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A few yeais ago, when Ibeiuiola was tiying to builu a winu tuibine pioject in Beufoiu County, Pa. the
uevelopei askeu non-paiticipating lanuowneis to sign a "uoou Neighboi Agieement." Since winu
piojects may sometimes be a "bau neighboi," uevelopeis will offei to pay aujacent lanuowneis, so the
lanuownei can't sue the uevelopei ovei the following pioblems:
• !"#$% - Sometimes winu tuibines sounu like ciicling jet engines that thump, thump, thump as
each blaue passes in fiont of the towei.
• &"'()*%+,%!-. 0#1*23#"!$ - Inauuible vibiations make some people sick.
• 0#$,2& -&,33%* - Winu tuibines aie huge anu cieate cluttei on the viewsheu; what was once a
peaceful, iuial countiysiue is now uominateu by iotating 14u ft. blaues on toweis that may
ieach Suu ft. when the blaue is veitical
• $425"' )&#-6%* - Winu tuibines cieate shauow flickei on sunny uays when the sun is behinu
the blaues, cieating a stiobe effect that can be veiy annoying.
• *%5 &#743 5#$3*#-3 - Reu lights on some winu tuibines blink at night, pei Feueial
Aviation Auministiation iequiiements to wain aiiplane pilots.
• 30 #!3%*)%*%!-% - Signal ieception can be a pioblem foi both Tvs anu cell phones.
• 8*"8%*3. 5%02&,23#"! - Some homes lose piopeity value anu even become unsalable.

By signing a "799: !;<=>?9@ 2=@;;A;BC," a D;=ED :9FGA;BC that is attacheu to the ueeu anu foievei
iuns with the lanu.!"#$ "&"' ()"' *('"+#),- .)/'0"#.the
lanuownei allows the uevelopei:
• The iight to geneiate auuible noise above the limits
of the oiuinance.
• The iight to cast light anu shauows anywheie on the
ownei's piopeity. Reasonable methous of coiiection will
be maue if shauow flickei occuis in the home.
• To test television signal stiength anu ieception at any
iesiuence befoie anu aftei the winu pioject is constiucteu.
The uevelopei will attempt to coiiect significant
inteifeience, such as installing signal boosteis.
#B CG@BH C>; I799: !;<=>?9@I =<J;K GL C>; @<=>C C9M
• Sue the winu uevelopei ovei any past, piesent, oi futuie
claims, uemanus, obligations, oi actions
• Sue the winu uevelopei ovei any compensatoiy oi punitive
uamages (both anticipateu anu unanticipateu)
• Bo anything on theii piopeity that might inteifeie with the
constiuction, installation, maintenance, oi opeiation of the
winu pioject
• Shaie any financial infoimation about the agieement,
except with a legal oi financial auvisoi
Resouices: http:¡¡¡uoc¡2u7S7S9uu¡Bays-Neighboi-Agieement
What uoes the non-paiticipating lanuownei give up
when a "uoou Neighboi Agieement" is signeu.
Inuustiial Winu Tuibine Pioject uoou Neighboi Agieement

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