Mathematics 216 Carrousel 2: Itinerary 11

Introduction This document is a tool designed to help give teachers a clear description of what should be covered in Itinerary 11 of the Mathematics Carrousel 2 textbook. The textbook offers more material than can be covered in most regular classes. However, this summary should be seen as a guide only; the amount of time available as well as the students' interests and capabilities will determine the material which is covered. Further information about the material is found in the Teacher's Guide. Objectives Covered in Itinerary 11 This itinerary covers Objective 4.2: To solve problems that involve calculating the probability of certain events during a random experiment. Students will be able to calculate the probability of an event. They will develop their understanding of randomness, fairness, situations involving repetition, complementary events, and mutually exclusive events.It is important to refer to the MEQ Curriculum document for more details on the objectives of the program (pp 40 - 41). Time: 7% of the year. (The other 8% of the total 15% allotted to probability is covered in Itinerary 9.) Comments: 1. The objective of the program is not a theoretical study of probability. Rather, students should develop their understanding of probability through the active exploration of situations and simulations. Such an approach requires time for formulating, exchanging and refining ideas. Note that 15% of the year, or approximately 1.5 months, is allotted to this topic. If the suggested time is given to the study of Itinerary 9, then Itinerary 11 will flow very smoothly. 2. 3. 4. Students should be made aware of the myths associated with chance and some faulty interpretations of random events. Recall the suggestion that activities such as Mental Pit Stop and Marketplace should be done as daily 5-minute warm-ups. Test questions in the Teacher's Guide should be edited to reflect what is pertinent to the objectives of the program and thus what is valued.

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This document has been prepared by Françoise Boulanger and Carolyn Gould, Resource Persons for MAPCO.

Mathematics 216: Carrousel 2: Itinerary 11
Topic Class 1. What an Event (pp. 258-263) 1.5% Time Homework Priority 1 Optional Question: g Workout: 9-11, 14, 16-19 Omit

√ Situation Questions a - f Workout: 1-8, 12, 13, 15 Club Math 23


Probability of an Event (pp. 264-274)


√ Activities: 1 & 2 Conference Room Activity 3 Workout: 1 - 23, 25

Workout: 24, 26-37 Club Math 24


Relation Between Two Events (pp. 275-285)


√ Situation Questions Conference Room Workout: 1-13

Workout: 14 - 23 Club Math 25 On the Edge Flash Problem Logic Central


Passport (pp. 286-287)


This document has been prepared by Françoise Boulanger and Carolyn Gould, Resource Persons for MAPCO.