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Celebrates your right to tweak, hack, and customize any technology to make it work for you.

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Make: applies the do-it-yourself (DIY) culture to the technology in your life. Make: inspires people to do interesting things with the technology at hand, and helps them realize their inspirations. We showcase the passionate makers who spend countless nights and weekends in their basement laboratories and garage workshops.

MAKER: Do-it-yourself Jet Engines
Mark Nye, a machine shop proprietor who for two decades has spent his off-hours building jet engines, including the Enginerator, the world's first wood-burning turbine generator.

MAKER: Space Cases
Dan Bowen and Mike Coffeey, 25-year-old aerospace enthusiasts who launched their own homebrew weather balloons to altitudes of 50,000 to 60,000 feet.

MAKER: Freeze Frame Brothers
Tom and Wendell Anderson who for less than $100 built a high-speed strobe photography system that captures popping balloons and splashing water.

MAKER: iRetro
Mister Jalopy, a vintage hot rodder in Los Angeles who converted a trashed console stereo system from the 1970s into "the world's biggest MP3 player" that also digitizes old vinyl LPs.

MAKER: College Flame
James Monaco, a college sophomore who set out to build an extreme squirt gun and ended up with a flamethrower that spews twenty-foot geysers of ignited alcohol.

MAKER: Eye in the Sky
Chris Benton, an architecture professor at UC Berkeley who builds kite rigs for aerial photography and takes stunning images high above the San Francisco Bay.

MAKER: Home is where the Coils are at
Greg Leyh, a technician at Stanford's atom smasher who constructed one of the world's largest Tesla Coils behind his suburban home.

MAKER: VCR Resurrector
James Larsson, an animal-loving maker who cannibalized an old VCR to construct an automatic cat feeder that doesn't blink 12:00.

MAKER: Tree Sailor
Tom Chudleigh of Errington, Canada who builds suspended spherical tree houses based on sailboat construction and rigging methods.

In less than 3 years the magazine has grown to a circulation of over 100,000 and over 50,000 subscribers. Maker Faire has over 45,000 attendees. The companion website,, reaches over 2 to 3 million visitors per month and over 6 to 7 million page views. The site is usually ranked in the top 50 of all blogs on the internet. MAKE’s video consistently ranks in the top 25 video shows on iTunes / YouTube. Video views are up to 1 million per month.

@ The newsstand
On the sell-through side, industry average is just above 30% (John Harrington is usually quoted as the expert on this, his site is here: Make averaged over 50% sell-through in its first two years and remains consistently over 40% despite dramatic newsstand expansion in 2007. Of any given issue, we sell about 30K through the newsstand (not counting book, direct single copy sales, and box sets)

@ The newsstand
Nearly 55% of Make subscribers participate in our 'Premier Maker' program, which is an automatic renewal program that offers them a $5 discount off the prevailing rate and access to the entire digital edition archive in exchange for renewing. Of these, around 12% don't actually renew at expire (usually due to outdated credit card information), so the overall renewal % from Premier Makers is about 47.5%. Of the the remaining subscribers, the renewal rate is about 45%, so our overall renewal rate is about 68%.

...O'Reilly Media recently launched what has already become the bible of this new movement, a magazine called MAKE. - Daniel Roth, FORTUNE

It's the kind of magazine that would impress MacGyver - Marcus Chan, San Francisco Chronicle

One of the most innovative magazines I've seen in a long time. - Steve Riggio, CEO Barnes & Noble

Thank goodness, then, for MAKE and its web log, so technologically astute and yet so solidly grounded in a tactile, breakable, fixable world....You'll proceed strictly at your own risk, but if the first two issues of MAKE are any guide, the trip will be a blast. - Lawrence Downes, The New York Times

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In it's first full year of operation (2007), Maker Store sales were great - Holiday sales alone accounting for nearly 25% of this, while our physical store fronts at Maker Faire accounted for another 20%. Product categories include kits and tools, books and back-issues, Maker faire tickets and branded merchandise. Revenue splits are approximately 50% kits and tools, 35% back issues and books, 9% branded merchandise, 6% tickets. The largest category is also the fastest growing, and we're therefore transitioning from a relatively kits to a broader and deeper offering of kits. In fact, we are launching an effort to actively recruit new kit makers - individuals within the DIY community who have the capacity to design and produce innovative, inspiration and very educational kits but who often lack the distribution channel and marketing & merchandising program. The current Top-10 products in The Maker Store are: Pocket Ref Mousebot Kit Mini-POV Kit Minty Boost Kit MAKE: The First Year Box Set Best of MAKE MAKE: The Next Year Box Set TV-B-Gone Kit Cabaret Kit Make: Bomb Defuser

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