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Programming instructions

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Rheavendors Programming with MT2A terminal

1) To manually program and modify settings on the machine the terminal MT2-A (red colour) is needed (A). 2) 2 buttons are available at the backside of the terminal : 1 to enter/exit in the programming menu and the other 1 to perform some tests during adjustment of the machine settings (B).

3) Shutdown the machine and insert the programming terminal in the little space on the right side of the selection key pad (C).

4) Wait few seconds until the message machine ready appear on the LCD screen.

5) To enter in the programming mode push the programming button on the terminal. Another message will be displayed (E).

6) The navigation trough the menu is possible via the selection key pad of the machine, each button has got a different function (F).


Button 1 Button 2 Button 3 Button 4 Button 5 Button 6

Enter and go forward into the main menu Enter and go forward into the sub menu Enter and go backward in the sub menu Increment the adjustable values Decrement the adjustable values Enter and go backward into the main menu

7) To enter in the PROG menu, push the button 1 and navigate with the buttons 1, 3 and 6. To exit, go back to the main menu and push the programming button at the back of the terminal MT2-A (all details of the programming menu are explained on page 2). A message END PROGRAMMING will be displayed, then wait for Machine ready. Then the machine is operational.

1 2 3 4 5 6

8) Remove the MT2-A from the machine.

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Programming instructions
Summary of main menus. To set up recipes for the selections 1 to 6.

To adjust prices of selections 1 to 6.

To configure the price line for parallel payment system (line 1 to 6).

To adjust the boiler water temperature (in C).

Adjustable parameters : Extraction fan timer Access code Payment system protocol Pump speed Motor speed Beeper timer Real time Visualization of the 24V power supply and boiler temperature.

Sub menus : Total selections counter Partial selections counter Total credit Total number of selections made for each drinks (1 to 6) Adjustable settings : Date / time Machine start-up time Machine standby time Alarm historic (20 messages maximum). Estimated time of product consumption (in seconds) for each products. This is used to activate an alarm is the product quantity is getting to low in the canisters

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This document and its content are property of EVS SA and Nestl SA and shall not be reproduced without permission