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AET 2013 Complete Program Schedule Registration-7.30AM 8.00AM Date: 13-Dec-2013 Hall I Session I Time: 8.00 AM 10.

.30 AM Chair 1: Dr. Janahanlal Stephen (Ilahia College Chair 2: Dr.Bhaskar Raj Sinha ( National Univesity, of Engg & Tech, India) California, USA) Paper ID Title Registered Author AET2013_ACS33LE Prediction of Land use dynamics in the rapidly Bharath H Aithal urbanising landscape using land change modeller AET2013_ACS46LE Performance Analysis of KLMS Algorithm on Smart Kiran kumar patro Antenna Beam forming AET2013_ACS53LE Visual exploration of Geographic Timeseries Yogini Marathe AET2013_ACS59LE A new approach to Filtering of XML streaming Preeti Saxena Data AET2013_ACS71LE Tree-Based Ontological User Profiling for Web Sachin R. Joglekar Search Optimization AET2013_ACS94LE A Semi-Automatic Approach to Handle Data M.Thenmozhi Warehouse Schema Evolution using Ontology AET2013_ACS101LE Approaches to Parallelization of NLP tasks in a R. Radhakrishnan search system AET2013_ACS122LE Reduction Fuzzy Data Set Based on Rough Mohamed Elashiri Accuracy Measure AET2013_ACS - 531LE A Hybrid Bi-Orthogonal Wavelets, Neural Networks Siripurapu Sridhar and DPCM Based Image Compression Approach for Performance Analysis AET2013_ACS - 545LE Automated Microaneurysms Detection and B.Sumathy Grading of Diabetic Retinopathy Date: 13-Dec-2013 Hall II Session II Time: 8.00 AM 10.30 AM Chair 1: Dr. Yogesh Chaba (Guru Jambheshwar Chair 2: Dr. Yudhvir Singh, (MDU ROHTAK) University of Sc. & Tech. India) Paper ID Title Registered Author AET2013_ACS - 558LE Efficient Classification of Images using Histogram Parag Nandkumar Based Average Distance Computation Algorithm Shinde Extended with Duplicate Image Detection AET2013_ACS - 562LE Application of AI to the Design and Archana Mangal Implementation o f Airline Reservation System AET2013_ACS52FE An Efficient Text Steganography using Digit Sahil Kataria Arithmetic AET2013_ACS9FE New Bridgeless DCM Sepic PFC Rectifier With Low C.Sreekala Conduction and Switching Losses AET2013_ACS15FE A Video-based Approach for Translating Sign Aradhana Kar Language to Simple Sentence in English AET2013_ACS22FE PSO based selection of spectral features for Agrawal Rajesh K remotely sensed image classification AET2013_ACS31FE Generic Function Based Color Image Rajib Biswas Steganography 545in 2-D DCT Domain AET2013_ACS55FE Novel Methods for Classification Using Machine S.Padma Learning Concepts AET2013_ACS58FE A comparative study on enhancements made for Satyanarayana Vollala RSA implementation from Hardware perspective


An Optimal Seed Selection for Gray Image Segmentation An Automatic Medical Image Segmentation using Teaching Learning Based Optimization PDAC(Parallel Encryption with Digit Arithmetic of Cover Text) Based Text Steganography

Kanadam Karteeka Pavan Srinivasa Rao Chereddy Sahil Kataria

Tea Break 10.30 AM 10.45 AM Official Inauguration & Key Note -10.45 AM12.15 PM Photo Session-12.15 PM 12.30 PM Date: 13-Dec-2013 Hall I Session III Time: 12.30 PM 1.15 PM Chair 1: Dr. Ashok Arora, ( YMCA University of Chair 2: Dr. Janahanlal Stephen (Ilahia College of Sc & Technology, Haryana) Engg & Tech, India) Paper ID Title Registered Author AET2013_AEE - 534LI Protection, Control and Operation of Transformer J. Arockiya Xavier Using Numerical Relay Prabhu AET2013_AEE - 554LI Digital Simulation of VFT Applications between Farhad Ilahi Bakhsh Power System Networks AET2013_AEE - 504FE Planar Antenna Design Using Metamaterials at High Parul Dawar Frequencies: A Review Date: 13-Dec-2013 Hall II Session IV Time: 12.30 PM 1.15 PM Chair 1: Dr. Govind Chandra Mishra (MVN Chair 2: Dr. Yogesh Chaba (Guru Jambheshwar University, Palwal, Haryana) University of Sc. & Tech. India) Paper ID Title Registered Author AET2013_ACE - 35LE Prediction of the Resilient Modulus of Unsaturated Sai K. Vanapalli Fine-Grained Soils AET2013_ACE - 23LI Dissipative capacity analysis of steel buildings using Ras Abdelouahab viscous bracing device AET2013_ACE - 28LE Time-frequency analysis of articulated leg platform Priyanka jain for single degree of freedom using wavelet transforms Lunch Break- 1.15 PM2.00 PM Date: 13-Dec-2013 Hall I Session V Time: 2.00 PM 4.00 PM Chair 1: Dr. Ashok Arora, ( YMCA University of Chair 2: Dr. Janahanlal Stephen (Ilahia College of Sc & Technology, Haryana) Engg & Tech, India) Paper ID Title Registered Author AET2013_AEE - 520FE Support vector machine (SVM) and fuzzy based G.Nageswara Rao hybrid feedback technique for harmonic elimination of multilevel inverter AET2013_AEE - 522FE Design, Simulation and Analysis of Microcontroller S. Sheik Mohammed based DC-DC Boost Converter using Proteus Design Suite AET2013_AEE - 527FE Optimal Neural Controller for Load Frequency Suman Kumar Ghosh Control AET2013_AEE - 530FE Transient Simulation and Performance Analysis of T. Jayanthi KALBR Simulator for PFBR Operator Training

AET2013_AEE - 542FE

Reliability of ALD Hf1-xZrxO2 deposited by Intermediate Plasma Treatment (DSDS) with Nitrided Chemically Grown Interface and Plasma Oxynitride Interface AET2013_AEE - 549FE A Novel Method of Band Pass Sampling for Down Conversion of Multiple RF Signals AET2013_AEE - 5RE Power Quality Improvement in Switch Mode Power Supply using FPGA based Digital Control Approaches AET2013_AEE - 9RE Recent Strategies of Data compression in Wireless Sensor Networks AET2013_AEE 510RI Average and Static Power Analysis of a 6T and 7T SRAM Bit-Cell at 180nm, 90nm, and 45nm CMOS C Technology for a High Speed SRAMs AET2013_AEE - 547RE Image De-Noising for Salt and Pepper Noise By Robust Mean Filter AET2013_AEE - 548RE FPGA Based Realization of PAPR Reduction in OFDM and Optimization using RWBS Algorithm for SDR application AET2013_AEE - 553RE Operating Performance Evaluation of a Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plant A case study

Shuvodip Bhattacharya

Sriramachandra Murthy Budaraju Paresh J. Shah Shabana Mehfuz Medha Chhillar Geeta Yadav Pranay Yadav Neenu Joseph O P Roy

Date: 13-Dec-2013 Hall II Session VI Time: 2.00 PM 4.00 PM Chair 1: Dr. Govind Chandra Mishra (MVN Chair 2: Dr. Sai K. Vanapalli, ( University of University, Palwal, Haryana) Ottawa, Canada) Paper ID Title Registered Author AET2013_ACE - 31LE Seismic Analysis of Chimneys on Piled Raft Soorya Narayana S Foundations Considering the Flexibility of Soil AET2013_ACE - 13FI Effects of Silica Fume and Fly Ash as Partial I. B. Muhit Replacement of Cement on Water Permeability and Strength of High Performance Concrete AET2013_ACE - 16FE Experimental and Numerical Study on Vibration Nishant Nayak and Buckling Characteristics of Glass-Carbon/ Epoxy Hybrid Composite Plates AET2013_ACE - 17FE Experimental Study on Effect of Hygrothermal Samikshya Meher Loading on Vibration of Industry Driven Woven Fiber Carbon/Epoxy Laminated Composite Plates AET2013_ACE - 21FE Residential Location Preferences: Approaches and Arati Siddharth Petkar Research Avenues AET2013_ACE - 24FI AET2013_ACE 27FE C AET2013_ACE 508FE C Tea Break 4.00 PM 4.15 PM Evaluation of Modelling of Flow in Fractures A Statistical Model for the Prediction of TBM Penetration Rate Using Rock Mass Characteristics in the TBM-driven Golab Water Transfer Tunnel Prediction of MDD and OMC of Soil Sample using Support Vector Machines Chiranth Hegde Yasser Mobarra Masoud Rezazadeh Anbarani Sweta Sinha
Abhilash Mishra

Date: 13-Dec-2013 Hall I Session VII Time: 4.15 PM 5.30PM Chair 1: Dr. Yogesh Chaba (Guru Jambheshwar Chair 2: Dr. Yudhvir Singh, (MDU ROHTAK ) University of Sc. & Tech. India) Paper ID Title Registered Author AET2013_ACS6RE Advanced Biotelemetry System For Primary Fredrick Johnson Healthcare Center In Rural India AET2013_ACS23RE Adopting Dendritic Cell Algorithm to conform a Pavitra Chauhan Hybrid Intrusion Detection System AET2013_ACS32RE A Study on Image Quality Assessment Techniques V .Srinivas Rao AET2013_ACS36RE Vocal Emotion Recognition Using Nave Bayes Vinay Classifier AET2013_ACS38RE Efficient Iceberg Query Evaluation for Structured Archana G.Narawade Data using Bitmap Indices AET2013_ACS39RE Identifying Similar Web Pages Using Scoring Gandhimathi K Methods for Web Community Mining AET2013_ACS40RE Template-Based Human Detection and Helly H. Patel Feature-Based Tracking AET2013_ACS75RE Augmenting Entity Relationship Schema for a Bhaskar Raj Sinha Complete View of a Relational Database Date: 13-Dec-2013 Hall II Session VIII Time: 4.15 PM 5.30 PM Chair 1: Dr. Govind Chandra Mishra (MVN Chair 2: Dr. Sai K. Vanapalli, ( University of University, Palwal, Haryana) Ottawa, Canada) Paper ID Title Registered Author AET2013_ACE 1RE Whole Building Energy Analysis using BIM Ashwin Venkataraman AET2013_ACE - 22RE Effect of Pollutants on Permeability Characteristics Nagendra Prasad . K of Soils AET2013_ACE - 32RE A Study of Transit Oriented Development in Indian Arati Siddharth Petkar Context AET2013_ACE - 33RE A Study On Physical, Chemical and Biological E. Sanjeeva Rayudu Properties of Alkaline Soils Treated with Pharmaceutical Industrial Effluents AET2013_ACE- 509RE AET2013_ACE- 510RE Application of Relevance Vector Machine for Structural Reliability Analysis Review of Urban Transport Policies to an Approach for Urban Transport Planning in Developing Countries Shivam Mathur K Jayasree

Date: 14-Dec-2013 Hall I Session IX Time: 08.30 AM 10.15 AM Chair 1: Dr. Janahanlal Stephen (Ilahia College Chair 2: Dr. Bhaskar Raj Sinha ( National of Engg & Tech, India) Univesity, California, USA) Paper ID Title Registered Author AET2013_ACS63FE A Hybrid Approach for Characters Recognition in Balvinder Singh License plate Recognition System AET2013_ACS64FE Investigating correlation properties of HodgkinShruti Gupta Huxley model with Leaky Integrateand-fire model AET2013_ACS81FE An Orchestrator design for matrix multiplication Shweta Agrawal through Strassens algorithm

AET2013_ACS83FE AET2013_ACS86FE AET2013_ACS91FE AET2013_ACS97FI AET2013_ACS105FE AET2013_ACS107FE AET2013_ACS108FE

GLA: A Design pattern for Self-healable Autonomic Computing System Electrocardiogram Beat Classification using Extreme Learning Machine and Hybrid Extreme Learning Machine An Efficient Method to Detect Sybil Attack Using Trust Based Model Improving returns from the Markowitz model using GA- An empirical validation on the BSE Smart Indoor Video Surveillance System Using GCM on Android Device Enhanced User Authentication Techniques Using The Fourth Factor Some Body the User Knows Extraction Of Dynamic Region Of Interest (ROI) For Palmprint

M.M.Math C V Banupriya Aditi Paul Binoy B. Nair M.R. Priyadarshini K. Sharmila Yatam Laxmi Malathi Latha

Date: 14-Dec-2013 Hall II Chair 1: Dr. Yogesh Chaba (Guru Jambheshwar University of Sc. & Tech. India) Paper ID AET2013_ACS44RE AET2013_ACS47RE AET2013_ACS51RE C AET2013_ACS56RI AET2013_ACS61RE AET2013_ACS69RE AET2013_ACS70RE AET2013_ACS72RE C AET2013_ACS73RE AET2013_ACS77RE AET2013_ACS78RE AET2013_ACS82RE

Session X Time: 08.30AM 10.15AM Chair 2: Dr. Komal Bhatia, (YMCA University of Sc & Tech, Faridabad) Registered Author Pooja Sharma V . B. Swedha Abhilash C B Manjunath B Talawar Ch.Venkateswara Rao Boopathy D P . M. Siva Raja Harish H.Kenchannavar Sumedh Ghaisas Harman Singh Vipinkumar. K.S Spandana Paramkusham S.Sridevi Prateek Srivastava

Title A Comprehensive Study of requirements for network applications and routing protocols providing resources in vehicular adhoc networks DUAs Authentication and Secure Communication using Mobile Device A Novel approach for Remote monitoring of BMC Robust High Resolution Image From The Low Resolution Satellite Image Policy Based Data Encryption Mechanism Framework Model For Data Storage In Public Cloud Service Deployment Model The Performance Analysis of the Stenographic Technique Using GA and PSO With Lsbmr Impact of Queue-Energy in Traffic Flows of Wireless Sensor Network Modeled Solution of a Rubiks Cube and Implementation of Techniques to Simulate Human Solutions Compiler Based Approach to Identify Test Critical Classes in OOP Automatic detection of Breast Lesion Contour and analysis using Fractals through Spectral methods Intravascular Ultrasound Image Using Active Contour Energy Minimization Method Rigorous design of moving sequencer atomic broadcast with unicast broadcast

Tea Break 10.15 AM 10.30 AM Date: 14-Dec-2013 Hall I Session XI Time: 10.30AM 1.15PM Chair 1: Dr. Bhaskar Raj Sinha (National Chair 2: Dr. Komal Bhatia, (YMCA University of Univesity, California, USA) Sc & Tech, Faridabad) Paper ID Title Registered Author AET2013_ACS116FE Prediction of Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA) Sonia Thomas using Artificial Neural Networks AET2013_ACS117FE A novel approach to clearly distinguish Abhijith Bailur Architectural Distorted area from Mammogram images AET2013_ACS120FE AET2013_ACS123FI AET2013_ACS - 519FE AET2013_ACS - 533FE AET2013_ACS - 538FE AET2013_ACS - 539FE AET2013_ACS - 552FE AET2013_ACS - 554FE AET2013_ACS - 559FE AET2013_ACS103RE AET2013_ACS113RI Improving the Performance of English-Tamil Statistical Machine Translation System using Source-side Pre-processing Distributed Algorithm for Frequent Pattern Mining using Hadoop MapReduce Framework Parallel Implementation of Exact algorithm for Planted (l,d) Motif Search Improving Handover Latency in MIPv6 using OMNeT++ A New Scheduling algorithm based on Priority for Grid Heterogeneous System A Novel Approach for Enhancing the Authentication Process in Cloud Computing A Correlation analysis of Suffix to prefix rule, two window rule and Non-tandem rule of exact string matching algorithms An Approach for Template Extraction from Heterogeneous Web Pages Cognition Based Discrete Time Dynamic Neural Network Approach for Malicious Node Detection in Heterogeneous Network Catastrophe Detection And Analysis For Recasting Real Time Scheduling Strategies For Effective Management An Overview of Visual Cryptography based Video Watermarking Schemes: Techniques and Performance Comparison Anand Kumar M Suhasini A. Itkar Satrupa Mohanty Purnendu Shekhar Pandey Smitha Jha Shubha Bharill Anil Kumar Trupti B. Mane G Sunilkumar A. Christy Persya Adrita Barari

Date: 14-Dec-2013 Hall II Session XII Time: 10.30AM 1.15PM Chair 1: Dr. Hem Chand Garg, Guru Jambheshwar Chair 2: Dr. Yogesh Chaba (Guru University of Sc & Tech. India) Jambheshwar University of Sc. & Tech. India) Paper ID Title Registered Author AET2013_AME - 31LE Dynamics Of A Pipe Carrying Fluid On Pasternak Sujana Rao Nakkanti Viscoelastic Foundation Subjected To Moving Load AET2013_AME 32LE Maximization of Race Car Cornering Performance Pratyush Nalla through Steering Geometry Optimization Amit Sarkar C AET2013_AME - 514LE Determination of Heat Transfer and Flow friction Anish K. John

AET2013_AME - 21FE

AET2013_AME - 23FI AET2013_AME - 35FE AET2013_AME - 37FE AET2013_AME - 38FI AET2013_AME 510FE C AET2013_AME - 518FE AET2013_AME - 5RE

Characteristics of Perforated Plate Matrix Heat Exchanger Surfaces with Various Perforation Shapes Experimental Investigation of Various Exhaust Manifold Designs and Comparison of Engine Performance Parameters for These to Determine Optimal Exhaust Manifold Design for Various Applications Performance and Emissions Characteristics of a C.I. Engine Fuelled with Different Blends of Biodiesel Derived from Waste Mustard Oil Effect of Sliding Distance on Dry Sliding Wear Behaviour of Al6061/SiC/Al2O3 Hybrid Composite Effect and Optimization of Machine Process Parameters on Over-Cut in EDM for EN41 Material using Taguchi Productivity Studies of Ultra High Density (UHD) Stitching Process Configuration Design and Kinematic Analysis of A Sealed Container- oriented Robot with Six Degrees of Freedom Design and development of Ball Burnishing Tool Effects of Squeeze casting process parameters on Density of LM20 Alloy Lunch Break- 1.15 PM2.00 PM

Kulal S Umesh

Vaneet Bhardwaj Umanath K Vikas M.N Shruthi Xiao Hua Zhang Hui Pavan Kumar Manjunath Patel G. C

Date: 14-Dec-2013 Hall I Session XIII Time: 2.00PM 4.00PM Chair 1: Dr. Bhaskar Raj Sinha (National Chair 2: Dr. Janahanlal Stephen (Ilahia College Univesity, California, USA) of Engg & Tech, India) Paper ID Title Registered Author AET2013_ACS115RE A Comprehensive Analysis of Requirement Geetika Prakash Engineering Approaches in a Data Warehouse Environment AET2013_ACS131RI A Survey on Crypto Currencies Shaik Shakeel Ahamad AET2013_ACS133RE Dynamic Clustering to Detect Malicious Nodes in Shringarica Chandel Wireless Sensor Network AET2013_ACS - 528RE Developing a Multi-threaded Algebraic Application Anurag Tiwari Using Mathematical Pseudo Language for Efficient Computing AET2013_ACS-529RE Intelligent Acute Brain Hemorrhage Diagnosis Vishal R.Shelke System C Rajesh A.Rajwade AET2013_ACS - 540RE Software Reliability Assessment by Using Neural Bonthu Kotaiah Networks with Fuzzy Logic Based Systems AET2013_ACS - 541RE A Comparative Study of Lossless Compression Amit Jain Algorithm on Text Data AET2013_ACS- 543RE Data mining through DNA Database to Enhance Vijay Arputharaj . J Gene Bases Algorithm AET2013_ACS - 548RE Coupling and Cohesion Analysis for Implementation Abhishek Roy of Authentication in E-Governance

AET2013_ACS-549RE AET2013_ACS - 550RE AET2013_ACS - 553RE AET2013_ACS - 561RE

FP Tree use in prefetching Performance Evaluation of Cloud Computing under WAN LINK Implementation of Process Performance Models in Application Service Maintenance Projects Autonomous Ontology Population From DBpedia Based On Context Sensitive Entity Recognition

Neha Sharma Kimmy Basavaraj M.J Shikha Agarwal

Date: 14-Dec-2013 Hall II Session XIV Time: 2.00PM 4.00PM Chair 1: Dr. Hem Chand Garg (Guru Jambheshwar Chair 2: Dr. Yogesh Chaba (Guru Jambheshwar University of Sc & Tech. India) University of Sc. & Tech. India) Paper ID Title Registered Author AET2013_AME - 27FE Numerical Investigation of Exhaust Manifold Kulal S Umesh Designs by Evaluation of Performance Score to select Best Possible Geometry Based on The Application AET2013_AME - 7RE Improvement of Indian SMEs through TPM Abhishek Jain Implementation An Empirical Study AET2013_AME - 8RE A Novel Approach on Optimal Assembly Sequence Raj Kumar E Planning of Fixture Assembly Using Genetic Algorithm AET2013_AME- 25RE A Novel Step Towards Fall Prevention; Initial Yadunath R Varma Research and Development of a Safe Walk Carpet for Lateral Postural Stability, with Special Attention to the Elderly AET2013_AME - 30RE Effects of Impurities on the Percussion Properties of Sujana Rao Nakkanti Recycled Al-Cu-Si (Cu2Mg8Si6Al5) Alloys AET2013_AME- 33RE An Intelligent Adaptive Round Robin (IARR) Raja Ram Jaiswal scheduling algorithm for performance improvement in real time systems AET2013_AME- 517RE Sensitivity Analysis of Friction Welded AISI1035 S. T. Selvamani Grade Carbon Steel Rods AET2013_AME- 519RE Finite Element Analysis on Vibration Modes of Arpan Gupta Femur Bone The Conference Will Be Closed With The National Anthem As Soon As The Last Session Completes.