else who wants to party with me) one BIG FAT Million dollar per month lifestyle.
=:} It's intelligent. It's savvy, it's hip and not to THINK or USE this environment is well, almost stupid.
=:} OF COURSE I send out $3 packages. YOU would too if you could turn $3 into $100 and $190 PROFIT points.
=:} You earn upwards of $350 of a person orders all four courses at $957. That's $350 on a $3 package you mailed.
=:;> WHAT ifyou mailed 10 packages at $3 each (that's $30) and ONLY sold one $197 "Speed" and made $100.
=:} Wouldn't you then mail to PER DAY? Of course you would. It's basic math. And what ifthey bought Spellbound?
=:} The BACK-END profits are SO HUGE if makes it a WISE business decision to mail $3 packages TEN times per day.
The Longer "Part-Time Charlie's" Second Guess Themselves, The More We Make!!!
• At Star-Link you can ONLY get paid on products you have ONCE purchased. That creates "breakage" for me and I love that.
• BREAKAGE is when YOU earn $100 because your GUY never bought the $197 "Speed" course and HIS sale rolls up to you!
I Pray Some People Don't Order Everything. That Way Mr. Joe Makes Even More! Page #4
Do I really need to include the audio CD "Internet Death March?"
No, why bother. If you exclude that you can save some money and sell
a whole-heck-uv-a-Iot less courses. Why include the most profound RE-
CRUITING tape ever made? Why? The audio CD is only for people
who want to sell 25% to 50% of EACH ten packages they mail out.
The audio CD "Internet Death March" virtually hypnotizes people and they can't stop listening. I created it on purpose and
while it sounds like a "canned" presentation, I was actually LACING each sentence uttered ON that CD with the elusive
and uncontrollable POWER of the "Alpha Code." Be a smart Johnny and INCLUDE that darn audio CD in every package!
I want to ORDER 100 copies of "Internet Death March" and Need To Know WHERE and How Much?
You can order from CHAD SOONER of "Sooner Cassette" in Oklahoma. 1-405-794-0104 They take VISA and MASTER-
CARD and you can get 100 CD's for under $135 to your door. Chad is a quiet subdued guy. Don't expect conversation
from him. Give him your order, CC card and address and off you go. Sooner Cassette has been manufacturing for myself
and Big Robert Blackman for a decade. You can TRUST them.
How much are COPIES of the Booklet?
You will pay STAPLES roughly eight (8) CENTS (per side) and sixteen cents for DOUBLE sided booklet format. If they use
the 24 POUND paper, which is MORE, the booklet will look even more stunning. Most people JUST ask for "20 pound"
norinal 8 x 11 WHITE paper. YOU can use the STAPLES "long arm" staple GUN and affix and assemble the booklets
there on-site at Staples. OFFICE MAX is a lot more money. FIGURE you are paying .80 cents per booklet.
Tell me about the EIGHT (8) sheet SPELLBOUND 8 X 11 REPORT I am supposed to also include:
I use "GOLDEN ROD" (yellow/orange) paper. STAPLES knows what GOLDEN ROD is. Their copy MACHINE can also
staple each eight page report FOR YOU. I always INCLUDE this report and it actually DOUBLE-WHAMMIES people and
gives your prospects MORE "ten feet tall and bullet proof' REASONS to pass you $615 for Spellbound. The marriage be-
tween the Spellbound REPORT + DEATH CD + MOW Booklet is BLOODY. Sharks WILL BITE and you will eat well.
Can I mail this "Pak" to COLD leads Who are NOT in the STAR·LlNK Omega Wave Page on-line auto-responder?
If you mail this package to people ALREADY within our marketing show palace that we call the THEATRE of PROSPERI-
TRY you will have tremendous results. If you have FRIENDS in MLM and what-not, yeah, test it. I am myself going to test
JUST the booklet and ONLY the booklet to 50 COLD strangers who are in MLM. However the obvious union between
those who are ALREADY caught inside of our ON-LINE "box" and then you home deliver this package? Wow.
How About USING a BENEFACTORto help me when people CALL me with Questions? (this is OPTIONAL!!!!!!!)
If you ase my staff of HARD NOSE COWBOYS to help you with your people who call you, we will take 25% all monies you
earn on the prospect you shoved toward us. LOTS of new people can't answer questions and even more would prefer the
expertise that my stable of ROUGH NECKS can offer you as they handle YOUR leads. No, we will not call your leads. But
if your leads DO call you, you can say, "Let me call you back in an hour or two" and then GET with us to assist you. The
person who ASSISTS closing your lead we call a BENEFACTOR. Schroeder Publishing sees all sales obviously and we
will know whether or not you used one of our BENEFACTORS to assist you. Would pay a benefactor $25 to earn $75?
I have eight HOT LEADS RIGHT NOW but I don't want to wait a few days. Can YOU mail themfor me?
Yes. Schroeder Publishing can mail "The Box"· package to your initial list. We charge $8 per package and we also affix a
label With your name / phone to place in appropriate sections of booklet and REPORT so your leads· know who to contact
in order to ASK a question or to order.
Why is a telephone follow up so important?
You'll always sell more and make more money ifyour PROSPECTS think you are a nice person. People are people before
they are prospects and as people they would RATHER give $100's of dollars and order from a NICE person than some
"ghost" that hides behind the computer and mailed them this package. This is Networking remember?
How FAST will this system help me RECRUIT people into the FIT MLM program I work?
Probably like Molasses. The MLM you promote is probably a "dime a dozen," nothing new and complete with NO true sys-
tem. Therefore what FIT primary programs our STAR-LINK family does is of no relevance to me. I use this SYSTEM to
build my downlines in a neat little no frills MLM called (I joined in 1995) and I also put basically every-
one into Blackman's LEAD program. Life Plus is a no brainer. It's only $47 per month and for folks who use toothpaste,
take showers and who want something that is AFFORDABLE that everyone can follow into. The FAMILY is at Star-Link.
The SYSTEM is here. What "back-ends" we do are JUST that, back-ends. THE BUSINESS for me is the MASTER-MIND
and the personal development. The TWO residual back-ends are simply OBVIOUS extended revenue streams. At $100
to $200 PER MONTH expensive MLM programs BECOME major decisions. Life Plus at $47 is like, "aren't you in yet?"
What is the $97 WARRIORS NEST Training Work-Book and WHY do I need that? (Shipping is $20 =Total is $117)
That is our ENTIRE system taught over 90+ pages. It pays you $25 per sale and we INCLUDE six (6) packages replete
with CD, booklet and report that your BUYERS can mail as soon as they get it. The "NESr is a MUST for anyone serious.
We do live WARRIORSNEST training WITH the WORK-BOOK each week. Make Sure You Get That. Page #5
The goal of any successful franchise or sales organization is to get everyone on the same
information that is responsible for the "top people" becoming the top people. But alas, in most MLM
organizations, when the top person (100% of the information) asks someone down on their fourth
level a question about group development, which ads to place or you ask that guy "down below" an
organizational technique question, they only possess MAYBE 5-20% of the proper information.
Thus, the "law of diminishing results" has raised it's ugly head. That's because you have people
overcome by. their own ego's and beginners (blind) teaching (the blind) other beginners. None of
this higher learning may mean a whore heck-uv-a-Iot to you right now, but in the off chance you
never succeed at MLM, not matter HOW HOT your products are or how groovy the compensation
plan is, it will be because you never plugged into this training and made it a
staple for your growing group to adhere to. It's that simple. It's a mistake to
make apart-timer or a anyone NOT earning $10,000 per month your "go to answer" man =
the person who trains you.
That's why in the STAR-LINK Organization you'll see such a furious focus on training with our
group. Such as training paks, daily training via an 1-800 line, conference calls, training tel-a-
seminars, daily training via e-mail.etc....THIS MAD PAK 1-2-3 guide as well as our actual
PRODUCTS which are revered as the BEST TRAINING in this industry.
WHY? So the new people. have the SAME 100% of the information as the people on TOP who
were trained by me personally.
Training and Concepts Ev.entuany Get Watered Down
This is all apart of our commitment to you, ourselves and to this stellar opportunity. Remember, in
traditional MLM, most people are only g.etting about 3% to 10% of the training information
formulated by the teams successful leaders. Frankly, it's a tragedy and it's also why so many
fail in MLM.
Are You GUilty?·Have You Been Trained By a Wannabe?
What happens is you only get a PART of the information and even worse, the information that your
SPONSOR is TEACHING you has been filtered through their PART-TIME mind and from their
MIND that is not even earning $4,000 per mQnth yet =you are being trained by a wannabe.
WhEln you stop and consider the. worlds greatest athletes, entertainers, business wizards and anyone who has left their
"mark" on mankind, all of them had training. This is what ultimately separates the average from the above
average. .
The difference between a car mechanic and a heart surgeon is specialized knowledge. The difference between agood
football coach and an accountant, is APPLIED speCialized knowledge. Even though they both deal in "numbers", it's
specialized training that separates them. When we look at two distributors that start at the same time and after a year
they have a completely different experiences, even though they both started with the same basic skills, it's specialized
training, specialized knowledge and then APPLIED knOWledge that ultimately makes the distinction.
The key is to train with someone who has APPLIED the knowledge the best So be careful who you follow.
What we train and MASTER-MIND on is four-fold. It's the Millionaires model and if done properly each new member is
brought up through (1) awareness and then (2) connection to (3) involvement to (4) stewardship and lastly they
themselves become (5) the mentor. But without a unified (one) and standardized platform of leadership philosophy and
integrated training quadrants-all of this falls apart. And to that end, I have worked day and night to see that our
collected vision gets upholded. I wish you God speed!
Page 6
Bow Mary Got Screwed
And People Actually Wonder WHY They Fail in This Industry?
Great. Now Mary sponsors someone and now MARY can share only 7% of the genius
and wisdom of KARL who makes $62,000 per month. Great. Now Mary's new enrollee
Mary-Beth is screwed too. And this Ladies and Gentlemen is how MLM works.
Poor Mary. Here she is like divorced with two kids, just a darling of a lady, desperately
needs to make an extra $2,000 per month, has a good job, loves our industry and the
poor little lamb has an EGO that will NOT let her be a perfect learner. Good ole Mary
does what she always does. listens to her sponsor too much and ignores the golden
Karl Trains Debby Goose (Karl) and now poor Mary is screwed because the law of diminishing
results is ALIVE and OH POOR MARY is only working with 19% of what
GURU KARL teaches. Evenworse, here EGO and "know it all" attitude takes
Karls watered down (to 19%) training to only 7% because MARY decided to
add TO the system and she decided what to IGNORE as well.
Debby Trains Cal
How Debby Rained Everything
No wonder RIZZO is all screwed up. NO wonder, Rizzo doesn't
make money. Cal never got Rizzo the MASTER-COPY of the
POST-CARD so Riizo created his own post-card for Petes sake!
Debby is the problem. You see, by day Debbie is a big shot at her bank. She earns $89,000 and
has a cush job. She manages nine (9) people at her bank and by night she wears her Network
Marketing hat and makes an extra $3,200 per month working in our industry. Good.
The bad part though, is that good ole DEBBY thinks some of Karl's techniques and some of his
"what to do" ideas are stupid. Therefore she CHANGES what she tells her people and basically
her people never really get to USE (or) even HEAR what Karl teaches! Too bad because Karl
is the GOLDEN GOOSE and yet DEBBY ego would not allow herself to 100% follow. In fact,
Debby doesn't even REQUIRE her people to FAX in their 10 REASONS!
Poor Ole Cal Was Too
Busy at His Day Job
To Help and Train Rizzo
It's the Confused and Desperate Coaching the Confused and Desperate
The GENIUS of say, a Diane Hochman (leader in Star-Link and Joe Protege) is that Ms. Diane
never needs to be RIGHT. All she .ever wanted was a cohesive plan loaded with 1-2-3 training,
where no one got hurt and a LEADER Who she could point to. Diane is a world class leader and
her people FLOCK and GLUE to her. Why? Partially because they know and see her being a
world class LEARNER. People want to be lead and the better LEADER you are the MORE your
own people will glue to you. It starts with REQUIRING lithe system" to easily duplicate itself.
You Lose If You Second Guess The System
• Get your people on the MAD PAK training.
• DON'T work with anyone who isn't.
RizzO PRETENDS he knows what he's
Doing and now Mary is screwed.
Why are you here? Why did you join? FAX your TEN reasons to Joe @ 1-973-927-7065
1: What you don't know is costing you a fortune. (be a great LEARNER!)
2: NOT LEARNING what doesn't work is costing you money.
3: STOP listening to UNDOCUMENTED people. Get 100% of the information.
4: Make SURE fully 100% of your people get on the MAD PAK training!
5: You think you are here to make friends. Wrong. It's all JUST business.
P.S. Now you understand why scads of people pay me anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500 for PRIVATE one-on-one
coaching. BECAUSE they want to SOAK in 100% of the information and Q&A with me for 90 days. Now you get it.
Out of 75,000+ Distributors Joe Schroeder was #1 and Now You Know EXACTLY Whyl
Page 7
Here is What Happens if You Fail To
Promote a Unified 1-2-3 System
At people's jobs-most times-they have a precise cookie cutter 1-2-3 action plan
and WORKING military like organizational chart. This makes people feel happy, se-
cure and safe.
One fundamental reason you never have had an ACTIVE cohesive, bonded like glue
sales organization, is because chances are you do not know what prospects want to see
or for that matter, what to showthem that would actually go in the opposite direction!
Now take me for example. I know EXACTLY what new people not only want to
see, but what makes them DOUBLE in excitement right offthe bat. And it's this.
+ A group or team all reading from the same page.
+ One UNIFIED precise action plan and time tested UNIFORM working philosophy.
+ AMWAY has this, Star-Link has this as does Mary-Kay and Avon.
+ It's about your newpeople feeling S-A-F-E.
+ So safe, that they will FOLLOW you into our "Blackman" lead program.
• SO SAFE that they will run (not walk) to order the $615 Spellbound from you.
Here is How To Look So Strange To Your New People and
Prospects That They Will Beg You To Include Them
require them to order the 1-2-3 WARRIORS NEST "Mad Pak" manual.
6''f. THAT will make it appear that you are 100% committed to the team.
Actually say, "if yon don't adhere to the exact plan I can't work with you."
will telegraph to them that STAR-LINK is like the Army = safe = secure.
Actually edify and show reverence and love to the LEADERS at Star-Link.
I7'?This will SHOCK your prospects alld they will think "SAFE" as in Disney.
tr- DISNEY is about unifonnity.and precision. So are we. So sell it.
NOTPERMIT or· allow non·confinnedLEADERS to act as ifthey were.
6'1f.ACT LIKE you have STAR·LINK in your blood. This will shock your prospects.
Here is How Better Than 91% of Your Prospects Think To Themselves
"I wonder if I join this how committed my sponsor will be. The last FIVE quit on me and had no commitment."
"I wonder ifthey have an automated TRUE 1-2-3 system. I don't have much time and I need a REAL system."
"I can't afford to lose money again. I wonder ifmy potential sponsor has had any success with this yet?"
"All I want is for someone to give me a TRUE step-by-step system." (I repeated myself becausethey will too)
RARELY in our industry do people come across something as LARGE and PROFOUND as what we have
here for everyone at Star-Link. The key then is to HONOR yourself by honoring what you sell. What you sell is
the LARGEST, most profound, biggest and most UNUSUAL and most important program on earth.
Therefore by acting as if you are thoroughly and absolutely "sold out" (excited) that will transfer to your
prospects, which you want. But this begins and is ignited by your commitment to THE SYSTEM and much
of that is getting everyone PROPERLY trained. Everyone in your world needs this M.A.D. Pak manual •
..... The ONLY TRUE 1-2-3 SYSTEM in Our Industry That YOU WILL EVER SEE!
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